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8th december 2021


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 97. Your Own Intuitive Business, Start Your Own Business Or Enrich, Deepen and Boost Your Existing One. Bonus: Become A Recognised EnergyJoy Practitioner©


Do you want to start, build or expand your own business? But struggle to know how in an ocean of entrepreneurs, which makes it seem impossible? 


My first tip: Break through your fears, blocks and limiting beliefs for good. Embrace your empathy, your passion and ambition! Step into an opportunity that can massively shift, heal and enrich not only your life but also that of others. 


How? Very easily. Thanks to my powerful EnergyJoy framework and trajectory, you can make a flying start as a Certified EnergyJoy Practitioner©, completely independently. 


Helping you to start or enrich your own practice from freedom and safety in a way that you could not and did not dare to think before. 


Does this appeal to you? Do you feel something bubbling, fizzing or awakening internally?

Then this is the podcast for you!


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You can also now download the free Lisette Lucas App in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. 


Welcome to Podcast #97!


'The most beautiful pearls arise from the deepest valleys, friction and layers of deepening.' 


And that's how it all started for me, as well as how many of my students and students come in.


Sometimes enough is enough, sometimes you feel it's time to start a new chapter or maybe even a new book.


You can't put your finger on it, but it's a feeling, a restlessness, a curiosity, a desire, a soul-pull: a something. And that something now finally wants to step forward.


I myself know this feeling like no other. All the way back in 2008 I felt a curiosity, fear and desire all at the same time. I was drawn towards the world of the energetic. No idea why but I followed that feeling. (Despite going against everything I had learned at home.)


From that internal 'Yes' feeling I stepped into a 3-year trajectory of energetic, intuitive, development, personal transformation & mediumship. A process that completely turned my life upside down in the most positive sense of the word. 


Internally I then felt: Yes!!! This is it! Suddenly everything fell into place. Which is why I took all sorts of detours: stepping into new challenges and then saying goodbye again, because they didn’t feel 100% right or resonated with the deepest of my being. I felt that I was born with a mission. But what that mission was …  Nobody told me. 

Until I stepped into the world of intuitive development as a sensitive, shy, empathetic person with passion and ambition. 


That's where it happened: It felt like coming home!


I just knew: ‘This is my path!’  And no, I had no idea how it would unfold but it just fit. This was right, my path lay here. 


So I followed this path and came to the super exciting and wonderful moment when I opened the doors of my practice in Voorburg in 2013.

Sounds grand but to be fair, it wasn't hahaha … I started small and safe. The former baby room of our youngest son, a small cupboard on the 1st floor of our house that just fit 2 chairs and a table. It was transformed into my EnergyJoy Practice! I will post a photo in the show notes because that place is still very dear to me. 


It was here I received my first clients. First on a donation basis because I wanted to make energetic flying hours. But then I got a real energy exchange, namely a financial compensation for simply working with my developed intuition!  

I still remember the very first €50 that I got my hands on after half an hour of consultation. Wow …  It felt so special and bizarre at the same time. I opened my energy to the other person, expressed what came to me and voila: the client left satisfied and full of new insights and happiness. 

I was simply amazed at the convenience. And from a business perspective, I liked the following: I didn't have to buy new material or stock after readings and consultations. That was a relief. From my beauty salon, designer children's clothing online shop and my own EnergyJewels jewellery collection, I was always used to immediately having to invest income in material and stock. Otherwise I’d have run into problems. 

But now, it was suddenly different. 

The only stock that I now need to have for my own EnergyJoy practice is energy. And that energy? I now get it from the cosmic, infinite, inexhaustible source in combination with self-love and care for self.

So it was a relief and eye-opener to be able to help someone purely with energy, empathy and from love and natural connection with the other.  

I knew at that moment: This is what I was looking for all these years! 


And it feels so great to help others read their own natural intuition, which we all hold powerfully in our core.


Now, I would invest the money I earned. But the investment I made was in: MeSelf! And yes, I can tell you: That is the best investment you can make! 


