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1st July 2020


Lisette Lucas


Welcome to Podcast #22

Welcome to Podcast #22 Focus: Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows. Discover how laser sharp focus on what you do or don't want in your life instantly shifts your energy and determines your reality + 3 Tools for directing Focus & EnergyFlow. 


  • Do you feel that you want to move forward, but because of all the fun (and less fun) distractions that life throws at you, you don't get ahead?


  • Discover how laser-sharp focus and attention on what you do want to receive, shifts your energy and therefore your life straightaway. 


  • After listening to this podcast you will understand why blurry focus has affected your life so far! And I give you 3 powerful tools where you can immediately get started to shift this!


  • Meaning you can decide what you do and don't want in your life and then take action. By focussing and shifting your attention, the energy can flow to what you do want to receive in your life. 


It’s great that you are listening to Podcast # 22! Today's topic is something I had long struggled with myself. Why? Well, I let myself be carried away by life, living day by day with no idea of where I wanted to go. My goals and focus were literally blurred … blurry like a lens out of focus. 


The beauty of today's topic: if you understand and apply what I tell you, then you can regain yourself, regardless of what life offers you. 


But first some questions for you - where is your focus most? Where is your attention drawn to? What thoughts frequently go through your head? 


If you have listened to and applied the guidance from previous podcasts, you know by now that everything is energy. This is also the basic rule and the starting point of today.

Namely: Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows.


So ask yourself: do you live in the past, think about it and what went wrong through no fault of your own? Do you still feel the emotions of the past, perhaps the anger, impotence, fear or sadness you once experienced? 


If this sounds like you, where do you think your energy is being expended? Where is the energy flowing, and what kind of energy do you attract? 


Think of: 'Like attracts like' - you will attract what you broadcast. 


So do you live in a narrative you have written - the narrative of what you have experienced? No matter to what degree but ... do you think you are everything that’s happened to you? Then that will actually be the case and you will be more interested in those past circumstances and situations.


Do not live in the past, or only in the future. Then you cannot feel, see and enjoy what is right now. 


But if you only live in the now and do not think about your future, then you are also a boat with no bearings in the middle of the sea; never knowing where you are sailing to. You just wait for a big wave to move you and give you new situations, but which leave you suddenly having to row like crazy in order not to turn over. Then you let your life carry you adrift as it were.


That, too, is not a way to feel happy. A person needs a very important ingredient for being happy: that ingredient is progress. I learned this from the philosophy of Tony Robbins and he learned it again from his mentor, Jim Rohn. 


So Progress = Happiness.


The reason for this: to live is to grow and if you don't grow, in and through life, then you don't feel really alive and you can't really feel happy. 


Just look around you in nature, if a plant or tree does not grow and bloom, what happens? Right, then it dies. We as humans are also part of the natural world and growth and development is just as essential! 


So, if you get stuck in the past there is no progress, rather decline and you cannot possibly be happy. 


If you know of someone who is very happy even though they are stuck in the past, please let me know … because in my view, that is impossible. In fact, there was a phase in my life when I lived in the past as I had lost so much in my present life. Basically everything I thought I was had been taken from me by circumstances beyond my control. That's how it felt ...


Well, as a 20-year-old it really took me a few years to process these feelings - because how can you do that without tools? It wasn't until I started to focus on what I wanted, when I set a new course, that things started to change. Then progress came and yes, then I could feel happy again, using laser-sharp focus and a goal. 


Are there waves in your degree of progress and thus level of happiness? Absolutely, life throws you a curve ball every now and then and you have to deal with that. Anyone can think of examples of this. What can change though is the speed at which you can regain yourself. If all goes well, then you can pick yourself up more quickly and easily - at least that's my experience.


I also set to work with the right philosophies from mentors and teachers who had proven that change is possible. It is always important to apply the right strategies. These are tools and aids that help you shift and help you change your stuck patterns.


Do you notice that after the umpteenth curve ball (that ball is just another word for challenge for me, but it just gives it a more playful feeling); after that umpteenth curve ball that life throws you, you would prefer to give up? Then consider: where is my focus?


