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5th August 2020


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 27: Purpose - How To Find Your Life Purpose And Live + Free Meditation Tool To Discover Your Purpose And Mission. 


Is this a familiar feeling to you? You feel deep inside that you have a life purpose but you do not know what it is and how to discover it. 


In this podcast you will discover: how finding and living your life purpose can shift your frequency and give you a life full of fulfilment. 


Plus: in this podcast you will discover how you can discover your purpose, your life purpose and what you have to do to make it reality. 


The outcome: that you can stop wasting time on things that do not serve your highest good. So that you can carry out and live your mission and the reason why you are here on earth. 


Welcome to Podcast 27, it’s great that you are there!


This podcast is very close to my heart. Why? Because it has taken me years to truly discover my life purpose and mission in this life. I can now cry out fully and with satisfaction and joy: I live my purpose, my life purpose and I carry out my mission. And the best part is, it will continue to grow and develop along the way and I will only get stronger and more powerful in it. 


Now my question to you: do you live with purpose? Are you living your life purpose?

Are you living your mission? Do you feel that you are doing what you came to this earth to do? Or are you (to put it bluntly) wasting time on something that does not quite nourish your heart and soul? Perhaps because doing so feels safer, or you have a fear of change; maybe (as is the case with some of my clients), you do what you do because it is expected of you. 


Whatever the reason, I can tell you, when you are really in tune with what you are destined to do here, your heart overflows with joy, passion and gratitude. Then you feel a level of Bliss! Yes, I speak from experience. 


And if you have any doubts, I can tell you right now: everyone has a purpose, everyone has a life mission and purpose in life. This could be anything from lovingly caring for, helping and guiding children, to being a powerful leader who inspires thousands of people. The possibilities are endless, but one thing is certain. You have a purpose.


Think about yourself, if I ask you now: what is your purpose in this life? What would you answer?


If necessary, pause this podcast and write it down for yourself. My life purpose is: …… .. My mission in life is: ……. 


If you have this clear, then you understand that there is a huge difference between 'just living your life' or living your 'ultimate mission and life purpose'. For living your ultimate mission and life purpose helps you shift to a higher frequency. Simply because that's the effect of being fully in tune with the ultimate reason you're here for. 


By shifting I mean that you live in an energetic frequency, a vibration that radiates and attracts you. What you radiate, you attract more of. That is the Law of Energy and the Law of Attraction. So if you live in the vibrational frequency of your purpose, then I don't have to explain to you what happens to your frequency, your energetic vibration and then your circumstances. All of this is related to how you feel and what emotions you experience. 


So if you step into the frequency of your purpose, (your life mission), then you can shift to higher levels, higher energetic frequencies such as: satisfaction, joy, gratitude, love and peace. These are frequencies with which you can and may serve the greater whole immediately, because your consciousness is expanding. You feel free and open, you enjoy helping and serving other people and being there for others. From love and respect, kindness and compassion. You have faith and you can forgive. You see things as they are from the loving, happy frequency. You live in the vibe of 'EnergyJoy and beyond!’ (Of course I didn't choose this name for nothing! I also got it in a high-frequency state of being. Nice to know, because that's what happens when you're in flow). You feel love for everything and everyone around you. Challenges that come with life can be quickly transformed with your powerful mindset, so that you can immediately shift to higher frequencies, no matter what life offers you. 


But opposite the high, happy, joy frequencies are the lower frequencies such as: fear, guilt, shame, anger. Frequencies that many people live in when they spin in vicious circles and live old patterns and habits. People who live in these lower frequencies also often experience humiliation, can be resentful, point to others to blame and live in a victim role, suffer from unrest and are dissatisfied with what they often project onto others. 


If you are not aware of this, it is very difficult to get out of here. By the way, did you know that a large proportion of people who are depressed or experience intense heaviness, do so because they are not living their life purpose and mission. They are not doing what they are meant to do. Interesting, don't you think? 


But you are here so you are willing to shift to EnergyJoy and beyond! And that's great! You can also praise yourself for taking the time to do this because love for yourself is the most important thing, the basis of everything. This also has a direct effect on your energy. Don't underestimate that! Embrace yourself and give yourself the time and space to develop and discover what your purpose is. 


