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Podcast 15. Gold: Manifest with Colours!

Lisette Lucas 



Podcast #15 Gold: Manifest with Colours! Find Gold at the End of your Rainbow! How Frequency of Colours Can Instantly Help You Energetically Shift + Free Colour Cheat-Sheet!


Great that you are listening, this podcast is packed with brilliant tips and tools that you can get started with right away. So keep a pen and paper handy. 


What will you discover and learn today:

  • How colours affect your life.

  • The intuitive colour detector you have within. 

  • Why you can or cannot make a choice in the morning.

  • What alignment can mean for you. 

  • The 6 Most Important Human Needs I learned from Tony Robbins. 

  • Some groundbreaking scientific psychologically proven research on spirituality and happiness. 

  • Insights about all colours and the effect on your life. 

  • How alignment with colours can energetically help you manifest your gold. 

  • And I am sharing my personal 'golden egg' manifestation story.


Also as an extra, free bonus, I'll give you my EnergyJoy ‘Colour Cheat-Sheet’ so you can make a manifestation shift to Gold!


I just delivered an online lesson on intuitive development to my beginner group. Today we talked about energy and colours, and those colours gave me enormous inspiration for today's podcast. Energy, colour, perception and how you can colour and shape your life yourself.


As I've explained in previous podcasts, everything is energy. Energy has a certain vibration frequency. A certain energetic 'appearance', so as to speak. A look that does something to you on an unconscious level. 


If you look around you now while listening, what do you see? What do you perceive? Really focus on what colours you perceive and especially which colour do you notice the most, right now? Is there a colour that stands out? Remember this colour, at the end of this podcast you will understand why it pops out to you right now! You will also understand the subconscious message that your inner knowing gives you. 


I’ll give an example from where I am sitting now: I am in my practice room, when I look straight ahead I see the wall. But not just any wall, a green wall. I consciously chose the colour. Why? Because it feels good. It gives me a good feeling. I will explain later why that is the case.


Now on this green wall hangs a rack with all kinds of postcards that I have received from happy clients and dear students. I like to look at it, why? Because the colours on the cards are very cheerful and because it gives me a good feeling in combination with the words on it.

One such card is a soft yellow rectangular card with gold letters that says: ‘The world is more beautiful with you’. And it has a golden globe with one pink dot. 

Another is a heart-shaped card with large letters in all different colours that says: ‘Hug: you need a hug, just because you are such a wonderful person, Here it comes … Can you feel it yet?’. One final one is a mint green card with gold letters that reads:’ Do you have a minute? I want to compliment you!’ (I will put pictures of these cards in the show notes). 


The experience of the image, the colours, the words and the underlying feelings determine what it does to you. You immediately get a feeling. 


And when I look further into my practice I see a white chaise longue with a bright red headrest that I use for hypno-therapy sessions. Why white? Can you guess? I know I wanted a white chair, just like white walls, except for that one green one, because it feels like purifying, cleansing, tidying up, lightening, brightening. And that is exactly what I do here in practice. 

The red headrest gives me a feeling of strength and together with the white I thought it was a beautiful combination for powerful healing.


Back to the green wall? Do you have a colour that appeals to you? Is there a specific colour of which you say: ‘that is really my colour!’ or: ‘I really feel good about that’! Well, I have that with green. Green is my colour. I love green and I know that green energy is part of the heart, that it is the colour of helpers, relief workers and also the colour of harmony, love and security. All of this resonates very much with who I am as a person and that is why I like to immerse myself in green. But it is not every shade of green, it is a certain shade of green. A colour with a certain energetic frequency that sets something in motion in my energetic body. It complements something, as it were, something I need. Something that allows me to grow, develop and something that allows me to function well. 


Have you ever considered that you consciously surround yourself with colours that resonate with you? Or that colours can help, support and heal you?

Also that alternatively, you must also have a colour that does not suit you at all, a colour that almost makes you restless. The effects of colours are strongly dependent on how you feel. If you are tired, for example, red can help give you some strength, but if you are busy, irritated and restless, then red can cause you to have an emotional outburst. Just think of bulls that are triggered with a red cloth, the colour makes the steam come out of their nostrils. But on the other hand, in love, with the energy flowing in a totally different way and passions running high, red will feel very different. Or if you are going to apply for a managerial position, it is advisable to wear something red somewhere, a red detail subconsciously signals power, strength and dominance. 


