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26th August 2020


Lisette Lucas


Podcast #30: From Sensitive to SuperPower! How to Transform a Difficult Trait into your Superpower Quality & Talent!


Question to you: do you have a quality that is a burden for you and that sometimes even blocks and hinders you? If this is you, then today you can discover how you can transform an apparently negative quality into a strength!


In this podcast you will learn: how, like me, you can transform this difficult aspect into a positive quality & talent. So that it becomes your Ultimate SuperPower with which you can serve others and then the world- the most powerful form of satisfaction! 


Welcome to Podcast #30!


I am truly happy and grateful that I made a commitment to myself in January 2020 to launch this podcast every Wednesday. No excuses, just get on with it! And now, 30 podcasts later, I can say that it is transforming my life and the lives of listeners in ways that I could not and did not dare to imagine beforehand. 


I just finished the fantastic Tony Robbins Business Mastery Event. 5 days (well, nights for me with the time difference), between 13-16 hours consecutive training … I only returned on Monday morning so I am still working on my NYC time-zone jet lag but the event really pumped me up!


If you are able to learn from the best in the world, it gives such a huge boost that it literally sets everything in motion! And I also think it is great and wonderful to be able to pass on this knowledge to you, because that's what it's all about. Sharing information, knowledge and stories with which you can support, help, assist and guide others. That gives, every person, absolutely anyone on earth, the deepest fulfillment! Helping others in any way takes you beyond the limit of the self - the limited, constricted, insular self, and into the bigger picture, the greater whole and ultimately the unlimited. When you reach that point you will live your life mission with all forms of gratitude and love imaginable.


I notice that more and more people listen to my podcasts and therefore suddenly know a lot about me. But also, they are more curious about the how, what and why.


This week I got the question: ‘Lisette, how did you end up on this path?’.


In other words, the spiritual path of mediumship, energy work and therapies?


If I want to answer that very concisely and simply, I say: I turned my pitfall into my talent!

It is no more and no less than that!


I had a problem and at one point it bothered me so much that I had to do something about it.


I began by messing things up, but then started looking for ways to help myself- by transforming myself. And to my great surprise it turned out that something that had been hindering me emotionally for years, making me vulnerable and keeping me small, well, that part of me turned out to be my talent! I now call it my Superpower!


So what traits of mine were hindering me and making me disappointed in myself?  

I was sensitive, emotional, empathised way too much with others, which made me self-effacing. I felt vulnerable and could break into tears at the slightest thing. 

I was laughed at and made fun of for that. I remember when I was about 10 years old a 'good' friend said to me when I was sad about something: ‘Gosh you’re going to cry again? You are always crying about something’.


At that moment I wanted the ground to swallow me up. This friend was a tough nut, and never showed a tear. For a long time I thought I had to be like that too, so I decided to pretend to be tougher in my teens than I actually felt. 


That taught me one thing: if you are not true to your authentic self then you cannot be happy. This was something I discovered when I was 19, through some hard life lessons, and from that moment on I only started to follow my heart and not pretend to be anything other than what I felt.


My sensitivity was there, my vulnerability was there and I found out that if I simply allowed that part without resistance, then the connection I felt with people was real. 


And that felt so good, plus I discovered that I was going to attract the people who resonated on the same frequency. So also sensitive, empathetic people, and that felt great. At this time I had my beauty salon and I made wonderful connections with clients who have a warm, special place in my heart to this day.


This has continued to develop over the years, I started to get to know myself more and more, embracing myself and developing my sensitivity, intuitive and empathic abilities so that I could help, guide and support others even better. Transforming my pitfalls into positive qualities, talents and Super Powers so that I can serve even better and do what I am destined to do. 


Has it been an easy process? No absolutely not! At one point my development went so fast that I went through a spontaneous Kundalini awakening. 

Kundalini energy is an energy that is dormant and dormant in everyone. This energy can rise as soon as you develop. If this is done too quickly it can be life-threatening- I will make a separate podcast about this at some point. For me, the energy shot to my heart and lingered there happily. If it goes to your head, it can actually cause psychosis with all its consequences.


My mentor (the world renowned Medium, Mavis Pittilla), has coached me through this and could help enormously having also experienced it herself. At that moment I wanted to change my whole life. I was no longer happy in my marriage, wanted a divorce and thought that was the solution. Long story short, luckily I finally understood that the solution lay within myself not outside myself and in my circumstances. We have overcome that storm. 


I can now help clients with similar spontaneous awakenings. It can be set in motion by trauma, an accident or by stimulating the energy too much or by narcotics that, as it were, blow through all your protective filters so that you literally blow your plugs.


I always point out to people the dangers and the power of manipulating energy, especially if you are sensitive. The impact can be huge, and I speak from personal experience, but I can now assist others with coping. I had someone in my development group who also showed symptoms, I really had to do an intervention there, violent but so essential. Energy can run wild, so make sure you develop in good hands and don't experiment on your own. This can be life-threatening. Not to scare you, but to make you aware.


And so that sums up nicely my own pitfalls, strengths and talents.


Why am I sharing this? Because I want to make you aware of your immense strengths and talents! Your mission is hidden in your story! If you don’t feel completely in tune now, maybe you know deep down that you are not doing what you’re destined to on Earth; then here is the key!


I learned again from Tony Robbins: Vulnerability = Authenticity = Power!


Which is why I have shared this quite personal story with you. Because my vulnerability, my sensitivity, my empathic abilities stand for the people I can guide and support here. See me as your earthly guide, accept tools and strategies from me that resonate with you, that feel good and that you can move forward with! Then you make me intensely happy! And then the circle is complete. With love I take you by the hand and guide you through challenges that cross your path, then I learn and help you to fly alone.


Over the years I have realised that I have mainly attracted people with a similar energetic blueprint. How beautiful is that! The most loving, warm, sensitive, pure, empathetic people who run into some kind of trouble and don't see how to get around, over or through it. That's what I am for. I help you to make your vulnerability, your authenticity your strength!


You have a SuperPower ready to transform and manifest!


There is one thing I am certain of: I have managed to convert my vulnerability and my sensitivity into a strength and … if I can do that, then you can 1000% do so as well!


Today I want to leave it at that. This is what I wanted to give you, all stemming from my Tony Robbins experience. Of how he helps others with tears of gratitude and emotion in his eyes, which is also how I feel about my work. This is the best there is. Embrace that power and share it with the world! You are so, so destined to be here! I'm proud of you! Go for it!


Love and a big passionate hug from me!



All rights reserved EnergyJoy 2020

30. From Sensitive to SuperPower

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