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21st september 2022


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 138. Shift Your Coaching Business Model For More Impact, Income and Freedom. Discover How To Move From Energy Guzzling 1:1 Coaching to the Triple High Life and Business Changing Model Shift + Masterclass


  • As a coach, therapist and/or (alternative) counsellor you can only help a certain number of clients per day, week and month within a set amount of time, leading to an upper limit on your energy and income


  • Discover how with the combination of your expertise + smartly deploying the Triple High Business Model©, you can make more impact and at least double your turnover within 3 months* 


  • So that you also have more freedom and space to do what you need


  • And yet from that freedom you can powerfully leave your imprint on the world


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Welcome to Podcast #138!


It’s great to have you here!

Especially if you are a coach, therapist or an independent counsellor in the alternative sector. Are you an empathetic, ambitious entrepreneur and eager to scale your business? Then this is for you!


And of course if you know someone who works around the clock for little financial freedom, time and energy at the end of the month - then they will be very grateful if you forward this podcast.


I made this podcast from my own years of experience as a coach, therapist and empathetic counsellor in the alternative sector. 


I was doing a lot of 1:1 work for years. Day in, day out …  just as you are taught to.


Private consultations, readings, healing sessions, hypnosis treatments on a 1:1 basis are all great. But I can tell from my own experience: I noticed that my energetic battery was slowly running out and I felt that the energy exchange (the financial exchange), was no longer in balance because the work was draining me … 


Additionally if you rent a practice space, you have fixed expenses, or if you have a family, then your schedule must really be overflowing with 1:1's to earn a good living.

And … you also need to be super fit and strong physically and energetically because when illness strikes … then you have to cancel appointments and well, being your own boss you probably know better than anyone … then the income will stop immediately.


I had reached a point in my business where I was starting to experience resistance, I found myself bracing for the daily grind and it felt really heavy … 

This resistance actually sounds a bit negative. 

But now I know: Resistance is fantastic!


Why? Because it shows you are ready to shift to the next level, on all levels! Ready to break through a certain ceiling. 


As a human being, you need challenges in life to keep you alert, sharp and focussed.


Why? Because as humans we are designed to grow, just like nature. If you don't grow, what happens then? Very simply, you will die. Maybe not directly physically but you do feel more dead than alive inside. 


That's how most people go through life …  from 9 to 5. For me that's an absolute NO GO! 


So do you recognise this? And do you also feel it inside, that routine, that resistance and that feeling of being stuck?


Brilliant! You’ve got a breakthrough moment!

I also know better than anyone: although every change is exciting, it’s also scary and brings out all those fears from the shadows. 

But I'm going to tell you from my own experience: The Biggest Change Is On The Other Side Of Fear!

So my advice: Take that step, go beyond your fear and experience how you feel life pulsating through you. You should also know that I've often entered coaching programmes that had a very high investment with shaky knees. But oh my …  now I can say: That was the best choice and the best investment ever! Because the best investment you can make is investing in yourself. What you put in is what you get out! Not only with children, but also with investments in yourself. Really! 


For new challenges and growth for yourself, your life and your business put you on fire! It turns you: ON! Kind of a 'ready for take-off' feeling! 


Believe me: When you step from your soul potential, your ambition and that powerful internal drive into the energy of change! Well, fasten your seat belts I would say: because then you will go like a rocket! Unstoppable, limitless! In your unique power as only you can!


I myself wanted to break free from that tiring energy-guzzling rut. I wanted to make a bigger impact on the world because I felt that I came here for something bigger than just 1:1 work, which limited my range. I also felt that I had to start teaching people what I do: sharing my expertise so that they too can contribute to the world with all their strengths and talents.


And it’s because of all those insights and investments that you can listen to this podcast now. I had to share my message but simply needed that support. And I really want to encourage you to do the same, in your unique way, beyond time and energy guzzling 1:1 work! You were made for something big - deep down you know that too. So think like that: think big, take big action, invest big in yourself! So that your clients see you as an example, inspiration and ideal coach that they too want to learn from. 


Because yes, as a business owner you’ll know: Nothing happens without action.

Without action you have no business but … what do you have? A hobby! Also nice, but not if you want to make an impact and build a legacy, while also gaining more freedom and financial space. 


Yes, I know, it's exciting. After all, we are creatures of habit with fixed patterns that make us feel safe …  or should I say falsely safe. Because how secure is your business model at the moment? For me: I hardly worked for 2 months in the summer and you know what … the money kept coming in, every month … How does that sound?  


So I'm going to introduce you to what has changed my life and business forever, in the most positive sense of the word.


(You can also follow my masterclass soon. You can already sign up for the waiting list via the link in the show notes:


I shifted my business model using my exclusive Triple High formula: It stands for 3-fold High-Impact, namely:

  1. High Frequency

  2. High Value

  3. High End


The mix and blend of these 3 ingredients can also be your recipe for increasing impact, income, freedom and life in the frequency of EnergyJoy!


However, there is one but …  I'll tell you honestly in advance because it's not for everyone. 

This business model is exclusive and only for those who feel that call from within. Those who feel ready for the next level: ready for huge breakthroughs and who feel the enthusiasm, drive and passion, the desire, to go huge!


Do you feel this, are you this or do you know someone who, as far as you know, has this in them? (Trust your intuition on this too, it’s a nice little test.) 


Then I say: Fantastic! Because I'm looking for you or that person!


For you have to feel that fire inside, you have to feel that attraction, that pull from those deeper layers. I always call that my soul pull. When you listen to that … Oh my … then the world awaits!


One thing I know for sure: If you’re listening to this now, the world is waiting for you! You may still be keeping yourself a bit small and are still searching for what you really want and what really fits the evolving you.


I can reassure you right now: you never have to see the whole path at once. You only have to do one thing and that is: Take action, take action in the direction of your deepest desire, that burning desire. Then it will all unfold naturally.


Then coincidences will come your way: for example you're listening to this podcast. Coincidence or Divine Timing? Answer for yourself because you’ll feel it perfectly, deep inside.


I don't believe in coincidence. 

I believe you are ready to take steps. 

Steps to a life you dream of. 

Everything is available to you, everything! 


Again, all it takes is: Action - action in the direction of your deepest desire!


So if this feels good and you are an entrepreneur, who wants to take your business to the Next Level (at Triple High level), then register for my masterclass via the link in the show notes. Then I'll show you what I mean by stopping 'time trading for money' and how, as an energetically drained coach, you can pick yourself up for good. Also, I’ll share how you can step into your leadership strength powerfully as an activated Soul Aligned CEO & coach!


Because when you see this you will wonder: ‘Why didn't I do this before?!’


I promise you!


So keep an eye on your email, my podcast and website for there is more coming soon!


I look forward to activating even more wonderful Soul Aligned CEOs and empowering them in their Triple High Leadership! 


I can’t wait!


Once again please do send this on to those wonderful souls, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, relatives, neighbours, college students who have so much potential! 


The world needs yours and their help! Together we are strong!

On to the frequency of EnergyJoy and Beyond!


Love and x from me




*Results are subject to effort, action, commitment and individuality and cannot be guaranteed. 

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2022© 

Podcast 138. Shift Your Coaching Business Model

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