To show an example of this in action I will share an insider detail: when I give a demonstration of mediumship in front of the public, I need something red under my clothing, (haha don't tell anyone else) a red bra for example. Wearing this gives me power and confidence. Can I do without a red bra? Yes absolutely, but it still feels good. As a spiritual medium it is important to raise your energy, raise your vibrational frequency so that you can tune in to the high vibration of the spiritual world. Say tuning to a different wavelength, like turning the knob of a radio. Just search for a different frequency, for a different channel, pick up the correct signal and you are connected. Then you shift, as it were, from the earthly red to the spiritual lilac / violet. But the red of the bra gives me power, self-confidence and that extra push to be fully empowered. My secret, invisible boost with a sexy twist and a touch of humour, to be able to stand tall in the moment! For the public and above all for Spirit!


Okay, so I’ve now spoken a lot about the colour red. I will give examples of the other most important colours from a medium and psychic point of view such as orange, yellow, green, pink, light blue, indigo and violet. Then straight after this podcast I recommend you request my EnergyJoy ‘Colour Cheat-Sheet’ which summarises the main meaning of these colours, the colours I work with every day in my practice and during training, consultations and demonstrations. You can request it using the following link: 


Honestly, I am revealing lots of inside information, but I share it with you out of love. To show my gratitude that you took the time and space to listen to this podcast; and because I know that it will help you immensely in your growth, development and transformation. Pure from Heart to Heart, from Soul to Soul. That's what it's all about in my view. So it’s great that you are here for this!


When you dive into the world of the meaning of colours, a world actually opens up for you. And that's where I want to take you today. 


You are probably familiar with the moment you get up in the morning and open your wardrobe. Question: do you immediately know which colour item of clothing you want to wear or are you worrying, deliberating, trying on, looking in the mirror, doubting, asking others for help and so on. 


Do you recognise this situation? 


I can tell you, if you know within 3 seconds which colour you want to wear that day you have chosen it intuitively. In other words, that you have made a choice based on your feelings, on a subconscious level, what is right for you. This is your internal, intuitive colour detector. You are in alignment. 


Did you try 6 outfits before making a final decision? Then you are definitely too much in your head, you think too much about things and you are weighing all the pros and cons. 


Did you need someone's help with your choice? By doing so you will have literally stepped into an energy colour that is not aligned with your inner knowing. You may need yellow for extra energy but instead you attract purple by relying on another’s opinion. Then you have unconsciously shifted your energy to a whole other dimension instead of energy and light for yourself. In some situations this can work well, but not when your energy is low because you are tired, for example. Believe me, whether you are sensitive or don’t feel that you are, everything is decided on a subconscious level. And your subconscious is always on, 24/7. 


Tip: If you recognise yourself in this, I’d like to point you in the direction of podcast #3 (setting boundaries) and podcast #13 (self-love). These will absolutely help you take steps.


If you’re still not convinced, then I wonder how you look in front of your closet tomorrow, haha.


But I will come back to this later.


In my own personal spiritual development, I was very hesitant for years because I found it all very exciting but was still just afraid of the unknown. So I thought: ‘I’ll start safe, I’ve always been very creative so you know what, I am going to make jewellery, I have been doing this occasionally ever since childhood, but now I want to take it further, by adding a spiritual purpose’. For me it was 'the best of both worlds' because I could combine my curious need to expand my “incomprehensible deep Soul's desire” of developing my spiritual side with something I know I love to do: being creative. 


And so I started at the living room table, with three young children (all aged 1-7) bouncing around me, I began making my own bracelets and necklaces. It was 2008 and before I knew it I had created an online shop and had started selling bracelets and necklaces with spiritual meaning & lucky charms. I called it EnergyJewels. 

One day, sometime in the same year, I had a kind of vision, totally out of the blue; I was working with my hands and suddenly I saw an image in front of me. I saw a heart shape surrounded with semi-precious stones in a range of beautiful colours. I got a feeling about this, a kind of insight like an ‘Aha’ moment and I started developing it immediately. If you've listened to podcast #12 then you know this was my Golden Egg moment. (Although I had no idea at the time, it just happened).


Anyway, looking back now, I can see what I had done: I had taken action, taken classes in jewellery making and followed my heart and soul feeling. And bam, suddenly there was an idea, presented without me consciously working on it. I listened to that feeling, that inspiration and that image of that heart with various shades of colours.


