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14th july 2021


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 76. Willpower Versus Unconscious Emotions. Discover The Success Recipe That I Used To Break My Internal Resistance And Anxiety

Good luck! 


Can you see this in yourself: you push and push yourself on willpower, but then suddenly comes that moment of inexplicable resistance and fear?


  • Find out what resistance & fear has over willpower!


  • In this podcast you will learn through my personal pain experience where the basis of the resistance and internal struggle lies.


  • So that you too can shift your pain, fear and resistance moments and be free to really step into your pure, authentic Self frequency.


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Welcome to podcast #76!


It's great that you’ve made time for yourself!


To get straight to the point: I'm going to share my recipe for success with you today. 

A recipe I created while looking for solutions and answers to experiences that came from my deepest parts of pain and fear. 


The combination of healing techniques that I have discovered ensure that I can do what I do today. Such as making this podcast, for example. In a moment I will tell you more about this with a very personal, painful and also for me an embarrassing story. 


But first something else. Are you here for the first time today? It’s great that you're listening, I'm sure you're not here by chance. So welcome!

Or are you a loyal listener & now avid EnergyJoyer? 

Then I want to give you a huge through-the-podcast-frequency hug. Because yes, thanks to you, the world is shifting. Yes, you realise that right!

Listening, taking in and applying this information is so powerful that it will immediately help transform your life. 


‘Woooow …  that's quite a lot!’, I hear you thinking now!

Indeed you are right about that. 

But why can I and dare I say this? 

Very simply: because I receive the most beautiful messages almost every day, from listeners who write of how much they’ve learned from the podcast. And that they feel stronger, better and happier. And so much more. That they regain hope. 

Yes, you can rest assured that my heart & soul do a happy dance of gratitude and pure EnergyJoy Bliss when reading this! It’s truly wonderful to read.  

For such messages mean that what I want to transmit, from the deepest of my being and also what I receive from higher frequencies, actually arrives at you via the virtual roads.


And that's why I'm going to tell you my personal secret success recipe today. 

It is one I discovered after a long search.

‘Ok, a search for what?’, I hear you thinking.

A search for my true, authentic self. The real, pure me, so to speak. A quest for: Self.

So I sincerely hope that this, that this resonates with a part of you. With your real, pure, authentic you.


Because I know one thing for sure. Life, as it did with me, has driven you further away from your authentic self.


And was that done consciously? No, absolutely not!

It just happens through upbringing and everything we get handed to us from outside. Especially in the 1st 10 years of your life, as I have said many times in previous podcasts. 

Because what happens at this time, shapes us into the person we go through life believing we really are. 


But a question to you right away: 

Do you think you really are only a person moulded by circumstances?

A person who is put together from patterns and beliefs and truths others have passed on? 

Do you think that's your authentic, pure you? 

Or is that a composite person with layers built up through life? Like an onion is comprised of many layers. 


Because you are born as that beautiful radiant core - as a Soul, so pure, so open, so confident; ready to step into the world and live your ultimate life mission from Soul level. Ready to activate and manifest your infinite potential. 

And then it starts. As a newborn baby you hear people talking: to you, around you, about you, you hear them laughing and you hear (and maybe even feel) them laughing at you. 


How do I get to this example? Well, that's how I personally experienced a layer forming as a baby, after a regression session. Because I was a super fat baby who couldn't even open her eyes the 1st week. I was as heavy and big as my parents' third baby. 

Whappp! The 1st layer of my onion was formed immediately at that moment. Just born and there came the 1st layer already - not feeling safe in my own body. Because my size was not accepted from the baby perspective and my own self as a baby experience. And it was even joked about. So it immediately made me very vulnerable and yes, shy. This incident also created the later challenges I had with my weight, going from a worryingly low weight to later overweight and everything in between. 


I only discovered this link much later, that the core of my challenge lay with such a seemingly simple and actually unimportant moment. But it still had a huge impact on my life. Because I thought as a baby: if the people closest to me think so, then that's the truth. I believe them and will adapt to them.


So what was the result? Admittedly unconsciously, I went into hiding. Hiding behind my mother’s skirts. I was in Zeeland with my parents for the weekend and I saw the beautiful bronze statue again. The symbol of my mother and me as the youngest, adorable daughter immortalised in bronze. Me as a little shy girl, hidden behind my mother, hoping to be invisible. That was me. At least, that's what I've thought for years. 

