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The 'Breaking News' Manifestation Frequency + Free Template - 91

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8th of April 2024

The 'Breaking News' Manifestation Frequency + Free Template - 91

- Episode 91: The Breaking News Manifestation Frequency - Join Lisette Lucas on an exciting journey as she reveals how one extraordinary week of manifestation unfolded. Discover the key moments that transformed everything and learn how to replicate her success.

- Clone Lisette's Manifestation Frequency - Curious about the power of manifestation? Lisette shares a revolutionary template at the episode's conclusion that could dramatically change how you achieve your dreams.

- From the Netherlands to New York - Listen to how Lisette, a Dutch entrepreneur, gained recognition and received an award from New York, showcasing her global impact.

- Featured Across Major Media Outlets - Find out about making it into the American and Dutch press, including appearances on Fox News and NBC News, all in one magical week.

- Deep Fake Therapy Documentary Participation - Get a glimpse into Lisette’s contribution to a Dutch scientific documentary on innovative grief therapy, highlighting her role as a medium and hypnotherapist.

- Manifestation in Action - Discover the potent effect of a simple printed newspaper article that paved the way for unprecedented success and learn how you can use this manifestation technique for your own goals.

- The Template of Success - Lisette reveals an exclusive template available in her app that helped her manifest breaking news globally. This powerful tool is now accessible for you to customize and apply for spectacular results.

- Above the Golden Line Method® - Explore Lisette’s signature method with a complimentary hypnotation session designed to boost your frequency, attracting more of what you desire.

- The Power of Journaling - Learn about the transformative effects of the Above the Golden Line Manifestation Journal available on Amazon and how it can accelerate your manifestation power by aligning your frequency with your deepest wishes.

- AI-Assisted Manifestation - Lisette discusses an innovative way to create the perfect manifestation using AI technology, showing the synergy between intuition, energy, and the latest tech to make your dreams a reality.

- Connect with Lisette - Become part of the EnergyJoy world and share your manifestation experiences. Lisette eagerly awaits to hear how her techniques and insights have shifted your reality toward unlimited abundance and joy.


- Next Steps:

Stay tuned for more empowering content and join us in our mission to shift over a million souls to the frequency of EnergyJoy and beyond!


Thank You for Tuning In!


Keep embracing your stardust potential and remember, each step in our journey is a leap towards our highest selves. Can't wait to share more of this journey with you all!


🌟 Conclusion:

- Answer the Call: This episode isn't just another listen; it's a pivotal moment in your journey. Rise, respond, and reclaim the narrative of your life and your impact on the world.


Tune in to discover why this isn't just your breakthrough—it's our breakthrough. Together, let's make ripples that turn into waves of change. 🌟


Action Step:

Your moment isn't yesterday or tomorrow; it's NOW. 

Ready to dance your way into a life of EnergyJoy? 

DM of email me the word 'HF MENTORING' to begin your transformative journey today.


Closing Notes:

Your greatness is not just a future dream; it's a present reality waiting to be discovered. You're invited to align your frequency with the frequency of EnergyJoy and transform your life!

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+ Download my ‘Above The Golden Line Method®’ including reprogramming hypnotation

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Wonderful to connect.

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