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28th april 2021


Lisette Lucas:


Podcast 65. The Ultimate Game Changer, Which Changed Everything For Me Forever! + The Ability To Shift Too


Is this recognisable: You feel deep inside that there is more in you …  but something blocks you, makes you stagnate and keeps you small.


  • The Ultimate Gamechanger gives you insight for the rest of your life.


  • So you know how to shift for good and break through old pieces.


  • And then you can step into the best, authentic version of yourself and live your mission and purpose!




Welcome to Podcast #65!


If you listen to my podcast more often, you know that I let the topics for the podcast come to me naturally. I'm not going to search or overthink because that really doesn't work for me. So it always comes naturally. And so too today, although in a very different way, different to usual.  


Last week in the morning while blow drying my hair, I suddenly had a sentence in my head that was so beautiful, I immediately turned off the hair dryer, opened the notes in my iPhone and wrote it down. I thought, that's going to be it, my new podcast. 


And I always write it down immediately, by the way, and for a reason. So take this tip right away. I now know that if something inspired from my higher self comes to me, if it is kind of dropped into my thinking, conscious mind. It’s a download from a higher frequency which was not created by my thinking brain. In other words, it is suddenly there, in a flash, without thinking, and as a result it is very fleeting. And by that I mean: If I don't write it down right away, it's gone right away. Purely because it does not yet have the time to go from short to long term memory.


So last Friday I told my students of the year course this. Purely to open their minds to the possibilities and to be open to incoming inspiration from the 5th dimensional and beyond. Actually like I'm telling you now.


But the days were busy with the launch of the new group from the Master Your Intuition Academy, so the podcast didn't really take off.


Until I woke up this morning. I had a strong and sweet dream. My dear aunt who passed away a few weeks ago, was present in my dream - and it was wonderful to spend time with her again. And yet I woke up sad. The realisation that I would never see her again in real life became too much for me. So I started listening to a hypnosis to better cope with loss and to allow mourning. Then I suddenly thought: ‘This is going to be today's podcast’. A heavy and loaded subject but so many people have to deal with it. Emotionally now more than ever. And yes, as a medium I also feel that I just miss her from the earthly perspective. So I let my emotions run wild. Because yes, I now know better than anyone that holding back emotions is counterproductive. I am confronted with it every day in my practice.


So yes, let those tears run free. It gave me space. And yes, crying out emotions is from a therapeutic perspective: 'massive letting go' so it really felt like letting go. It's okay, it's all okay and I could energetically feel my aunt's presence and hear her laugh so she immediately lifted me up. Yes, being a medium has its advantages …  (and yes everyone can learn this, but that aside).


But back to the order of the day. Okay, I thought, it's that recurring time of the month when emotions run high a bit faster and also a full moon …  well then I'm a bit more susceptible I'll just say.


I also had to hurry because I had to be at the dentist in Noordwijk with my 3 teenagers at 11 am. Sounds like a decent time you would think, but especially for the oldest it really is midnight …  haha.


So the four of us went in the car to Noordwijk (a 35 minutes drive from our house). But I ended up there once because of fear of the dentist and that dentist works with hypnosis especially for patients with anxiety. So great.


When we arrived there was no parking to be found. I have a big kind of American HTM bus for 7 people, which is very handy, unless you are in a hurry and need to park. So at the stroke of the clock, at the agreed time, I had to throw 2 kids out of the car at the dentist to drive around with the youngest for 15 minutes before we found a spot. I’d reached breaking point. And then a truck was blocking the road - he said I could fit through the gap but I had to drive over his tailgate, and he closed my side mirrors so that I drove through with millimeters to spare. 


Well, I can tell you, the water came in my eyes again. Pffff. In the end we found a spot and were helped and arrived home a while later.


I was so tired of everything that I thought: I'm going to listen to a hypnosis before I start the podcast.


And so it was done. And then it happened, I was deep in hypnosis, wonderfully relaxed and far away and I suddenly got very clear in my mind's eye the word: see GAMECHANGER, hear GAMECHANGER and feel the meaning of Gamechanger.




And the feeling especially made me immediately open my eyes. Suddenly I knew: That's it! Gamechanger is the topic of today's podcast. Or better yet: My game changer!


