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9th june 2021


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 71. The Language of Energy; Discover How To Interpret And Translate Frequencies With Your Natural Powers. 


Question: Are you aware when you’ve picked up something energetically and how you can translate it? 


Now I always say: reading energy is like learning to speak a new language. 


And the good news is you can always rediscover this most pure, natural force and language.


So that you can live from your most powerful, authentic & universal state of being.


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Welcome to Podcast #71!


Fortunately it is getting less frequent, but there are still people who look at me strangely when I tell them that I work with energy as a success medium and intuitive transformation therapist. 


Some find it strange, others don't take it seriously and still others are afraid of it. And yes, I myself definitely belonged to some of these categories for a long time. Which was mainly because of how it had been taught to me at home. Or rather not taught because it was not even talked about.

As a result, I was very afraid of what I was feeling and did not understand it. And that's why I didn't want to feel it anymore. 


However, if you are highly sensitive and highly empathetic, you can do your best to turn off your energetic perceptions and incoming energies. But there will come a time when it will break you. 


As it happened to me. The most bizarre incidents started piling up. At least, that's what I recognised later. At the time, I didn't really get it at all. I tried to find and give a logical, earthly explanation for everything.


So when I was in my mid-twenties and living with my boyfriend. Those sounds and voices I heard during the night were just the neighbors downstairs. I know I thought: "Gosh, why do all those doors open and shut in the middle of the night …?"


I had not attached any meaning to it, I’d simply closed myself off to it all. So yes, it was perfectly normal that the neighbours could be busy all night. And I was comfortable with that thought. Only years later did I ask if others had heard that too and then they looked at me as if I was crazy. Like: What are you talking about?


The biggest turning point for me came when I saw someone in my bedroom in broad daylight. 

I've spoken of it before, but if you haven't heard it yet, this story remains special, if I do say so myself. 


Years later we were living in old Voorburg in a house from 1928.


We bought it in 2005 and completely rebuilt and renovated it. And when we bought it, it was really in an old, rundown condition. The previous residents had lived there for years as a family and the surviving one eventually died in that house. That's what we heard from the broker.


When we went to see it in its old state, à la 1970s, there was still a lot of old furniture. And the bed of this previous occupant was also in the back bedroom. 

I do remember that even though I wasn't working with energy at the time, I definitely didn't want my own bed in that particular room. Just a scary, spooky idea I thought.


But because we stripped the house completely from top to bottom and renovated it, it just felt cosy and good. A lovely house to live in with my family with 3 children. Our youngest son was born there in 2007. 


One day my youngest needed a clean diaper. It was the middle of the day and with my little baby on my arm I walked up the stairs. His bedroom was the small cabinet room at the front of the house. To get to it I had to walk past my own bedroom, and as I did so I looked in through the door. Which is when it happened.


As I looked through the door I saw an elderly lady in my bedroom. Sitting there in broad daylight.

I walked on to the small cabinet room but felt the chills run down my spine. 

The image I saw was so clear, so real - she just really sat there. An elderly lady smiling kindly at me. And I remember her wearing a specific kind of slippers, which had caught my eye. 

So with my baby in my arms I took a few steps back and looked around the corner into my bedroom again. But I couldn’t see her anymore.


I remember my head kind of spinning. And a 'What the F***' moment. 

My immediate reaction was: ‘I'm not crazy at all - I did see her’. And I knew who it was straightaway. Not that I'd ever seen a picture of her or anything. But it was a kind of knowing. This was the previous occupant of this house, of which I was sure. 


This encounter occupied my mind for days. But one thought which came to me first was … ‘Okay, I don’t like this anymore. These predictive dreams, these strange sounds at night, the feelings, the voices, hearing doors moving, taking over the pain of others. Something has to be done, because it’s really started to scare me’. 


I didn't want to see dead people at all: I was literally terrified! In the evening I didn't want it, so that's why I always left my light on. But now I just saw it in broad daylight … 

And that moment was the last straw for me. Then I started looking and researching who, what and how I could be helped. 


I had to come to understand what was going on here. Because whatever it was. It was clear that I had to do something about it. I couldn't avoid it anymore, couldn’t push it away, pretend it was nonsense or did not exist …  Well, that also became a bit of a naive story that I tried to tell myself.


So off I went, taking my first steps into the world of energy. That's how it felt to me, like entering a country where I had to learn a new language. 

In the beginning, looking at fellow students in my group, I thought: Who do I think I am? And I’d watch them move on. I liked everyone so much and I would sit with a piece of jewellery in my hand trying to feel if I felt something. I remember the first thing I ever observed in class through a piece of jewellery was shutters. Suddenly I saw the old Dutch shutters with that red and white window and that deep green around it. 

