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30th december 2020


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 48. Massive Action: Mastering Your Intuition, Fuelling Your Internal Fire, And Jumping Out In A Way You Couldn't Have Thought Possible Before.


  • How the combination of massive action + mastering your intuition are the transformational ingredients to change your life forever


  • Are you at the point where you want change, but don't know where to start and how?


  • In this podcast I share my 'perspective metaphor' that will shift your view on your life path. The recipe for huge growth, transformation and success! 


  • So that you can take the right turn, make a smashing new start and finally, really do what you are destined to do! 


Show notes:


Welcome to Podcast 48!


Let’s get straight to the point: 

Are you happy with where you are in your life now?

Do you feel you are doing what you are destined to do?

Do you get out what you put in? 

Do you feel like you make a difference in the world?

Does your current contribution give you the satisfaction you desire deep, deep down?


If you can’t answer these questions with a resounding YES!, an absolute YES, then this is the podcast for you!


For I personally think it's time to shake you up!


Why? Purely because I know you have huge potential!

And if you don't use all the sources, all the sources that are already present in you, then that is such a shame!


Are you the type of person that prefers to drive 30 km per hour in a Ferrari? 

If so, then this is not the podcast for you...

And I advise you to keep chugging away at a pace which doesn’t get you anywhere fast. 


For let's be honest, you are the most super-deluxe race & sports car.


Fully equipped, limited edition, shiny, radiant and super powerful inside.


When I see you I know: Bam, wow! Behold, there stands a potent source of potential to accelerate and adapt to all the possibilities the path of life has to offer! 


When you pass by, people look back, purely because you radiate inner strength. The inner fire, the passion flows out of you. A knowing of what you are capable of. 


That is you: that flashy, beautiful, powerful, fantastically evolved, all-out source of beauty and pure inner strength and knowledge.



You can also be that struggling, dusty, somewhat dented car that doesn't know how to accelerate to the fast lane, preferring to drive in a traffic jam in the crowd and follow the crowd. Who prefers not to overtake because you can't always see what is happening in front of that other vehicle? 


If you honestly look at where you are now in your life, which car are you?


Or better yet, which vehicle would you choose if I handed you the key right now, for you to continue your life's journey.


Do you choose:


Vehicle 1 - That powerful beaming sports car, propelling itself with infinite universal energy and full options. Which chooses to accelerate quickly, overtake or take a new ground-breaking route and has the latest software and technical gadgets you can use at all times?


Or vehicle 2 - That chugging, dusty car that keeps driving through traffic jams to appear safe. With dents all over it from previous damage, it drags along on the last few drops of petrol, hoping there is a pump coming into sight soon. 


Well, not a very difficult choice, you would think?

But look around you?

Be honest ...


I'd say, time to get that powerful vehicle, that shiny, radiant version of you with full options from the garage!


Because yes, you have all that potential fully available within you! In other words: the ability to live life on your terms.


It's just whether you dare to press the accelerator or not!


If I relate this to myself and reflect on the past few years, I have to say that I have toured as a middle class for a long time. Overtaking now and then but quickly back to the 'seemingly safe' right lane.


Until I decided a few years ago, now it's time: sit down, buckle up and hit the gas!


I broke free from traffic jams, freed myself from the crowd and took a turn that felt right for me. And I have moved forward in good spirits and with powerful massive action.


I've also had dents from the past patched up along the way, dusting them off because it was time to really show my radiant, shiny side.

A brilliance that doesn’t come from polishing the outside, but by working on the interior, the inside. For it’s there, under that valve, where the real power source is stored.


And this is where my comparison with a powerful, beautiful sports car ends. But I hope the message is clear.


When you really go into yourself, your personal vehicle that moves you through life …  you’ll find that there is an infinite, inexhaustible source of power within you. A unique place that is connected to infinite wisdom, power and all possibilities.


And I now know from personal experience, if you are not 'in-tune', not in connection with this place, you will not be able to experience ultimate happiness. Purely because you experience a kind of emptiness, even if it appears that you have everything … 


In my view, ultimate happiness arises from the connection with your pure essence, with the core of who you really are. Regardless of what others say or think. 

The real, authentic you!


If you let that part come out, your life will change forever.


For me personally, the moments of absolute reversal came from my first major public demonstration of mediumship in Op Hodenpijl in January 2016; and with the real personal breakthrough: the Shift to EnergyJoy podcast #1 in January 2020. The moment I really dared to let my voice spread, to be heard, dared to show my vulnerable side and above all to show who I really am.


Yeah ... that was really freakin scary ... you know. 


Driving in traffic jams in the crowd and the usual route of mediums was kind of safe but I felt internally, deep down, that I had to take a turn. An exit that was only available to me. And do you know what was written on the sign above this exit? My Destiny! 


Wow … goosebumps when I say it: My Destiny!


My Destiny … that feeling alone is worth taking that turn for!


And it has been the best exit ever. An exit to a space in which I am free to unfold my own route in and through the flow of daily life.


That may sound very nice and simple, which at the same time it is and it is not.

For you don’t have to just master your intuition, your inner knowing and therefore your internal experience and powers. There’s 1 more essential ingredient. 

