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30th march 2022


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 113. The 3 Pillar Formula for Multi-Dimensional, Next-Level Success in your Life & Business!! + Free eBook with 5 Life-Changing Shifts!


Do you want to burn bright in your life and business but keep running into limiting blocks? 


  • In this Podcast you will discover the 3 Pillars that can make you blaze powerfully and break through all blocks


  • So that you can do what you are destined to do: living your mission at the highest level from your internal fire, passion, love and expertise


  • So if this is your goal: good news, this is the podcast for you! 


(The shownotes for this episode can be found at:


  • Download my free eBook with 5 Powerful Life-Changing Shifts and a special self-test meditation! The download link can be found in the shownotes


Welcome to Podcast #113!


I regularly get the question: ‘Lisette how do you come up with all this? And ‘How do you do it all?’.


When I thought about this a little more deeply, I realised that I set everything in motion in my business (and the rest of my life) according to a powerful, self-developed formula. 


But first, are you here for the first time today? Fantastic! Again, welcome and know that I don't believe in coincidence! So listen and feel good because buried within this podcast are multi-dimensional synchronicity tools.


How do you discover them? Very simple: by feeling what resonates! In other words, by paying attention to the language of your body and energy. Not afterwards, no, but directly in the moment. So now, right now.


Do you feel energy in your body and around you which is: open, free, spacious and expanded? (This can be very subtle, but now that you start paying attention it will suddenly become clear and clear quite quickly.)


Yes? Then this podcast and tools will be very useful for you.


Or does your energy feel contracted: small, dense, narrow, oppressive? 


While asking yourself this and discovering the important thing is that you don't try to think about it. And yes, hahaha …  I know from years of working and learning to speak the language of energy, that thinking mind, that analytical part that wants to interfere with everything. And it can be your biggest pitfall.


If you master the cooperation of your energy and your mind, you can handle anything!


But right now, let go of everything - don’t think and feel about your energy, come back to this later when you need to best feel. 


So, why is the difference between mind and energy so important? 

Simply your intuitive energy moves faster than you can think. So your Soul vibe, (because you can see intuition as the voice of your soul), works very fast.

Much faster than your thinking mind which wants to interfere with everything, so it will come running after your intuition as quickly as it can. 


If you follow this rule, you’ll no longer end up in situations and circumstances that you may have previously chosen out of fear, limiting beliefs or old patterns.


No, because if you listen to your Soul Vibe, the voice of your intuition, that lightning fast voice of your Soul, you will always choose the path that is right for you!

The one that is really for your highest good! Which is the most important thing there is for your ultimate happiness, joy, tranquillity, peace, satisfaction and yes, for your ultimate life purpose and mission. 


If you follow that path of your Soul Vibe, it will unfold naturally. 

In fact, maybe that's how you ended up here with this podcast, through the synchronicity that comes with following your most natural internal GPS. 


So to come back to the very first questions I started with: ‘Lisette, how do you come up with all this?’ And ‘How do you do it all?’.


Then I say: ‘I don't think it up, I let it come to me’. 

And ‘I don't do it: I let it unfold’. 


And of course, I'm also just human and occasionally slip into an old trigger, fearful thought or pattern. But then I catch myself, immediately apply tools to clear it and step back into that Soul Vibe that shows me the way.


And you know what's the most beautiful thing: you can’t see the entire staircase in advance. (Something that can be difficult for control freaks to get used to.) But that's why it’s good to step into trust and trust in the bigger picture. Doing so you will intuitively take steps, 1 at a time. And then (speaking from experience) you’ll look back and your jaw will drop in amazement. The flow of what you have created in alignment is bizarre! Everything fits perfectly and you will see that it has been allowed to unfold as a beautiful, powerful fan. You’ll see how all along you were dancing to the frequencies of the cosmos, the universe collaborated with your unique Soul Spark, your Spirit, that flame which channels your internal power!  

So that's how I do it. Am I special? No, absolutely not! Am I different? No, absolutely not! For basically we are all the same, so yes, you can do this too! Yes, I’m 1000% sure! We're made of the same magical stardust I like to say. (It always sounds so lovely ;-)


Meaning from that energy, frequency and from that potential you can put down anything you want!


And that brings me nicely to the 3 powerful pillars that have gradually come to me. That combined has shown me what a beautiful Formula from that Soul Vibe and inspiration I received.


‘Wow’ … I suddenly realised, ‘I have merged 3 elements that have become my unique blend.’


One with which I meet so many wonderful people, so many empathetic people, soul-centred entrepreneurs and everyone who is open to it. Or even anyone who is ready, or dares to take that exciting but super powerful Next Level Step.


That's why I made an extra eBook for you in addition to this podcast discussing the 3 Pillars. In this I go further in depth and you’ll get the: 5 Life-Changing Shifts for business impact, abundance & joy. In other words, Energy Joy. And there is a super strong power meditation that gives you immediate insight into your next step, exactly in the Soul Vibe way I just explained. Do you remember me talking about Feeling (not thinking)? How does your energy feel now? Open, curious, energetic, happy, heard, seen, recognised? 

