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EnergyJoy typewriter script met High End Succes Medium  Lisette Lucas

10th january 2023


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 154. Activate Your Intuitive Powerhouse Mode, Discover A Tool Which Gives You Instant Powerful Insight + Experience It Yourself


Do you experience a lack of insight and inspiration?

And an abundance of stagnation?


  • In this podcast you will learn my way of receiving an abundance of information in flow & in alignment.


  • With the help of my simple but powerful tool you open doors that seemed closed before. 


  • Once you step into that mode you will become an intuitive powerhouse! 


(The shownotes for this episode can be found at:


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Welcome to Podcast #154!


It’s great to have you here!


Normally I get inspiration and a theme for the podcast naturally. Especially when I let go of the 'have to create' mindset and step into 'the receiving frequency'.


And so it was today. I suddenly got the impression that I could spin 3 cards from my own 'Shift to EnergyJoy' Podcard deck! 


‘How funny!’ I thought, but then just after I got that flash of inspiration, my head filled with a thought which had a sceptical undertone: 'So you're going to make a podcast about previous podcasts?'


But luckily I recognised that little voice of my 'limiting ego mind'. Because yes, that's how it works. You get a hunch, inspiration in a split second, in a flash. I always say you’ll receive it within those first 3 seconds. And then your ego mind jumps in and yes, my own thinking, highly analytical mind immediately tried to talk me out of it.


But that’s not what I listen to: there’s no time for ego. Instead we can step into the flow of the soul frequency. 


So I grabbed my Podcard deck and set the intention to spin 3 cards for podcast #154. 

I repeated this question 3 times: 

  1. What cards are important to podcast 154 listeners?

  2. What cards are important to podcast 154 listeners?

  3. What cards are important to podcast 154 listeners?



So the energy was right in the cards and the intent was crisp and clear. 


And that's where the cards came out one by one. As I shuffled, they popped one by one from the deck of cards.


A smile came to my face as I watched the cards appear. 

‘Wow’, I thought as the psychic energy flowed through me. 

For the podcast became so powerful and so clear right away.


I'm going to share with you the message I felt all around me in that flow because that message and the insight is for you! Simply because you are listening to this right now. 

I do not believe in coincidence so you’re here to receive this message. If you don't need it, that's totally fine, of course. And I advise you to stop listening. It’s important you listen to your feeling in this too. For feeling excitement and some enthusiastic resistance is different from a direct no. So you can see this as an intuitive test already. 


Okay, are you ready? Here we go:


The balance between daily routines and rituals is essential for you. For in order to fully utilise the potential of your soul and being, it is important that you put yourself first. 


You do this by giving yourself a routine that works for you. From the moment you get up to the moment you go to sleep. 


You know what you need. Need in terms of: rest, relaxation, challenge and self-care. But often the hustle and bustle of the day passes and you let this balance slide. 


The cards clearly say: 

You can only embrace your full power and step into your full power when you put yourself first! When you start recognising and acknowledging what your real strengths and talents are. When you step out of the shadow of your little fear mind, to fully embrace your soul's potential. 


How do you do that?


By applying routines and rituals in alignment with who you really are! 

By finding a way to shift your energy and step into your soul power powerfully. 

And by vigorously activating your intuitive powers and natural talents. 

So that you become an intuitive powerhouse! Activate that mode - it's who you are by nature!


Know that insight is power. So start working on deeper layers that no longer serve you. Those old parts that block, sabotage and keep you small. Unleash that old 'sh#t'! Enough is enough, your time is now! 

Follow that deepest desire from your heart and soul and don't care about other people's opinions. 

Whatever you do there’ll always be people who like and dislike your choice. 

Let go of that, step into the real power and rise above yourself. 

Go discover what's beyond those standard beaten and socially desirable roads. You are not hearing this for nothing!


Take a deep breath and throughout the day notice your breathing. Feel yourself through your breath. Notice and get curious about the emotion, trigger and deeper layer underneath. This is the key to change. 


Watch your energy in and around and through you. 

Are you open like a colander? 

Or are you tightly wound and bound? 

Are you like the sun that shines and shines? 

Or does it feel like you and your soul are distant acquaintances or even strangers?


Get curious, step into the childlike curiosity without prejudice or opinion. Undergo it and experience it with all your being.


You are so beautiful and powerful! Let that power pulsate through you so that it can heal yourself and then another who is open to it. 


Enjoy the magic of life and everything beyond what we think possible. 

Don't be guided by the opinions of others, discover your own truth and tune-in with source energy. Dance along the silver lines of the stories of the past to move and bring golden threads that sparkle into your life now. 


Go discover, keep growing and developing. What works for someone else may not work for you and vice versa. So stay close to yourself! Connect with that which is more. You are never alone and always have the option of your free will to allow it or not. It's always up to you!


I wish you all wisdom, love, power, rituals and insights beyond beaten boundaries!


Enjoy everything that is with gratitude, no matter how small, and accelerate on that frequency towards all possibilities beyond the visible. 


Wow! This is your message from the 3 cards of my EnergyJoy Podcarddeck!


Now you're probably wondering which cards came up (I will also put them in the shownotes at:


Card 1 is: PodCard 24. Step into the Power – yellow gold card

Card 2 is: Podcard 25. Power Habits – red card

Card 3 is: Podcard 41. Mediums versus Psychics – the indigo blue card with gold cast


The colours align with your energy and chakras with the cards moving from the grounded centre, to the psychic centre to your third eye. This connection is perfect at reminding you of the power of: making powerful earthly decisions from insights sensed with your intuitive power, which then help you step further into your power so you can get the most out of your life. 


How beautiful and powerful is that!


Furthermore, as symbols we have: the tree for grounding, the sun for opening yourself to the light of your soul and the universe, then the star for your connection with that which is more and centering you as the centre of the universe. The ideal starting point for ultimate balance and unfolding possibilities.


I want to leave it at this - lots of information that you can use immediately. If it resonates, you can listen to the corresponding podcasts via the links in the shownotes, where you can also view the photos of the podcards and intuitively feel what else you receive in terms of psychic, energetic insights.


But mind that intuition works fast - within 3 seconds. Then your thinking mind will debunk or distort your insights, purely from old programming. Just wait and see. When you discover this response and can bridge it, doors will open for you. 


I wish you great success and fun. If you want to master the podcard deck yourself, then you can read more about that in the shownotes at: 


Thank you for listening!

X Lisette

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2023© 

Podcast 154. Activate Your Intuitive Powerhouse Mode

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