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29th december 2021


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 100. Set Goals With Intention To Powerfully Shift Your Life To The Next Level Using Your Inner Compass + Free Download & Podcast 100 GIVEAWAY!


Have you been here: You set goals for yourself but for some reason you fail to achieve them …? 


  • To powerfully shift this my advice is: Set your goals with intention.


  • So that you can start achieving your goals from your authentic self. 


  • And can grow and shift to the next level with ease and joy. A life in the frequency of EnergyJoy and Beyond! 


(Shownotes for this episode can be found at:


Extra Tip: To find all free tools, meditations, podcasts and training in one place, you can download my free 'Lisette Lucas app' for iOS/Android. 


Welcome to Podcast #100!


Yes!!! A double congratulations is in order! First, a celebration for you - you’re at this milestone! You’ve made it all the way to podcast #100 and taken so many steps to Shift to the frequency of EnergyJoy and Beyond! 

And yes, I think I should congratulate myself too. Because almost 2 years ago I set myself a goal. That goal (which is so in line with the theme of today’s podcast), was to launch 1 podcast every week for 2 years.


And wow! What a wonderful journey it has been so far. Thanks to the podcast, my EnergyJoy business (& therefore my life), has shifted 100% in the most positive sense of the word. 


And yes, I also hope that if you listen frequently it has a positive impact on you and created powerful shifts in your life too. 


Podcast #99 was about reflection and I definitely recommend that you first listen to it and download the reflection tool for free via my 'Lisette Lucas app', because today’s podcast fits in seamlessly with what I covered there. 


Now if I look back on my podcast trajectory of the past 2 years, I know one thing for sure: I started the podcast with the right intention. 


How do I know that? Well, it’s very simple - if I hadn’t I would never have lasted! 


Look around you. How many people start and after a few episodes they seem to have disappeared from the face of the earth? So hopefully you can see that sheer willpower won’t help you achieve your goals, but knowing the intention behind them will. 


Intention was essential in creating this 100th podcast, and it is also going to be 100%  essential for you.


Often when setting goals, we often look outside, at those around us: you see something nice that someone else has and want to try it or do it too. 

But that is an external impression that may not resonate completely internally, or may not be completely internally in line with your larger plan. 


If we zoom out of daily life, we often set goals weeks, months and several years ahead. But when you zoom totally out of your life, your soul here on Earth has a much bigger plan. You come here on earth with a blueprint - a blueprint of your soul. There’s a trajectory and route that you as a soul, in a physical body, can walk for the benefit of growth and soul evolution.


And despite the fact that it is difficult to comprehend and to find out concretely what your plan is. (You may find yourself asking: What is my blueprint then? What is my route? What is my mission or life purpose?) Even without these answers, you can find out in a fairly easy way, whether or not you are in-tune with your larger plan, or The Blueprint of Your Soul, or even as my mentor Mavis always says: The Architects Plan of the Soul.


So, how can you discover that plan, that direction, that blueprint? 

Very simply: through your emotions! Think of the energy of joy, happiness, peace, tranquillity. Those are internal emotions that indicate that you are in tune with your greater plan. 


If you’re not feeling these emotions but rather: unhappy, stuck, struggling, anxious, insecure, dissatisfied, doubting, fearful, sad or other low emotions? 

Then it's time to set goals with intent to shift parts, fragments, sub-areas of your life.


Now you may ask: ‘Why set goals with intention? Why not just set goals that seem sensible or logical?’


Very simple: In order to live in the frequency of EnergyJoy and Beyond, you must first go within. Deep inside at soul level. You do this to discover what you really want, who you really are, where you really want to go. From here you can set goals, discover that inner compass and which direction you should go in. If you ignore this step and set goals that are not in-tune or aligned with your authentic, pure, internal self - I can tell you now, you won’t achieve them. That is why it is essential that when you set goals, that you do it with intention. For intentions that come from within are linked to the greater plan, your greater blueprint for the path of your life. 


In other words: Set your goals with intention and you are actually pointing your internal compass in the direction that your soul desires, then you can determine the steps in this direction. That direction is not your final destination, but the route you follow in the unfolding of your blueprint. 


