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EnergyJoy typewriter script met Lisette Lucas

1st february 2023


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 157. High End Success Medium®: How to activate yourself through the right positioning, shift and activation. 


Well, today in this podcast I'm going to explain why from now on, I call myself a High End Success Medium® and how the High End Success Medium Trajectory® originated.


But first, some questions.

  • When you say you want to transform, what appeals to you or resonates with you? 

  • What is a life changing process (in any area) worth to you? 

  • When do you take a service seriously? 

  • If you make a low-cost investment do you go all in? 

  • Or do you only give it your all when the investment is high? 

  • What would make you do the work yourself? 

  • Finally, do you know what your energetic blueprint looks like? (In other words, what is already in your energy frequency and on your architect’s plan of the soul?) 


Well, let’s start with why I’m a High End Success Medium. I started my medium training in England and was taught to the highest level by the best in the world. And what’s the natural next step? After your training, when you have a solid understanding you carry it out the way you were taught. But I noticed over the years by working with a lot of people, what worked for me, especially energetically, and what didn't work. I found out very quickly that I am someone that if you work with me, I’ll invest everything. I go all in. I'll go to great lengths to touch something within you, to activate, to accelerate. And that is of course wonderful, to make an investment and then be able to work with a medium like that, it’s great, right?


But there was a flip side for me that came from the way you have to work as a medium. To do this work you have to raise your energy, step into that medium power. But even if you are a well trained medium, in general, you can only really hold that power for 30 minutes before you will drop energetically. 

Now you have to imagine: can you do ten sessions with ten clients in a day that way? When all of them make only a low investment in you for your efforts? No, that cannot be done. And sure, in the beginning I tried and did. But then I just noticed that I was getting so tired, energetically tired. And then something happened that made me think: ‘Ok, is this what I want to do? Does this suit me? Do I have the energetic housekeeping to do it this way?’. 


It was one of my students who raised these questions within me. I admire her hugely but it was her way of working which got me questioning mine. We had a training day and these days usually start at 10.30 am or 11.00 am, depending on the scheduling. On these days you spend all day training in the medium energy and standing in that power, working with your fellow students, to get those training hours. Before this particular training day the student had already had clients before. Then at the end of the day, after I’d given it my all and was ready to rest and have some me-time, this student had even more appointments with clients. 


So in my opinion she just has a very strong energetic household which allowed this schedule. It’s simply how she was made. One can simply have more than the other. I know about myself, from my highly sensitive power, and after what I've been through physically, that I have to pay close attention to my own limits. And as long as you know what your limits are and how you can pay attention to them and how you can integrate that into your business, that's fantastic. 


But what was so important for me is when I realised: Okay, this isn't working for me. But I like what I do, I like mediumship, I like working with people, I like working with energy. However, I don't like the fact that I'm not human anymore at night. I mean, then the benefits are completely lost from my work. I needed to fix this. So at some point a few years ago I already made the choice to change my rates. I raised my rates, at that time not to a high end rate, just a little above the average - more the midrange. And I was ok with that for to me, the people who chose to work with me were making an investment. They made a significant investment in themselves, and doing so made them very focussed, which I feel balanced the energy exchange. To me that’s exactly how it should be because when the energy matches, energy can really flow. Which is how it worked with the rate raise. So while I'm telling you this, my question to you is: What do you choose? What suits you? 


Perhaps you have been a coach for some time, you have been an expert for some time.

Do you notice that gradually the way in which you provide your services changes? That your own needs change and that you adapt? And actually those moments are wonderful growth moments. So I always say yes! I dive into that EnergyJoy Vibe when I experience resistance because resistance is actually the step to the next level. (As long as you handle it in a good way.) Because you can also say: ‘Okay, this resistance has made me feel stuck, so I’m going to give up and try something else’. I did that for years too. I felt this at the age of twenty and of course I had no idea how resistance worked. So if I felt resistance to something, I’d drop everything and do something completely different. But now I've found a way in which I keep doing the same thing, but in a way that really suits me. Now that has become the High End Success Mediumship. But why is this so interesting? Because it actually works both ways, as a high end success medium you get a higher investment for your services.


