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10th june 2020


Lisette Lucas:

Podcast #19 Not or Enough: How Shifting Your Beliefs Can Transform Your Life & Business Forever. 

+ Free Block & Energy Clearing Session & “I'm Enough” Sheets.


Welcome to the 19th podcast, the episode in which you will discover whether or not you have a block on your 'Not or Well Enough' belief. You discover the reason and meaning behind this and the disastrous or phenomenal effect it has on your life.  


Imagine: you keep turning in vicious circles and repeatedly getting stuck on the same thing, both privately and professionally. 


  • My Advice: use Powerful Tools for Phenomenal Transformation In Your Life & Business


  • Remember: everything is available to you. Only deeply anchored, subconscious blocks can hold you back. In this podcast I will give you tools which will help you to break through barriers and transform your life, both privately and professionally for good.


  • At the end of this podcast you will have discovered how you can become fully empowered and create your ideal life & business.


+ Free Block & Energy Clearing Session & I'm Enough Sheets, I'll tell you more about that in a minute. 


As you may know, I am an intuitive transformation therapist, medium & energy healer.  


A few years ago, in addition to my intuitive and mediumistic development, I came into contact with a special form of hypnotherapy. This was not the standard kind, no, but a powerful, fast form of hypnosis for ultimate transformation. You understand, my interest was quickly piqued. 


It came my way, as it were, by accident. Now you know if you are a regular listener: I do not believe in coincidence, rather I believe in synchronicity. So really my discovery of this meant it was the right time for me, not merely a coincidental discovery. This is also true for you, listening to my podcast at this moment. It is no coincidence that you are here.


But also this discovery really did come exactly when I needed it.


I have worked in England in the largest and most prestigious places where you can work in the media field. One specific place was at the top of my 'wish list'. My wish was to be allowed to work there once, on that stage, and this was realised and manifested as I have actually spoken there twice. A dream come true, my dream wish had come true and at that moment I was really in Heaven; it was so special to be able to work there in England. 


Yet still, after working there and after other events, I found out that I was not satisfied with myself. Not satisfied with the contacts I made for the guests in the room. Not even in England.


In fact, this feeling got in my way so much that I started blocking myself. A big block with a feeling that said I was not good enough.


Even though I had worked in England at the highest possible level, on a world level, the doubts still came. When I think back, I sabotaged myself more often in my life when really I could have broken through. 


This had happened before when I was working as a make-up artist, including at the renowned House Of Orange, in Amsterdam. Whilst there I was given great responsibility, I was even allowed to assist the Dutch #1 make-up artist (who was also my teacher): John Kattenberg; during photoshoots of bn-ers, at backstage shows, help John with teaching new students.


An international career as a make-up artist beckoned ... and yet the moment I had to press on, where I could take that big step (something I wanted so badly), I sabotaged myself again. 


I had this self-sabotage streak even when I was myself a fashion model from the age of 17. I walked fashion shows and made a lot of money from it as a teenager, yet this doubt was a huge issue. Probably not helped by being in an environment of intense scrutiny over whether you were good enough, slim enough, beautiful enough; it had a huge impact on me. 


Yet here I was, disappointed that this happened to me for the umpteenth time. When there came, just like that, a special technique, a special form of hypnotherapy. Unlike the usual form, something that had also helped many world stars, top athletes and big CEOs. 


I dived in because I was so, so over it! Something had to be done, something had to change. I had to get to the core of my issues. I felt that there was a part at my core that was sabotaging me, that wanted to keep me small and that wanted to keep me seemingly safe.


And as I have said before, your mind willpower is strong, but emotions coupled with subconscious experiences and memories always outweigh willpower.


Which is why for the umpteenth time, I let the emotions of insecurity, doubt, and feelings of not being good enough take over, run, and direct my life. 


Whether I wanted to or not, I fell prey.


Then I started applying the hypnotherapy tools & recordings right from my home, from my safe environment. I began listening to special recordings and sessions that showed me the core of my issues, before removing them from the root. Thus allowing me to start  upgrading my mind & system with information that I wanted to feel, experience and receive.


I was amazed at the scenes from my childhood, which came out like a mini-movie with feelings, as if I were that little girl again. Nothing scary or unpleasant, because when you go back into your subconscious it is like watching some kind of mini-movie from a distance. I also knew beforehand that it’s not possible to relive scenes. After all, you have already experienced it, so you look at it with the intention of gaining insight into what beliefs you linked to it as a small child. 


This led me to do a session to find out why I felt that I was not enough, or not good enough to perform at a world level.


