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26th February 2020 

Welcome to the Podcast #4 Script of "Shift to EnergyJoy and Beyond!" with Lisette Lucas

Welcome to podcast episode #4!


Today I'm going to talk about a very essential part of intuitive development and something that is very important especially for highly sensitive people. Even if you think, my sensitivity is not too bad. Just listen to the symptoms. 


It seems obvious, but if you don't manage and apply it properly, it can have enormous consequences and impact on your daily life.


I'm going to talk about Grounding, being well grounded.


What will you learn in this episode?

  • I am going to explain the effect on your body and your overall well-being if you are not properly grounded

  • I'm going to give you a tangible example

  • You will learn as many as 13 symptoms that can indicate that you are not properly grounded

  • The benefits of being well grounded and:

  • I give you 10 tips that will help you to ground immediately

  • My personal tip that I apply every morning when I get up

  • + As an extra bonus I made a short 'Energy Shift' visualisation that immediately grounds you. 


All information can be found via the show notes. The link and download link for the free visualisation can be found below this podcast. You can also go to:


So, let’s continue with grounding.  


Now you may immediately think I’m grounded all the time, I always have two feet on the Earth. What are you talking about Lisette?


Yes, I thought so too. Until I started to understand how energy works. 


If you are sensitive, you experience much more than just the tangible, material and physical world around you. You are sensitive to the moods of others, emotions, feelings, sensations, and everything that is present in the field invisible to the physical eye. Just say the unseen world of energy and the all-encompassing. 


Everything is constantly in motion, everything is constantly changing and we have to keep going with that moving mass of frequencies. Just to give an example: have you ever tried to stand upright in the sea while a big wave was coming? Assuredly you were knocked over by the movement and force of that enormous wave. Well, you know, water is tangible and this example is easy to understand, also because you can feel it easily. But in podcast episode #2 you have already heard that energy is just as real as something tangible. So don't you think that energy could have as much or perhaps more impact on you than you realise?


Now imagine that you are standing upright with both feet on the ground. Or if possible actually just stand up. Whether visualising or standing, make sure you are standing up nice and straight, relaxed. Let your arms hang loose beside you. Relax your shoulders, breathe in and out slowly. Completely relaxed, you simply stand. Then suddenly something appears, notice, you don't hear it but you feel it, it comes to you from behind. It comes to you from behind with tremendous force. You feel that something is coming. It feels like an invisible wave, a great overwhelming wave, just like a wave from the sea. You feel that wave coming into contact with you and it pushes your body forward with enormous force. It pushes you, keeps pushing until it moves you. It directly affects you just as the wave did. You don't feel water but you do feel the force and intensity of the movement of energy. Do you feel that? Do you experience what? What does that do to you? What do you experience in your body? What sensations do you feel? And? Could you follow me well? 


Did this exercise make you feel somewhat unbalanced? Did you feel something happening in your body? You may feel a little lighter in your head or another part of your body. You may have felt a cold or warm wave or tingling rush through your body. 

Experience what this does to you. I am curious about your experience. Send it to:  I am very curious.

But the important thing is that you now understand and experience that this imaginary wave, this energetic wave made with the power of thoughts had an impact; an absolutely palpable effect on you. Thoughts are also energy and can therefore also be felt. 


You probably know it. Just think of someone who is angry, or depressed,in other words is highly emotional. They don't have to say anything, they can even say they're fine. But you feel that something is wrong. And this energetic frequency that hangs around them, a particular vibe, a certain vibration that they release sets something in motion in you. 


It may even be that you were worked up and happy at first, and then your whole state of mind shifted as you came into contact with the energy of that other person, which was a completely different frequency. 


Now I hear you think: yes I recognise that, but what do I do about this?


First, think about podcast #1 where I talked about intention, this can be useful in this case. 


