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18th november 2020


Lisette Lucas:

Podcast 42. Personal Transformation: The 7 Levels To Live Your Ultimate Life On Your Terms + Free EnergyJoy Life Triangle


  • Perhaps you want to change but you don't know how and where to start. 


  • With the help of this podcast + free tool, you get clarity about your life and what steps you can take in one exercise. 


  • So you know and understand at which level of your life you can or must shift. 


  • This means you can live your ultimate life on your terms!

+ Free EnergyJoy Life Triangle for the 7 Levels of Growth to Live your Ultimate Life. 


Welcome to Podcast 42!

It’s great that you're listening and that you're here. To start, some questions:


Are there areas in your life that you are not completely satisfied with? 

Or are there traits, beliefs, situations or circumstances that hinder you from getting the best out of your life? 

Or would you like to work on yourself so that you can grow, develop and transform?


If the answer to one or more of these questions is ‘Yes’, then this is the podcast for you!

For this podcast #42 is about transformation. If you look at the word transformation, it has many meanings. Like: changing, recreating, reshaping, altering the form, function or structure of the cells or tissues. 


But taken literally, transformation means change.


From a spiritual perspective (what I call the EnergyJoy perspective), this change is to shift your energy to other, higher frequencies, resulting in higher levels of satisfaction and happiness. And changing and deepening your consciousness, this then causes a shift across multiple levels such as: body, mind, soul & spirit. 



If you consider spiritual transformation alongside the needs of every person in earthly life and existence, 7 sub-areas are formed. 


These 7 sub-areas of needs are very important for your life - for your overall feeling of well-being, happiness, satisfaction and of course your levels of EnergyJoy!


As you may know from previous podcasts, I have attended several training sessions with Tony Robbins. And Tony’s philosophy (amongst others) was the inspiration for these levels.  


My version is called the: EnergyJoy Life Triangle, which you can download right now via the shownotes on:


By the way, there’s a special and personal reason why it's called 'Triangle'. There’s a test which shows you how to recognise the language of your intuition (it’s something you will learn if you follow an intuitive development training with me). Well, this test will help you learn how to communicate on an intuitive level through feeling, images, smells, taste and sound. 


For me the triangle has a particularly special meaning. When I get an intuitive 'Yes' I hear the sound of a triangle through my clairaudient, intuitive channel. So this: (play triangle sound) is my intuitive ‘YES’. I hear this in my head through my subjective clairaudience channel when my intuition relays a 'Yes' to me. 

In other words, the triangle is a big ‘Yes’ on an intuitive and energetic level. That's why I wanted to give this awesome pyramid, inspired by the teachings of Tony Robbins, that 'Yes' confirmation. 

Because if you experience ‘Yes’ in all areas of the triangle then you live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. Then life will smile at you! And that is for me personally a big ‘YES’ (sound) and of course I hope for you too. 


The EnergyJoy Life Triangle download contains a special test, one that you can apply to find out in which area you want, can and maybe even need to transform; in order to take steps towards your dreams and wishes. 


I will explain how it works.


The Life Triangle consists of levels. 7 Levels to be precise. 


I'm going to go through the levels with you in a moment. But before I do that, I'm going to tell you that you will really excel on 1 of those levels, and will experience a big ‘YES’. That's what we call your  LEVEL 10! But I can also tell you that you’ll score a big insufficient on one or perhaps more of these levels. Maybe a 2 or a 3.


Now you may think, ‘It’s nice of you to tell me this Lisette, but what should I do with this EnergyJoy Life Triangle?’.

I will tell you. The triangle is essential for personal transformation, for growth, development and change. 

For if you want to know where you are going, it is first important to know where you stand. 

Just think about how you navigate now. You get in the car (or your mode of transport of choice) with a final destination in mind. You know where you want to go. So you start at departure point A and you want to go to point B. Suppose you use Google Maps, then you will immediately hear and see what the fastest, best route to take is.  


And that's how you can see the Life Triangle.

The triangle gives you insight into where you are now (your point A), and gives you insight into where you want to go - your point B.

Okay, now I hear you thinking again: ‘Sounds logical Lisette, but in life you cannot do everything with a vehicle such as a car, train or plane. That is not the solution, there is more to it’. 

Then I say: ‘Yes, 100% correct’! When you do the test it will be apparent where there is a ‘hole’ in your life. This gap is the way to get you from A to B. 


Now a 'hole' sounds so empty and heavy and hopeless, which is why I call it 'the shift' (just think of the name of my podcast: Shift to EnergyJoy and beyond). So you shift from A to B. From where you are now to where you want to be for ultimate happiness, satisfaction and EnergyJoy! 


And yes, to shift from A to B I have of course discovered and developed great tools and strategies. Did they jump out at me and make themselves obvious? No, they’re things  I gradually discovered, usually not out of leisure but purely out of necessity. Because I myself scored very insufficiently on a certain level which got me to a point where something really had to change.