But now take a look at yourself and I think the best example to illustrate my point is with my podcast. For here we are now, at episode 157, and if you’ve been following over the years you’ll know I’ve given dozens of free tools away to you listeners. They’re all available on my free Lisette Lucas app for download. But how many are you really doing? How many have you done? Now, of course there are exceptions to the rule and I know some of you are really working very hard with these tools. It’s super cool that you see the value in them. But it is very human that if you don’t make an energetic exchange financially, you don’t see the value in something. It’s easier to put the thing to one side because you haven’t really invested anything. It doesn’t hurt to drop something, when you’ve had to pay little or nothing for it. And that is the huge difference I’m talking about, because everyone wants to avoid pain. But when you spend money, pay a high investment for a service that can change your life that changes the playing field. 


I can say that after so many years (more than ten years of working with people), that I have even been able to save people’s lives through my work. Purely through touching parts of them through mediumship. If you're not completely versed in what mediumship can do, really, it's the most valuable thing there is. Simply because you can feel what someone else is feeling. And you can see in people when they aren’t happy with their lives: they’re so lonely, so insular that they can’t let anyone in anymore, they feel it’s not worth admitting to anyone how they feel because it will just burden them, so they struggle alone. But you as a medium can see this. Of course, there are many different thoughts and feelings that make people feel unhappy, but it’s so valuable when you can empathise with someone and understand how they feel. This rapport can then build them up and the connection between you, can allow them to rise up from rock bottom like a rocket, or at least to make changes that suit them at the moment. 


I've seen it happen. What's a service like that worth to you? Suppose for a loved one of yours? And you can give them so much value that way. What's that worth to you? A beautiful example of a big investment paying back big time, is in my hypnotherapy sessions, where I ask for a high investment energy exchange. Partly this is because I know what I can set in motion in these sessions, but also because I know the value of investing in yourself so highly. Doing that for yourself, is a big fat yes to yourself and energetically you get the momentum of: ‘I’m going for it’! You have leverage, as Tony Robbins always says -  a strong enough reason why. There must be a strong enough reason to say yes. Making that investment, as much as it hurts to see that money go, shows your need for results is greater than that pain. So when you do that, I know you’re going to make huge shifts and you will initiate that movement, that transformation. 


A good example of this is when someone has a desire to have children. I think it’s one of the greatest things, as a human being, to have a child’s wish. And I have had a lot of beautiful women come to me with this wish, who have now become mothers. But when they came to me they had such low energy: they had no courage and had given up all hope of having a first, second or sometimes even third child. What do you think they would give to carry their baby in their arms? Marisa Peer says it so beautifully: there are people who take out an extra mortgage on their house, or even sell their house to be able to start IVF. They risk everything for that greatest wish. So take that with you, because the value you place on something changes everything. That’s why I made the choice to make my services an investment: because I want when you work with me, and I give you everything, to see you go all out to set that transformation and shift in motion for yourself. Then we have a proportional energy exchange. 


Because honestly? I've had times when I had to drag and pull people along. Yes, that costs me a lot of energy, but these are people who expect to get their hands on the ready-made solution in no time. No, you get tools, you get a strategy and you will be given energy shifts. But then you still have to do the work yourself. That’s why I find the Success Mediumship, the High End Success Mediumship and the High End entrepreneurship from a High Frequency level, so enormously valuable and so enormously life changing. So again my question to you: when do you take a service seriously? With a low investment or with a high investment? And of course it depends on what it is. But still …  you can buy cheap shoes or you can buy expensive shoes. Just suppose you are going to run a marathon, which shoes do you choose? Or you're going to climb a mountain, which shoes do you choose? Even just going to the beach, are you happy with sand in your shoes, between your toes?  


Yeah exactly, in these situations it's simply a logical decision. 


But check yourself when you make a high investment whether it's shoes, clothing or a service for your own transformation, your own growth, the development of your business. When would you actually do the work? If you have made a small investment? Or if you have made a really high-end investment? An investment which makes you think: ‘Oof … Gosh, really, I can feel this one.’ 


I know about myself from my own experience, all those high investments that I have made is why I am where I am now. It pays off. Purely because making these investments fires me up, I just go ‘on’ as it were. My students of my High End Elite Shift Business Mastermind also make investments and they turn on! It's so fantastic to see those results. Also in my Master your Inner-Medium Academy® and now my High End Success Medium trajectory® programmes.