You set the intention, in other words you say in your mind or out loud to yourself: I choose to go through earthly life with perfect grounding. This works because if you consciously choose it, your thoughts immediately initiate a physical and energetic change or “shift”. If you think “I am grounded”, you immediately “shift” into energy. And that is the intention. That's what we want.


So the solution is grounding. Before I go on to tell you how to ground and give you an exercise, I am going to go through the symptoms with you first and what you can experience if you are NOT properly grounded. You may recognise some examples of this or maybe even several. Take notes for yourself because this is absolutely the foundation. If you are building a house, the foundation must first be good and stable, otherwise there is a risk of collapse. With your physical, mental, emotional and energetic body it is absolutely no different. If the foundation is not good, then you are quite simply unstable and this can manifest itself in the following ways:



 Symptoms of not being properly grounded: 


1. Being absent, or dreamy. You are there but also you are not there. You have trouble keeping your wits about you, and can drift away in thought. A good example of this are young children who are in the classroom, specifically those who sit and stare into nothing. Young children are still very open energetically and therefore often pick up a lot. Their absence is a symptom of this.


2. Quickly lightheaded. In other words, you quickly feel light-headed. For me personally, when I experience this, it is always a signal that I have either taken on too much work or that I am not properly grounded. The moment I notice it, even if it’s in the queue for the checkout in the supermarket, I immediately apply my grounding tool. This helps straight away, and I experience a ‘shift’. Which is ideal! Also it’s important because in a room with many people and many energies you quickly shoot energetically in all directions. A kind of jumble of energies in which you have to stay close to yourself and be energetically aware. 


3. A head full of thoughts that shoot in all directions. This is a very common symptom.  Thoughts that grind, thoughts that spin in your head, where you are constantly pinging from one thing to another. I can feel this straight away with clients when they come to my practice. Do you recognise that feeling of your head spinning? I can immediately feel what is good for people like this, usually it is a form of creativity where they can use their hands. Sensitive people usually have a tremendous creative talent, so they can implement this technique straight away. Then the energy goes from your head, it drops from your head to your hands. If you feel something with your hands, it is immediately a form of grounding. 


4. The next symptom is fatigue. Take a second to picture the front door to your home being open all the time. Everyone can walk in and out as they please, and as they do you also step in and out of the shoes of every person who does so. You instinctively try to take over their problems to relieve and help them. This is exactly what happens when you are not properly grounded and are too open energetically, you are only like this as your boundaries are not obvious. I talked more about this in podcast #3. It literally destroys you… the result: you become exhausted. 


5. Dizziness. This is actually literally the spinning of incoming energy. The energy has control over you instead of the other way around. But now it is time to take control. You decide what comes in and what doesn't and not the other way around!


6. Floating. Well this is one that every spiritually conscious person gets to experience from time to time. Oh, that spiritual, that floating thing. Well, of course that comes from somewhere. In my view, a "glider" is to stay in that terminology for a moment: someone who prefers to flee from reality and is indeed pleasantly in higher spheres. 


7. Feeling cold quickly. 


8. Being insecure, lacking self-confidence.


9. Experiencing many fears.


10. Having a lack of perseverance and not finishing anything.


11. Feeling sick quickly, becoming sick quickly. Another form of being unstable.


12. A lot of fuss, a lot of tension in yourself, a lot of unrest.


13. Not quite feeling yourself.


Well, this was in a nutshell the list of 13 symptoms you can experience if you are not properly grounded. Now you may recognise one or more. Maybe a lot. Well, let this be the red flag. The well-known red flag, which gives you the signal of: hey, pay attention, just focus on grounding for a while. 


Check your grounding, come into the here and now and feel. Now I have talked extensively about the symptoms, it will be good to focus on what the advantages are of being well grounded.


Benefits of being well grounded:  


  • It gives you a sense of security, stability, peace, confidence and vitality.  

  • It takes you into the here and now and stimulates awareness and attentive living.  

  • It protects you from heavy (or negative) energy and helps you to let go of what you no longer need, what is not yours and has never been yours. 