And so my EnergyJoy practice started. But I got to a point where clients asked if I wanted to teach them what I was doing. However, I put that off as long as possible on the advice of my mentor Mavis Pittilla. I first wanted to focus on my own personal and energetic development and transformation. 


But 10 years after my first steps on the spiritual path, the time had come. I started teaching in 2018, and you can rest assured, I thought it was fantastic! 

And that is what I do with all my love to this day. In recent years I have developed a proven framework and trajectory. One that brings great results for my course participants and students. 


Because my focus is consciously on teaching and training new intuitive coaches and mediums, I have stopped giving 1 on 1 consultations and readings. I only do VIP sessions for motivated students. 


But I also noticed that I often had to say 'no' when asked for consultations and readings. Which I also thought was a shame because I felt that people needed it. But I had to guard my energy in it. 


And many students of my Master Your Inner-Medium Year Programs are so enthusiastic. That they want to continue training.

Which is when the idea hit me of an EnergyJoy Practitioner©


I had a kind of eureka moment! Wow … That's the solution! Then we can set the EnergyJoy frequency and vibe in motion together, and can create a beautiful ripple effect with the EnergyJoy Vibe. I could also give the highly trained students who are ambitious and want to start for themselves a flying start with EnergyJoy Wings. Wings for flying hours that they can accumulate over a 3-year trajectory.


And so the path for the Recognised EnergyJoy Practitioner© was born! 

You will be trained as I have been trained: At an absolute world-class level. Why? Because in my opinion only the best is good enough. 

You’ll know if you’ve been listening to these podcasts for a while, that through my work I energetically touch parts of you that bring out the best version of you. I use tools that break through all your limiting beliefs and blocks. Trust me: when you see it, you’ll amaze yourself. Especially when those subconscious thoughts and patterns of: 'I can't do it or I'm not good enough …', that self-sabotage part, becomes a thing of the past! If you learn to fly energetically under my EnergyJoy wings, you know that you can achieve anything you want. 


So starting or expanding your own business, enriching and deepening it is now very easily possible. Simply by focussing on the fantastic journey of personal development. When you heal yourself, you transform yourself and then what? Then you are ready to fly! You can see it that simply. 


You will discover sides of yourself that you could not and dared not to imagine. Really and truly! And of course I say that from my own personal experience. Your life will transform and you will feel it is time to reclaim your birthright! Because you can step fully into your power. You are worth it! 


The process runs in a very natural way where you will meet wonderful like-minded people. And will train and practice together in a safe, familiar environment. The training sessions can be followed both live and online. So wherever you are in the world. You can join! Energy is everywhere and everything is energy. Time and distance don't matter.

You can follow all modules, video training and lessons via my EnergyJoy Academy platform and my own Lisette Lucas app. All in your own timing. Super handy and efficient because I know we're all busy. But you can do this perfectly on the side while doing something else. So we are going to train live and online several times a month. 


So does this appeal to you? Do you want to get acquainted with the world of intuitive and mediumistic development? Do you want to give your practice extra depth and a boost by adding an energetic dimension to it? 


Send an email to: with the subject line: PRACTITIONER

Tip: Keep an eye on the dates on my website. 

Do you want to start with this life-changing trajectory? I know about myself, if I want to start something, I want to immediately. 

But this is only possible twice a year because I supervise the group very carefully. So be there in time if you feel it bubbling and fizzing inside. 

I'll put the links in the show notes at:


My final tip: I have always followed my heart and soul in everything I do and never listened to what others think or say - and that has brought me to where I am now!  

So that's my advice to you now too! Step into your power! And when it comes to your life and future, listen only to the intuitive voice of your heart & Soul. 


Then you know which way is right for you! You feel it right now, NOW!


Do you want to taste what is possible at an energetic level: Then the Master Your Intuition Academy beginner course is a powerful stepping stone and foundation. And also a nice introduction to my way of teaching. 


I wish you a lot of success and hope that we can help each other in this way to shift the global frequency to EnergyJoy and Beyond! Spirit and I desperately need your help! 


love from me x 

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2021© 

Podcast 97. Your Own Intuitive Business

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