Sometimes something, a reaction, incident or event is the straw that broke the camel's back and you think: ‘No, please don't anymore, I can't take it anymore…’.


Is it because you can't catch and throw the new curve ball right away, or is it because your backyard of the past is full of old curve balls that were difficult to catch and throw back?


Too many balls, too much looking back in your rear view mirror and that's the moment. There is the opening, the breakthrough moment. The moment when everything can change. The moment you say: ‘Enough is enough! I've had enough’! Or ‘Yes, I am so done and so ready for change! I choose to go to the next level’. 


Well that moment is great, it’s amazing! Why? It shows you are ready for a breakthrough - it is the perfect moment for transformation!


Today I had an intake interview with a client. The person told me, in a very apologetic way at the beginning: ‘I'm really so done’! To which I immediately said: ‘Excellent! That's what I want to hear. You are about to make a breakthrough’! 


If you are going to make that breakthrough, only one thing is important. That one thing? Focus on what you want most. 


Have you ever thought about it? 


Suppose I have a magic wand, and with that magic wand I can make one wish of yours come true.


My question to you: what is that wish? What are you dreaming of?


I had a conversation with someone recently where I asked the person exactly this question, and they were unable to answer it. So I'm curious about your experience. 


To discover this wish you can think to yourself: I am at this point in my life, a place I have reached through the situations and circumstances I have attracted so far. Am I happy where I am? 


If so, I can say, then you don't have to do anything. But the fact that you are listening to this indicates that you have a need for progress, for growth; which is why you are following your natural hunger and drive to manifest the next level of happiness. Somewhere we all want to be. 


So, I am curious: what is your wish? Where do you want to go, how do you want to feel? What do you want to achieve?


To help you discover this let's do exercise # 1 - the Magic Wand tool. 


You need a pen and paper for this, if you don't have it at hand, you can also write it down later, or you can type in the notes on your mobile, as I like to do. But really, don't underestimate the power of putting words down, however you choose to.


Write the numbers 1 to 10 one below the other. Now write down 10 wishes in 2 minutes. 


Let go of all your limiting beliefs, so if you want to travel around the world but in the back of your mind you immediately hear a voice saying: ‘ I don't have the money or the time for that’, let it go.


Everything is possible so your wish can be as big as you want. This could be from: feeling more confident in public speaking to meeting your soulmate, to ultimate health to manifesting your dream home and so on. Write down each wish as soon as it pops into your head.  


Now press pause and write down your 10 Magic Wand wishes.




Very good, if everything’s gone well you have a list of 10 wishes or maybe even more, which is also fine. Now I want you to put an asterisk behind the 3 most important wishes.


Don't think twice about it just by feeling.


Very well, it’s nice to have this clear, isn’t it? 


This moves us on to Tool # 2 because you did not just write it down for no reason, of course. 


Tool # 2 is: Why?


Okay, of those three wishes that emerge the strongest, I now want you to choose the most important one for you right now.


Write this wish down and follow it with a ‘why’?


For example, if your greatest wish is to: ‘overcome fear of public speaking’. Then write this wish followed by the why?:


‘I want to overcome my fear of public speaking because it will allow me to finally transfer my expertise and it will mean I have finally overcome my shyness. It will give me more self-confidence. Also because it feels very important to my life mission to make my voice heard - I love to help others and life has thrown me so many curve balls that I now perfectly catch them; public speaking will allow me to help empower others to learn to catch those unexpected curve balls too, through learning from my own life lessons. I want to turn my Mess into my Message’. 


Maybe you've figured it out already but this was once a wish of mine, and maybe it’s something that resonates with you too.  


So now it's up to you! Write why this wish is most important to you. Let it flow, write down as many 'why's' as possible.  


Okay, very good.


Now look at your list of 'why's'. 


And now I want you to see yourself in the future. To be precise one year from now. 

Just close your eyes: we are one year further in time, and you have focussed on your dream wish, you have set the energy flow in motion and you know what, it has come true! 