These are trajectories that you enter because you know: ‘Okay, high investment, but I can also transfer this at a high level so I get the same investment in return.’ Again, it's a choice. But my question to you is where do you position yourself? If you also want to take that High End Success Medium® or success mediumship route, do you keep yourself safely in that middle class? Fighting invisibly for your place in the market. Or do you say: ‘I’m just going for it! I've been working on myself. I’ve worked through old layers. I don't care what people think of it.’ For me this positioning just came to me. It’s not even that I chose it, it chose me to be a High End Success Medium. There is no one in the Dutch speaking market (to which I have to add Belgium) that does this. Why? Why not? I don't understand it at all. So I'm actually really happy that I have ended up at this place.  


And well, luckily I can connect with my own spiritual guidance. And I asked my own mentor, I said: ‘Ok, what do you think about this?’ And then all I got was the word: 'Brilliant'. Brilliant. I think now?! Brilliant! Yes, that's how it feels. So I'm super happy. That's why I really want to share this with you and of course say: That the High End Success Medium trajectory® is now open! It’s a programme that’s suitable for anyone who is an established coach, therapist or alternative healer. Only because it’s important that you already have experience working with people, for once you are in that place you can immediately start scaling up to High End. When you do so, you get so much value in return: truly a huge impact with shifts, change and transformation set in motion. So I want to leave it at that and close with the question: What does your energetic blueprint look like? Are you made for the middle ground?


Are you made for the mainstream? Are you made for working to the same standard that everyone else does? Or are you a little more on my frequency of: ‘Ok, what I do, I do to the best of my ability, at the highest level. And there may be an energy exchange in return. In fact, if that energy exchange is not balanced …  then I myself will die. And I know I'm worth enough. I know that I am worth so much, that I can think of myself and choose myself.’? 

If you stand here knowing the way you want to be working and why you're integrating this into your business, then this is because of your energetic blueprint. 

If you’re not quite there yet, it's because of limiting layers: old BS, old belief systems, old bullshit that doesn't have a system yet. 


So if you’re listening, thinking to yourself: ‘It's ridiculous to start asking five figure amounts for being a success medium for high end success.’ 


No problem, but ask yourself: okay, where does this belief come from? Is it from the paternal or maternal side? Does it have to do with my inner child? Or does it have to do with another authority figure who once said something like: ‘You have to work hard to make money’. No, you don't have to work hard at all! You have to work smart! If you work smart and you transfer that in the right way -  in alignment with who you really are. That's the real gold. That's brilliant. Then you can shine from all those beautiful facets, from who you really are, from your stardust potential; something I wish for everyone. So I hope you reach out and feel like okay, here's such a huge opportunity. Why isn't anyone doing this yet? Well, because no one has had the balls. That's just how I see it. That is it! You have to have the guts to position yourself in a market where everyone basically does the same thing.


I've done so much inner work that I can't help but listen to what's going on in myself and around me and in my energy. So I see, feel and experience where the need lies. And when you feel: wow, this is such an opportunity! You have to grab it with both hands. If you’re feeling this now then send me a DM, because I really enjoy getting to know my listeners and finding out if we’re a good energetic match to work together. Because that is of course the most important thing. But we can see together what steps you can and may take for yourself and for your business. 


Well, I want to thank you very much for your attention, for your time, for your energy. Super nice of you to be here and to finish, I'd like you to take this with you: The Above the Golden Line Method® is my powerful manifestation method, which you can download completely for free. I want to point out the value of this, because really, I'm literally handing out gold here. When you apply this, integrate it into your life and follow the three simple steps I give you then you will find gems come your way. I think my PodCarddeck is the nicest physical proof of that. I have much more evidence, but this one: The PodCarddeck was created above the golden line. The Golden Line which when you step into it, in your own soul aligned way, puts you completely in tune with who you are and what you are destined to do here on earth. 

Well, I'm going to leave it at that because I always want to say so much. Great that you were there. Thanks again for your time, thanks for listening and I'll see you next podcast. 


Lots of love and see you soon!

Bye x

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2023© 

Podcast 157. High End Success Medium®

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