And without it you may well be able to sit on the couch and be happy with yourself, but nothing will happen. You often see that happen with the Law of Attraction, people sit and wait but then nothing happens. 

No, that extra essential ingredient is the propulsion power, that is: MASSIVE ACTION! Giant action, powerful action!


Now I can tell you good news, if you start that fire in yourself then you understand that not taking action is harder than taking action is; because when you turn on, you turn on!


You become a kind of powerful propulsive light source that carries on, despite what life throws on your path or route. I mean, last year was a special example of that.

The world was on hold (and still is), but for me personally it was my best year ever. My internal fire was fuelled and remains so, I have become a 'force for good'. And what does that mean? 


I experience such internal strength and inspiration that I just have to pull the handbrake every now and then. But in the most positive way, because I see so many fantastic possibilities … and they literally arise from a deep inhalation and exhalation, while I'm in the shower or just walking around the house. 


It is a direct line with the ultimate source of infinite creation.


Recently at my practice I ran into a colleague who said: ‘’So Lisette, you're doing great.’ and someone else responded: ‘Yes Lisette is really on fire!!’.


Haha …  and yes, I really am! My fire has been fanned enormously and I want nothing -  apart from that you can experience this too!


The overflowing feeling of gratitude, bliss, joy, love, connection is actually indescribable. And as a student recently said beautifully: It is infectious and feels wonderful and so powerful! 


So if you don't know this feeling yourself yet and want to experience it too. Then I invite you to ride with me.


You can hitch a ride, sort of like carpooling.

And actually by listening to this you already do. So totally great!


And I'm super grateful to you for that and you can especially thank yourself because the value of this is... gigantic! Anyway, I'm super proud to share that this month has the highest number of downloads, which is really fantastic! **Happy dance here!** 

Because I see and hear almost daily evidence of lives changing. Even those who just listen to the podcast, approach me to say thank you for the change they experience in their lives. 

My heart overflows with happiness and joy when I receive such messages.

It really makes all the massive action and many hours I put into these podcasts, more than worth it. Touching hearts, healing hearts and bringing you back to your true essence.

And then giving you the push to take action! That's what I'm going for! 'Cause I can't do it alone, you're so, so needed!

Your fire can touch and inspire others to do the same.

Together we can set a global wave of EnergyJoy in motion.

How beautiful and fantastic is that!


And that is why the time has come for me to adjust my route to the 'next fast lane'. As of 1st January (with the vision to spread, propagate and set in motion ultimate growth and development); I will continue my 1 on 1 work in a different form purely because I can serve more people. Something that I feel is necessary given the times we live in. So the old form of consultations will no longer be possible from 1st January, purely because I can no longer meet the demand with the available time. So I have had to make choices about that.


What I will do is offer a powerful transformation bundle. A combination of my ultimate strengths, knowledge, know-how and expertise that can powerfully shift you in the direction of your ultimate wishes, dreams and potential. Freed from everything that blocked you until now.


It's a bundle for those who go for the ultimate, want to get the best out of things and who are 'massive action takers' just like me! (Also those who wish to be). 

I love to make 1 on 1 time for that.

An investment in yourself that will change your life forever. 


In addition, my successful live program for intuitive development, which has proven enormously popular in recent years, will be available with a powerful new look and format as an online training program in mid-January. So keep an eye on the website, podcast, social media and emails. If you want to be on the waiting list, send me an email to or via the link in the shownotes on you will be the first to receive a message. 


I'm personally 'over the moon!' This is an absolute dream come true and the first 2 recording days of the online training have already been completed. My founding members who are allowed to attend the live recordings and help me make the program as powerful as possible are super excited too by the fantastic program waiting for you. 


It will be a program that will really blow you away and dare I say is a One Of A Kind! Nothing comparable is available, because it’s work I developed after I took my own exit! With a mix of tips and tools that I have developed myself and of course, learned from the best in the world …  I include insights from intuition and energy, but also things I have learned from the best and biggest success coach in the world; absolutely very powerful!


Well, as you've understood by now, the ultimate transformation pack will be ready for you in the new year in a beautiful new glossy finish and 'on fire'!


So that you can shine again as the person who you really are! Freed from layers that no longer serve you. So that you can start and keep burning the fire with your unique passion and potential!


I'm ready to ring in the new year, stronger and more powerful than ever! 

I hope you join in any way you can: via my podcast, via the annual training, via my latest online program or via the 1 on 1 bundle for real action takers.

Choose the investment in yourself that suits you.

My last question to you?

Which exit will you take in the new year?

And …  look at the sign? Or rather: Feel what's on that table? Don't think, within 3 seconds you have received the correct answer from your inner knowing - trust that! 


Thank you very much for listening!

I wish you a healthy and powerful 2021! In which boundaries may be pushed in ways that you could not (and dared not) think possible beforehand.


Thanks again for listening and thank you for taking the time to do this, proof that you're ready! I say Yes!! Fantastic! 


Big hug from me and see you soon!


Love Lisette 

All rights reserved EnergyJoy © 2020

48. Massive Action

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