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14th October 2020


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 37. Meditation 1.0, The Secret To Massively Expanding Your Consciousness And Creating Universal Depth In Your Meditations + Free Universal Flow Meditation 


Have you been in this familiar meditation experience: you really want to meditate but trying to focus is an uphill battle with your mind?  


There is a little known meditation secret which can increase your consciousness enormously to create a powerful depth to your meditations. 


In this podcast I share the secret from the Eastern meditation philosophy based on the natural flow of the universe.


Welcome to Podcast #37.


It's fantastic that you are here, that you are listening and that you are open to transformation!


Today the podcast is about a topic that is becoming more and more normal in our society. Even so, there are still many questions and misunderstandings about meditation.


This podcast is going to give you insight into something that was a huge eye-opener for me. If you master this then you no longer have to force your thoughts and mind into silence, focus excessively on your breathing and so on. If you master this you will end up in the natural flow of the universe. Your meditation will gain immense depth simply because you understand the key principles.


I have been meditating daily for years- from guided to deep relaxing meditations to transformative hypnosis. But a turning point came for me in 2017. 


If you’re a regular listener of my podcast then you’ll know this already, but if you’re new, here was my turning point: I was diagnosed with cancer. Melanoma cancer to be precise, the deadliest and most dangerous form of skin cancer. I looked death in the eye from one day to the next. A bizarre and special experience at the same time, partly because of the work I do. I was very lucky that I caught it in time and had no metastases. (You can read my whole story in my blog: 'A suspicious spot' on my website: But the most important insight for me was that I needed to learn more about how to heal myself. I already had knowledge on how to attract and heal spiritually but I needed to learn how to become better and more powerful. So that as soon as something was going on in my life and/or physical body, I already had the techniques for healing mastered and therefore could take immediate action. 


After a dear friend and colleague had made me curious and enthusiastic about this form of energy healing, I started looking into Pranic Healing. An Eastern energy healing method and philosophy of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.


A new world opened up for me. And that's how I ended up with the special, powerful and deep meditation techniques from the Pranic Healing philosophy.


I want to take you to this world today. Because there are many misunderstandings when it comes to meditation. 


In the following meditation that I will take you through, you will learn the ultimate secret of deep powerful meditation. Going beyond the confines of the limiting mind, and connecting you with the universal intelligence. A powerful meditation for increasing your awareness.


But first, a question for you: Have you ever heard that when you meditate you should focus on one point? Or that you should only focus on your breathing?


You know that's actually a contradiction in terminology.

The spiritual practice of meditation consists of 2 parts, namely yin and yang. This refers to 2 opposing forces. In short, this includes: all the principles of life and the universe.

For example: light – dark, warm – cold, good – evil, calm – restlessness, masculine – feminine. 


In your body you also have a masculine and feminine part. To the right is your masculine, your practical part, your yang. And on the left is your feminine, your emotional part, your yin. 


So join me now if you have the opportunity. If you are driving a car, vehicle or are working with machines, I advise you to do this exercise and meditation at a later time. 


Are you ready? Perfect, so stretch your right arm (your masculine side, your yang side), forward with your palm facing straight forward. Almost as if you were beaming light from your hand. Then say with your right hand pointing forward: my focus goes in one direction, it’s projecting outgoing energy and is being sent outwards.


Now, lower your right arm back to your side.


Then we move to your other arm. Your left arm- your feminine, yin side. Stretch your left arm forward, turning your left hand open, with your palm up, as if you were extending your hand to receive something. Very well, and repeat after me: awareness, meditating enhances my sensitivity and awareness. Then pull your hand back towards you, closing your fist as you do, so that you are pulling in incoming energy, and say: incoming, absorbing.


It's like having a conversation with someone, it’s not you talking the whole time. There are points, if all goes well, when you are quiet and listen to the other person. So? So the spiritual practice of meditation is the same. There is a time when you use your willpower, direct focus, but there is also a time when you receive information, surrender and let the information come in. One uses your will, the other uses your heart.


Sometimes you try to focus on peace within yourself, but if you look for and force this with willpower, you will never truly experience it. To really feel this peace, the secret is to use your willpower, then once you get to that frequency, that’s when you let that energy come to you, you need to let the energy come in.


Just like in a conversation, you speak, then you are quiet and let the information come to you. Very logical when you think about it, right? For me it was an eye opener, at least when I first learned it. Because it creates a natural balance of transmitting and receiving.


To experience this ourselves, we are now going to practice together. I will guide you through this meditation in which you experience outgoing and incoming energy. To prevent it from becoming a mainly outgoing frequency meditation, I will not set any intentions. In other words: I will not give you any suggestions, so that you can experience and experience it purely. 


