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26th may 2021 


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 69. Focus On Yourself & The Field = The Way To Powerfully Put Your Unique Message Into The World! + 3 Benefits & 5 Steps 


Perhaps you want to get something moving, but you can’t see the wood for the trees and therefore you don't know where to start?


My tip from my own experience: Shift your Focus to yourself and the field of infinite creation & inspiration.


So that you get into the infinite flow and put your unique message out into the world. Which is the key to ultimate satisfaction and shifting your vibe to the frequency of EnergyJoy and beyond!




Welcome to Podcast #69!


This week I was teaching my group of mediumship students.


We talked about my podcast and I wanted to say something about the most recent one, but couldn't remember my last podcast number. Before I even had a chance to think, the students were saying in unison: Podcast #68! 


We laughed and they said: ‘Well Lisette we know your podcasts better than you!’.


Haha …  it made me laugh heartily. From there the conversation started and the question arose: How do you always come up with the topics? Where do you get them from?


Then I said: To be honest …  beforehand I have no idea what the podcast will be about. I don't think about it. It arises in the moment. It flows through me like a download of words, sentences and emotions.

If I start thinking with my thinking mind what it should become, nothing comes. There’s a block - my head is literally in the way. But if I put aside my thinking, controlling Lisette part, ideas come from the field of infinite creation & inspiration.


So I tried to convey this like this and I was looked at like: how unique and special an experience. But if I'm honest, it's not at all.


This field of infinite inspiration & creation is available to everyone!


The only thing you can and need to learn, discover, train, practice and develop is how you make contact.


And before you learn the 'how' there is 1 more important step.


‘Okay’, you’ll think now, ‘What step could that be?’. 

I'm going to tell you. 


Before you learn the 'how' there is one more important word to know. And that word is:



‘Huh? Why?’. 

Yes: why do you want to make contact?

Why do you want to connect with the infinite field of inspiration and creation?

Why do you want to connect with something that seems bigger than you?

Why would you even bother?

Why are you listening to this podcast now?

And so on?


And here's a powerful thought: know your ‘Why’ and the ‘How’ will follow! It will come naturally to you. 


I will be honest. Because I know my powerful 'Why' my focus is completely on the infinite field of enormous potential and possibilities.


And that's where most people go wrong … 

At the focus and the: 'why?'


Because what do you think most people focus on?

Well? Honestly? (Especially now that we are in 'the social media age'.)

Most people focus on what someone else is doing and try to imitate it. 


Immediately a question to you: What frequency do you think this person is on?


The frequency of joy and love?

The frequency of EnergyJoy & infinite flow?


Or more the frequency of: frustration, stagnation, perhaps jealousy, envy, dissatisfaction; trying to pull information from somewhere and trying to push forward from willpower alone?


Not a very difficult answer, right?


The person who has his focus on another person and tries to imitate them, operates from the heavy (or actually negative) field of low frequencies.


I think everyone has dealt with this at some point in their life. (Or felt tempted to do so.)


Now I hope you feel and experience that this is a low frequency method, so the results will be similar. You won't even come close to your infinite potential! Let alone your mission, your purpose, your life purpose. 


‘Hmmm … nice Lisette …  so what do you recommend?’.


I'll give you my secret.

My way of working and creating.


First: I don't look around. I am not at all concerned with what others are doing. 

I am following my own course.

Why? Because I know that looking around me lowers my frequency. 

You can think of it as: looking down. 

So I just don't. 

What do I do then?

The opposite: I watch and send my frequency up!

I connect with high vibes and frequencies that make me buzz with joy, inspiration and creation.


I literally step into that flow of energy.

I connect with that and then flow wonderfully to that vibe.


In other words, I tune into the field of infinite possibilities and potential. A network of wonderful possibilities that unfolds before your eyes and around and through you.


It's hard to describe it, but that's how it feels.

It feels wonderful! So pure, real and authentic.


But then I hear you think?

‘Do you never look at what others are doing?’.


Haha, I'll reassure you. I do indeed look at others.

But I only look at 1 specific category: 

That category is the absolute top 1% in the world.

In other words, the ones who master what I feel a Soul-pull to.


Again I let myself be guided by that. I don't think about it, I follow a feeling from my deepest being. 


That's also why I've only received training from the best in the world in their field of expertise.


They are my earthly teachers, mentors and inspiration.


Am I going to imitate what they do? No, absolutely not. 


Why not? 

Because it is impossible to imitate, everyone is unique. 

So giving it a try will bring your frequency down right away. Karmically it is definitely a 'no-go'. That is also the reason why whenever I have received and shared inspiration from a teacher, mentor or master - I always put a link in my shownotes to that person. Credit where credit is due. 


‘Okay, don't imitate? But what can and should be done?’.

