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11th march 2020

Lisette Lucas:


Script Podcast. 6. Spiri- What? Questions, answers, insights and tips for your spiritual development. 


As an intuitive transformational therapist and medium I am sometimes seen as strange. 

In particular the “medium” part is still quite a taboo. Most of all, there’s a lot of confusion and misunderstanding around the terms used. In this podcast I intend to clarify these and make things clearer. 


I am going to talk about: 

What is a psychic? 

What is a medium?

How is it possible that this so-called ‘gift’ is hidden in everyone? 

What are the different channels we all possess? 

And the strongest channel that everyone possesses (some of us only unconsciously). 


After this podcast you will understand the differences in the 'spiral tangle' and you will also know where your (hidden) talents lie.

I will also teach you the key to developing these talents. 


I’m so glad that you have taken the time to listen to podcast #6 and can’t wait to break down some of the most confusing elements of intuitive thinking.


First, something to consider: normal is not normal at all, but the furthest thing away from ourselves. Normal depends solely on how you look at it. 


The other day someone came to me and said ‘Oh, you’re the psychic’. I smiled and said nothing, which seemed the best response at the time. All I thought to myself was: ‘Gosh, you are short changing yourself if you think I am a psychic and you are not. What a shame you hold such an enormous limiting belief’. You see, that’s exactly what it is and at the end of this podcast you will know exactly what I mean by this. 


This incident made me realise it is time to shed more light on all the terms being thrown around. It is completely expected that from the confusion and scepticism surrounding intuitive thinking that a kind of ‘spiri-jumble’ arises. Usually there is a visible or hidden fear, there is a lot of misunderstanding, ignorance and above all there are mountains of prejudice. Such a shame if you ask me. As one of the pioneers in the field I understand many people have a block and are unable to be open to the possibility that there is more to life than can be seen. There seems to be no middle ground - people either believe, or they don’t. This is fine with me: I am the last person to force my convictions and beliefs on another. I understand that if the Soul is not ready for it then the person is absolutely not ready for it. 


It is best to delve into this fascinating subject of your own free will. And then you can get acquainted step by step with all facets of spirituality. 


If you feel that need, that almost inexplicable attraction to discover, it's your time. Whether it is because you are going through or have been through a difficult time, or that you have lost a loved one. Or for example; you are just curious because deep down you know that there is more, you just cannot put your finger on it.


Anyway, once you have that spark, that pull towards further knowledge, what do you do? Well, you do the same as I did: you turn to google, right? You may have come here, looking for answers, insights, longing for something that is not yet completely clear. All you know is that you want to discover something, figure it out, understand ... Believe me, I've been there …


Then, after all of this research, you end up drowning in a sea of terms, names and concepts such as: intuition, psychic, medium, paranormal, esoteric, spiritual etc. We’ve all been there. But what to do now? How do you separate the wheat from the chaff, in other words, how do you know who is reliable and who is not? You’re faced with your first intuitive task. 


When I started out I did not understand the difference between a psychic and a medium. I’m not alone in this - even ‘professionals’ (who are not well trained) don’t know the difference. However, there is an important distinction which I will discuss later on. This is why it is vital that if you are looking to develop yourself, you choose a well-trained teacher. Otherwise you will only become confused in the face of your teacher's uncertainty. 


A test of professionalism by a true medium can be seen in their response to physical pain. This is something a medium cannot help with so a well trained medium would refer you to a medical practitioner. Sadly, this is not always the case; a student of mine told me of a reading she had gone to where, unsolicited, the psychic began telling her of suspected heart problems. As you can imagine, she waited anxiously to hear from her doctor for two weeks, only to be told there was absolutely nothing wrong. Therefore, you should be well informed before you seek the advice of a psychic. You should understand the common psychic terms and do your research before you take anything further with a psychic or medium. 


What is Psychic?

So I'm going to start with the term paranormal. Paranormal phenomena according to Wikipedia are "alleged, supernatural phenomena, which could not be scientifically explained;"

In other words, phenomena that cannot be explained by current science are placed in the category: para =  above or beyond normal. So paranormal is the umbrella word for anything seen as supernatural. In other words, inexplicable with the current scientific knowledge. 


What is a paragnost or a psychic? 

A psychic (or paragnost) is trained to use all of the senses available to them to pass on information from a person, animal, object or situation. The psychic (having been trained in England, this is my preferred term) reads the energy of objects, living persons and / or animals and situations. There is an important element to remember: a psychic can read, feel and describe the energy of a deceased person through a photo or object they hold; but that doesn’t mean the deceased is present. It’s key to remember this as it’s the main difference between a psychic and a medium. 


What is a medium?

A medium is always a powerful and well-trained psychic. So, just like a psychic, a medium can: feel, read, see and perceive energy; through objects, people, animals and situations. Additionally (and unlike a psychic) a medium is able to make contact with the spiritual world. A medium is nothing more and nothing less than a conduit of information. Mediums put themselves completely to one side to allow the tuning into the essence of the soul of the deceased person they can feel. Through doing this they are able to pass on information about the person, for example memories, information about the person’s life and evidence that our deceased loved ones are still around us. A well-trained medium can sometimes blend so well, in other words, becoming one with the person in question, that he or she even takes over the physical characteristics of the deceased person. Then you just see physical pulls and gestures back through the medium. 


