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26th may 2020


Lisette Lucas:

Welcome to Podcast #17


It’s very nice that you are here! Welcome to Podcast #17! As an intuitive transformation therapist and medium I deal with a wide range of human issues. Today we dive deeper into an essential aspect of mediumship.  


Imagine: you miss your deceased loved ones in Spirit, you want to know how they are doing and you would like to receive some insights; for example you might have a question that needs answering or a loved one’s opinion about a dilemma.


Well, that's what today's podcast is about! 


What you will discover today: 


  • How to connect with your loved one(s) in Spirit in 4 steps. 

  • How you can lovingly bring the spiritual world closer while you still have two feet on the ground. 

  • That you too are very intuitive: it’s something you inherited at birth which enables you to make contact beyond the boundaries of earthly existence too. 


After listening to this podcast: 

  • You will feel your loved ones closer than ever and know, feel and experience that you are supported beyond the boundaries of earthly existence. 

  • You will understand Spirit better and will be able to indicate your Spiritual boundaries yourself. 


I want to start this podcast with some words from my mentor (the globally renowned medium), Mavis Pittilla who always says: “Love, like life, can never die”. 


If you are listening to this then you most likely have one or more loved ones in the spiritual world that you miss. Spirit world, that's what I call it, because it's loosely translated from English: there they call it the Spirit World or the World of Spirit or just Spirit. I personally prefer the Spiritual world or Spirit. Some call it heaven, but there are many names for the same place. 


I don't really like the words 'spirit world' because I used to be very afraid of everything that had to do with ghosts, and that is what ‘spirit world’ conjures for me. I was especially afraid because I used to feel a lot, and felt that I was never alone; but was constantly watched and because I didn't understand it scared me. I know that a lot of people have also experienced this, especially when children. 


In addition, addressing a loved one as 'Spirit' feels most beautiful, because our purest essence, that piece of energy, that part of us that can never be lost, is also your 'Spirit'. That part comes from ‘Source Energy’, the source, the universe, God, Allah, again, many names for your pure essence. Use the word which feels right to you. 


Gaining insight into how everything works beyond the boundaries of earthly existence, (as far as we can understand it with our human brain), has helped me a lot and made sure that I am no longer afraid.


In fact, it made me realise that if you should fear anything it should be those living amongst us: the people who are disconnected from feelings and emotions, people we pass every day yet are capable of the most terrible acts. If we are to fear people then it should be those who are alive and living on this planet. 


But, today I am going to talk about your loved ones in the Spiritual World who have only left their physical body, their coat, and are allowed to travel on and on at Soul level, Soul & Spirit level.


As a medium & intuitive transformation therapist I give consultations and training in mediumship. Learning to work with Spirit (as I call it), is not very difficult, by which I mean the technique is not very difficult. It just takes a different kind of energy than you are used to. You have to shift frequency, as it were. You must learn to raise your energy to the higher frequency, the higher vibration of the spiritual world.


Here on earth we live on average at a frequency, between 20 and 200, and the Spiritual World resonates at a vibration of at least 500 and higher. There is quite an energetic gap there. I’ll explain it through an example: imagine you are on the 2nd floor of a building and you want to learn to reach the 50th floor. Only there is one extra challenge: there is no floor on that 50th floor, meaning you cannot stand, sit or relax as you are used to. No, to reach the 50th floor you have to use a kind of helicopter stand. And that helicopter stand can ensure that you arrive and stay steady on that higher floor. 


Can you picture it? Perhaps a bit of a contrasting example, but I want to give you a practical insight. 


That helicopter goes up with energy. The great thing is, you can train your energy, just as you do with sports to strengthen your muscles. So you can learn how to get to that higher floor and the more often you do it, the easier and the longer you can stay there on your helicopter stand.


In the beginning you notice that you can only keep it up for a few minutes. But along the way it seems like you have found the right mode, the right tuning and then it becomes easier. 


And yes, even for professional mediums who have trained for years, energetically getting stuck on that higher floor, the floor where Spirit lives and resides, is hard work. You can stay 45 minutes to a maximum of 1 hour, then it is time to recover. Then the helicopter really has to land on the ground floor again. It just isn’t possible to keep your energy on that higher floor for any longer, you need to refuel. If you don’t it will be at the 

expense of your own physical, emotional and mental energy. 


However, it is possible to go back and forth - landing on the ground briefly and then back up to Spirit's floor, and back down again. 


So you now understand that if you can raise your energy to the energy of the Spiritual World that it is possible to make contact. What’s even better is that the spiritual world is on the frequency of love and beyond. Meaning you connect with the loving world of energy, which is where your loved ones are. But what about those who have not treated others well in this earthly life? They are on levels / floors that we just can’t reach, so you don't have to be afraid of discovering anything unpleasant.