Now I want you to feel how you feel: feel what it does to you, experience every sensation in your body. Feel the emotions, experience what you can now do, how you feel, your physical and emotional health, your private circumstances, your home, your car, your dream career, or whatever you have desired. Feel like you are experiencing it now. Feel it in every cell of your body.


Very good, and how does that feel? What does it do to the energy in your body? What does it do to your happiness levels in your body, what does it do to your overall state or as Tony says: Your STATE? 


Does this 'why' give you: energy and the desire and the power to focus on manifesting your dream wish with a laser-sharp focus? 


I am very curious! Send me an email with your experiences via


Then I will give you a number of personal insights by email that can help you further. I'm doing my best to answer everyone by the way. But that can sometimes take a while. 


But back to your ‘why’: why is this so important? 


Just think, why do you get in the car, on a train or your bicycle? Well, because you know you want to go from A to B. That's your ‘why’: ‘I want to arrive at my destination because I want to achieve something there’.


Do you see how it’s essential to have this ‘why’ to take action? 


It’s also so important to focus on one specific goal. A goal, a wish that makes you happy, gives you energy and the need to move forward. 


This is vital because progress equals happiness! 


If you are not happy now, ask yourself why not? Or maybe you’re not happy in some core area of ​​your life. Then ask yourself: ‘Why not and what can I do, what can I focus on to bring about change and progress’?


The choice is yours: do you keep floating adrift waiting for the next wave or curve ball; or do you make the choice to progress? 


I hope you realise that your 'why' is very important to know. It is the fuel, the energy that propels you forward, pushes you on, even when things are not going well. The 'why' gives you the energetic charge to focus. You can wish for a nice car. Nice to have, right? But why do you want it? I think we all know that something material is nice, for a moment, possibly a week or two; but then the new thing goes away and the happiness follows.


Really it's always about the feeling attached to it. Feel what you are going to do with that car, experience it. Are you going on a nice tour with your partner or children or friends or family? Are you going on holiday with it and making beautiful new memories? Think of all the happy feelings associated with these! For that's the point, right? 


So 'know your why and the rest will follow'.


Which moves us on to tool # 3. You now know your wish that came out the strongest, you now know and feel your 'why' and so it is time for the next step. 


Tool #3 is: Commitment & Laser-sharp Focus.


If you want progress towards your wishes, commitment is essential. Commitment is making a slot with yourself to take active steps towards your wishes every day. You do this by creating new patterns and leaving old patterns behind.

Maybe you want to start your own business. If this is your wish then from now on you plan a moment every day to take steps towards your goal. 

Laser sharp focus is essential for this. So you must book a slot with yourself to take the steps towards your goal - if you sit down for 1 hour every day to work on your wish then don’t forget to turn off all distractions such as mobile, TV, apps, etc. Make sure you have a moment for yourself where you will not be disturbed.


And again, make it a habit. We as humans run on patterns (or habits) and beliefs. 

Repeat this daily and it will become your new routine and then manifesting your wish will be irreversible!


There are one or actually two pitfalls to reaching your wish, and you've heard me talk about them before. 


For me personally, I was always a champion at sabotaging myself. If I had to do something that I dreaded, I managed to tell myself some story in my mind that meant I put it off until much later, or sometimes I didn't even do it at all.


But why is that?


Well, I can provide you with all the tools and strategies, but if there is a pattern and belief at the subconscious level that sabotages you then attempts will grind to a halt. There are all sorts of beliefs out there that can sabotage progress, like: needing to feel small to be safe, or not feeling good enough / worth it, doubting that you can do it. These restrictive patterns and beliefs prompt all sorts of excuses and stories to flood your mind until you start to believe them.  


As a result, you come to a standstill, you let yourself be distracted. Then the lack of focus comes and your energy flows everywhere except to what you really want.


So the pitfalls are the patterns and beliefs that are on the subconscious level and the stories you tell yourself, that stop you from making progress.


How can you solve this?