Burdened with shyness and a natural sensitivity which made it difficult to function in daily life and the oh so often harsh society.


But my will, my willpower was strong. So when I started on the path of intuitive development and mediumship, I pushed myself through my shyness. Using pure, powerful, stubborn willpower. All because I felt such a strong soul-pull and eagerness, a kind of need. So I just went for it, regardless of what others said and thought. 


And to be honest, if I do say so myself, this worked well for me for years. Until a moment came where I had to work as a medium in a large spiritualist church in England, speaking in English of course. 

I had done mediumship demonstrations many times before, both in the Netherlands and in England. And yes, every time I was very nervous but I always overcame it with willpower. 


But this time, on that evening it was different. My whole body - both my physical body and all of my nervous system was shaking with fear. And even worse while performing on a stage, in front of an audience: my voice cracked, the nerves took over and I couldn't control them. Literally fear took over. 


So what happened at that moment? Well, the shy girl, that little internal Lisette, stepped forward and wanted to get me out of there. 

My subconscious fears, emotions of failing and being rejected, of not being good enough, were at that moment unmanageable under such great pressure. Those powerful unconscious emotions which were still present in my deeper layers, had become stronger and then won over my willpower. 

Yes, I had managed to squash these fears with that stubborn, stubborn willpower for a long time. I’d always conquered my nerves and managed to perform. Some demonstrations went better than others, of course, but I did them anyway. 

But here in England with an audience that was highly experienced on a mediumistic level, and included the watchful eyes of renowned mediums, who were assessing me to the highest level of worldwide certification - I crumbled. I was able to make the contacts, but the feedback from my trainer who knew what I was capable of was: 'You weren't yourself tonight Lisette. I've never seen you so nervous before.'

You can  rest assured, years of training … and then this. 

I was distraught and extremely emotional. And when I think back, I can feel it in my voice again. 

And you may also know, I was really about to give up. I never wanted to experience this feeling again. The internal humiliation and devastation felt terrible. At that moment I decided: ‘Never again! I never want to feel this again’. 

Then when I flew back to the Netherlands I really thought: 'Okay, I'm going to stop demonstrating mediumship. That's the solution so I don't have to deal with this anymore.' 

But the universe had another plan for me. 


Because what had really happened here? Quite simply, a layer of my onion had emerged. A layer I thought was me, for a long time. But you know now, and I know now - you are not just one layer. So what do you think I had to do? Well, it was a simple solution: that layer had to be removed! And yes, you may already have guessed what these techniques were … the techniques miraculously given to heal and transform specifically this layer … They were safe and powerful self-hypnosis and regression techniques. Simply using these I was able to discover where the core of this challenge originated. 

Yes indeed - from my childhood, during the 1st 10 years of my life. And I've started removing and transforming that at the root, as you will understand, at the root. 

And in fact. I have come to apply this in many areas of my life. Because I thought: ‘Wow, I'm going to peel that onion layer by layer. Remove layers that I no longer am, that I no longer need’. Then so many areas of my life were reviewed. From working on self-confidence and self-esteem; to gigantic money blocks I had; to being able and daring to be successful; to stepping into my power and indeed speaking in public. 


Well, you are listening to me now so you’ll understand it all worked. Yes … I can now proudly say: It worked! And the people around me also started to notice it. And it worked not only for me, but also for the many students who have already successfully applied it. 

Because yes, I first used the techniques for myself. To heal and transform myself, and now I have been using them on a daily basis, for years in my practice and online training courses to help heal and transform others. Purely to peel off those layers of the onion. You can see it that simply - they’re just layers you no longer need. Why would you carry them at all? 

For these layers block, sabotage and keep you small. So I say: 'Get away with them!'.


In my recipe for success I of course include intuitive and mediumistic development, but also hypnosis and self-hypnosis are permanent parts of my training programmes.

And dare I say, that this distinguishes me from every other programme. 



Because the techniques I share I have personally used and experienced. I sought a solution, have been given it and transformed - removing those layers I no longer needed. And we all have old, unnecessary layers. I want to quite simply help you remove these - without making it any harder than it is.


So I have personally experienced that you can develop perfectly on an intuitive and mediumistic level. Willpower can get you very far - it took me a long way. But there will be a trigger moment where you meet yourself,  like for me before an audience in England.

