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30th september 2020


Lisette Lucas:

Podcast 35. Mindset Hacks. Your Words And Thoughts Create Your Reality, Discover How This Can Work For You But Also Hard Against You.  


Are you a champion of thinking / worrying? Able to fret and ponder about all the possible scenarios that could happen. Perhaps you regularly get stuck in a 'thought loop' from which it is difficult to get out. 


I'm going to warn you, hold on tight: you must STOP this! Keep reading to learn what you create with worrying and pondering and how it directly affects you and your life.  


In this podcast you will discover the effect of 'Shifting your Words and Thoughts Mindset' and the life changing consequences it has on your physical body, energetic body, your emotions and therefore also your reality.


Once you master this Mindset Hack you can instantly transform your thoughts and words, Shift and create the life you desire!


Welcome to Podcast #35!


It’s great that you are listening to this podcast. I’m going to cover what is, in fact, the most important topic there is in the field of manifesting, and creating the reality in which you live with your own hands. So basically (in my view), the most important topic out there. 


Yes, seriously. And something happened last weekend which really shocked me. Truly, it  made me realise how few people really do know this. 


Something that is so important and essential in your life. For your mental, emotional, physical and energetic state. These 4 things shape your environment and circumstances which make up your reality. 


Now let’s get onto the important stuff, so listen closely as this (no exaggerating), could be the most important information you will hear in your life. Really. 


I've mentioned it many times in recent podcasts. But after last weekend I thought it was really time to devote an entire podcast to it. 


But first, I’ll tell you what I saw last weekend.

As a mother of 3 teenagers, I have 2 boys who play tennis league on weekends. My eldest son (who is 19) plays with his team, and we went to watch the games. One of the guys in the team had to play his singles. All of them have been playing for many years and are very good, very experienced. 

On paper, according to their respective ranking, the match had to be won by the player from my sons' team. But the opponent turned out to be stronger than expected and won the 1st set.  


Then after a good fight, our player won the 2nd set, despite being visibly tired and suffering from his leg. 


The 3rd set started, it was 1-1 and either one could win. However, our player needed a lot of time after the 2nd set to pick himself up. He had a long water break and you could tell he was having a hard time. He didn't look like someone who had just won the 2nd set and was going all out to win. 


I must add, he is a super intelligent boy, completed Atheneum and is now doing a scientific study. But I digress.  


In the 3rd set they were fairly evenly matched. But then there came a moment when I disagreed with my husband on who was going to win. ‘Look at him’ I said, ‘he’s going to burn out like that.’ 


Not even a minute after I said it, he was indeed on the ground, clutching at his leg. There had been painful cramps in his calf and with help from the sidelines he was able to finish the game.  

It won't surprise you that he eventually lost the match. 


But what surprised and startled me was the response I got after I asked him what happened after the game?


He literally said: 'I knew after the second set that I wasn’t going to beat him.’


Wow. I thought to myself (but didn't say it): OMG, you turned yourself off!

You turned those words into a reality and instead of pushing through, you took it easy after the second set. You saw all those mental images of defeat and then acted accordingly! 


Now you may be thinking: ‘But how?’ 


Well very simple. He literally thought: ‘I’m not going to win this match’. And as a result he has formed in his mind an image of what losing will look like. Pictures flicked through his mind of a loss and this then manifested. This fear of losing showed itself physically: he noticed his body getting tired, he didn’t feel strong enough to push through the 3rd set and so he knew it wouldn’t work. He would lose.


Well, (and this is key): he’d formed this conviction while sitting on that bench, yet it was only pictures in his head and an internal dialogue. 


However, when he stood up, his whole physical body started to change, he started to feel visible aches and pains and eventually started to cramp himself. In other words, he couldn't move any more. 


Consider how things might have been different if he had known this rule of the mind: that the pictures you make in your head, along with the words you say to yourself, always have a direct physical effect on your body. Thus determining how you feel, what emotions you experience and also how you behave which in turn determines your reality. 


If this student and avid tennis player had known this rule, would he have said at the beginning of the 3rd set: ‘I won’t win this one’?


What do you think? 


Personally I don’t think he could have. 


For when you have defeatist thoughts and imagine in your mind that you are going to lose, what happens? I can tell you from the rule of the mind, that thoughts always have a direct effect on your physical body. 

So does that thought of losing make him stronger or weaker?

Fit or tired?

Energetic or exhausted?

Does it create strong muscles or contracting, cramping muscles?


Don't underestimate the intelligence of your brilliant mind! Your mind determines, your body reacts.

So if you think: ‘It’s all over, I'm going to lose’, then your body listens and immediately goes into losing mode. This entails direct physical responses and the accompanying emotions, which ultimately determine your actions and then your reality. So in this example: losing the match because you have turned off your body with the power of your own thoughts!


When I understood this information and really let it sink in, everything changed! And I want that for you too! 


Think with me, what could he have said better. 

Can you think of examples of words he could have used with himself that could have created powerful pictures for him so that victory would be inevitable?




I can think of a few. For example: 

I'm going to turn this around and win this match!

This 3rd set is mine for the winning and I will win it easily!  

What I did in the 2nd set, I can easily do again.   