Then I was like: ‘Hey, where did that hatch come from?’. 


And so I slowly began to move into the world of energy teaching. Learning to work with and feel energy. 

If someone asks me: ‘What can you compare it to?’. 

I always say: ‘Learning a new language’. 

So you can learn it step by step. You have to practice and train it. You will make mistakes and above all you must not be afraid to make mistakes. These can be nice roadblocks though, which I know from my own experience. You're going to say things that really don't make sense. Like trying to speak Chinese to someone who speaks it fluently. How uncomfortable is that?

Yet at a certain point you notice that you start to pick up something from the frequency and vibration of the energy. You pick up something that you suddenly know for sure what it is and what it means. And then you can pronounce it. 


In other words: You translate your perception from the energetic frequency and convert it into understandable words for the person sitting opposite you - whether online or physically opposite you. 


And then there’s that moment when you feel and perceive something. Something of which you think (yes think, even though the thinking mind always wants to interfere - the biggest pitfall); ‘No, this is not possible, this is weird, what should I do with this?’! ‘I'm not going to say this. I'm coming up with this myself on the spot’. I’ll always remember when I was training and one time I saw an orange 3 times, and I had no idea what it signified. After the practice session I talked to the lady I was practicing with about the orange that wouldn’t go away. And she laughed, saying: ‘Oh, that orange has a whole story behind it.’


And that was proof to me that step by step you can learn to read the language of energy. And so it was done. 

And I have to admit that honestly, it's not as easy as buying and reading a book from Because the language of energy is not available as a simple dictionary. It is an infinitely thick book that you can always learn from. 

But the best thing is: You develop your own language in it. Your own way of speaking, translating and interpreting. 


And what I find most special: It is the most pure and natural language there is. We were born from it, we were born through it! After all, everything is energy. We as humans are a dancing, vibrating mass of energetic frequency. 


And to give an example: That's why you can flawlessly sense someone's mood. They don't even have to say one word. You pick it up without even thinking about it. However? Just pay attention to your surroundings. 

Just start observing how you react to the frequency of other people, before they've said a word. And more importantly, even before your filters of learned (pre)judgments have put a stamp on your feelings. 

The observation takes place within a few seconds. 


It is a knowing. A knowing that comes from the communication that takes place from Soul to Soul. There is no thinking mind involved. 


Is this special? 

This is what we are in our purest essence and that is beautiful!


And over the years I have taught myself enough to fill a fairly thick book on the energetic language. 

And yes, I love to pass on all this knowledge. Well, you're reading this now so this is definitely a part of it. Including everything that worked and what didn't work for me. 


The best part is that you can learn to shift from your limited earthly 3-dimensional consciousness to the infinite 5-d consciousness and beyond!


Why live on a small scale with blinkers on when the universe resides in you and pulses through you!

I recently observed this beautifully during an energy assessment Zoom reading with one of my students from the Master Your Intuition Academy. 

Yes, reading energy also works great online. Because you simply tune in to the ether. The field where everything is. But during that session I felt the limiting filters of this beautiful soul and literally visually perceived the universe within her. Something I had never seen before in this way. So for me a new page in my personal energetic language dictionary. 

A wonderful insight for both the student and me.

And the best thing was. I was able to help one of the students of the mediumship academy with that insight the next day.


And that's how energy works. It unfolds before your energetic eyes. Step by step in a way that you could not and dared not imagine beforehand. 


Yes, I tell you that from my own experience. Mindblowing, absolutely mindblowing! 


I experience it as the most wonderful enrichment you can experience as a person. Operate from the highest frequency of connection and unconditional love. Being able and allowed to take steps for everyone's highest good. 

And all this works towards what is so important to everyone. All of this contributes to the universal frequency and its raising. This all starts with you. When learning to embrace the universal language of energy and then making it your own again.


So does this appeal to you and do you feel the need to travel in the world of energy and learn to speak your most natural language? 

I offer several options to guide and support you in this. So that you can make an absolute quick start in your energetic language development. You can read all about this at


Important: Feel what suits you and especially who suits you. 


Lesson #1 in learning the language of energy: Listen to the voice of your soul. 

It will show you the way. Do you feel an attraction to somewhere or to someone from a deep inexplicable soul pull. Then that's your way. 

Don't drag yourself along and push yourself in a certain direction. 

That doesn't work, start feeling where that pull, that attraction is leading you. That's your path! 


I wish you every success in creating and manifesting your own energetic infinite dictionary! 

I am happy to be your energetic interpreter!

Thanks for listening, insight is power, and you now have that nicely in your pocket! So you can start converting it into energetic shifts. 


Good luck and a big hug from me! 


Love and see you soon!

X Lisette 

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2021© 

71. The Language of Energy

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