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22nd July 2020


Lisette Lucas


Podcast #25: 9 Daily Power Habits. Learn the powerful daily habits of the world's most successful 1%. Apply it and shift to success in all areas of your life! 

+ Free download: 9 Daily Power Habit Sheet! 


Do you know the feeling where you want to get so much done, but suddenly another day has passed, your energy is low and your goals and plans have not come to fruition?


In this podcast you will discover the '9 Daily Power Habits' or the powerful daily habits that the most successful 1% of entrepreneurs use to achieve the ultimate results they want.


With the daily application of my ‘Daily Power Habit’ sheet, your life will immediately shift. You will get the powerful mindset and energy you need to Shift to EnergyJoy and beyond!


  1. Sleep

  2. Stop hitting the Snooze button

  3. No phone for 30 minutes

  4. Power breathing

  5. Start with gratitude

  6. Create new neurological pathways (brush your teeth differently)

  7. Cold shower 

  8. Drinking water

  9. Move


  • Extra Tony Robbins Tip: to find your Peer Group


Yes - Podcast # 25, welcome! It’s great that you are listening.


I have to be honest, (bear with me because I’m super excited!), I've been to a live Tony Robbins event for the past 4 days and nights. Yet still my power and energy is sky-high, despite the jet lag combined with an intense 4 days that started every morning between 6-7. 


But you are lucky because in this podcast I am going to share a lot of new tips I have picked up from this along with some great tips I knew already. 


I’ll start with a question: why is it that only 1% of the world really performs at the ultimate level?


It’s something that really fascinates me seeing as we are all basically the same, yet only 1% reach the ultimate top. 


There are many reasons, but the absolute core lies in the daily power habits aka the ‘Daily Power Habits’ they have integrated into their lives and which have become set rituals. 


I myself have been using many of these techniques for a long time and over these last 4 days Tony Robbins has made it clear again.


Daily habits are essential for ultimate energy levels and the most powerful mindset.


Without energy and without a powerful mindset you remain in limbo, dangling between desire and fear. Here you have dreams which will remain simply dreams and you will find that your thoughts drift to worries, fears and reasons why your dreams won’t work.


Believe me, I have been there, done that!


When I was 28 years old I was diagnosed with Graves' disease. This is an autoimmune disease in which your body sees your thyroid gland (including essential hormones for your metabolism)as foreign and therefore starts attacking and eliminating them.


I had just had my first child when I got sick. I can tell you, my physical body, which I was always very proud of, turned into something I did not want or care for. 


What ensued was a fierce period of acceptance, medical intervention and finally the reality of being stuck with a daily dose of hormones for life.


One thing that was not particularly helpful at the time was that I started using Google University.


There I read all the side effects and experiences of other people with the same condition. Which is when I made the biggest mistake you can make: I came to believe I was defined by my condition.  


Fatigue, low energy, forgetfulness, rheumatic joint pain, all symptoms that prevented me as a young woman and mother from fulfilling my desires.


I lived more in fear and sorrow, the most stupid thing I could do, because it made the effects of my condition stronger in my body and allowed the energy to stagnate even more.


After years of searching I have found my transformation method in my own spiritual development. 


This made me stronger than what physically challenged me. I learned to overcome my fears again and again because the desire, the drive, the hunger and the passion was stronger. I called it a craving from the Soul. I am here for a reason, I will not let anything or anyone stop me and I have made my own way.


Easy? No, but essential to my growth and survival.


My life and career developed at the same pace, I discovered I could help, support and guide people myself, just as I had needed it in the past. 


I thought I had found the key, then in early 2017, life presented me with the next challenge. I was diagnosed with melanoma cancer. 


You can read my entire story about this process on my website


The bottom line: I suddenly looked death straight in the eye. 


I am a mother of 3 beautiful children and married to a man who is there for me day and night; yet I felt more alone than ever! I got into a battle for survival and energy that, despite the autoimmune disease, tapped into reserves I didn’t know I had.  


Anger, impotence, everything passed through me, but also the mentality: what doesn't kill me makes me stronger and I'm a survivor!


It echoed through my head for the entire period. My mindset has been diverted to the most ultimate power that you can experience as a human being. 


After everything had been removed properly, with multiple surgeries, I got the redeeming word: no metastases!


The best news you can hear! But still that fear remained latent, my mentor Mavis Pittilla coached me through this phase because she went through the same thing. She was well into her 80's at the time when she helped me.


She has brought me back to trust on a deep Soul level. You feel it, deep down. If you experience challenges in your life, I also want to challenge you to go deep inside and feel: is this the end or is this the beginning?


I was certain: this is a new beginning for me with a lesson of wisdom like never before. I know I'm here to serve, to help anyone who needs it. To shift to the frequency of EnergyJoy and beyond, to help, support, and empower you when life throws a challenge at your feet.


The ultimate question remains: no matter how intense, difficult or sad, do you see it as the end or as a new beginning? That's where the key lies!


It’s simply pure mindset! You have a power within you that is stronger than you can imagine, these are the deepest moments when you are confronted with finding out the truth.