Let’s take a moment to consider that we as humans think we understand everything. But believe me, we are just a tiny pinhead in the wisdom of the unimaginable and infinite intelligence of the universe. 


But the best thing is, when you connect with the incredible intelligence of the universe you feel the awe, the reverence and you experience the connection with everything that is. Then you are aware that we are actually one. 


Knowing this, we can connect with Spirit and you can also make contact with your loved ones. It’s really very easy and simple. 


Now I’ll go through the steps to connect with your loved ones on the frequency of love and beyond. You can also find these steps in the show notes of this episode at




Before making contact, it is important that you understand how intuition works, and above all, how intuition feels.  


Intuition is the voice of the Soul and when you make contact with Spirit it goes from Soul to Soul. 


Without filters and as much as possible without, your human, thinking, critical, analytical, rioting mind, which always wants to get involved. That mind which as you are listening to this may well be saying: ‘Can we do this? Does this even exist? Maybe it’s not for you.’  

Such thoughts are your mind's voice, the part that is programmed to act out of fear. Your primal programming to make you survive. So everything negative that comes out, talks into your fear or is critical, that is your conditioned mind. 


And that is immediately an essential difference between what does and what does not come from Spirit. Information from Spirit comes from a source of love. For they resonate on the frequency of love and beyond. So heavy, negative voices, come from your mind and absolutely not Spirit!


Now’s the perfect time for an important tip for those who watch horror movies, read the news or any other sources with negative influence. Stop it or at least reduce it. Your mind stores everything. With every form of new information it immediately creates a new neurological highway. An image that you do, or usually an image that you don’t want to see and remember, is immediately stored in your subconscious mind. I only watch feel happy & positive vibe programmes, documentaries and films. 


I remember that a while ago a Netflix show was recommended to me. “So,” I thought, “I enjoy watching Netflix, why not try this new programme?” However, I changed my mind quickly when I started watching the show. I’ll tell you why: the story was about a family that went on a holiday, just the same kind of family as I have (I thought). Everyone was ready in the car, only one child was missing. Dad ran into the house and called the child, no answer, then he stormed into the child's room and found the child, lifeless. They had taken their own life. I still remember the image of it …


I switched Netflix off straight away, but the damage had already been done. I had seen an image that now, with the accompanying feeling, can no longer leave my system. Sure it's not real, but your subconscious mind doesn't know that.


The picture is directly saved by your super intelligent computer and you will never get it out of your system. Truly, I am now an expert in the workings of the subconscious mind and working with Spirit. You really want to prevent such images in your system. Why? It is because they are low frequency, and to manifest whatever you desire in your life you need to be operating at higher frequencies. You really do not need a low vibration from the outside. So choose to keep your system clean and in a positive vibe. Choose happy, lovely and joyful energy. Now of course, we live in a world in which we are continuously confronted with suffering and heaviness. This means it is up to you to choose: do I allow this or not? Do I let this in or not?


If you do have to deal with something that takes your energy down, come up with a way to shift it immediately. Listen to music, go for a walk in nature, watch a comedy film, do something creative. Call someone who always approaches life positively, someone who sees the glass as half full instead of half empty. Really, it’s so important!


So my first step to connecting with Spirit is: listen (again) to podcast #1 and immediately download the free e-book I wrote; it’s packed with lots of useful tips. Do you want to boost your intuition even faster? Then you can also do my intuition boost course, right now from home. Then you will find intuitive blocks and you can upgrade immediately. 

Choose the way that feels right for you and keep your vibe high! 



Step 2: WRITE IN

You probably know the feeling of wanting to ask something of a loved one who has left for the Spiritual World. Or perhaps a situation arises and you think: “I would love to know what my father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, brother, sister, daughter, son, uncle, aunt, friend or girlfriend would think about it”. 


My advice and tip for step 2: Write down your question.


Write it down in a special notebook, booklet or just in your notes on your mobile.

But write it somewhere safe just for you, simply in question form as you would in an email or letter.


And then we move on to Step 3. 


Step 3: TRUST

In step 2 you wrote down your question or questions. In this, step 3, it is very important that you let it go. You have written down your questions and now you close your notebook or booklet. You close your notes. 

This is because working and communicating is trusting, and above all: letting go of control. Trust in the intelligence of the spiritual world and that they have seen over your shoulder what your question is. Normally they heard it too, right? If you said something? Well, trust that now too. Without physical presence that may be a bit strange and uncomfortable, but teach yourself this way.