Also be grateful for the things that may not have gone the way you wanted, because they helped ensure that you now listen to this podcast. And they have given you the greatest life lessons that can then transform you and with which you can help others.


For example, 3 years ago I was hit by melanoma cancer, the most deadly and dangerous form of skin cancer. At the time it was very important that I write about my predicament. I felt that I had to share it and I did that in my blog, 'A suspicious place'. 

Last week I was suddenly approached by a journalist who was going to write an article about melanoma cancer. This is partly because during the corona period, there has been a noticeable decrease in people who tell their doctors of suspicious spots. In the case of a melanoma, reporting 1 month late can be the difference between metastases or not. With metastases, the survival rate in the first year is only 20% - an assassin and so underestimated! 


Anyway, that journalist wrote that she was impressed with my blog and asked if she could interview me for the article. Of course I said yes! How beautiful if I might be able to save another life with my pain, sorrow and intense life lessons! Then it suddenly feels like everything happened for a reason. It immediately takes a different turn! Then I am grateful that I was able to share my experience in this way.


This is just one of many things that I have been through but I am sure you too have been through things that, however difficult, painful and intense, have made you the beautiful, powerful person you are now! Yes really! It's time for you, if you haven't discovered it yet, to discover your true purpose. 


For discovering your life purpose, I give special hypnotherapy sessions in my practice, this is a session of one and a half to 2 hours. And good news: you get a special taste of it today. There’s an essential piece of information you need to know to discover your purpose. What that is, I'm going to share with you in a minute. I am also going to take you into a relaxation exercise where you can feel at a subconscious level where it is stored; helping you gain even more insight into your life purpose. Then you are released from your conscious, thinking, grinding mind, which can then relax.


So if you listen further then I recommend that you only do this if you are not driving a vehicle or are not working with heavy machinery. This is because of the relaxing effect of the deep relaxed meditation in which I take you. 


It is also nice to immediately write down what your experience was after the session. For any discoveries you make can only help you further in carrying out your life purpose and mission. 


Seeing as it is important that you do this in a quiet environment where you cannot be disturbed for a while, I made a free download of this session for you. 

Go to the shownotes on In the shownotes, click on the dedicated link to request the session for free. You can then download it and listen to it whenever and wherever you want.         

This session is based on the deep relaxation technique where you discover at a subconscious level what your mission, life purpose and passion is in life.


The key level where this is stored lies between the ages of 7 and 14 years. So in this special session I will take you back to that age because everything you did, everything you loved, liked and enjoyed around that age, everything has to do with your life purpose and your mission. That is where the answers are stored. When you get this insight, everything will fall into place and you will understand why you are doing what you are doing or why you are not comfortable or perhaps not happy with what you are doing now. 


Insight gives strength! Your answers lie in your subconscious. You are unique and only you can get there. Yes, from my intuitive qualities I can also tune in to your energy field and tell you what your mission is. But in my view it is essential for your growth, development and evolution to unravel it yourself; to find the key yourself, discover it yourself. Because then you feel it in every cell of your being and you can start to live it, carry it out and immediately take powerful, indisputable action to make it reality!


As you may know, in this life we ​​all have one thing for certain. And that's … that's time! We all have the same, (the same small amount), so how much time do you want to waste on something that doesn't fulfil your deepest soul desires? Which is not in line with the reason you are here on Earth. My advice, take action! Deliberate action towards your potential and your dreams! 


I can assure you, it feels great. In fact, it feels phenomenal! 


So I'm going to leave it at this, do you want to shift? Go to and request your free session right away. A shame to let even more time pass in my view! 


And if you are already fully in tune with your life mission and purpose here on earth, yes! Congratulations, then it’s not necessary to do this session. Or maybe it is, because perhaps even more aspects and insights will emerge that can give you even more depth and passion. 


Either way, the choice is yours of course! I love that you have listened to this podcast, I hope to help you with this session because the world needs you! When everyone works on themselves and increases their frequency to EnergyJoy and beyond…. How beautiful our planet would look then! I enjoy the thought that I can do my bit, because change starts with yourself, in yourself, I hope I can inspire you to do the same!


I am here to support and guide you, if you have any questions, send an email to Oh yes, and let me know what you discovered in your session! Super cool to receive insights!


Thanks for listening and see you next podcast!

All rights reserved EnergyJoy 2020

27. Purpose

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