That's why this podcast is so essential. You have to learn to shift your energy, your power if you want to get the best out of life, just like me!


You have to know where you want to go, what your longings are and you are going to convert them into goals. You are going to plan them and the last essential step: you are going to integrate them into your daily schedule. 


You see, only when you actually start applying and taking action, will it actually have a life-changing effect on you. Not before, plans remain merely that until you take absolute action. 


If you feel this and if you want this, I want to make a commitment with you right now. Tony Robbins would say: ‘Say Yes’, and repeat again: ‘Say Yes’!


Very well, feel it deep inside, let mindset and emotions all point in the same direction. Then you can achieve anything you want.


Just like the most successful 1% of the world. And I'm not just talking about being successful in one area, no I'm talking about all areas: health, love, relationships, financial, career and personal and spiritual development.


In my Bali Abundance Retreat in July 2021 we will work hard to break and transform all limiting beliefs that block you forever and always! Does this appeal to you? Then view the dates and schedule on my website:


But everything starts with mindset and energy. If this is lacking in your routine, it will also be lacking in your life. 


Having just said ‘Yes!’ you can immediately start integrating the following 10 Daily Power Habits into your life from tomorrow morning!


At  you can request the Habit sheet, then you can stick it on your mirror or refrigerator or use it as a screensaver. You learn through repetition so make it a daily habit! Do this for at least 10 days in a row and you will experience and notice the powerful effect! Really - your life will transform instantly!


Are you ready? If necessary, write along, write it down in your transformation notebook or write it in your mobile or the device that is available.


Here come the Daily Power Habits. Some may seem obvious but it is the combination of the habits that leads to ultimate success, boosting your mindset and immediately shifting your energy to the frequency of Joy and beyond.

Also see it as fun, see it as something you choose: you choose transformation, you choose energy and you choose to get the best out of your life! 


1. The first Daily Power Habit: sleep. How many hours do you need per night? I know that I need between 7 and 8 hours to function properly. Think of your mobile phone, when it is empty you have to charge it. Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body also needs time to recharge. Allow yourself that rest. Make sure you stop looking at blue light or digital equipment an hour before going to sleep. This makes it more difficult to fall asleep. Read a book or listen to a guided meditation. Anything that works for you and calms your mind to get the best out of your night's sleep.  


Now as an added bonus, I am going to give you a unique insider detail. I had an exclusive ticket with which I had a special private live session with Tony Robbins. Here he said that he wears a special wrist band to gain insight into his body, insight into his rhythms - like sleep and heart rhythms. After all, insight is power! I can tell you after this session with Tony, the name of the band he uses is: Whoop. Go google it or go to, and best of all, it doesn't cost much. I am also going to order it because I currently track my system with the latest Apple watch, which is very useful but Whoop provides even more insight. This exclusive find is very useful - so use it to your advantage! 


2. The second habit: stop hitting the Snooze button. Maybe this is something you recognise: you set your alarm clock earlier so you can hit Snooze 3 more times. Well, I was also a champion at this, but it’s not the best mindset to start your day. You want to get into the mindset of: New Day, New Opportunities! 


So as soon as that alarm goes off, start breathing consciously and grounding. Breathe deeply in and out and repeat. Feel roots from the soles of your feet and tailbone reaching into the earth, like a powerful tree. Feel the powerful cosmic light like a ray of sunshine filling your body. Breathing, grounding and visualising light immediately set your energy in motion, meaning you don't need that Snooze button at all. Feeling and experiencing consciously ensures that you also enjoy the day instead of preferring to stay in your bed. Do the 10 day challenge and shift!


3. The third habit: no phone for 30 minutes after waking. Most people these days have their alarm clock in their mobile phone, me included. I also know how tempting it is to immediately check your texts and notifications once that alarm has gone off. Don’t do this! Enjoy those first 30 minutes to ground yourself in your body, breathe consciously and let the light flow through you. That way you prepare your energy and body for success! You step into the mindset of success and then your day will unfold in that energy. The best part of this is: you are more powerful and deal better with what life offers you. Plus you can shift more easily to feeling gratitude (which is habit # 5). So challenge yourself: no looking at your phone for the first 30 minutes after waking up - instead, focus on yourself!


4. On to habit # 4: power breathing. I learned this breathing technique from Tony in his programme: ‘The Ultimate Edge’. It helps me enormously to become powerful in my energy. We are now going to do it together. The rhythm is: inhale for a count of  4- exhale for a count of 4. The best thing is to move and / or walk as you use the power breath. But I also do it in the shower or when I'm getting ready. Then I just dance to the rhythm of the breathing. How nice to start the day dancing and moving. Your circulation comes out of sleep mode and your body wakes up happy! Do this for 3 to 5 minutes, whatever works for you. Try it, it is super powerful! It really boosts me up, I’m curious how it feels for you!


5. The fifth habit: start your day with gratitude. In previous podcasts I have talked about the power of gratitude. Gratitude is the antidote to fear. It is impossible to feel fear and gratitude at the same time. So make gratitude part of your morning routine. Be grateful for: who you are, your body, your heart, your breath, the oxygen that flows through your body, and the small details that you experience around you. Be grateful for your loved ones and family and friends in your life and be grateful in advance for the wonderful day ahead. Imagine how the day goes and how you get back to bed satisfied in the evening. Apply the power of gratitude and your life will shift instantly! 