  • It helps you to use your talents, ideas, intuition and to manifest your thoughts.

  • Another advantage is: it activates your 'I AM' feeling or in other words: the powerful 'I am' sensation and it activates life force and survival mechanism. 

  • You can deal more calmly and more easily with external stimuli and influences and are more alert, sharper and more focussed in unexpected situations. 

  • And as a final advantage (and there are of course many more): being grounded is essential for those on the path of intuitive development, personal growth and transformation. It is why I always insist on it in my courses, because if you are well grounded, you are more receptive to energies of "higher frequencies", you can grow further spiritually, and you are better able to manifest all of your dreams and desires. It's all about balance.  

Now for the tips to help you become more grounded: 


1. Good basic posture. Are you aware of how you are sitting or standing right now, or how you move. Are you standing or sitting upright? Bent over a bit? Shrunk back? If your basic posture is correct, feel what happens. When you sit up straight, shoulders back, your chin in a certain way, chest out, you feel that you are empowered. Then also think: I am powerful, I am self-aware, and if you radiate this attitude, you will feel it immediately. 


2. Breathing. Now it’s not something we normally consider but how do you breathe? Is your breath very high, near your chest? Very superficial? Or do you breathe very deeply? And do you use your entire lung capacity? Proper deep breathing is essential to be well grounded. 


3. Relaxation exercises are also a perfect way to ground, just think of yoga.  


4. Sleep well. For most people, a night's sleep of 7-8 hours is really necessary. This is definitely the case for me. If I do not get my night's rest, I will notice it immediately. I am less able to ground, I am more distracted, so a night's rest is truly essential. Just think of it as charging your battery. 


5. Do the body scan regularly. What is the body scan? You scan your body, as it were. You start at the crown of your head and you drop all the way down. You go through your head, through your neck, through your chest, your arms, your stomach, your hips, your legs and your feet. And everything you scan there you become consciously aware of so your inner world becomes your outer world. Some people go through life and are not even aware of their body until something starts to hurt. You should become aware of your body. Both your inner and outer world, so that everything is completely in balance.  


6. Learn to focus on energy. Understand what it does and become aware of it. Find a way to meditate, for example, and do exercises to visualise. This podcast also includes a visualisation, which will help you begin. The moment you are actively working with energy and understanding it, it also helps to ground you. Thoughts are energy and immediately set it in motion.  


7. (Sudden clap sound) Did you hear that sound? I clapped my hands for a moment. And what did that do? Did it shock you? After all, shock is also a gigantic way to ground. Of course it’s not a particularly pleasant way, but you can probably remember a time when it’s happened before. Perhaps you were just sitting quietly reading or lost in thought and suddenly a door slams shut. The sensation that then passes through your body, that kind of shock, tingling, is really very grounding. It's not fun, but just watch what happens the moment you hear a loud bang or a certain impact. It goes to show fright is very strong grounding. 


Crying is too, most people shiver from crying, but crying is, I always say: ‘Massive Letting Go’. Crying is a form of energy, a way of releasing energy. So let it happen. The moment you don't cry and keep it inside you, it builds up. You become a kind of walking time bomb. So let the tears flow, release them, because by doing so you are massively letting go and it is grounding you as well as acting as a form of release. 


9. Touch. Touch is also a form of grounding. Think of when someone touches you, it brings you straight out of your inner world and into the outer world, into the present moment. 


10. We come to movement / sports / dancing. I always find exercise such a good example. Just think of children who have to sit still at school. A constant refrain from the teacher is ‘Sit still’! But those fidgeting hands and feet only want to keep moving. Think also of the children playing in the playground who jump for no apparent reason. Jump, jump, jump, think about that, why would they do that? It is a form of grounding. So you can now do that yourself. Have fun jumping, feel what it is doing with your energy.  