And that's how my EnergyJewels ‘Sense & Choose’ system was created. What had started as a hobby and fun activity at the living room table, with my 3 toddlers and pre-schoolers around me, grew into a serious company due to a series of coincidences. One day in 2009 I came into contact with the owner of a large retail chain through friends and in no time, the owner was sitting at my kitchen table in Voorburg with his personal assistant. Oh, it warms me up thinking back to that moment. Too bizarre. Haha … it involved thousands of bracelets, necklaces and the unique ‘Sense & Choose’ system, my golden egg that literally fell from the sky for me. It had all started with a hunch, but now that simple system was a key element for the businessman. So that day we put together a collection.


This was really a ‘Wow’ moment, my message of: letting people choose intuitively using the ‘Sense & Choose’ system went out into the world. 


What was really special about all of this, is that this endeavour went on to fund my spiritual development and courses abroad. It’s as if it was all meant to be. I have flown over to England 40 times over the years. And thanks to a hunch I have made and sold thousands of bracelets and ‘Sense & Choose’ charms. In other words, thanks to that 'golden egg', that inspiration I received out of the blue (of which I now know that the universe helped with 100%); thanks to that, I was able to manifest my path of development! 


EnergyJewels was the springboard to EnergyJoy. Now my EnergyJoy practice is so busy with lessons, training, consultations and therapy sessions that I have let the Jewels fall into the background a little. Which is all good, it’s just how things work in life. The Jewels opened the door and I took the step. 


Had you told me in 2008 that I would be in front of full houses and could inspire, support and guide thousands of people, I would have run away very fast. I most likely would have thought you were crazy too, because I found the idea scary and exciting at the time. Standing in front of a room or group, the mere thought made me nauseous. Yet, ironically look where following my heart and soul desire has led to. The inspiration for all of this was the image of a heart with beautiful colours. I will say right now, do not think in advance how you want to achieve something, let go of control, hand it over to the universe. Your soul knows the way, your inner knowing is all you have to follow. Of course in consultation with common sense. But let your heart and soul guide you, and your path will unfold in ways you couldn't have imagined beforehand. Believe me, I speak from experience, you will understand that now after this story. 


By the way, I will also include my ‘Sense & Choose’ system in the free ‘Colour Cheat-Sheet’. Then you can look and feel within 3 seconds what your inner knowing has in store for you. You can request it directly via the link in the shownotes on:


Anyway, during the intuitive development class today, the colours came out again and I didn't want to keep this story from you, partly because it has been so essential in my development. I really manifested it from my deep desire, and that is the key to success!


It really is a development, it does not happen overnight, it develops, it grows, it gradually gives more colour to your life because you allow it. As long as you stay close to yourself and do what feels right for you. 


I recently came across an incredibly beautiful statement about spirituality (in a particularly long book) while studying psychology. I thought it was so nice to read that science also recognises it and actual research has been done; the conclusion is very uplifting. I will quote directly so you don’t have to read the book: “Spirituality and happiness often go together. People who experience a spiritual dimension report the greatest degree of happiness. This can have many causes, such as a relationship with a healthier lifestyle, with social support and with optimistic thinking. The psychological and physical health of spiritual people is also generally better”. In the show notes you will find the accompanying literature including the names of the scientific researchers (page 634).


So yes, I am on the path to happiness and it is so lovely that you walk a while or maybe even a long way with me.


Life is about connection, connection in the first place with yourself and then to make connections from who you are with the environment around you via whatever road and route you choose. It’s all up to you. 


If it lacks connection then it lacks happiness, which ties in very nicely with podcast #14, the previous episode. Where I help you to discover that you are always connected and that you actually never have to feel alone again. In that episode I am talking about connecting with the light, about manifesting with golden energy. Seeing as I am discussing colours I want to talk about that gold. You probably know the saying: ‘At the end of the rainbow is a pot of gold’. 


Now consider that every energy center in your body has a colour. Then you will see that when all your energy centers are in alignment, that is, when all of your essential sources of energy supply and excretion are perfectly aligned and in balance; then your body is like a rainbow, a beautiful dancing rainbow, a balance of energy, light and colour. The moment this happens in your body, when you have cleared blockages, cleared old pieces, broken patterns and transformed old habits; then the energy can flow as it should and you can become the person you are destined to be. Your colours change to match this powerful energetic frequency shift creating a golden flow. With this golden flow, you end up in the place of your pure, authentic real self and can start manifesting. Your dreams come true and you can live the life you wish, a life full of abundance. That's the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!


You are that rainbow and that pot of gold is your challenge in life to manifest. 