So after writing it down, let it go and trust! Do not try to think about it or come up with the answer for you know what I have told you about the mind. It’s something I have said in many of my podcasts but I’ll reiterate: the mind runs on fear. So let go of fearful thoughts, they have nothing to do with Spirit. It is merely an ancient survival strategy. 

Trust from Love! Love from your loved ones in Spirit, for even without a physical body they are still just as lively as always, with all their character traits still fully present. They emanate the love, humour and fun they always had. 


Be grateful in advance for the insights and anticipate what it feels like to be able to receive answers and insights beyond the boundaries of earthly existence. Even though it seems far away, in the end there is only a wavelength (frequency) difference.


Love and gratitude are required to give you the frequency you need to bring your energy up into the spiritual world; as that is the floor where they are located.


So love is the key and gratitude opens the door.


That’s why step 3 is trust: letting go of control and shifting your frequency to love and gratitude. 


And now we move on to step 4. 

Step 4: OPEN

In this step you will learn that it is essential to understand that Spirit can communicate with you in many ways.


  • Have you ever, "by chance", heard that particular song on the radio just when you needed to hear it so much?

  • Or heard strangers say something in the supermarket or while you were walking along, something you exactly needed to hear.

  • Or seen text on a building or truck that answered your question?

  • Or have you ever found a feather in a very bizarre place, suddenly in front of you, out of nowhere? Or a butterfly, bird, ladybug….


There are so many ways that spirit can communicate with us. But the question is: are you open to it?


Is your consciousness open to signs and signals beyond the boundary of earthly existence?


Think if you have ever got inspiration out of nowhere? You were busy with something and suddenly a thought pops into your head. Completely out of nowhere. We call it an inspiration, but is it really the case? Or was it prompted by your helplines in Spirit?


Step 4 is therefore: be open to all possibilities and open yourself up. Have an open mind, there is more than you can imagine out there. The intelligence of the Spiritual World, the power of the creative creator often goes far beyond our own limited fantasy and experience. 


And do you see or hear something that makes you think: “well, what a coincidence, I was just thinking of that”? If so, you should know that coincidence does not exist. 

Everything happens in perfect timing, in Divine Timing, so to speak.


You may have noticed that most insights and hunches come not when you think about it, but when you are doing something completely different. And why is that? Because then you have let it go completely and then that is the time for Spirit to answer or provide insights.


Don’t forget though that you still have free will. So if you are not looking to receive anything or any help with something, then they will also keep their proper distance. You see this is part of your earthly learning process and evolution and they respect that. Which is always nice to know, right? 


If you need help? Ask for help in your mind or out loud. Request an answer and you will find an ideal way. Remember that to ask you just need to write down the question, as mentioned in step 2. 


And finally: after asking, will you receive a ready-made solution, involving no effort on your part? No, I can already answer that. You see, you're here for a reason. You have paths to walk, lessons to learn, and how to get from A (your birth) to B (your transition to Spirit) is up to you.


Is Spirit there to help, support and guide you? Yes absolutely! Everything from the frequency of love and beyond.


After many consultations and demonstrations of mediumship, I got to know a lot of deceased loved ones, in the Spiritual World. Do you know what is most important to them? That you are doing well. That gives them peace of mind, makes them happy and ensures that they can continue. 


And, don't forget, connecting with Spirit, working with loved ones and everything that is beyond the boundaries of earthly existence is and will remain very special.


Making contact, love, emotion, recalling memories, it's really just a party. Beyond pain and sorrow. The moment of reunion is and will remain a miracle. I am deeply grateful to be able to experience it time and again and I wish you that too.


Your loved ones are there for you, really, you are not alone and they are there in a way that is accountable from a Spirit and earthly perspective. 


The loss will remain, the memories as well, but the knowledge that there are a number of floors, a number of frequencies out there, may also make it more bearable.


Remember energy can never be lost, so their Soul and Spirit is very much alive.


Celebrate life, enjoy life, embrace life, here and beyond all boundaries. 


Love like life can never die, I hope Mavis's statement has a completely different meaning for you from now on.


Good luck and I wish you wonderful insights.


Do you need to develop further on an intuitive and / or mediumistic level?

I regularly organise new courses. If this is of interest, send an email to:  then I can put your name on the waiting list and you will be the first to receive information as soon as the next group starts.


Thank you for listening and I am so glad you took the time not only for yourself, not just for me, but most of all for your loved ones in the Spirit World. 


Remember to trust: love is the key and gratitude opens the door!


Love and see you soon, Lisette

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4 Tips for Insights with Spirit

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