Sports are also a perfect way to ground, moving in any way, being physically active and dancing. Turn on some music, sing, dance: all are perfect ways to ground. Just think if you are sad or have been told something bad. You immediately withdraw inside your own head, to your thoughts, but if you turn on music, listen to something you love and feel what it does. It calms you down, it brings you back to the here and now, and it immediately grounds you. 


12. And another thing that is essential in grounding is water. It grounds you very quickly and also has a very cleansing effect on your energy field. Especially if you scrub your body with salt. Water provides deep, deep cleaning which helps you a lot. Think back to a time when you were floating in the salty sea. How did it feel? Just think back to that moment. It has an absolutely cleansing and grounding effect on you. And that feels great, doesn't it? Provided you like it, of course. Even being in the shower, which hopefully we all do, is a form of grounding. One thing to increase the grounding effects of a shower (which is particularly useful if you are feeling overwhelmed); is to visualise that the water washes everything that no longer serves you away as it runs over your body. Everything that burdens you flows away with the water down the drain, out of your body and home, leaving you grounded and cleansed. 


13. Now consider the word ‘grounded’, it has ‘ground’ in it. So get outside, go for a walk through the woods. Walk along the beach if possible. Or just go into a park, feel grass, literally feel the earth, touch a tree. Feel the energy of the tree. When I first did that, I felt a little self-conscious and had to check there was no-one there, watching. But putting two hands on that tree I became one with the energy of that tree. I won’t tell you how it felt, you should go and experience it for yourself. It is really very wonderful. It is very grounding to be outside, on the beach, with the wind blowing past you, through your hair. Get out there and really see how it feels. 


Well, that was a huge mountain of tips that you can probably get something out of. Maybe you are already doing some of these things. So now I want to give you my personal tip that really works perfectly for me, and is how I start every day. 


Every morning when I’ve just woken up and put my feet on the floor I like to visualise roots directly from my feet, as if I were a tree. Roots that go all the way into the earth directly from the soles of my feet. So that I become one with mother earth and that feels wonderful. This allows me to let everything I don’t want to flow directly from my feet into the earth. You can let go of any unwanted baggage immediately and easily, you don’t have to see anything, just feel it all flowing away. The moment you think about it, it happens. I feel the roots go into the ground. I feel those roots, those solid roots that go all the way to the core of Mother Earth. These roots also get small branches, so that you are completely grounded. As I imagine this I become very aware that I am here, on this earth. And I also feel a gratitude flowing through my body, I allow my body to fill up with gratitude from head to toe. That gratitude is such a powerful energy, it is actually the energy with which you can manifest everything. So be grateful for the smallest, nicest thing you have. Be thankful for what you have, it doesn't have to be much, the breath you can take is already something you can be grateful for, the smile you can put on your face is something to be thankful for, the bird you hear chirping around you is something to be grateful for. There are so many very small things that you can be grateful for. And that feeling of gratitude, that feeling that fills you with light and joy, that is the frequency, that is the energy that you want to step into early in the morning. And send that energy of gratitude into the day before the day has even started. See the day as you want to see it. And before the day starts, be grateful for the wonderful day that awaits you. It doesn't matter what comes next. Whether it is difficult, easy, happy or sad, still be grateful for those little moments that you can embrace in gratitude. That feeling that fills you with light and joy, that is the frequency, that is the energy that you want to step into, early in the morning. You want to send that energy of gratitude into the day before the day has even started. See the day as you want to see it. 


And with this personal tip I come to the end of my fourth podcast. I would really like to refer you to the download link of the visualisation. The visualisation that directly shifts your energy, and which I do every morning as I sit on the edge of my bed, feet on the floor. It is a short visualization, so you can easily repeat it several times. If you do it for three weeks, then it becomes one with your system and then it becomes a habit; it is integrated. At a certain point you don't even have to think about it anymore, you will just instinctively do it. 


Good luck, if there are any questions, you can always email me, my email address is also in the show notes. 


Thanks for listening and see you next podcast. 


A new podcast for you every Wednesday!

xxx Lisette

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Script: Grounding

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