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25th march 2020


Lisette Lucas


Welcome to podcast # 9 The Rules of The Mind

It’s great that you have made the time for podcast # 9! This podcast contains a very special supplement, and in preparation for that, I am going to give you the 4 essential rules of the mind today.


Later you will receive more instructions about the free transformation and upgrade session for abundance in your life. By abundance I mean that whatever you desire is abundantly available to you. Whether that is: good health, good relationships, love, more money, or being successful in something. Abundance is therefore the name for the all-encompassing.


Before listening to this podcast it is best to first listen to podcast #8 and then complete the accompanying exercise. In podcast #8 I talk of how you can discover your subconscious limiting belief(s). So if you haven't done this yet, I recommend that you listen back to this episode, for this is the basis of transformation! Discovering at an unconscious level what blocks you, sabotages you and allows you to stay stuck in that tiresome vicious circle.


Now is the time to break through this for good and leave it behind! As soon as the Mind understands why you have a certain behaviour, limiting pattern or belief; then how, where and when it originated: you can transform it. The old pattern, outdated habit or belief can be erased, removed for good, and overwritten with new beliefs that suit you better. This will help you to move forward and gives you the extra motivation, at the deepest level, to become the best version of yourself. 


As promised, there is an extra bonus: you will receive a free upgrade session with this podcast # 9, so that you can leave limiting beliefs and patterns behind for good! You will learn how to override the old with new, powerful beliefs that create a life of abundance in all areas. A life in which you are healthy, successful, loved and rich; a life in which everything is available to you. While truly understanding how your mindset can work for you or against you.


But before we get to the powerful, free upgrade session, I'm going to explain the 4 rules of the mind. This is because if you understand how the mind works, a world will open up for you. You will finally understand old behaviours and fears, making challenges suddenly appear in a completely different light.


It is really worthwhile to delve into this. If you understand not only intuition and your energy, but also have insight into the world of your thoughts, your mindset: you can coordinate everything. Then all the super intelligent, all the genius parts of yourself can work together. Making a perfect team. And you know, teamwork makes the dreamwork! In other words, your dreams can become reality; you can create a reality in which everything is available.

And now you may ask, Lisette, how did you get these insights, this knowledge and information?


I have been trained and certified by Marisa Peer. In my show notes at I will provide a link to her. She has been named best therapist in England, has won numerous awards for her methods and is an authority on therapy and the workings of the mind at the subconscious level. During her many years of work experience with the biggest names: CEOs, pop stars, top athletes, actors, she discovered patterns and the underlying workings of the mind. That has led to the following rules. Rules that, when understood, can set in motion deep transformation. This is why I would like to share them with you.


Here come the 4 rules of the mind:


 # 1: Your mind does what it thinks you want it to do.


# 2: Your mind's job is to keep you safe, not to make you happy.


# 3: Your mind responds to the pictures you take in your head and the words you say to yourself.


# 4: Your mind likes what is known and wants to stay away from what is unknown.


If you understand rule number 1, then I am sure that from now on you will be careful and pay attention to what you say and think.


Rule 1: Your mind does what it thinks you want it to do.


So if you say enough times, my kids drive me crazy or my job drives me mad. Then your mind thinks, well then, I better keep you away from your children or work. And the only way your mind can do that is to make you sick: manifest something on a physical level to keep you away from the source of pain. Thus to prevent that, it is very important that you formulate it differently.


So say instead: yes, my kids are challenging sometimes, but that's just the way kids are and I love them deeply.


Or about your work: my job is sometimes difficult, but I am grateful that I have a job.


And this way your mind doesn't have to resist. Now in times of social distancing or being forced to stay at home for whatever reason, it’s easy to think: I get terribly anxious from sitting inside, the walls close in on me, it drives me crazy. What do you think happens? Oh, your mind thinks: I'm going to make sure that you get sick and that you get really claustrophobic; then, at least, you don't have to stay in here any longer. But, that’s not the intention, is it? Instead, think: I'm staying in now and that’s okay. I help others by staying inside, so that is what I choose and now I have time to do other things that I enjoy. Things I never had time for and that feels good. Then your mind doesn't have to resist. This is what we want to aim for.


Rule # 2: Your mind's job is to keep you safe, not make you happy.


We often believe that our minds should make us happy. But that is not true. Your mind's job is to keep you alive: so your mind will always try and keep you safe. It tries to protect you so that you survive. Therefore, it will always keep you away from pain and fear and move you towards pleasure. That's why it's important to know how to fool your mind, as it were.


Imagine you really want to exercise, but you are really dreading it because you’re unfit and you don’t like the resulting muscle pain. Tell your mind: I love sports, I get fitter every day and I love it when the effect is clearly felt in my body. It makes me happy!


Or if you are tired of the broken sleep because your baby keeps waking you up at night, say to yourself: I am so blessed with a baby who wakes me up 3 times a night. What a gift to have a healthy child who wants to be fed.


Change the way you talk about the things that you find difficult, heavy or painful, say: I love it, I want it, I like it, and so on. Be creative with your new words so that your mind believes you and doesn't resist.


That's how top athletes do it, if they have to get up very early in the morning to train, they think about the end result, what they are doing it for. I do this because this is going to make me World Champion or Olympic Champion. And for that I do it. For they understand the mind's need to move you towards pleasure and away from pain. When you link pain to something, your mind makes you give up, very quickly.


If you want to achieve something and you fail, how easy is it to give up? It’s natural because failure is linked with pain. 