The heaviness I felt in the morning disappeared like snow in the sun. It was not yet time for the heavy subject of loss and grief. Purely because it is still too fresh for me. The right moment will come by itself.


This topic now comes first, because it arrived to me. It came in just as it was meant to.


So that's why I first wanted to share the course of how it came about. Because that also feels essential. After all, we are all human with challenges and fluctuating moods and situations and circumstances that sometimes slow us down or take us a few steps back. So yes, me too! At the dentist, I would have preferred to put the mask over my entire head so that the tears I felt welling up could disappear unseen. I'm also just human and sometimes I forget to shift. (My trigger: full moon and cycle …  hahaha then it flows fast).


But I'm sure you recognise yourself in this too. I now know that the most essential thing is: giving in. As I did this afternoon. Even though my podcast had to be online, I listened to my body. I started doing my hypnosis and in my view the most beautiful miracle that you can experience happened there. Me, Lisette and her ego part that had been searching all morning, stepped aside and I was allowed to receive the inspiration that way. And to allow that Gamechanger (of intuitive transformation therapy through hypnosis) to work, the Gamechanger which changed my life forever in the best way forever. 


Because to sum it up: That has been the Gamechanger for me. After the hypnosis I also googled the word Gamechanger. Because I thought I could explain the meaning in Dutch a little easier.


So after I received the word I typed it into my Google translate app.


And then a smile came to my face and a ‘Wow’ feeling took over.


Gamechanger is now also a Dutch word.


But what does it mean?


In English it says (and I'll translate it like this but I thought this was so special): Gamechanger: 'An event, idea or procedure that affects a significant shift in the current manner of doing or thinking about something'.


Yes, you hear me, a Shift! (Look at the name of my podcast: Shift to … ).


I have trained for years to become an intuitive therapist and success medium. But when did the biggest shift come? What was the biggest Gamechanger for me?


When I started working on subconscious blocks and beliefs.

When I started to reset myself using regression and hypnotherapy and transformation therapy. This allowed me to upgrade and update. 

When I removed the old software from my system and began installing software that I wanted to have and manifest in my system and thus my life.


That has been my ultimate Gamechanger!


And I also hear it from clients and students. I received the most beautiful example in an email from a loyal client and student. I actually had to laugh about it. Because she told me that she and her husband now listen to my hypnosis and meditations in the morning and evening. And that they benefit a lot from it. Her husband jokingly said one morning: 'It just keeps getting crazier …  first we went to sleep with Lisette and now we're waking up with her too'!  Haha …  I had to laugh about it.


The fact that this makes their world look sunnier again makes me deeply grateful.


And that's exactly it!


Because thanks to the Gamechanger you will see life brighter and brighter again and you will therefore also feel that way.


It makes you feel free, liberated from pieces that no longer serve you. You can leave them behind for good, transform them and upgrade them to what you do want to receive in your life.


And when I now look at how crazy my life is and especially my business impact and success, my heart and soul do a little skip with happiness!


That's exactly what I wanted and had foreseen. But I was my own biggest enemy.


I had been from childhood: shy, afraid to be in the spotlight, afraid to speak out. Afraid to speak in public, afraid to make too much money because it would only bring misery. In the past, my family was financially abundant. Money and objects were plentiful, but I have also seen and especially felt the downside. That family members bring lawsuits against each other because they do not wish each other to have anything. Too sad for words.


So I had a huge block on that too.


Well, you'll understand, you're listening to me now. If I hadn't allowed the Gamechanger into my life, I probably wouldn't have moved on now. Then I would not have dared to speak out and I would not have been able to live my life mission and purpose. Because I'm 100% sure: I'm doing it now! Inspiring, motivating and empowering you to shift to your life mission and life purpose is an essential part of that.


So you're not listening to this for nothing! I hope you realise that! This podcast can be your game changer. This can plant the seed with which you will shift, change and transform!


But please believe that everything is already present in you to live your ultimate life despite what your story or your past is!


It is never ever too late to shift, to say: this far and no further! Now is the time to step into the light. To make that dark side light. I choose to shine light on what really matters.


And trust your inner knowing for only you know your path. You feel where you can go and what you can move.