That's how you can see it.


Doing this allows you to take steps that are in-tune with your authentic self and which unfold completely naturally, in alignment with who you really are. That way you will experience happiness, joy and peace. Sometimes you will notice that that feeling shifts, so then you turn inside again and ask the most important questions in the field of goal setting:


Why do I want to achieve this goal? 

What is my internal desire, intention to achieve this goal? 

Why is this important to me? 

What feeling is there underneath? 

Why do I feel that pull from those deeper layers of my being? 

What is the actual feeling below? 


These are questions I asked myself before I set myself the goal of podcasting for 2 years. From the philosophy of: 'Know your Why and the How will follow'.


So my why: ‘Why do I want to podcast for 2 years? What internal desire is underneath?’

For me, it felt like a deep desire to make my voice heard. Purely to shift and raise overall awareness and to be a part of this shift. Internally, it almost feels like some sort of task that I've been given. This is not something I came up with, it's a feeling I follow and will continue to listen to. And then I adjust my course, plans and goals. So that I stay in alignment. 


That is why wonderful new programmes are created. For example my High End Elite Shift Mastermind in which I help, coach and guide entrepreneurs to make their internal voice audible and visible externally. Because I feel that is so necessary for the world on a deep internal level! And yes, I also help entrepreneurs to podcast from Soul level through my own step-by-step plan and personal experience. If this feels good to you, you know where to find me. 


That's why I say to you now: Listen to your feelings when you start setting goals. The intention you attach to it comes from that feeling. 


And important: The goal is not your final destination. It is your guideline, your compass that steers you in the right direction. And what do you do next? Then you let it go, hand it over and leave it to something bigger than yourself. 


That's how my podcasts are often created …  really, I couldn't have planned them in advance with well-thought-out goals. Inspiration comes through you by going with the flow and swell of life. 

That way I was able to continue podcasting during the best moments of my life, but also during the most difficult moments in recent months. I surrendered to the greater plot of the universe. Something you cannot oversee yourself. Something you can only surrender to. Just let go and have faith. 


Resilience and being flexible, going with the flow, surrendering to that which is greater than ourselves: those are key ingredients. 


So in summary: Setting goals in the short and longer term only works if you do it with intention. And yes, only you can really feel that because your soul knows your blueprint. The more often you tune in to that part, the easier it is to follow your internal compass. And the better you are in alignment with yourself and the bigger picture.


Again: Goals are not a final destination, they are a direction you are going in that you can always adjust. You grow infinitely so you don't know in advance where you will end up. Purely because you have infinite potential and you have the free will and choice to use it or not.


The choice is always yours! 


So now I want to invite you to download the free Goal Setting With Intention PDF via my free downloadable Lisette Lucas app (for iOS & Android).


Of course, you can also just write it down in a notebook or your journal. 


We are now going to walk through the questions and sub-areas just like in podcast #99. 

But now we go one step further by looking inside. Don't think about what you want externally but feel what you internally desire. In that way, you make use of your own compass to determine the direction that is right for you and good for your highest good. Then you let it go and trust the process and that which is greater than yourself. 


Here we go.

Make yourself comfortable and follow my voice. Make sure you can't be disturbed. And write from your feelings. Ask yourself: What do I feel, what do I long for, what do I really feel deep inside if I can choose anything?


Pause the podcast in between each section so that you can write with intention completely from your internal flow. 


And again as with podcast #99: Be truly honest in what you feel - you are doing this all for yourself. This is definitely a gift to yourself from a soul level so really take your time with it. Time for you! 

We are going to walk again through the 4 main areas of life. Those are:

  1. Your health

  2. Your relations

  3. Your career

  4. Your personal development


Here we go.


Breathe in and out slowly. Have a pen in your hand and my free Goal Setting with Intent PDF or a notebook, and calmly follow my voice. Feel your feet on the ground, how you sit on the chair or wherever you sit. Put a light smile on your face to shift to the EnergyJoy frequency and vibe. To bring your attention inward, focus purely on your breath. Trust the process: you are writing from your feelings, not from your thinking. If you notice that you are thinking, then bring your attention back to your abdomen and your breathing to return to your feelings.