That’s how, for example, EnergyJoy was created. In 2008 I was not at a point where I was happy in terms of work and career. For a long time I really enjoyed what I did, but I started feeling that there was more out there. That I had to and could do more with my life. During the period that my 2nd child was born, I had started an online shop selling designer children's clothing. The advantage was of course that I could buy the most beautiful baby and children's clothes for very good prices. Under the heading, whoever sails apples, who eats apples  .... So that was a nice bonus. But after I had built up a super successful online shop in 5 years, the tension and interest in it had faded a bit for me. I mean, my closets were overflowing with the most beautiful and precious children's clothes from Burberry, Baby Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Tommy Hilfiger; yet it didn't give me the satisfaction I longed for, a longing I felt deep inside. I couldn't really describe it but I felt I was here for something bigger …


This then became the turning point. I had discovered I was at point A, the point where I didn't feel satisfied with what I was doing and therefore wasn't happy deep inside. Even though I apparently had everything. But there was a level in the triangle that scored insufficiently, or actually 2 levels. And those were for me at that time: 


  1. Level 5: Work/Career and Mission 

  2. Level 7: Spiritual Development & Contribution to the world. 


So I had to shift from A to B. And I made the super exciting choice at that moment to put my designer children's clothing online shop up for sale, and it sold in no time for a very good price.


This opened the door for me and created the shift towards Point B! From that moment on I have followed my heart and above all that deep internal feeling of my Soul. That inner knowing, that inner voice, that compass and yes, that brings me and you here today!


Purely because I followed the feeling and did what my heart told me. Was it easy? Absolutely not, not always anyway! Was it exciting? Yes absolutely! Did I have to step out of my comfort zone? Oh my, strangely often! Is it satisfying? Yes! Incredibly so! Am I living my ultimate potential? Yes, absolutely - and every day it is unfolding more and more. Is everything always okay? No, absolutely not! Of course I also have moments of setbacks and disappointments. Just like everyone else. 

But shall I give you my recipe for success? Do you want to know? Yes? Well, stop what you're doing for a while and I’ll tell you. 

What do I do when something doesn't go my way? When something goes horribly wrong? What do I do then? 

Then I'll try again! And if that doesn't work? Then I'll try again! And if that doesn't work? Then I'll try again!


And that's the key! Get started and keep moving! Don't give up, never give up! Shift your vibe, repack yourself, adjust your course and keep going! So follow your heart and soul to ultimate satisfaction, happiness and EnergyJoy!


I thought this was very important to share with you, because people sometimes think that it comes naturally. That one person is lucky and the other is not ... But believe me, everyone has to deal with loss, pain, sadness, illness, disappointments and setbacks. But not everyone has the right mindset, skills, tools and strategies to transform it. To transform personally! There's the key, I'm handing it to you now. Because you, no one else but you, are responsible for your own happiness! Really! It's easy to point fingers, blame situations and circumstances, but does that get you to point B? That point for ultimate satisfaction, happiness and EnergyJoy? No, absolutely not! You will get there if you take responsibility for your own life, your own actions! And the fact that you're listening to this makes me do a little dance of joy! Because it indicates that you are willing to shift! And get the best out of your life no matter what!

It also shows that you are done with BS (a Tony acronym). Do you know what BS stands for? No, not that word! BS stands for ‘Belief Systems’. In other words, your beliefs, the beliefs you have yourself. And if you take that responsibility for yourself, then your BS is fine. 


So let's celebrate this together now! And this celebration has a reason too - one which  I'll tell you afterwards! Just join in, stand up if you have the opportunity and otherwise join with your arms from your chair. If you are driving a vehicle, please keep your arms on the wheel and just listen along. 

Now I'm going to turn on my EnergyJoy music, so please stand (if it's possible) and we're going to do our EnergyJoy dance. YES! We are. Haha, yes I felt the energetic frequency of your face … it doesn't matter if you feel silly: join in as if you are stepping back into that young, happy, free, childlike energy. That energy of freedom and happiness. That place where everything is possible. Where it doesn’t matter what others think and there’s the joy of believing in Sinterklaas and excitement of birthdays! That feeling! We step in!  

(music on)

Yes, move along with it, feel it all over your body, move, dance, feel free, happy, step into the YES vibe, step into the happy, free, EnergyJoy vibe where everything is possible. 


Brilliant! You’ve done a great job, and you can sit back or do what you were doing before. Now I’m wondering, how does your body feel right now? How is your state of mind now? Are you ready to shift? What do you do when something doesn't go the way you want it to? Then you do it again! Or then you try again! 


Okay, now you will think: ‘What was this Lisette?’. 

I'm not just going to make you dance and move randomly. There is, of course, a thought and strategy behind this. And yes, some Tony Robbins philosophy too. 

For what does movement do? It puts you in a Peak State! A very high, peak state of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual strength! In other words, from this state of being you can handle anything! That’s the mindset you need if you want to do or achieve something. So to reach a goal you have to shift to a Peak State from now on! And it can be as easy as what we just did! By turning on music and by moving, laughing, dancing. Standing, jumping, but it is also possible from behind your desk by focussing on your posture. Sitting down and perfectly upright, chin and chest out, shoulders back, fully aware of your strength! 