And then there is the next step: From feeling to doing! Taking action, moving to make it a reality. Because I can tell you one thing. You can have a lot of dreams, wishes and the most brilliant ideas. But if you don't take action, if you don't plan it in your agenda to make it a reality, the ideas keep dreaming and wishing and then by the time you are 103 they’ll have disappeared into thin air … 


So that's why I want to help you, of course only if you are open to being helped. Everyone has free will in that. But I want to offer you your potential GAMECHANGER. (​​I just got a push from higher spheres to set my plans in motion, which after this afternoon's hypnosis is called Gamechanger …  How special is that! And that is also available to you!)


I want to help you find old blocks and patterns on a subconscious level and break them - for good. I want to help you discover the reason and cause of things not happening or not going the way you would like.


And then if you understand, if you have insight. If your mind understands where and when it originated, you can transform and upgrade it for good.


And that's where the magic begins! At least, that's how it worked for me.


Then your life will shift in a way that you never thought possible before.


Okay, you will now think, sounds good Lisette. How are you going to do that?


As you may know, I do 1 on 1 sessions in my practice for a high investment in yourself. But because I have little time in my busy schedule and also want to meet those for whom that investment is too high, I came up with an alternative.


For I want to be able to help everyone. Because believe me, I speak from my own experience, this is the most wonderful feeling you can experience. Feeling free, free to do what you want. Follow your heart and soul so you can live your mission and potential. Build something so you can leave a Legacy. That is one of my biggest motivations. So that my children and grandchildren can draw inspiration from it and develop themselves in the way that is most essential and valuable for their soul, essence and evolution.


So now think to yourself: What would you do if you were free to do whatever you want. To create what you feel from soul level?


And one step further: How would you feel? How would you feel if you could contribute to the world in your unique way? So that the world becomes an even more beautiful place for you and everyone around you?


What would it be like to see your Gamechanger in action? Making your ultimate shift?


Does it feel good?


Great, because then I want to invite you on my new adventure and journey. That’s exactly what we’re going to do: make a journey together, one in which you will discover what no longer serves you and above all discover who you really are and may be forever!


Are you ready for it? I am going to create a new monthly program to activate the Gamechanger in you.


The advantages:


  • It is a membership programme in which I take you through ultimate transformation at a relaxed pace but it works through to the deepest layers of your psyche. A unique program based on my own insights, expertise and proven techniques and tools.


  • You can get in and out whenever you want. You're not tied to anything. And instead of 1 large investment in yourself at 1 time, you can just do it with a small monthly investment.


And since you are now listening to this podcast, I would like to invite you to become my founding member for my GAMECHANGER to Abundance Membership. (You can register as a founding member until May 12, 2021).


You will then receive the membership at a special rate and you will be the first to gain access to the material. This is a one off because it is my newest programme.


What do I want in return for that? 

Your feedback and your input.


So I want to know what it does for you but also what else you would like to receive in the membership.


If this appeals to you, this is your chance!


Note: This Founding Members offer is only valid for 2 weeks and I only have a limited number of places available.


Let me know if you are interested via:


On I have also put it in the show notes.


You will then receive an email in which I explain how it works.


So it's my exclusive membership to help everyone transform. It will be the Gamechanger to abundance in all areas of your life.


Together we will make it a beautiful and powerful programme.


Whatever you choose, know that you have it in you to live your ultimate life. Regardless of what your story has been so far. Time to break free and do what you were meant to do.


In any case that is my view and what I contribute to - to help you activate your potential and stimulate you to take steps, active steps towards your dreams and wishes. So that they become reality!


Tony Robbins says: Life is a gift and it gives us the privilege, opportunity and responsibility to give back by enriching ourselves.


I cordially invite you to set the EnergyJoy vibe in motion with me. I hope you get the shift and  the Gamechanger moving for good!


I want to say thank you very much for listening. I hope you dare to take those steps because sometimes, it has to do with daring. Break through fears and choose for yourself and just do it. Do you feel that ‘Yes’ feeling? Send me an email to And then you can see and feel whether it is really something for you. Remember: Intuition works in 3 seconds, so feel a ‘Yes’ in 3 seconds! Just go for it! Because investing in yourself is the best choice you can make, believe me, I know all about it.


Thanks again, thank you so much for listening. A big hug from me and I hope to see, hear or in any way see you soon. See you soon!


All rights reserved EnergyJoy © 2021

65. Ultimate Gamechanger

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