Very simple, you go to the gems, the proven success formulas: 'models'. 


And that has several advantages:


Advantage 1: 

It saves time. Fortunately, you don't have to reinvent the wheel: when someone offers a 'success path' that you can learn from. If someone who is trained to the highest level in the world shares this, I take it with gratitude in both hands. Why waste time when someone else has already successfully walked the path? And then can share the lessons and pitfalls on that road. 

My own 'Master Your Intuition Academy' and 'Master Your Inner-Medium Academy' are an ultimate example of this. The success path to intuitive development, mediumship and personal transformation, on a global level. Purely because that is the standard that I have set myself from day 1. So I can and may now transfer it from that high vibe. And that feels fantastic and so pure! The basis, the 'mechanics' as you call them so beautifully in English, is the blueprint. The packaging and method of assembling and transferring is my own, unique way. And if it's good, you immediately feel whether it resonates or not. Whether it suits you or not. It can be that simple. 


Advantage 2:

It shifts your focus up! 

When you step into the highest vibe and know how it works, then you can let go of control. How does that sound? You also release the underlying fear of … is this good for me? And: 'yes, but … ' and 'what if …’. Those parts don't even exist anymore. So it’s impossible to get stuck in that downward spiral. You simply shake it off. That's how you can see it. You will resonate to that frequency of love, joy, EnergyJoy and gratitude. 


I can tell you now in preparation: make sure you always have a pen and paper with you - or the notes on your phone, however you choose to write notes. Because you will receive instant downloads. Ideas that 'drop' in like a kind of 'lightbulb' moment. Kind of Willie Root moment of 'pling'. I can tell you while I'm creating this podcast, a new idea came up right away! So cool! 


So now you’ll understand that it is important that you 'model' a good, powerful path from the best that have gone before you. Because then you can fill that 'blueprint' with what you are destined to transfer and share in this life! 


Advantage 3: 

The experience of others comes to form your own unique blueprint. One which you in turn can leave behind and share with others. A beautiful blueprint and impression that is completely in tune with your mission and soul path. 


I will also put these benefits and notes in the show notes of this episode at:


By the way, I receive more and more emails and messages from listeners, clients and students, who say that they have listened to all the podcasts and are even listening for the second time. Wow … I think! How fantastic that you have spent many hours listening, because it is proof that you feel it. You feel and experience that high frequency and that vibe. You feel that it triggers something in you and also sets it in motion. 


And of course credit where credit is due: this is not because of me. This is because of the bigger picture that we are fully connected to and which pulsates beautifully through us. Our souls recognise and acknowledge that. Embrace the gems and pieces needed to shift, transform and release what no longer serves. Your Soul feels and experiences that all that old no longer resonates and is ready to take action from that pure, real, authentic, natural and beautiful part that makes you the real, only and unique you!


And I must say. This touches me deeply and brings me to a deep, humble gratitude. From where love, passion and compassion flows.


That is the most real, pure place from which everything can and may arise. 


Everyone can do this, everyone has this in them! You, me, everyone! How wonderful is that! So it's up to you now to take the step and let go of what no longer serves you.

You feel what pulls your vibe down. You feel and know what is stagnating you. Time to shift. To shift to the frequency of EnergyJoy and beyond! That is joy, love, gratitude, peace, happiness.


Step into that field of infinite possibilities and creation and you will live your most beautiful, ultimate and purest life.


A life from your core with which you can touch, inspire, help, support, direct and guide others. The reward for all this, what you receive in return, is a gigantic palette that gives you the ultimate satisfaction as a human being. In all core areas of human life. 

But most beautiful and most rewarding are the deep soul-to-soul connections that carry and survive beyond conceivable and visible limits. 


So the gist of this podcast summarised: 

1. Focus on your Self, look up and connect with the field of infinite possibilities!

2. Model the blueprint of those who have already wonderfully walked your path, so that you have the time and space to set your unique mission and infinite potential in motion.

3. Your message pulses through you from the infinite field of inspiration & creation. 

4. Shift to the frequency of EnergyJoy and beyond and watch your life unfold in ways you could not and dared not imagine.  

5. Live your most beautiful, ultimate and purest life from soul to soul. The path to true satisfaction. 


Wow I say again! How powerful this is, and actually because of its simplicity. The depth is infinite and I invite you to explore new paths and take steps that may feel exciting but absolutely right, feel good from within. Steps that resonate with your deepest being. 


I want to thank you for taking the time to be together and share this moment. From soul to soul shall we say. How do you know that? You feel that, that is a deep knowing. That is a warmth and coming home. Embrace it and say yes to Focussing on your Self and the beautiful field of infinite possibilities because you are so, so worth it!


Thanks for listening and a big hug from me!

Love Lisette 

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2021© 

69. Focus on Yourself & The Field

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