And this brings me to the 7 levels of the EnergyJoy Life Triangle. 


Level 1 = Physical Body, this is the 1st step because just think, if you don't have your health then nothing else matters. Health, your physical body is therefore paramount. Which is why it is the most important level and therefore also the foundation for everything. That's why we just applied the EnergyJoy Peak State. To shift the frequency of your body. 

And something else shifted - the second level. 


Level 2 = Emotions & Meaning. You should immediately feel happier, more cheerful and more energetic after the EnergyJoy Peak State ‘YES’ dance of joy. And this is super important, because your emotions and the subsequent meaning you attach to everything in your life, determines the quality of your life. The pictures you make in your head and the words you say to yourself always have a direct effect on how you feel. 

If there are limiting beliefs and outdated patterns here, it will have an effect on all the levels and you will sabotage yourself and keep yourself unnecessarily small. Such a shame!


Level 3 = Relationships. And I'm talking about relationships in the broadest sense of the word. The relationship with yourself, partner, family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. If you feel unlucky on this level, there is an effect on other levels. For example, you can overcompensate on level 5 - to completely focus on work so that you don't have to feel that emptiness in your relationships. 


Level 4 = Time. This is the one thing that everyone in the world has the same amount of. (Provided you don't know when your check-out date is, just to describe it strategically. Because someone who knows when he or she will pass into the spiritual world would spend their time very differently again). But the challenge is yours, how do you divide your time? Are you good at time management and planning or does each day fly by without you having done what you need to, so that your to do list seems to get endlessly longer?


Level 5 = Work/Career/Mission. Are you doing what you are good at? Are you doing what you love? Are you living your mission? At level 5 you choose to live what your passion is, because if it feels that way, you won't work a day in your life! You may see what I do as work but it doesn't feel that way to me. I am grateful that I can contribute to the growth and development of other people. That people want to reward me lavishly for the exchange of energy is simply a perk - because I do my work for love and pleasure. And I want that for you too! Can and do you want to make shifts in this so that you no longer have to work a day? That you just live your passion and dream job / work and mission and receive a wonderful energy exchange for it? Just think about that!


Level 6 = Financial. In level 5 I talk about energy exchange. That's my name for money. How satisfied are you financially? Do you receive what you would like to receive for your services? Or does it feel out of balance? Are there blocks and beliefs that are saying at a subconscious level that you are not worthy of receiving more than X amount for your services? Wealth is a relative concept. What is wealth to you? Think about that. I feel enormously rich: I have my health, my family, my relatives and people and clients I love around me. I live my mission and receive wonderful compensation for doing what I love. That is my definition of wealth and yes, I also like beautiful designer handbags like Gucci, I prefer some luxuries to goat wool socks. Haha … but joking aside this is a good time to clarify a common prejudice: for you can develop spiritually and grow whilst also loving beautiful, luxurious things. Will these beautiful things bring you peace? No. You probably already understood that from my closet full of children's designer clothes, which ultimately brought little satisfaction. But personally I like quality in all areas, not just in the field of personal and spiritual development. Like beautiful long journeys, luxurious possessions and loving connections with beautiful souls; and enjoying the little things in life, like a bunch of roses that I received from my husband yesterday. Or the seeing the wonders of nature: for example, I was in tears of emotion and wonder for half an hour when I came face to face with the very first hummingbird, that beautiful little bird I saw in the wild in Curacao. (Much to the amusement of my children, by the way, mommy cries when she sees a bird…) But I hope my point is clear. It's about the right balance, fully tailored to your personal wishes and preferences. In other words: A 'Life on your Terms'! 


And that brings me to the last level:

Level 7 = Enjoying, Contributing and Spiritual Development

You understand, this is my level! I feel completely in my element here. This is my absolute 10 (If I may rate it)! Live, give, contribute and develop. And that brings me to your triangle and assignment. 


Provided you want to shift from A to B of course. It is important to clarify what Gap you need to bridge. It just needs to be a tiny shift. But before you make that shift, it's essential to map out your current starting point, your A. 

So go to now and download your EnergyJoy Life Triangle.

Follow the steps on the free download and you will immediately know where you stand and where you want to go.

Believe me, this is not a meaningless thing. It works! 

It doesn't feel like your time to change and shift yet? That's fine too, but make sure you don't keep putting it off. Like I said, time is the same for everyone. Time is limited so when is the ideal time to shift? That moment is NOW!


So one more time, the EnergyJoy Peak State moment and I want to close with that immediately. Follow your heart and soul, live a life on your terms! A life that makes you happy, a life that gives you satisfaction! That's the foundation!


Good luck! And yes, at each level I can guide and support you with specific tools and strategies that are guaranteed to work. So if you need help, let me know. Then we can go on an adventure together!


Thank you for listening and participating! It's crazy that you are already taking such good steps. Don't forget to be proud of yourself because really, you are so, so worth it!


Big hug filled with EnergyJoy and hopefully see you soon!

xxx Lisette 

All rights reserved EnergyJoy © 2020

42. Personal Transformation

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