I’ll give an example to show how the system works: lying completely relaxed on my bed at home I was taken back to a particular memory. I was listening to a recording on my headphones that brought me into a state of deep relaxation. A relaxation where my thinking mind went to sleep for a while (they call this the Alpha state of your mind), and my subconscious mind, that part that is always on, was fully alert and sharp. 


You are brought to a state of deep relaxation and super alertness at the same time. But the amazing thing about this state is that the thinking, critical mind, which wants to interfere with everything, is quiet, at peace for a while. So you are therefore completely open to suggestions and you can easily follow the directions. 


The best part is, this allows you to get to the scenes, the moments, the situations, the circumstances that are the core root of your problems. Those problems that you deal with to this day without thinking about consciously.


So there I went, following the voice on the recording without thinking, and I ended up at a moment from my childhood, out of the blue. 


In the scene I arrived at I was four years old, (I just felt this was my age), and I was in kindergarten in Park Leeuwenbergh, where I grew up. I saw my kindergarten teacher and she was talking to my mother. I could just hear the conversation the way I heard it when I was 4 years old. I overheard the teacher talking to my mum about how shy I was. 


The tone and feeling I picked up whilst there as a 4-year-old, was a belief that after hearing the conversation, I will never be okay again. I also hear my mother say something, like she doesn't know what to do with it.


Then they look at my sister (who is older by 15-months) and is hopping around the schoolyard and say: “Yes, she will be fine, she is so different from Lisette”. 


The feeling I was left with was: ‘I am not good enough and will never be good enough’. But my sister was, the scene moved on in my memory and  I heard the teacher and my mother laugh and it felt for me as a 4-year-old, like laughing at me. I felt the emotions very strongly, they are stored in the memory of that moment. 


While I watch and experience this scene from a distance, like a mini-movie moment from my life, the penny drops.


I watch the scene, look through and around the scene as a detective in my own life and suddenly understand: “Wow, when your teacher and mother say that at the age of 4, you believe it”! I had taken what I had heard to be the truth. This meant the conviction arose: ‘I am not good enough and will never be good enough’.


Then, after understanding where my negative belief originated, I immediately transformed it. Using a special recording for 21 days I started to overwrite this with the recording called: ‘I am enough, I am worth it’! 


Obviously I worked through more scenes but where the core lay is in knowing that I am worth it, that I am enough and that I have always been enough!


Through a special hypnotherapy regression session and then the Upgrade and Transform session I was able to transform my limiting beliefs forever.


The effect is gigantic and still continues to this day and is visible in everything I do and who I am. This is because from an energetic point of view, knowing you are worthy is so essential! That’s because, like attracts like, so if you have the feeling (subconsciously) that you are not worth it, you also attract similar situations and circumstances.


My advice from my own personal experience: if you don't like something in your life then find, internally, in your subconscious, where the core lies. For this is where the Shift can take place and this can transform your life forever.


So do you want to thrive in both your private and business life and live your ultimate blueprint? Go back to your subconscious memories, see what beliefs you usually linked to as a young child, and once you understand it, you can transform it.


For if your mind doesn’t understand then you cannot transform.


If this feels good and if you think: ‘I am ready for this’, I recommend that you take action. Or actually, if you think: ‘I'm done, I'm tired of ending up in the same pattern every time’. Do you have that feeling? Enough is enough?! Then I want to congratulate you, because this is the most important point in your life. 


You have to have had enough and be done with leaving it behind for good. If you feel deep down that you are here for a reason, that you have a purpose in this life, that you have a mission. That you have something to offer the world from your private circumstances or perhaps from your own business, your own company, then this is the solution for you.


Believe me it works!


Among other things, these podcasts emerged from transforming everything that held me back. Everything that kept me small. Now my podcast can be heard all over the world, if you understand Dutch - but you get my point.


Do you dare to make your voice heard, do you dare to share your talents with the world?

Or do you play it safe, keep yourself small? Perhaps as small as your father, mother or grandfather or grandmother wanted to see you, right?

Is that you? Or is that someone else's pattern and belief? 


Just think about that?


Yesterday I heard a nice statement about investing. People invest in anything and everything, in real estate, stocks, and so on; but you know what the best investment is? The best and most beautiful investment you can make in your life? Well guess what? That is the investment in yourself! Investing in yourself for a lifetime. Why? Because you are worth it, 100%, 1000% worth it.


And that brings me to the next exercise we are going to do together. Will you join?


