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24th november 2021


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 95. Confident & Easy Public Speaking. How To Overcome The World's Greatest Fear + 10 Tips & an Exclusive Listener Promotion

  • Is Public Speaking One of Your Biggest Fears? 


  • In this podcast I share my most embarrassing public blackout, fear story and how I overcame it


  • I'll also give you my 10 tips and an exclusive listener promotion. With which you can leave this fear and limiting blockage behind you for good 


  • So that you can speak confidently and easily in public


(The shownotes for this episode can be found at:


Welcome to Podcast #95!


Let’s jump straight in: last Friday I taught the 2nd year students of my programme Intuitive Development, Personal Transformation and Mediumship. 


It was the penultimate day of class for this training year.

And the healthy tension was clearly palpable because we close the last day of classes of the year with mini consultations and a demonstration of mediumship for the public.


So the students are going to give an energetic, intuitive, psychic reading 1 on 1 to someone they don't know. All while standing in front of the audience, speaking in public and then giving a demonstration of mediumship.


The tension in the air brought me back to my own trajectory of intuitive, personal and mediumistic development. If you've listened to previous podcasts, you know that I used to be very shy. Sincerely highly sensitive and shy. Speaking in public, standing in front of a group, hall or audience was really my biggest fear and nightmare.


It wasn't until years later that I learned that public speaking is the  #1 fear worldwide! (In the western world.)


Wow …  I could have done with that knowledge sooner. Because as a little girl I really thought I was the only one who was nearly half dead just thinking about standing in front of a class. That's how it felt anyway. 


If I did have to do a speech then I had 2 tactics.

Tactic 1. Pretending to be terribly ill with the hope the speech could keep being delayed. That at some point the school year would be over and so I would no longer have to. 

Often effective but unfortunately not always …  as you may understand. 

Tactic 2. Taking as many props or objects to school as possible, so that I disappeared behind them, leaving the focus and attention of the group completely on all the bells and whistles that I carried to school. 

Some things I brought with me: chickens from the garden, Cape shelducks, half the boat inventory to the ingenious copper folding propeller of my father's sailboat. 

My tactics worked. And there were days when my mother was carrying a hat, with duck decoys, automatically inflatable life jackets, which were very hip at the time, and life buoys. But it literally saved me through primary school … Hahaha.



These tactics brought good results, until the moment as a 19-year-old during my training as a management assistant, my attempts were thwarted by my fellow students. 

I thought: ‘I'll do the creative part’, so I put my efforts into putting the presentation on paper colourfully. I thought that would be my contribution and then the others in my team could do the verbal part and the physical presentation for the group. 

Well, you probably already feel it coming - it didn't go as I expected.


I will never forget that moment. I still get nauseous when I think about it: one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. My teammates said casually: ‘Lisette, you do the presentation’. And there I stood. In front of the group, all eyes on me and …  I couldn't say a word. Completely empty, no idea what I was talking about. As if my brain had checked out …  I felt tears welling up and to save myself the humiliation, I jumped behind the big white board. I had a complete blackout. My fellow students looked at me in surprise. I could only say through my tears: ‘I can't do this …’ 

Literally feeling sick from the tension and stress it caused, I went home upset. 


And I immediately stopped the training. I never wanted to experience that fear, humiliation, pain and sadness again.


At least, that's what my thinking mind had intended.

But years later I was confronted with a part of myself that was even more powerful than my thinking and subconscious mind. Do you know what part that was? It was the internal voice of my Soul.

My Soul-pull that drew me in the spiritual direction towards intuitive and mediumistic development. And also to England. I had the feeling: ‘That's where I have to be’!

I couldn't help but listen to that feeling and that pull. Even though I had read in the curriculum of the 3-year training that you also had to work for the hall (something about demonstration mediumship). I had made up my mind beforehand: I want to learn to work with energy because it fascinates me. But standing in front of that room … no way! 

Well, to make a long story short.


In the 1st year I was practising for the group, both in the Netherlands and in England. But we had to conclude the 3rd year with a public demonstration of mediumship again in the Netherlands and in England at the renowned Arthur Findlay college. 


Really, I thought that at that moment, just before such a demonstration, I myself would go to the spiritual world on the spot. From then on they would have an extra deceased spirit to work with. But miraculously, I survived. My soul-pull and willpower turned out to be stronger.


Many public demonstrations later, I noticed that I had not completely lost that underlying, nauseating fear. 

I pushed it away and threw myself in at the deep end. Yet there was an internal struggle. 


I now know and understand what was happening: willpower will get you far, but at some point subconscious emotions from the deeper layers will win over willpower. Emotions are always stronger. 

