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25th March 2020


Lisette Lucas



Welcome to podcast #8 Breaking Patterns


When I made this podcast the world had just been turned upside down. Since then everyone has been affected in their own way by the coronavirus pandemic, which has been sweeping carelessly across the world at lightning speed. We have all been touched in some way and it has been easy to get unhealthily preoccupied with the news on various platforms. Especially the new rules for everyone's safety which have a huge impact on our daily lives.


And so I got to the next topic: breaking patterns.


What you will learn in this podcast:


- What are patterns


- Which limiting patterns are triggered for you


- What effect limiting patterns have on your mindset


- The rule of the subconscious mind


- The power of rational vs. emotion


- How and when beliefs arise


- Your subconscious mind as a database


- How to get to the root of a restrictive pattern


- How you can transform the pattern


- My personal willpower experience when I still had a self-sabotaging mindset.





FREE Bonus: Pattern break session


Discover your limiting patterns and remove them at the core and root for good!


Right now the majority of the population sits at home voluntarily or out of necessity. New challenges come our way, you have probably come across a number of them. 


As humans we are what they call "creatures of habit". We have our habits and run on some sort of automatic program every day that makes us feel safe, trusted and protected. If all of a sudden that fixed pattern has to be adjusted and / or changed due to circumstances: confusion and unrest arises.


Certain questions arise like: “How can I move forward?!”, or situational fears of  "What if ...?". We need security because a change in circumstances, especially situations that throw our life out of balance, immediately take us back to our primal instincts. This urge to survive, to make sure we are meeting our basic needs.


We have all witnessed this in action this year: just think of shop shelves that quickly became empty, particularly of certain necessities that were once fully stocked at all times. This was a clear signal: survival comes first. The feeling of impending scarcity was immediately triggered in many people; which is interesting when you think about it. It was repeatedly said by authorities: "There is enough for everyone, stop hoarding!", to little or no effect. Measures had to be taken to calm this behavior, this primal instinct.


All this proves that the scarcity mindset is apparently deeply ingrained into the system of many at the subconscious level. When a certain signal is raised, the survival program is put into operation with all its consequences.


But why is this scarcity mindset so deeply ingrained? Surely there is more than enough? The government says so. Then why don't we believe that? Well, it is because when the subconscious mind takes over no amount of rationalising will work, feelings (or emotions) are always stronger than reason i.e the thinking mind. Therefore when it is said: don't worry, there is enough for everyone: you will truly want to believe it, but your feelings on a subconscious level say something else entirely. This is a combination of primal instinct in conjunction with learned patterns.


So what is a learned pattern in this case? What are limiting beliefs? Well, just think back to your first 10 years of life, your childhood years. Do you remember hearing comments like these:

  • Eat everything on your plate because waste is bad.

  • You can’t leave the table until your plate is empty, people in poor countries would (so to speak) commit a crime for this meal. 

  • (If you take more than one cookie): You can only take one cookie, not a handful, don't be greedy. Be careful with the cookies.

  • Don't put too much jam / chocolate spread / marmite on your bread, otherwise we won't have enough tomorrow. Or be economical with the butter, leave something for others too.

  • Take care of that, it was very expensive. 

  • Who do you think you are! (If you asked something).

  • Don't be stingy!

  • When we have plenty, there is not enough for others.

Do you recognise any of these?


You may have heard such phrases occasionally or regularly. Either way, your brilliant mind stored it right there with your childhood memories.That’s why it’s said: the first 10 years of life you are in a kind of hypnosis position. All information you receive from those around you: parents, teachers, those who take care of you; is immediately processed and stored on your, say, hard drive. Your internal database. It is stored at the subconscious level. It will be the program you will run on for the rest of your life. Often you don't even know where certain habits and behaviours originated. They just become part of who you are. But is that really you? Or are they merely habits and thoughts that you inherited in your youth and no longer want? Perhaps they are the limiting thoughts, patterns and habits of your parents, grandparents or the people who raised you.


Have you ever thought about that?


Now, what if you want to change these beliefs, will they change by themselves? Answering honestly I must say: no, they won’t. If your conscious mind is unaware of a pattern, a habit or recurring thought, and remains unaware of the root cause, then you cannot change the belief. No matter how much you want it. You can only change something temporarily with willpower, as you are consciously trying with your thinking mind. And as I said before there are things stronger than your thinking mind and reason: your feelings and emotions. 


So if you want to change your behavior, it is important that you look for the feelings and emotions that underlie that habit, that pattern or that thought. To do this it's essential to get all the way back to the core, the base, the root where it originated. Weeding is a great way of picturing this process. If you only pull the top leaves of the weeds out of the ground, it removes the weeds, but is only a temporary solution. The weeds may be out of sight for a while, but before you know it, they will return and be as obvious as before. However, if you pull the weeds out of the ground, root and all, they will be removed for good and will create new space! Then you have the opportunity to plant a new beautiful plant: a plant with the colour, feel, appearance, properties and scent that you want.