It is an energetic test and exercise to determine whether there is a block and where it is. Do not do this exercise and test while driving a vehicle or operating heavy machinery. If necessary, pause the recording so that you can find a place for yourself where you can sit and feel quietly. 


Okay, are you ready? This is a powerful technique that detects and indicates energetic blockages. You may recognise the feeling when I point it out to you. 


Just tell yourself, out loud or in your mind: ‘I'm worth it’! Again: ‘I am worth it’! And: ‘I've always been worth it’. And: ‘I am enough’. And this one: ‘I have always been enough and always will be enough’.


Do you feel resistance? If so, where in your body do you feel resistance? 



How does it feel? On a scale of 0 to 10 where at 0 you hardly feel it and 10 is really very intense. Now name a number without thinking ... very good, remember your number. 


Do you feel it: in your body, in front of you, behind you, above you, below you? Resistance can be felt as an energetic block everywhere, so also outside your physical body, because your energetic body is much larger than your physical form.


If you have a block on the belief: ‘I am worth it and I am enough’, then you feel a kind of knot, or heaviness or contraction, or pressure feeling arise somewhere in your body. 


Suppose you feel it in your stomach or chest, for example, then I now want you to bring your attention to the place where you feel it, where you feel the block.


Good, and I'll ask another question in a minute and I want you to answer without thinking, so within 3 seconds.


Okay, bring your attention to the place where the energy is stacked. Say again: ‘I am worth it, I am enough, I am worth it’!


Feel the energy, stay with that energy. 


  • How old was I when I got this block? Roughly how old? Don't think, the answer is right there, stored in the energy of your subconscious.


  • Who did I pick up that energy from? Mother, Father, Myself or someone else?


  • What emotion do I feel when I connect with this? 


Okay, you should now feel and understand roughly when this originated and with whom it is related. If you don't feel anything, you don't get anything in, no problem, it may be that there is also a piece on it. Perhaps a feeling, for example, that it is not safe. No problem.


Now follow my voice and close your eyes: bring your attention to the place of the energetic blockage, then imagine that through the crown of your head (the top of your head), a beautiful sunbeam is shining on your body. A sunbeam with glorious light right above you, and that light flows through your body and goes directly to the place where you feel the heavier energy, the blockage. 


This light acts as a kind of disinfectant, it removes heavy energy: the light breaks through and destroys the heaviness and also the energy that you no longer need. This heavy, negative energy begins to disappear. Breathe in and out quietly and see and feel how the light shines in that place instead.


Let the light break down the heaviness, dissolving it like a cloud that disappears so that the sun can shine through and the light dominates. 


Then let that sunbeam illuminate and clear your whole body and let the light go into the earth, let it shine on the earth as well.


Now say again: ‘I am worth it, I am enough, I have always been enough and always will be enough’.


Do you still feel a block, do you experience anything else? On a scale of 0 to 10, which number? Without thinking? 


Did it fail? Or maybe the block has completely gone. You can repeat this as often as you want. If necessary, adjust the question slightly. But you can do this until it reaches zero or at least drops below 4. 


Then you are going in the right direction.


This is an energy clearing technique, which I can also do in 1:1 sessions or via Zoom. We can also tackle core areas, this in combination with the hypnotherapy techniques is an incredibly powerful combination. It belongs to my TAT Therapy (my Trinity Abundance Therapy) to create abundance in the core areas of your life. 


The ‘Intuition Boost Method’ is also based on this and the new: ‘Boost your Self Esteem’ training too. These will be online soon and so if you struggle with self-confidence issues, and the feeling of being unworthy, you can remove and transform these beliefs from the root, replacing them with new core beliefs. 


When I followed the transformation program myself, my own students and guests in the room noticed that something had changed. They asked: “What have you done? You are more powerful, you really stand there”! I knew immediately then the power of this training. It really is wonderful that by understanding and using the intelligence of your own mind you can transform your life.


The feeling of worthiness and self-confidence are core qualities that really have to be present for you to be successful in your private life as well as in your career and / or your own business.


So if you want to boost your own business, start here. Start with the basics, it’s so important! 


According to Tony Robbins fear, the word FEAR stands for: ‘False Evidence that Appears Real’. When I fill in the word FEAR in my way I call it: ‘Attention to Negative Feeling Stops Transformation’; and what you focus on grows!


It's pretty much the same meaning and the core message is: if you pay attention and live to something that is not even yours, you cannot transform further. Then you must fix yourself! So don’t let feelings or your attention focus on the negative (even subconsciously) as this keeps you from Transformation. 


Tony Robbins has a particularly poignant comment about fear when he says there are really only two fears. 