Don't get me wrong, the pot of gold symbolises your needs, wishes and dreams. We are all unique and so it is different for everyone. But the basic needs often correspond. That is where the core lies. The order of these needs is different for everyone, but as I learned from Tony Robbins there are six human needs. Their order of importance is decided by you, but they are: the need for security, the desire for variety, the desire for meaning, connection & love, growth and finally the need to contribute. 


If you manage to find your ideal balance of these, your rainbow will come into balance, your energetic blueprint can leave your unique, own print behind in a brilliant shade of colours like no one else can. How do you think this podcast originated, for example? It arose from my need for connection, my desire for growth, a need to be able to contribute something to the world, to be able to give something to you, but also the meaning it brings to my family with the additional security that creates peace again. It arises again and again from love and I get so much love in return. Think of those cards, and the beautiful emails, messages and so much more. 


My advice: understand and transform your blocks to free yourself! To be free. Discover, recognise and acknowledge your needs and wishes. Align yourself so that you have the right energetic frequency and alignment to manifest a life of abundance. Abundance is available to everyone, there is plenty for everyone, now and always! 


And colour is a wonderful, powerful tool! Insight into colour literally adds colour to your life. I’ll tell you how: say for example you are drawn to a light shade of blue (having downloaded the free EnergyJoy Colour Cheat-Sheet) you’ll know: ‘Oh, I need peace, openness and honesty’; as that's what light blue stands for. Then you need to be able and allowed to speak your truth. Now, you may know that that's something you haven't always done (something I can speak of personally). You see I learned not to talk about certain matters within my family, and I'm sure that's the cause of the autoimmune, Graves' Disease that I got at the age of 28. Light blue belongs to the energy center of your throat, if there is a blockage there, in my case with my thyroid, then it literally manifests itself on a physical level at the blocked communication center. Please be aware this is my personal truth and you should always go to your doctor if you experience physical problems, this is what I did too. Maybe I'll come back to this in a later podcast, because autoimmune diseases are very drastic, both for you and for your environment. 


And now to a different colour: lilac / lavender. If this is a favourite colour then you are open to spiritual transformation, and your connection with the universal and everything there is beyond the boundaries of earthly existence. Your journey of discovery. If this colour is presenting itself to you then your intuition is bouncing to get attention. 


Maybe you have a strong preference towards orange, this may be a sign that it is time that you were allowed to explore untouched, new creative paths with beautiful intuitive hunches. This was the energy colour I worked in at the time of my EnergyJewels adventure. Spiritual creativity. 


What if you are having trouble getting out of bed? Or have little energy, and the feeling that you have been trying to charge your batteries but the plug was not in the socket. In other words that low battery feeling. Then yellow works wonders, pop yellow to boost your energy levels and lift your mood.


Sometimes we get the feeling of wanting to be alone for a while, the idea we’d rather be curled up on the couch doing nothing and dreaming away. Well, then I can tell you from this side that there is a lot of indigo blue in your energy field at that time. If you have that colour in your energy, make some space to be alone no matter what others think of it. This is the colour of clairvoyant visions, the state in which I received the ‘Sense & Choose’ heart. Through the indigo blue frequency I was open, or actually my third eye was open to receive it. The Divine Inspiration so as to speak. 


Perhaps you need that arm around you, as only your mother or female caregiver could. I always perceive that in the energy field with clients as a soft pink energy, that has to do with soft, loving motherly love. So soft pink has to do with self-love. The rose quartz stone is a beautiful part of this. 


All these colours have their own power and meaning. Make it your own! Have you already discovered what the object or the colour means in your space? If you want deeper insights into the colours, I recommend that you request the ‘Colour Cheat-Sheet’ immediately via the show notes. Why cheat-sheet? Because it's a kind of positive cheat-sheet that gives you a head start, a head start so that your transformation will go through a shift. 


How cool is that!


You can play with colours, experiment and feel what works and what doesn't. It also gives you insight into others, so you can almost read others based on their colour choices. 


By the way, do you know what green also stands for? Just think of nature, when the new year begins: picture the trees, the flowers, everything in growth, development and bloom. Green also represents a new beginning! So I wish you a lot of green! With new opportunities, growth, development and prosperity!


I want to thank you very much, it's really great that you took the time and effort to listen to this podcast! I would say that is real gold, gold for yourself in this case because if you are going to apply the tips and tools and take action it will help you manifest your dreams. Would you like to give that to someone else too? Please share this podcast, it’s so nice to think we can and should help, support and assist each other. Download your cheat-sheet and see you Wednesday for the next podcast! ​

xxx Lisette

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