So to answer the question: is it possible to transform old patterns, habits and thoughts? Absolutely, provided you remove it at its root and then overwrite it with new thoughts, habits and patterns that you do wish to see and experience in your life. You can compare this with updating your computer, mobile or tablet. If an old program is outdated, you download new software and it usually functions perfectly, exactly the way you want it, completely up to date, completely as desired. You can change old patterns, thoughts and habits from your childhood in the same way: by updating your internal hard drive composed of subconscious memories.


And I want to help you with that today. I want to help you discover the root, the core, the basis of limiting thoughts, habits and patterns. In this podcast episode I take you through a relaxing session. Just like with other sessions, it is important that you won’t be disturbed for a while, that you take a moment for yourself. As always do not listen to this meditation when driving or operating heavy machinery because of the deep relaxing effect.

In the Shownotes of this episode at: you can find all the important information from this podcast. I will also note the time of the session so that you can scroll directly to it. And I'll post the link where you can download your pattern breaking session for free.


Before I start guiding you to the core, base and root of your subconscious, I want to tell you a little about my personal story and subconscious journey of discovery. I found out that as a sensitive woman I was sabotaging myself. For years I made myself smaller in the sense that I thought I was not good enough to do the work I do now. That I wasn't the person to show myself in front of theatres or to make myself heard to a wider audience. Quite honestly, I was almost terrified before I had the courage to face halls. To make myself vulnerable. I remember my first major mediumship event in the beautiful church of Landgoed op Hodenpijl in January 2016. I could only stand there using immense willpower and the sense that I felt deep inside, from my Soul that I had to do this. But beyond that, I was sick (sorry for the word) at the thought of standing in front of that room, being vulnerable, and exposing myself to the opinions and criticism of others. What would they think? What if it didn’t go well? All kinds of things went through my mind. I preferred to run away from it and stay safe in my familiar "shy little me" environment. But with the support of dear colleagues, I got through it. Even though it really felt too much and I literally got sick beforehand: it caused so much stress in my system that I lost my voice, only a few days before the big event. I didn’t let this stop me: with a cure from the doctor and a hoarse voice I was there that Friday evening in January 2016. I did it and it is an evening that I now look back on as a particularly fond memory, partly because my father was there to see this first event of mine. This moment was something I had trained hard for, for many years, especially abroad.


It was only later that I discovered what gave me so much resistance, what had caused this self sabotage that kept me small and ultimately almost kept me from it all. Through the sessions that I have undergone and with the help of transforming recordings (which I now also offer you) I came to the core of my patterns and habits.


I have started to transform and it’s a process that is still in full swing. Some results of my transformation so far are, among other things: this podcast, the lessons I teach, the therapy sessions and consultations I give and the intuitive and transformation programme for home use, which I am developing. All resulting from the belief from a subconscious level that I am worthy and that I am absolutely good enough to share my strengths and talents with the world. This is a truth I no longer doubt and is not something I need to force with willpower.


That's why I want to share this work with you.


This transformation is an experience you are more than worthy to have! Know this: you are worthy, you are enough, you are so loved and you have such a very important place here on this earth. You are destined to be here. All this I feel personally and experience it in every fibre of my being. My wish for you is that you feel and experience it too, because the sensation is phenomenal! Remember, this is available to you right now! There is enough for everyone, now and always!


Now we move on to the exercise and session to discover, permanently delete and pulverize a limiting pattern. We are going to remove it just like the weeds from the root. Then you create space for all the beauty that you want to plant in its place. That space gives you freedom, light, air and space to become and be the person you are destined to be.


Make yourself comfortable. Preferably listen to the session with headphones. And again, never while driving a vehicle or working with heavy machinery. Make sure you won’t be disturbed for a while. Find a space where you can completely relax and be yourself. Then you can get the best out of this transformation session.




Here is the Transformation Session (currently not available on script)




This was the session with which you can discover and transform your subconscious patterns. You can repeat this exercise as often as you want. Write down your experiences immediately. Write down the date and especially what you felt, what your emotions and feelings were that came free and emerged.


You will notice that new scenes and moments can emerge and this is good. Acknowledge it, don't get stuck in it. You want to look at it as if you were looking at old photos or a scene from an old film. You can never, I repeat: never relive; because you have already experienced it. So this is not something you have to worry about. This is a safe, proven method that transforms very powerfully. So perceive it, look at it as if you were watching a TV screen from a distance. And now understand what made you feel the way you did today. This was an old pattern, a thing of the past, you are no longer this and you never will be. 


You can be proud of yourself. Proud that you took the time to listen to this. Again, repeat it as many times as you want. Good luck with transforming!


I want to thank you very much. I would love to hear your insights. What has emerged. What it does to you. Mail it to: 


In the next podcast you will receive the "software update session". In other words, the recording of the session with which you can plant the new seeds you want to see flourish.


I ask you to please share this podcast with people who would also benefit from it. It is so important that you can develop into the person you are supposed to be by nature. It will only support and help, especially in difficult times. It has helped me a lot, I hope it does the same for you and we can help each other. There is enough for everyone, now and always. Scarcity is a mindset, choose to live in the mindset of abundance. Plenty for you, me and everybody: and we are all more than worthy of it!


Thank you very much for listening and the next episode will be the upgrade session.

xxx Lisette Lucas

All rights reserved © 2020 EnergyJoy

Script: Breaking Patterns

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