Can a medium connect with anyone in the spiritual world? 

No absolutely not. The spiritual world is always in control. A medium is open and available and you always have to wait and see who gets through. Which is very important to know, partly in view of the fear that predominantly prevailed in the past due to religious beliefs. The frequency and vibration of a good, powerful medium is very high and will only connect to the spiritual world from love. What you see in scary movies is all scare tactics, I don't look at that myself either, way too scary and in my eyes, absolute nonsense. 


To reiterate, the medium tunes in to the frequency of love, this is the motivation and essence behind the work of a professional medium. As a result, contact with the spiritual world has an enormous healing effect: both for the one who comes through and the one who receives the contact. Words that still needed to be spoken can be through the medium for example; an apology, a compliment, a word of thanks or the need to remind you how proud they are and a reassurance of how they are now. Just like life, love never dies. 


This is why we call these contacts the ‘healing between two worlds’. Even though there is only one world and our loved ones are all around us, just operating on a different frequency. This frequency is one that cannot be accessed without training and is why a medium can help you. 


When I am standing in front of a room with a somewhat tense audience, explaining what I am going to do as a medium I always use the same analogy. That is: making contact with the spiritual world is like finding a channel on the radio. You turn the dial, tune in and search until you have found the channel you were looking for. It can take a little adjustment if there is no sound or clear signal, but this fine tuning is the art of the trade. When you tune into that frequency it is truly miraculous to experience and undergo. It’s always a privilege to meet people beyond the boundaries of the earthly experience; their character remains (their sense of humour, stubbornness etc) but they also bring insights about life beyond earthly existence. As you can see, my passion for mediumship is very obvious!


What is a clairvoyant?

Someone who is clairvoyant has a specific, highly developed channel. And that is the third eye. Seeing clearly through the mind's-eye, that's what we call it. In other words, he or she can receive information through visions and images. Clairvoyance is only one channel. There is always a lot more happening at all sensory levels.


What are the different channels we all own? 

There are multiple ways in which information can come in and be received. For example there is clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience. Most eminent in everyone is clairsentience and there is a common everyday scene which demonstrates this. Think of someone you love walking into a room, for some reason you are able to pick up straight away that something is wrong, even though outwardly everything looks fine. Can you think of a time this has happened? This example is an instance of clairsentience - the feeling you get when you suddenly just know something. Or you know something will happen, you might not know when, but you are certain it will. We call this ‘clear knowing’, which is an enhanced form of ‘clear feeling’. We also have ‘clear hearing’ - which can be when you suddenly hear information in your head that is not a thought. Through ‘clear scents’ you suddenly smell a scent that is not really present such as perfume or cigar smoke. Finally there are ‘clarity tests’ where you can literally receive information through your taste buds. 


How is it possible that this so-called 'gift' is hidden in everyone?

It all comes down to the fact: we are all the same, therefore we can all develop these channels. As I said earlier, clairvoyance is the most used and can be trained to develop well. All channels can be developed and when they are, a preferred channel is often found. This is true of both the medium and the person who wants to make themselves heard. From now on I don’t want to refer to this talent as a gift, but a well developed channel, a well trained sense. Of course, a certain sensitivity and predisposition is also required. 


I always say, everyone can learn to play football, everyone can kick a ball, but not everyone ends up in the Dutch national team. That requires just a little more talent. But look at how top athletes train, day in, day out, that's what professional mediums and psychics do too. Keep practicing and then you can excel at what you do. Does this make psychics gifted? No, it is practice combined with aptitude. It’s possible for anyone to learn the art - a medium or psychic is by no means special or different from others. Instead they have taken their natural aptitude and been trained well in order to master their discipline. 


This is vital to remember when developing your intuitive talents: because you 100% have the foundation to build upon! 

Truly anyone can develop without having to become a medium, psychic or anything like that. If you develop your intuitive talents you will be able to truly follow your heart and soul. You can start living your passion, doing what you really love, for it will be impossible not to do so when you are fully aware. Then you will enter a beautiful flow, where life naturally unfolds: coincidences will come your way thanks to synchronicity. You will feel supported by life and by the elements and powers stronger than earthly existence and scientific knowledge. 


Does this sound and feel good? Then I recommend you do the exercises associated with the first five podcasts. Podcasts 1-5 lay a powerful foundation for your intuitive development, an essential if you wish to progress. There is no additional exercise for this week which gives you the time to complete the previous ones. You want to be confident with the foundation exercises - there is no point learning to run before you can walk. 


I advise you to do the exercises that you are naturally drawn to- don’t think, just feel. Get out of your head and tune in to what naturally draws you. It’s important you can recognise what ‘pulls’ you and follow, regardless of what others do and say. Listen to your inner voice, the voice of your inner knowledge, your compass, your Soul. 


I wish you luck in building your foundation and hope to see you next time!


P.S In the Shownotes link below this podcast you can find the information I have spoken of. 

xxx Lisette Lucas

All rights reserved © 2020 EnergyJoy

Script: Spiri- What?

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