But, if you really want to make your dreams come true, you want to be successful, then you say: I like to keep working on weekends because I do it to make my dreams come true and then it becomes something you like to do. The result of this hard work will be combining pleasure with working (a positive end result); which is why you work towards it with joy and love. If you want to write and publish a real book, then you love to write for hours, well into the night, right? At the back of your mind is the thought that it will soon be in the store. That makes it all worth it.


If you want to be successful, you choose to take action and put a lot of time and energy into making it happen. You have to enjoy the process! If you are going to complain about the hours and the fatigue, just how hard it can be: then you know now that with pain linked to your goal already, it is doomed to fail.


You can choose for yourself what you link pain or pleasure to. The choice is 100% yours. In fact, you can choose anything you want.

Rule # 3: Your mind responds to the pictures you make in your head and the words you say to yourself.


If you’re a regular listener of my podcast, then you have heard this line several times already. If you master and understand this rule, your mouth will fall open when you listen to the words people around you say. Just start paying attention. Then you see that when you talk in a certain way, you are bringing everything upon yourself.


Statements such as: I will never succeed, that is not for me, I am always unlucky.


Recently there was a James Bond film on TV, in one scene he had a scorpion on his hand, and with this same hand he had to drink something. Can you picture it? It really made my skin crawl, as I’m sure it does for you!


Just suppose he had a butterfly or a ladybird on his hand. This would have been a totally different scene. Your mind and then your body would respond very differently to this image.


What if it had been a cockroach on his hand, just picture that. Now, imagine a large cockroach on your own hand? How does that feel? What does that do to you? Where do you feel it in your body? You immediately get a physical reaction and emotional sensation to something that is not even there.


Interesting, don't you think?


The word, the thoughts, the picture: it sets so much in motion, instantly. Without really having to think about it. There is immediately a feeling, a sensation, a physical reaction.


Just like a beautiful butterfly on your shoulder or a brown moth. Which do you prefer? There’s so much power in the pictures you create in your head and the words you say to yourself. 


One of my children, for example, is terrified of butterflies. At some point something happened which caused this fear. For them the picture of a beautiful butterfly has morphed into something scary. And what does the mind want? The mind wants to keep you away from fear and pain. So suddenly an innocent butterfly turns into a threat. At least that's what the picture wants you to believe. But you can change that. Meaning that if you correct the pictures in your head and you correct the words, your life changes.


And the final rule, Rule # 4: Your mind likes what is known and wants to stay away from what is unknown.


Why is that? Deep down (in our primal programming), coming from our ancestors long, long ago, we are still people from a tribe, from a particular tribe.


In this distant past, if you moved outside your tribe to unfamiliar territory, there were a lot of potential dangers. This belief is still deeply embedded in our system. But, is that programming still correct? We no longer live in tribes, we are no longer a part of a particular tribe. We have become a large multicultural society. This ancient fear of the unknown is outdated and no longer necessary.


So it is good to disclose what is unknown. And that applies to the smallest, most simple things such as: learning to drink tea without sugar, take a daily walk, meditate or exercise, listen to a podcast to develop yourself, do not eat sweets after every meal.


Because if you do that then what is unknown becomes known. And what is known and what you no longer want in your life, unknown.


Instead of watching TV or binge-watching every night, read an educational book. Or, for example, replace a meat based meal, once or twice a week with a vegetarian meal. In the beginning it can feel strange (because it is unknown), but now my family, for example, is familiar with plant-based food, and it is the most normal thing in the world.


And now for a very important one! Get used to praising yourself, complimenting yourself when you do something right. Tell yourself: I did a great job, I can be proud of myself, I am amazing. Be positive in any and every way. Tell yourself that you love what you do, that you are good at it. Appreciate your good and beautiful qualities: stand in front of the mirror and look at what you like about yourself, compliment yourself as you would a friend. Everyday get used to praising yourself, make it normal. And in this way you make self-criticism, putting yourself down unknown.


Also, praise yourself for listening to this podcast and thank yourself for taking the time to do so- because you are worth it!


Now it is time to move on to the special bonus upgrade session to manifest abundance in your life.


You can download this powerful session for free from the link in the shownotes at


Choose to schedule an upgrade and pampering moment for yourself every day, praise yourself by saying that you deserve it and are absolutely worth it.


And once more to summarise:


Avoid and remove any negative words and phrases from your mind, words like: it tears me up, it drives me crazy, it drives me insane, it gives me a headache, I don't like it, I am so stressed. Replace it with positive words and phrases such as: I can handle it with ease, I feel good about it, I love what I do, I choose it, I like to do this, I know that this will pass.


Keep having fun, linking this to what you are doing, showing there is no pain. One way to switch your mindset is to link pain to not doing or performing it.


Don’t forget that you only respond to the words and pictures in your mind, so make what you say great. Also, remember to make unknown what you no longer want in your life, and to make known what you do want to receive and have in your life.


If you apply these simple rules you can work better with your mind, you will no longer have to fight it. Then you have the perfect mindset and you can work together as a team and achieve whatever you want!


Already we are at the end of podcast # 9. If you found it interesting and you think it will benefit someone you know: share it! Maybe someone else needs it even more than you, it’s really lovely that we can share this powerful information and help each other in this way.


I would love to hear what you think of the podcast and the special free bonus session. Send an email to I love to receive feedback, to hear what you learn from the podcasts and how they help you.


Do you have specific questions or are you dealing with challenges in life that my assistance may help you with? Then please feel free to email me. If you need it, we will schedule a no-obligation phone appointment, so we can exchange thoughts and see what we can do for each other.


Thank you very much for the time you have taken for both me and yourself. See you next time!

xxx Lisette Lucas

All rights reserved © 2020 EnergyJoy

Script: Rules of the Mind

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