Or the other way? Also possible and perfectly alright! Provided you keep in mind that you feel directly and not retroactively. Because often your limiting fear programming will interfere directly from old pieces that are no longer you. And I'm sure you don't want to be that anymore, otherwise you wouldn't even be listening to this!


So do you want to present yourself powerfully in the world as you really are? Or perhaps you are already doing this based on your business and expertise. 

Then this is the call for you. Or rather: Your Calling!


The unique combination of power pillars that I use in my business and life are the following. 

It's my: Triple High Formula®


It is a triple blend of High elements and I know there’s nothing more potent. 

When you put these three together and apply them in your life and business, you can't help but be successful. 

If this appeals to you, here are my Triple High Formula® pillars:

(You can also read them in the show notes at:


Pillar 1: The High-End Element

High-End is a name for the highest quality, luxury and the absolute top of the market. Namely it’s about being at the Top of your Niche. It comes down to: if you invest in yourself at the high-end, you will receive the best quality and interest in return. Because as you may already know if you are a busy entrepreneur, there is only one thing that everyone has the same amount of: time! Everyone has the same amount of time or actually most often, too little time. So if you are smart and want to get the best out of your time, for yourself, for your life and for your business, then you invest in a High-End programme. One that helps you move powerfully from A to B and beyond in the least possible time. With the help of someone who has walked and proved the path of success themselves. This gives you huge returns if your time is valuable to you. In addition, if you invest strongly in yourself and enter a High-End programme, you set the ultimate example for your clients. From which you can then create your own high-end programme and business. And yes, I also know from experience: That gives you more freedom, more turnover, more success, more impact and more free time to enjoy and do fun things with your family, to travel, to be together. 

So yes, I can say: High-End has been my best choice ever! On all fronts! 


And then we go to Pillar 2: The High-Value element

You can give your clients a lot of value from your High-End approach. Purely because you have allocated the time you have to help, support, coach and guide them in a very functional and valuable way. A powerful and cleverly composed programme that gives you immense value of the highest level. When you then take strong ACTION yourself and implement the steps, the sky is not the limit! Then there is no limit! Then everything is possible! And in addition, and this is really very important, by breaking through blocks using Pillar 3 you know that you are more than worth it. When you know who you are and what you offer, the service you provide is priceless. This is super important and really makes the difference, because if you don't feel like you're worth it, don't feel like you can provide that value? Then you will not be successful. And that always has to do with internal blocks and beliefs.


And the last pillar of my Triple High Formula is: Pillar 3. The High-Frequency element. 

From my personal expertise as an internationally trained Success Medium & intuitive transformation hypnotherapist, I have bundled the most powerful high-frequency tools. These are energetic tools that you can see as the glue between all elements. It connects everything and sets it in motion powerfully so that you can then manifest it. Because yes, seen from a multi-dimensional and energetic level, everything is connected. After all, everything is energy. Use that to your advantage! When you know how to use this element powerfully and correctly. Wow … buckle up because then you literally become a 'force of nature'! Then you're 'on fire' as someone said to me a while back. 

‘Wow … Lisette! You're on fire'! Hahaha … and yes that makes me laugh because I know exactly that that’s right. It’s correct because I know how to channel the natural energies, laws, rules of the universe. And the best news: That fire is in you too!

That is your Spirit, Your Soul spark, your ever burning flame. Whatever name you like best. 


But now my question to you right now: 

Is your inner flame blazing its brightest? 

Feel in and around you again … 


Or are you:

Sleep-walking through your day?

In long-term procrastination mode? 

Sitting on a small, rather invisible, fear flame?

Stuck with a scarcity fear that means you focus on saving? 

Seeing that flame flash up sometimes but never sticking around? It starts up but then fizzles out … 


Feel now! Feel your energy, you know the answer now!


And right now this question: Are you happy with where you are? 

Or are you ready to blaze! To also put your Soul on Fire so that everyone benefits from your powerful light and wise warmth! 


Do you feel a ‘Yes, I want flames too!’ Does your energy feel open, enthusiastic, vibrant, happy? You may well feel a somewhat nervous vibe afterwards, but that has to do with fear of change. It comes from your primal programming, a system that wants to keep you away from change because that can be 'life-threatening'. So don't fall for that, it’s old programming.

My advice: Get through it. 

This is a nice one to write down and hang somewhere: 'The Biggest Change is on the Other Side of Fear' Tony Robbins always says. And I live and break through this every day! Because I know: Time is limited so it's time to do what you came here for. Your Soul Vibe tells you the way!


Do you want more? Would you like to receive my free eBook with the 5 Life-Changing Shifts? It also includes a special self-test meditation. You’ll find the download link in the show notes at: Request it straight away if you feel that this is for you. 

Why right now? This is a powerful energetic tip from Pillar 3, High Frequency: Step into the energy of momentum. So that moment is NOW. Step into that energy flow and from there you can take immediate action and fuel that flame! And that is the Power of Momentum. 


I wish you the best of luck and lots of fun with the eBook. I look forward to seeing you soon! There is nothing more beautiful than burning together! I’m ready! 


See you soon! Love and x Lisette 

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2022© 

Podcast 113. 3 Pillars For Multi-Dimensional, Next-Level Success In Your Life & Business

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