I also made a podcast about this: Podcast 76. Willpower vs. Unconscious emotions. I'll put the link in the show notes at: 


During a public, paid demonstration of mediumship in England, I came face to face with the black-out moment from when I was 19 years old. This time I didn't black out but my voice was shaking, my body was shaking like a straw … I wasn't myself. 


My subconscious emotions took over. And that was the moment I knew: ‘Okay, Lisette, there’s work to do! I have to work on a subconscious level on internal blocks, fears and old patterns and beliefs’. Otherwise I would never get over this. 


And I did. The proof that it has worked is in this podcast. Something I could never have done without that internal work. And also the fact that I can now provide training online with ease and confidence, for example for groups of 750 people. Sure, it's always exciting. But I know I can. 


And the beauty of my experiences of trial and error? I can give you tips now. 


So I am now going to give you the tips and tools that have shifted everything 100% for me. (I will also put these tips in the show notes.)


  1. Breath: Go look and feel, where is my breath? Is your breath shallow and quick? Then make sure you learn to practice abdominal breathing. So simple but so important. 

  2. Wear clothes that make you feel good and that let you know that you look well-groomed and good. That’s half the battle.  

  3. Prepare yourself well. Write down some keywords, not everything but a few points as a guideline. This gives great peace of mind. 

  4. Sit in the room or hall beforehand and blend with the energy of the room. Invite your spirit team, guides, angels, loved ones or whatever you believe in to assist you from the energetic side. Then you are not alone. Anyway, that helps me. 

  5. Healthy nerves are normal. It raises the energy. You can use that energy to stand full in your power in front of the hall.

  6. Smile and look at the people in the audience. Make eye contact. Look and speak as if you were speaking to your best friend.

  7. Speak as if you are speaking to 1 person instead of 20, 50, 100 or 1000 people. 

  8. Just be yourself. Joke every now and then, be serious sometimes, be strong and share a touching moment. The variety keeps others' attention.

  9. Realise that people don't focus on you but on themselves. They listen because they want to know what they can get out of it for themselves. This helps shift the focus and also the nerves. 

  10. Break through old patterns, blocks and beliefs by reprogramming your mind.


And this last tip, number 10, is what I did with the year group.

I did a powerful hypnosis with them. The hypnosis is called: Confident & Easy Public Speaking.


This is the hypnosis I myself used to break my fear of public speaking for good. 

After listening to it for 21 days, my own students at public events simply noticed that there was something different about me. Suddenly I got feedback like: ‘Wow, you stood there so powerfully’. Or ‘Gosh, what a beautiful evening. You beamed’.


At that moment I knew: That is the work of hypnosis. I have updated my software as it were and that feels great! Let the power of your subconscious mind work for you. It makes life so much easier and more beautiful.


And I gave it to my 2nd year students so that they can speak and work in front of the group next month confidently and with ease. 


How great is that!


And even better news. Are you also ready to break through those limiting fears and nerves for public speaking? Then this is the hypnosis session for you. 

You can easily listen to this recording from your own safe environment. For a minimum of 21 days and when and as often as you need it. It also helps you to just be more powerful in groups and more at ease. So that you can talk more easily with other people. 

I was taught this technique through my trainer and hypnotherapist. Several years ago she was voted the best therapist in England. So trust me, it works! 


And especially because you are listening to this podcast I have a great promotion.

You can now get this hypnosis session for home at an extra affordable price. But only with the special code I'm giving you now. The code is: 95 

You can place the hypnosis audio course in your shopping cart via the show notes. And there you can enter the special code so that you get the opportunity to speak in public with confidence and ease. And at a discount simply for being a loyal podcast listener. 

If you follow the EnergyJoy annual training, you will receive this session as a bonus in the 2nd year. 

You will then receive the recording and you can also find it in your EnergyJoy membership account via my Lisette Lucas app, which you can download for free. 


My life has shifted enormously by applying the easy to listen to hypnosis recordings. I listen to something every day. Simply because it boosts me in the deepest layers of my being.

I would say: Go experience it for yourself. 

Do you find hypnosis exciting or scary? Then also listen to Podcast #23: Hypnosis. 

There I explain to you what really happens with hypnosis. And you find out that you are always in control. Only you decide what you can and cannot let in. It's that simple. 


You can find all the information via the show notes at: 


I wish you the best of luck and would love to hear your story about how it helped you! Both in working for a group live and online. 

And last tip: The new training groups will start soon. All information can be found online via my EnergyJoy Academy. 


Thanks for listening and see you soon! Love Lisette x

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2021© 

Podcast 95. Confident and Easy Public Speaking

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