And what do you do then? 

Then you can, as with everything: Choose! Then you have a choice. You always have a choice.

You choose to flee or you choose to look your trigger straight in the eye. So that you can transform and remove it from your life forever and ever. 

You no longer need that layer. As a child, it often came in handy to stay safe, which is why these layers were created in your survival programming. But you are no longer that child! 

You are an adult and you can choose intuitive and energetic development, including ultimate transformation, to be able to live again from your pure, authentic self and beautiful essence!


And that's how energy healing came my way. Not because I was looking for it, but purely because I ran into physical challenges where something had to be done. 


The combination of self-hypnosis and energy healing turned out to be the golden recipe. 

Why? Because you can cleanse yourself, to set yourself free to be the best version of you.

Whether you want to: work energetically and intuitively, shift your frequency, work with the spiritual world or just want to receive intuitive insights in your daily life; it is so essential that your vibe, your frequency is high. 

Why? If it’s not, your incoming signal will be cloudy and you’ll get a blurry image, muddled information. As if your antenna is misaligned between 2 signals so you don’t receive anything clear. 


And that reminds me of yesterday. Because yesterday I had a wonderful session with a client, who had never come into contact with energy work before. But he was there out of curiosity. Which was beautiful to see. 

And then the question arose about what I offer in terms of energy training and development programmes. 


I explained: It seems like I offer a lot, but everything fits together seamlessly. There's definitely a reason behind it. 

It seems like different disciplines are combined, but they come together as my ultimate recipe for success. 

Because I now know: If it works for me, it will work for you. At least, if you're open to it. And if you’re not open to it? Then honestly, it won't be your way to success. 


But whatever you want to do in life, whichever way you go, my recipe for success is the most beautiful gift you can give yourself. Breaking through old patterns and beliefs, going through layers that you no longer need and removing them for good and then liberating yourself.

And there’s more - which is even better! The journey doesn’t stop there, it continues. 

If you take the steps in my recipe for success, you can then become the pure, real, authentic version of yourself again. And from that beautiful power, from that beautiful light, from that high vibe frequency - you can also stimulate, inspire, help, coach and support others to do the same. All in your own unique way. In this way you set a wave of EnergyJoy in motion by working on yourself. Because that's how it works: Shift yourself and your world will shift. 

How beautiful is that!


So now it's up to you. Do you now feel an internal spark, interest or the need to go through layers as well? To get back to your core? Then send me an email and I will be happy to tell you more about the possibilities. 

Because this can be done 1 on 1 under my personal guidance in my practice or online through my digital programmes.

So immediately a nice test: feel what feels good for you and resonates, what gives that happy ‘yippee yes!’ feeling deep inside. Or maybe even gives you goosebumps. That is an internal ‘Yes’ from the deepest of your being. You cannot activate that yourself, it happens in the deeper layers. Take that with you whatever you're going to do. 


Another tip: You can also go to my Lisette Lucas app page (the link is in the show notes at and register as an EnergyJoy member for free. Then you get direct access to all free meditations, many of which are based on self-hypnosis and deep relaxation techniques. So you can get started right away for free. I wish you a lot of success!


Briefly summarised: I call my success recipe the Trinity or: The Trinity with the following ingredients: 


  1. Intuitive & Energetic Development

  2. Personal transformation therapy using (self) hypnosis

  3. Energy Healing using clearing techniques


These 3 powerful and unique ingredients have ensured and continue to do so to this day: That I can be the best version of myself! Regardless of what life throws at me. And yes, good news: that I am also available to help you all! 


So I wish you a lot of success! You can immediately get started with all the free attachments from the now 76 podcasts or you can send me an email at and I will gladly help you find the right path. Whatever best suits you and your wishes!


And this brings us to the end of podcast #76! Wow, I'm so thankful, thankful for you! Why? Because you listened to your internal compass and pressed play. Trust me, you're here for a reason. Trust your inner wisdom! You've listened to the podcast so that it's in tune with deep desire and potential is the proof! Congratulations! Beautiful! I hope to meet you soon, online or live in my practice. Whatever path you take, I wish you all the best! 


Thank you again for your trust, thank you for your time, your precious time and a big EnergyJoy hug from me! 


Love and see you soon! 

X Lisette 

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2021© 

76. Willpower vs. Unconscious Emotions

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