He could have already heard the applause in his head after taking the win.

In his mind he could have asked the opponent what he would like to drink. (There’s a rule that if you win, then you offer the loser a drink). 

He could have imagined his fellow team members coming to congratulate him, thanking him for earning a competition point.


Everything which would create absolute certainty of success in his mind he should have done. Really, that's what it's about- because if your mind believes it, the rest will follow. 


Herein lies the key to achieving whatever you want in your life. For if your mind believes it with absolute certainty then it becomes your reality. In the most positive sense, but also unfortunately in the most negative sense. If you have fearful thoughts, negative thoughts with all the associated images and pictures spinning through your head … well, just feel what that does to your body. Do you feel strong or weak? Do you feel happy or sad? Are you full of energy or worn out? 


Can you fill in yourself now?


So that's why from now on: pay attention to the pictures you make in your head and the words you say to yourself. 

Scan your own thoughts. Is there something in there that you don't want to focus on, hear and see? Shift it instantly! Overwrite it with something you do want to think, hear, see and experience in your life. Fill your mind with pictures and images of things that you like, that you wish to receive and create in your life.


I want to do something nice to let you experience the power.


Okay, take a moment to join me with this one. If you are multitasking, stop for a moment so that I have your full attention. It is important that you fully focus on this. 


So, do I have your attention and focus? Great!


All right, listen carefully to what I'm saying and most importantly, use all your senses. So you hear it, see it in front of you, feel it in your mind and you immediately taste and smell it too. 


Okay, I've got something in my hands. I can hold it in one hand. It has a nice bright yellow, fresh colour. You may have guessed- it's a big, fresh, beautiful lemon. 


I'll show you now. Can you picture the lemon? Beautiful bright yellow and so fresh that you can just smell the scent. 


Well, since there’s the 2 of us, I'm going to cut the lemon in half. It is so fresh that as I cut it the fruit juice goes in all directions and the smell is very strong. 


For convenience, I cut the 2 lemons in half again so that I have 4 wedges. Can you see it? The fruit juice drips off the wedges, so fresh and juicy. 

Now we're going to do something fun: I'll give you 1 wedge in your hand, please, take it.


I also have 1 wedge in my hand and now we are both going to bring the lemon to our mouths at the same time. Very good, first just smell it. Phew, can you smell how strong and sour it smells?


Haha, very good, and now we're both going to take a bite out of the pulp, yes, go ahead, bite into it. Take a bite and chew the sour flesh, chew and chew and feel it go through your mouth. Very good, how does it taste?


Haha, well I think it's pretty sour and you? 

What's going on in your mouth? Are you starting to salivate? Are you making a sour face? Do you feel your cheeks twitch or maybe even get shivers?


Well, I do…. but hey, stop?!


How is this possible? There is no lemon at all! It was just words and pictures I gave you and what has happened? Yes, you immediately experienced a physical reaction.

That’s because your mind doesn't know if it's real or not! It will believe everything you think, it takes everything for granted!


And even if you don't experience anything during that lemon test, believe me, all chemical processes in your body are set in motion by this. Your in-house factory is immediately 'contracted' to process the lemon.


What am I trying to convey with this?

That everything you think and say to yourself always has a direct effect on your physical, emotional, mental and energetic body. This effect determines how you feel and behave and thus determines your reality.


So from now on I would like to ask you to Shift your thoughts and images to what you wish to receive and create in your life!


This principle is the reason why top athletes have already played and won the match in their minds countless times. They already see themselves with the end result in their hands. The ultimate victory. The prize, the cup, being at the top of their game!  

And so can you!


See what you want, see it in great detail in your head. Like I described the lemon for example- in detail and focussing with your full attention. 


Then activate all your senses. 

Feel what it's like when you're in ultimate health, when you're in top shape. Feel what it's like to meet the love of your life, what it's like to hold your baby in your arms. Feel what it's like to hold the key to your dream house in your hands, what it's like to have your bank account statement with an 8 digit bank balance on it. Choose what you want! Feel it, see it, hear it, smell it, taste it, experience it as if you were living it right now in this moment. As if you have already manifested it in your life. Hopefully you’ll understand by now, your mind doesn't understand the difference and your body and energy go straight to work setting it in motion!


So go practice, go create and go manifest!


Most importantly, know that it really works out this way! Go explain and demonstrate the lemon test to someone else. The more you work with it, the more you know deep down that it works that way. 


Make it a habit to watch what you say to yourself and start paying attention to the words of others. Improve the words you speak to yourself in your mind (and if supported by like minded loved ones), out loud too. Unfortunately, this is something we don't learn in school. But fortunately it’s something we can teach ourselves and our loved ones. Why? Because you're Worth It!


Thank you so much for listening! This podcast is so, so essential if you want to live your ultimate life. Please, share it with others, give them these simple but oh-so powerful insights. Together we are strong and how beautiful it is if you can help each other in this way.


Once again good luck and on you will find the show notes of this episode. 


See you soon and I'm curious about your experiences! Share them with me via social media: facebook, instagram or just via

Who knows, I may also reward you with a free online consultation 1:1 with me. I like to hear from you!

All rights reserved EnergyJoy 2020

35. Mindset Hacks

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