6. Habit # 6: create new neurological pathways! This habit is also great and will immediately put a smile on your face. I learned it from Jim Kwik Years ago. Jim is a 'brain coach' so specialises in hacks to optimise your brain. His tip: break morning routine patterns, for example brush your teeth with your 'wrong' hand. Create new neurological pathways by doing things different from the norm. Break patterns and stimulate your brain!


7. Cold shower. In 2014 I first came into contact with Wim Hof, our Dutch iceman. He introduced me to showering first hot and then cold. The temperature change boosts your internal system. It’s also something Tony Robbins starts every day with: a splash in his ice bath. 


During the event I was also very pleasantly surprised to see our Wim Hof, on the big Tony Robbins stage demonstrating his breathing techniques. So cool! Wim himself advises: first take a hot shower, then stand next to the shower, turn it to cold, and become conscious of your breath. So breathe deeply in and out, next put one hand under the cold water, then your other hand - this gets you used to the temperature. To continue, put one foot, then the other foot and start distributing the water over your body. Stay aware of your breathing, your deep breathing. Then you get used to the temperature very quickly. It's all a mindset so if you say to yourself: ‘yes, this is good for me, I want this’, then your body will listen to your thoughts. That’s how it works! So when your hands and feet are used to the temperature, you turn your back to the shower and let the water run over your shoulders. Stay aware of your breathing and build it up slowly. It shouldn't feel torturous. Start day 1 with 5 seconds, day 2, 10 seconds and so on. Listen to what feels good for your body. If you have physical problems or ailments, always talk to your doctor. 


The trick is to listen to your body, without forcing it, so you can build it up naturally. Then feel the victory and energy as you step out of it! It boosts you for the rest of the day! Yes! 


8. Drink water. Perhaps the most obvious, but if I ask you: ‘what best cleans dirty dishes? A rinse with coffee and cola or with water’? Not much of a choice, right? The same is true with your body, what you take into your body stimulates it and your energy. Your body functions better when the waste products can leave the body quickly. It’s like a kind of detox where water is the best solution. Think of water as cleansing your body, hydration is essential for the functioning of your body. After all, you are 70-80% water. Brain Fog, and a blurry mind can be prevented by drinking plenty of water. At least 1.5 litres per day! 


9. Move! The proof has been provided by Tony Robbins over the last 4 days! I had 4 straight days, of more than 13 hours, non-stop training! All of this during my usual night time hours! In other words, I skipped 4 nights rest and I never had an energetic fatigue dip! So how did I function so well in these conditions?!


By moving! After every instruction, practice, lecture, and training, we had to get up and move, dance, jump, and change our physiological state of being. You do that by moving. Unbelievable but it works! So if you move, jog, walk, or exercise in the morning, then you set the tone for the whole day. I have my cross trainer here at home and I get on it every morning to build up my energy. Really, exercise gives energy so you can function at the top level. Choose a way that suits you, dance, jump, bike, walk, jog, feel what feels good, feel what gives you energy and you can handle anything!


Well, this is the list of Daily Power habits practised by the greatest on the planet! It builds your energy and strength so you can take action towards your dreams, goals and desires. You then have the drive to let it become reality with sharp focus and action.


This is the secret - really! 


But there are things that can block you - obstructing patterns and beliefs. If you can not get through or out of these yourself, I can help you with all my love. You can always contact me without any obligation and arrange a discovery call. Then we can see together what helps you shift to a life full of Energy & Joy!


Do you want to print the overview? Then request  the ‘Daily Power Habits Sheet’ at . You can then hang this up as a reminder & mindset shifter!


Choose ‘Yes!’ and go for transformation.


I want to thank you very much especially for yourself for listening to this podcast. Before we end I'll add one last tip, which can help massively in keeping you motivated: share this information and your intentions with a partner, child, boyfriend, girlfriend, family member, colleague or good acquaintance!


Anyone who is on the same wavelength as you who could also benefit from it. Someone ready to transform & shift - just like you! That way you can initiate, support, help and push each other together.


Yes, this is also a tip from Tony Robbins! Create a Peer Group, a group of people who have the same goal in mind that you have. That doesn't always have to be family - family is mostly for love, those outside your inner circle can help push for transformation, growth and goals to be achieved.


I myself have a wonderful group of people around me with whom I can discuss all Tony Robbins’ philosophies and strategies. A group that also gives me insights and helps me. 

Which concludes the last tip: create a peer group. A group that is honest and pushes each other to improve and grow.


I want to wish you the best of luck with your new Daily Power Habits! Make a note of them in your diary, make time for it consciously. This is essential for ultimate success, energy and a healthy & happy lifestyle!


If you want to view the information of this podcast, go to my website: and download the Power Sheet for free right now!


Last but not least - let me know how it goes! 


Big hug and see you next podcast!​


All rights reserved EnergyJoy 2020

Daily Power Habits

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