We start with sub-area 1: Your Health

(Feel the answers without thinking, they will be a deep internal knowing.)


  • What do you feel your purpose is (with intention) on your Physical Level Health?

  • What is your goal (with intention) on the physical level of your health?

  • What is your purpose (with intention) for Your Health on an Emotional Level?

  • What is your purpose (with intention) for Your Health on a Mental Level?

  • What is your purpose (with intention) for Your Health on a Spiritual Level?


Maybe other insights, goals, plans, ideas, feelings will emerge - take note of these too. . 


Then we move on to sub-area 2: Your Relationships

(Again, feel, without thinking, it is a deep internal knowing.)


  • What do you feel is your purpose (with intention) in your Relationship(s) on an intimate/love level?

  • What is your purpose (with intention) for Your Relationships on a family/family level?

  • What is your purpose (with intention) for Your Friendly Level Relationships?

  • What is your purpose (with intention) for Your Relationships at work/collegiate level?


Perhaps other insights, goals, ideas and inspiration come up now too. If so, write them down as they often reveal the most powerful points, action plans and goals. 


And then we go to sub-area 3: Your career

(Feel, without thinking, it is a deep internal knowing.)


  • What do you feel is your goal (with intention) in Your Career at your own company level? 

  • What is your goal (with intention) for your Career at work/salaried level?

  • What is your goal (with intention) for Your Career at a financial health level?


Again, note down any other insights, goals, ideas or inspiration regarding your career that come up. 


And then we close with the 4th and last sub-area that we’re looking at today. 


Your personal development: Actually exactly what you are doing, when you listen to the podcast to which I contribute to with all my love. So I'm curious about your answers and goals from your internal voice.


(Feel, without thinking, it is a deep internal knowing.)


  • What do you feel is your purpose (with intention) in Your Personal Development on a Spiritual Level?

  • What is your goal (with intention) for your Personal Development at Mindset Level?

  • What is your goal (with intention) for your Personal Development on a Transformative Level?

  • What is your purpose with intent for your Personal Development at Educational Level?


What other insights, goals, ideas or inspiration do you feel, know or experience for your Personal Development? Note these down as well.


Remember: The Soul Knows … Trust what you get!


Wow! Very well done, you’ve worked it out for yourself. 


And remember: You have created your compass, not your final destination! This is your direction, your route, your trajectory from your internal voice. You can always adjust and expand it along the way, with intention, of course. 


And just a reminder: How do you know when it’s time to shift and to revisit this podcast?  Correct! Your emotions! Feeling unhappy without a bubbly EnergyJoy feeling? Stuck, struggling and out of alignment? Time to go back in, print another 'Set Goals with Intent PDF', turn the podcast back on and start letting your soul-self speak again. Happiness, health, joy, peace, freedom are the pillars that point you in the right direction.  

If you do not experience this, it is time to adjust your compass.


I want to wish you a lot of success! Of course, I am happy to assist you from my expertise as a Success Medium & Intuitive Transformation Therapist. I have many tools and proven systems that can assist you very powerfully during your journey through life. 


And to thank you for crossing our paths this way during this 100th podcast, I also have a special temporary win promotion! Check out the show notes at:


I'm giving great prizes to celebrate my 100th podcast. Including 2 pairs of brand new Apple Airpods Pro as a gift! They are my favourite wireless headset with which I always listen to podcasts, hypnoses and meditations. Ideal with noise reduction for a perfect 'me-time' moment. 

Plus, I am giving no less than 4 wonderful programmes from my Intuition & Inner-Medium Academy as a gift! All with huge value for your Soul-Self! So take a quick look. The prize winners will be notified on 5th January! 


Thank you for your trust and your support! You make my podcast journey a party! A celebration of growth, development and transformation. I hope we can celebrate together for a long time to come through growth, wisdom, inspiration and insights! Everything from the frequency and vibe of EnergyJoy! Will you shift with me? On to Podcast #200! 


A big hug from me and see you soon! 

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2021© 

Podcast 100. Set Goals With Intention

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