So I'm going to guide you through a meditation and all I ask of you is that you simply have no expectation. Release any expectations.


Before I start we will do a breathing exercise where you move your head back and forth. On an inhale, gently tilt your head back so that your chin points up. Then on the exhale, tilt your head forward again and lower your chin to your chest.


Are you ready for it?


Great, then let’s start. 


Okay, so tilt your head back slightly as you inhale and on an exhale tilt your head forward again. Don’t force your neck, move your head only to where it feels comfortable. Never force it and build up slowly. You can sit up with a straight back on a chair or stand upright, nice and tall. Whatever feels better for you, right now. 

Okay, here we go. Start with your chin down so we can get a good inhale. As you deepen your inhale gently tilt your head back with your chin up to the sky. Then as you exhale, start moving your head down so your chin ends up pointing down to your chest.  Close your eyes, and begin. And if you are not in the position to move your head, you can practice this later and just join us in focussing on your breath now. 


Inhale, exhale. 

Inhale, exhale. 

Breathe in, breathe out. 

Breathe in, breathe out.

Breathe in, breathe out.

Breathe in, breathe out.

Breathe in, breathe out.  

Breathe in, breathe out.  


Very good, that's enough for now. Take one last deep breath, keeping your neck straight, and exhale slowly.


Keeping your eyes closed, gently push your tongue up against the roof of your mouth. This raises your frequency and enlarges your energy field through the session. In the yearlong training that I give, I let you feel the effect on your energy field, with and without your tongue up. It is really mind blowing what happens and what you can observe. But that is a small aside.


Breathe in and out deeply again and bring your loving attention to your whole body. To your arms, your legs, your torso, your heart, feel your attention spreading throughout your body. 


Then observe how your body breathes naturally, observe how your body breathes in, then pause your breath for a few moments, before exhaling.

inhale, hold… 

exhale, hold…

inhale, hold…

allow your consciousness to settle there …

and exhale … then hold.

Allow your attention to settle in this space for a few seconds …

Breathe in again … then hold.

Allow your consciousness to drift into that space and stay there.

And allow your body to exhale by itself as you allow your consciousness to be in that space. 

Just stay there.

Your body continues to breathe on its own, comfortably and naturally. As you let your attention and awareness float in that empty space and fill it.

Every sound you hear makes you float calmly and with ease, deeper and deeper into that emptiness, that infinity of nothingness, and stay there. 

(1 minute silence)


Hold the stillness and awareness and at the same time be lovingly aware of your heart. Feel the love in your heart, bring your attention there, and imagine someone you love, feel this love in your heart.

Smile, feel that loving feeling in your heart and chest as you imagine that person you love is in your heart. The loving warm glow that this sets in motion fills your heart, and that warm glow slowly rises up, up, up to your throat. Up, up to your crown, 1 cm above your crown, 5 cm above your crown, and you just allow consciousness to follow and float on. Floating higher and higher above your head, then let go of everything, and let everything be as it is, now ...

(10 sec. silence).

Just let go …

(3 minute silence).

Calmly, very calmly and slowly, come back to your body, gently move your fingers, your hands, your toes, your feet. Calmly settle yourself back into your body, now. Take your time. 


Very good, okay, how are you?


So the secret is very very simple.

The basic ingredients of whatever meditation you do are the following: it is the balance and dance between yang and yin. There are times when you use your will and direct focus and there are times when you let go, and let the information come in.


When you meditate with a focus on breathing, in out, in out, you are using willpower.  

But there is always a moment of space, emptiness, between the inhalation and exhalation. This is when you wait for the information, the data that comes to you next.


That's how I work in my practice. I set the intention to connect with other dimensions, for example the spiritual world, with willpower. Then I let that void, that space arise where the information, the data can enter and flow through me, completely free of will, fully open to receive.


Practice this, for this is the secret to deep, powerful meditations and connections in the energetic world. If the balance is right, the dance will be beautiful. It will connect you with a beautiful stillness and tranquillity and peace within and outside of yourself. In addition, you can experience wonderful things beyond the boundaries of earthly existence. 

Go discover, go try, go experience. 

Get the right balance, steer and then let go. That's the secret, that's the key!


In my yearlong courses I teach the students powerful techniques to connect, step into the power and receive in this way.


Let this method become one with you. Practice it daily and if you do other meditations experience when you give and receive. This allows your consciousness to grow and expand enormously. 


Good luck, share your success stories and experiences with me. Do you need to delve into Pranic healing techniques or treatments? Whether in person or remotely, let me know. I'd be happy to tell you more about it.  


Enjoy this method and lots of transformation fun! 


xxx Lisette 

All rights reserved EnergyJoy 2020

37. Meditation 1.0

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