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12th may 2021 

Lisette Lucas


Podcast 67. Overcoming Setbacks In 4 Steps, How To Repack Yourself As An Entrepreneur, Adjust Course And Come Out More Powerful Than Ever Before!


Imagine: You are an independent entrepreneur and the tide is turning against you. What then?


  • In this podcast you will discover powerful steps that immediately adjust your course and shift your mindset.


  • So that you can reclaim yourself from within, from who you really are!


  • And then continue from your internal fire and passion in a more powerful way than ever before!




Welcome to Podcast #67!


Great that you are listening and as you may have noticed from the title, today the podcast is specifically aimed at self-employed entrepreneurs.


And that has several reasons. I myself am an entrepreneur in heart and soul and also come from a large entrepreneurial family. In addition, many of my clients and students are self-employed and work hard to become the best version of themselves. From therapists, coaches, lawyers, teachers and social workers to sports masseurs, artists and authors. 


But my biggest trigger and reason why I'm making this podcast is a sequence of 3 messages I received in the past 3 days. First via my YouTube channel, then via my free Intuition ebook and then via email.


All from one and the same person.


This person in question shared his personal challenge. As an independent entrepreneur, he had run into problems due to Covid and lost his company, with all the consequences that entailed … 


He shared what a difficult time it is for him. But what touched me most was his will and drive to keep going, to learn from his experience, his own pitfalls, and the will to transform himself with my intuition boost method. All so that he can better listen to his intuition and move on.


It touched me personally deeply.


I thought it was such a sad example of what is going on around the world right now. Many people, many entrepreneurs see everything they have worked hard for go up in smoke.


But partly the reason why it touched me is because my family and I have experienced what it is like to lose everything, during the crisis of the 90s.


I talk of this in an earlier podcast, how I was told on the radio that our large family business was no longer …  


My whole life was turned upside down. Yes, I was only 20 years old at the time, but I was emotionally swept up in the whole thing. Years of searching and nightmares followed …  because everything I believed in was gone… 


Over the years I've had to reinvent myself, as it were. No longer was my inheritance secure - those millions that would be there for me after a certain age.


There was a love/hate relationship with money. It scared me. Money had destroyed everything in my life. That's how it felt … 


Not really a useful relationship when you realise that it is necessary to have money when you have a family with 3 children.


So there lay my task, I had to completely change my conviction and mindset.


Many paths and roads I have walked, but I dare and can now say that I have found the key. 


And that makes me super happy!


There are just a few basic ingredients needed to be successful at what you do. I now call them my 4 Steps and I will share them with you. 


Step 1: How do you deal with it?


And what I mean is: everyone faces challenges. But why is it easy to spring up again for one person and why is it the end of the world for another?


My insight into this: Mindset! Pure Mindset Mastery!



Step 2: It doesn't happen by itself!


I initially thought (and speak more about this in the podcast on Law of Attraction), that If you master the Law of Attraction, things move to you effortlessly, naturally. Well, it’s partly true. If you master it then you will be provided with a blueprint. But even then, if you don't act on it, if you don't take any action, nothing will happen! 


So my 2nd insight is: Massive Action! Do you get insights, ideas, inspiration in any way? Get them moving right away - make plans and schedule them directly into your calendar. Make that commitment to yourself. You are the only one you really have to answer to. No more excuses. Take action towards your dreams and desires! 


I plan everything myself before I even have it partially ready. The launch dates for 3 new projects are already available. Why? Then I have a big stick behind the door and I have to get moving. Really helps! 


Step 3: Break through old beliefs, patterns and habits! Reinvent yourself! 

And yes, this one is actually the most powerful of them all. And that brings me back to the person who approached me over the last few days: Well, 3 times in a matter of days! But by doing so he had my attention! That reflects that drive. Magnificent! That 'hunger' that 'craving' you need to transform and become the best version of yourself.


You can also, when you've lost everything, mope in a corner and feel sorry for yourself. Pointing at the world and blaming everything and everyone and hoping someone gives you something … Not him, he took initiative and is willing to face and transform his own old habits and beliefs. Then you are a winner in my opinion. And you are going for gold. 


And yes, that is the quality I like to see in entrepreneurs and which I also pick out in no time: that drive, that fire! 


Be inventive, continue on even in the deepest moment of your life. Responding to the market and the needs of consumers and clients. Not from the revenue model but from the help model, i.e in what way can I serve the other, so that he or she benefits from the service I provide which comes from my own passion, my own fire, experience and wisdom?


Step 4: Live your Passion!

I speak from my own experience again. As an HSP, highly sensitive person, I have turned my greatest and heaviest burden into my most powerful quality and talent and with that I like to help and support people. I help to live life from my own experience. By going deep, I developed a programme and system with which I can help, support and guide people.


And that's what entrepreneurship is all about in my view. Be flexible and flex with the needs of those you may serve. From that real, pure place. Because only then can you do what you are really good at and only then will you achieve the best and most beautiful results together. Because that's the key: You do it together!


The greatest satisfaction you can experience as a human being comes from …  no, not money or possessions - which is how I learned it from home. And yes, I have to be honest, I absolutely love beautiful things. But I have discovered and learned that the greatest satisfaction comes from contributing to the happiness of another. If you can help, support and touch another with and thanks to what you do from your passion and love then … then you are a rich person! Then when you are 103 and sitting in your rocking chair and looking back on your life you can say with a smile: my life is successful. I am an entrepreneur at heart because I have remained faithful to what we as humans are destined to do: help, support and above all empower each other in your unique, authentic way to stimulate the other to do the same!


Then your mission has been accomplished in my opinion!


I am going to help and support the person who reached out because of my passion and offer what I can and may give him. Purely because despite all that has happened, he has taken that step, taken action despite everything. And not 1 time but 3 times! Until I realised and remarked: Yes, that fire is beautiful! I help him completely selflessly. Purely because I feel and experience its potential. And that's beautiful!


So remember: Are you having trouble, is something not working the way you hoped? Then adjust it, adjust it, adjust your course and try again! Does it still not work? What are you doing then? SOMETHING NEW! Continue, adjust, adjust, tweak … and again until it works!


Let that fire and passion ignite yourself and your story will become the most beautiful story of the ultimate entrepreneur who conquered everything, no matter what life threw at you! Then you are the winner as is everyone you have touched in life!


Are you an entrepreneur and do you need that support and guidance to get it back on track? Want to break and transform pieces? Share by email your story! 

I will soon be starting a programme to help entrepreneurs transform … 

Just like I did! So a step-by-step plan that really works!


Do send me an email, I'd love to hear from you!


I wish you every success and remember: everything you need is already there in you, all the tools, all the power but sometimes you just need that little push in the right direction. Finally, know that I understand better than anyone what you are going through and that I am here for you! 


Thank you for your time and for listening and it’s great that our paths could cross in this way. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

Love from me! 

 xxx Lisette

All rights reserved 2021 

67. Overcoming Setbacks

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