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10th february 2021


Lisette Lucas:


Podcast 54. The Power of the Mind: Use Your Ultimate Power To Create Abundance In All Areas Of Your Life. 


  • Is this recognisable? You desperately want to feel really happy, but there remains a kind of void that seems unfulfilled.


  • Good news! You already have the tools within you to transform this. 


  • If you know how to use the power of the mind in the right way, your life will change forever.

  • So that you will experience happiness and satisfaction and can create abundance in all areas of your life.


Welcome to Podcast 54!


Do you know this feeling: You commit, you do your best, you give everything but still …  you feel a kind of emptiness.


We are taught from an early age that we have to learn, study and work hard to earn money, be successful and therefore happy.


Then years later having done all this, you feel it on the ride but still …  there's something swirling in the depths that you can't put your finger on.


You look around you and apparently you have everything (or almost everything), but still … 


I'm going to admit it now: I know this place too. A few years ago I was at a point in my life where everything seemed to be smiling at me. 

Yet I still felt that something had to change. 

And yes, I started to listen to that feeling. I looked for a solution that could help me and then I tested and applied it.


And I must admit, my discovery was closer and easier than I dared to imagine.

Because the solution turned out to be: The Power of my Mind.


In other words, to let the power of your own mind work for you on both a conscious and subconscious level. 


When I say it like that, you might not believe that this can have a life-changing impact; but really, speaking from my own experience, it really is that easy.


Because you have a very powerful tool at your disposal. A tool that can change your life both in the most positive and the most destructive way.


It can work for you, it can work against you, but either way one thing is certain: it is always working.


That tool is the mind. And by the mind I mean your all-encompassing brain, both the conscious and the subconscious parts. 


As I have mentioned in previous podcasts, the conscious part of your brain comprises only 5%. It’s just the tip of the iceberg. On a subconscious level, below the waterline, the automated part covers as much as 95%!


So if I ask you now: 

If you want to change your life, where are you going to start making changes? 

In the visible part, that 5% or in the invisible part? That 95%?


Put that way, it seems quite logical that you would intervene in the part that has the most impact, right? 


So now I hear you asking: Why doesn't everyone do that?


Yes, good question.


It’s not always been easy to discover such powerful information. Fortunately, the world is changing and we can get better and better at finding information that enriches us and therefore makes us aware of what is possible.


And yes, that's how I ended up with a form of therapy that can change your life in a powerful way.


You understand. My interest was aroused. 


And so I plunged into the world of the unconscious. I started testing, trying things out and then in my view a miracle happened. 

I felt a peace come over me, a feeling of overall well-being, a space, a freedom, a calmness, a clarity and above all a feeling that I can achieve anything I set my mind to.


Gradually over time I learned that your mind, and all the parts associated with it, can be programmed. 


You can make your mind work for you. Like a super powerful, fast, ultra fancy space travel machine, tablet, powerhouse …  etc. In any case you can shape it the way you want and with it everything is possible. 


Wow, how cool is that!


Your own space system and under your own management. 


But hmmm …  I hear you thinking. How do I control that space system? 


Well, actually very simply - with the power of thought. 


Thoughts are basically the same for your space system as body lotion is for super dry skin. 


It picks everything up right away. Slurps it up, takes it in. Whether or not the body lotion is good for you. It disappears … 


And this is with all thoughts. So yes, good or bad thoughts, positive or negative thoughts, successful or hopeless thoughts, happy or depressed thoughts, wealth or poverty thoughts, healthy or unhealthy thoughts, abundance or scarcity thoughts. Your mind … your space travel system … sslllllllurps it up. Like that lotion on dry skin. 


Regardless of whether it is good for you or not. Regardless of whether it is true or not.


And therein lies the key! Eureka! The key to your ultra-fast space system that allows you to shift your life in ways you never thought possible.


Now, one personal example. I was very shy as a girl - I was that calm, quiet girl, who liked to sit in the back of the class. If I was asked a question … I wanted to sink down under the table, preferably disappearing into a hole in the ground. 


And now? Now I give live sessions at halls. Currently virtual halls and tonight I'm going live online to almost 200 people. 


If you told me this years ago I would have laughed at you. Even this podcast, where you're listening to me now. Do you think that shy girl would have dared to do this? Pfff …  not really. 


So what happened then? 


Actually, it was 2 steps that shifted everything forever.  

A combination of intuition and mind. I also call it my 2 Power tools!


In my masterclass I speak about one part of this, the intuitive part. I speak there about the Soul-Pull that I felt. An incomprehensibly powerful desire from within and a curiosity that has drawn me into the world of the energetic and the spiritual. Something I was not familiar with at all. It didn't even exist in my consciousness …  But still, that Soul-Pull was stronger. (Luckily)!


And when I mastered my mediumistic development - speaking the language of intuition and energy from my mediumship. Then I noticed that there were indeed still parts deep inside me that felt an emptiness. That emptiness I talked about in the beginning. 

And that's where the working of the mind on all possible levels came into play. I started looking into the layers of the 95%. That subconscious or the unconscious (as it’s called in psychology). 


Using special tools and techniques, I was able to get to the heart of challenges I encountered. I then came to understand. Which is one central rule of the mind: you cannot transform and heal what you do not understand. So I came to understand and from that moment on I was able to transform, clear and upgrade!


Yes really, like installing new software in your space system. That's how you can see it! 


You are overwriting old pieces that no longer serve you. Old behaviours, patterns, beliefs, gosh … control, alt, delete … get rid of it. And then what do you do?


Then you're going to give your mind just the right lotion. In other words, you are going to tell your mind what you do want in your life. How you want to feel, how you want to move, how you want to behave, how you want to manifest, how successful you want to be, and so on. 


And you will then let this sink in, for 21 days you will rub yourself in the new lotion that fills your space system with the abundance of what you want in your life.


You feel it becoming part of who you are. In fact, it will fill you up from within. You don't have to think about it. Your subconscious does that for you. Then new neurological pathways arise - new, fast, powerful nerve pathways that respond exactly to what you implant in your space system. 


So you feel happy, you feel free, you feel calm, you feel loved, you feel powerful, successful, loving, you feel that you are worth it, you feel happy and above all: you feel that you can do anything, do whatever you put your mind to so that you can live a happy life full of fulfillment and abundance. 


And this, this is pure wealth! Wealth on all layers of your being, your essence, your pure core that can then radiate and shine as it is destined to do here on earth.


You will no longer let anything or anyone stop you and you dare to take steps in the direction that is right for you! Only you are the one who can take those steps.


Of course because I have discovered, experienced and lived this route I can support and guide you with all the love. 

This is part of my mission. So my question to you: if you could control your ultimate space system on your terms, what would you do? What would your life look like? Would you live your soul mission? 


I would say that’s good food to think about … Think …  Thinking …  beware of thinking. Because you know now, thoughts are like body lotion on dry skin. It sinks into your system, good or bad, you absorb it. So make your thoughts the most beautiful you can wish for. Let us know, feel, hear and see what you choose. 

One thing I know for sure: You are so, so worth it!


On you can read the show notes of this episode.


I want to thank you for listening, your focus, your attention, your time. 


I look forward to seeing you next time! 


X Lisette


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54. The Power of The Mind

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