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EnergyJoy typewriter script with High End Succes Medium & High End Frequency Business Coach Lisette Lucas

7th september 2022


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 136. Breaking Down Your Ceiling, How To Take Your Life And Business To The Next Level By Breaking Through Blocks 


Do you want to go sky-high but 'something' keeps stopping you so that you get stuck at a certain level? 


  • In this podcast discover that 'something' that can immediately break your subconscious ceiling


  • So that you no longer keep yourself small or seemingly safe (as your primal programming wants) … 


  • … instead powerfully, freed from ceilings, you can lift your life and business to the Next Level from your Soulful Self!


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Welcome to Podcast #136!


Ceilings - who doesn't know them?! Whether it's the ceiling of your house, your company or something internal.


When you consider what the real function is of a physical ceiling:

It offers security, it gives you a roof over your head.

It keeps everything stable, it gives structure and peace.


Hmmm …  interesting. While I mention a number of properties of a ceiling. I now realise that an emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual ceiling actually makes a lot of sense.


It apparently offers you security, keeps you stable, gives you emotional structure and peace. So what’s the problem? 


All of the above are functions and features that your primal programming, based on survival, is very happy with.


But you can also look at it in a different way.

For you don’t just consist of your primal programming, you also have that powerful, wise source of energy residing within too.

Your soul lives under the same room and is infinite, wants to develop, evolve, grow and realise its infinite potential.


Imagine you consist of these 2 parts and we put your primordial programmed self and your soul-self in the same room with that ceiling … 


For your primordial programming, that space with that solid ceiling feels nice and safe. 


But now some questions for that other part of you. That part of you that extends on an energetic and universal level, far beyond your physical primordial programmed self. 


So go feel again. How does that space feel, including the ceiling?

Step into your soul-self, your energetic self.

How does the space feel through the eyes and frequency of your soul-self?     


For your soul-self, your soulful self, with all that potential, does that ceiling still feel safe or rather oppressive and limiting?


Does that ceiling still feel stable to your soul-self or does it prevent you from creating real authentic stability and growth?


Does that ceiling still feel like structure to your soul-self or does it prevent you from discovering and implementing new structures?


Does that ceiling still feel like peace to your soul-self or does that limited view make you feel unrest? 


Amazing don't you think, to feel and experience it this way?


2 parts in you that are actually completely opposite to each other. 

One part wants to keep you small and seemingly safe. 

The other part wants you to live your infinite potential.


What do you think:

Which part does most of the world listen to? 

Which part do most of the people around you listen to?


And now the most important question: Which part are you listening to?! (At least 51% of the time? Because that's where the tipping point lies.)


So, which part has the upper hand?

Which part determines your actions?


Primal programmed self or soul-self? 


Whichever part is dominant right now, I can tell you one thing with 100% certainty.

And that is: You always have a choice!


Sometimes not immediately a choice with regard to external circumstances.

But you always have a choice, at this moment, to determine what meaning you give things and what you do with them. As well as what you will or won’t do and what you want to change.


You choose which ceiling you do or don’t want to break.


And I'll take you through an example of myself:

I myself ran into a ceiling for a long time in my EnergyJoy Business. I was making sales but I just got stuck at a certain level and I wanted to break through that. So in my case the ceiling was financial. 


I then started searching and I discovered through my intuitive trajectory of energetic development and through life-changing hypnotherapy sessions, what the underlying cause and reason for this ceiling was.


I discovered that I had attached an absolutely wrong meaning to money.


You know what I had linked to money?

A lot of money for me equalled pain. 

Now, if you listen to my podcast regularly, you’ll know where that comes from. But for those who are new: it had to do with situations and circumstances from my past, my youth. 

When I was younger there was a lot of money around and I only saw people who were stingy and hurt each other over it - like filing lawsuits against each other. So money for me equalled pain. 


And I can tell you from my own experience: having a financial ceiling is not a particularly helpful ceiling if you want to have a successful business. When success requires that the financial energy flows. 


So I transformed that because it's not really a useful belief and ceiling to have.


I broke that ceiling, blasted it away. 


As a result, I now receive a wonderful financial energy exchange for my services and the service I give. An exchange that is really negligible when you consider the value it brings to yourself, your life and your business. Something that in my opinion is priceless.


So now another question comes to you.

(Questions will help you move further. That's why I'm posing them because I want you to progress.)


What is it worth to you to break through ceilings?

What is it worth to you to finally embrace, live and express your true soulful self?

What is it worth to you to create a legacy for your loved ones? So that you can live on and on. 

What is it worth to you to experience peace and freedom without ceilings of limitations?


Whatever the answers are, as I said earlier: The choice is always yours!


Wherever you are now … you can always make the choice for change …  no matter how exciting and scary it may seem. Believe me, been there, done that. 


Give your soul-self the chance to shine!

Give your soul-self the chance to do what it's destined to do here and so much more!


Because you are so, so worth it! Really!


I support you with love where necessary.


Need help breaking through your next ceiling?


I will help you with all my love!


I look forward to meeting you during a Zoom connection moment!


And then we'll see where we can make huge breakthroughs. I look forward to it! 


Go for it, your soul-self will be absolutely 1000% grateful to you!


Thank you for your time, thank you for your energy!


Lots of love, see you soon and a big hug from me!

X Lisette 

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2022© 

Podcast 136. Breaking Down Your Ceiling

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