You can tackle subconscious patterns and beliefs in different ways. The best way I have found (after personally trying just about everything): discover where and when your beliefs and limiting thoughts originated. You can fix what the mind understands, if you don't understand where the pattern/belief originated, you just don't know where to look and how to solve it. 


When you have insight into where the limiting belief / pattern originated, then you can fix the old pieces, as it were. Leaving behind for good those old stories, the stories from the past that you have told yourself over and over again. Then it is very easy to reprogram and condition your super intelligent mind, so that you get back that laser-sharp focus that you were born with. Thus allowing you to send your energy where you actually want to.  


I've seen the mind-blowing results, from manifesting soulmates, to manifesting financial freedom, to intensely desired pregnancies and having healthy babies. But also those people who no longer saw a point but then experienced the zest for life again.


Tony Robbins points to strategies. Anyone can learn strategies, and I’ve given you lots here that you can get started with right away. But if something doesn't work or not immediately, is it because of the strategies? No, a resounding no: it depends on your focus. For it is your focus that determines where your energy flows.


Do you subconsciously believe the stories you tell yourself? Do you have patterns that keep you from achieving your dreams? Or patterns that direct your focus to the past instead of the future? 


Then this is what you need to tackle first. 


You see everything stands or falls with your STATE: with how you feel. If you keep living from an old narrative, you will continue to feel the same and continue to achieve the same results.


Have you reached that point as my client said in the discovery conversation: are you so done with it? Are you ready for change? Are you ready to get laser sharp focus on what you do wish to receive in your life? Then I say YES! Congratulations - you are ready for the Breakthrough! 


That's what you came here for and you are 100% at the right place. 


As I said earlier: Progress equals Happiness. So if you’ve worked out your ‘why’, you wish for one thing you truly desire, and believe that the energy you put out is returned to you; then you will end up being happy, free, loved, lovable and worthy. 


My advice to start progressing: apply the 3 Tools! 

1: Discover your Magic Wand wish that is at the top of your list, the most important to you at the moment.

2: Tool 2: Discover your ‘why’. Figure out: ‘why do I want to have, do or manifest something’? 

3: Make the commitment with yourself to work on it daily, focus on 1 wish and turn off all distractions. Create new patterns and habits and you will start shifting. 


I am here to support, steer, guide and help you in this process if you need a helping hand.


Am I doing it for you? No, you absolutely are doing it for yourself! After all, everything is already present within you. I'm just showing you where and how to look to get the best out of it. How you can let the energy flow to what you wish to receive in your life instead of the other way around.


Focus is the key to manifesting your wish, now it is your turn.


Decide: actively choose to progress, or recognise that you are totally done with it - because then you can start the ball rolling. Then you can break through what you no longer want to experience and a wonderful future is open to you. A future as you wish to receive it, but even more beautiful and better than you could have imagined in advance.


It goes without saying, action is needed and that's why I congratulate you for listening all the way to the end. This is taking action, which is the key to success! I'm proud of you already. I know better than anyone, change is not easy; it is super exciting and even scary, but you can turn that exciting energy into power that propels you forward. Straight ahead in a life according to your design.


Good luck with applying the tools - it will give you a lot of clarity and insight.

Do you have questions? Let me know! 


If necessary, print out this script and underline the tools and points that stand out for you.

I hope you took notes because this episode contains enormously valuable information, and writing out the strategies allows them to sink in; so that your Focus can be powerful and laser sharp. 


You may know by now, I only settle for the best. I keep growing and developing because it gives me a huge boost and it fills my heart with love, warmth and happiness to be able to pass it on to you. Think of it as a shortcut to giga information. I trained, learned and studied for this for almost 30 years with the greatest people on earth. I have not calculated what I have spent on everything from training programmes to airline tickets and hotels to be able to take it all. My advice: reap the benefits. Do what feels right to you with this information - that is the most important thing. Live from your heart! And as Nike says: ‘Just do it’, it can be that simple!


Thank you very much for listening and see you next podcast or wherever I may meet you!


Live with passion, live with the Energy of Joy! 


Lots of love, Lisette

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