You just discovered the first fear … the feeling that you are not enough, that you are not worth it. You might fear that you are: not young enough, not intelligent enough, not funny enough, not rich enough, not sexy enough. 


This feeling of lack is particularly painful when you love someone deeply and that feeling doesn't turn out to be mutual. I think we have all experienced that feeling at some point… and then you automatically end up with the second deepest fear that you as a person have to deal with.


That you live with the fear that if you are not enough then you are not worthy of being loved, you are simply not lovable. 


Ultimately, it brings everything back to love, because in Tony's words: “Love, is the oxygen of life”!


Therefore, if you want to be commercially successful, you can buy expensive programs to make your business run better, but really you need to start with yourself. Make sure you are fully empowered and have cleared your blocks, your subconscious fears, which are blocking growth and transformation.


This of course that also applies to your private life, your love life. After all, love is the oxygen of life. 


Are you looking for a partner, a Soulmate? Then make sure you resonate first, on the frequency you want to attract. Clear your 'I'm not enough' fears and replace with: ‘I'm enough, I'm worth it, I'm enough’! 


You often hear: ‘I am looking for a partner, my better half / other half’. 


No! I always think. You are not half! You are whole! If you are looking for someone to make you whole, I can tell you now that you won’t, or at least it will not last long.


You have to heal yourself first, make yourself whole. You have to transform those subconscious fears and then when you are healed, and know you are worthy, when you stop looking for someone to make you whole; then the other person who is resonating on the same level, the same frequency will enter your life. 


It is then that the most beautiful connections and relationships arise.


I've seen it happen in my practice. Giant shifts take place in the clients after ‘I’m enough’ sessions and then love was manifested in their life. It’s very beautiful to witness and I am so grateful to see and experience it.


I advise you if you want to discover how a block came into existence, to go back into deep relaxation, in Alpha state, to your subconscious mind. You can do that with podcast 8 (the pattern break session) and with podcast 9, where you can download the transformation session for free. Podcast 8 and 9 really belong together and let you experience the power on a meditative level. This goes up a level if you go into hypnosis under my guidance, where the results are really phenomenal and the techniques are proven worldwide. It just works.  


I will also post notes and links to this episode in the Shownotes at: 


If you need to enter the transformation process, want to transform forever, working 1:1, you can do that in my practice in South Holland or otherwise via Zoom. There will also be a special online programme that you can use at home. 


Most importantly, you must be ready for change. You must have just had enough of things, be tired of the current state of affairs and be ready to change course. Then you can achieve the most amazing results, whether privately, in the field of love and relationships, or in the field of health and well-being, or in the field of career and business.


Everything is connected and you will see that the ripple effect is huge. Change something in yourself, Shift your own frequency, your own energy and it has an effect on your entire environment; everyone benefits in the end. Sometimes they have to get used to the radical shifts, where maybe you start standing up for yourself and set better limits for the first time.  


But if you radiate that you are worth it, then you will be treated that way. Lovingly and with respect and most importantly, you can embrace yourself again and look happily in the mirror.


Especially for this podcast and to remind you that you are absolutely worth it, I have made some awesome 'I'm enough' sheets. 


You can download them for free and use them as a screensaver, as a background on your mobile or hang it on the fridge for example. In the show notes I will share what I have on my fridge, everyone laughs about it, but after my own experiences and what I see in clients I know better. This is the reason behind so many problems, from anorexia, bulimia, addictions, depression, to relationship failure, lack of success, financial hardship and so much more. 


You can also request the free 'I'm enough' downloads via:


If you know and feel and resonate in every cell, every fibre of your body that you are worthy, then your life cannot help but be successful. Of course life is life, as my mentor Mavis Pittilla says so beautifully: ‘Life being Life’. But then you can handle challenges better, you are more creative and flexible in solving and overcoming challenges and life smiles at you. You can then snap back faster to the higher frequency of joy, love and gratitude, instead of getting stuck in heavy frequencies of guilt, fear and sadness. 


In any case, I know that you are worth 1000% and if you have doubts and need help to receive that extra push, guidance and help, then you know where to find me.


Remember, you have infinite potential and anything is possible! 

Don't be limited by something that probably doesn't even belong to you. 


Share your insights and results from the 0-10 scale with me! I am very curious about what you have discovered! Email me at  It’s always great to hear from you!


Thank you very much for listening and it’s great you are taking the time for yourself! That indicates that you are ready for the Shift - ready to be the best version of yourself!

All Rights Reserved 2020© EnergyJoy 

Not Enough 

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