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14th july 2020


Lisette Lucas:

Podcast 24: Step Into The Power. Learn to step into your Power so that your frequency can shift immediately. Discover and control your energetic and universal power and step into your unlimited Power! 


+ Free: Into the Power via Gratitude Meditation download


  • Do you quickly become 'overwhelmed' by outside influences? Do you want to feel more powerful and confident? Do you want to immediately shift the feeling of 'being alone'? Do you no longer want to live out of fear? Do you need inspiration beyond the boundaries of your 'limited brain'? Then this is the podcast for you!


  • Learn how to step into your Power so that you can immediately shift your frequency, mindset & energetic appearance in your timing. 


  • By applying this exercise you can immediately experience what shifting your energy and frequency does to and for you. 


  • So that you can fully stand in your strength and power, feel more powerful, more confident, inspired and more connected than ever before! Ready to live from a place of strength!


  • + Free meditation download


Welcome to Podcast #24: Into your Power!


It's amazing that you are listening and have made time for yourself.


This podcast can literally shift your frequency and therefore your life, in the most positive way. Does this sound a bit exaggerated or too promising? I can say from my own experience: not at all!


This simple yet powerful exercise has had a massive impact on me and I always apply it when I feel I need it. We'll do the powerful exercise later in the podcast, and as a free bonus: via the shownotes  you can immediately download the exercise for free.

So, why am I sharing it with you? 


Around me, with both friends and clients I see many painful, sad, difficult and heartbreaking situations and circumstances. These have such an impact on the life of the person concerned that, if you do not stand your ground, you will literally be knocked over, off your feet. 


Blow after blow, challenge after challenge, how much can a person endure you sometimes ask yourself, right? 


I know from my own experience that we can do and endure much more than we think we can. However, it's nice that when life gives you something you just don't want, you feel you have a way to deal with it. That you have a tool that you can apply immediately, especially when you receive unexpected bad news.


At the moment, how do you deal with difficult situations? How do you react? 


In particular how long do you allow yourself to be influenced by situations that are completely out of your control? If you get carried away in what happens to you and have no way or no tool to save yourself, it can be a tough battle.


This is especially so if you are sad, anxious or angry - then your mind can run away with you. All kinds of thoughts and worst case scenarios can spin through your head that only make the situation worse than it already is. 


Does that sound familiar? 


You feed the heaviness, as it were, with an extra weight. As I say this, you can certainly bring out a vivid example in your mind where that happened. You probably already felt quite low in your energy and when those grinding thoughts came along, well you just fell straight down that dark hole. 


We are all alive and all face life's challenges - both the positive and the negative.


My question to you: how do you deal with good news? Just think of a moment where you received great news! Step back into that moment as if it were happening right now. Then notice: 

  • What do you feel in your body? 

  • Where do you feel it in your body?

  • What are your thoughts and images and words that you say to yourself?


Think back to a wonderful, beautiful memory with your loved ones, for example, a moment that warms your heart, and makes you feel intensely happy and grateful.


You can get the feeling back, right?


Now, let’s flip it: how do you deal with bad news? 

  • What do you feel in your body? 

  • Where do you feel it in your body?

  • What are your thoughts and images and words that you say to yourself?


Think back to a painful, sad, scary memory with your loved ones, for example. A moment when your heart breaks, when you feel intensely sad and down. Again, you can feel this moment straightaway, can’t you?  


Well, don’t worry, I won't let you hang in that bad moment for too long. By the way, I prefer to talk about gravity weighing you down rather than negativity. Talking about a heavier feeling feels more pleasant to me than focussing on negativity. Why? I'll explain: 

think of an overfilled grocery bag that is too heavy for you to lift. What can you do to resolve this problem? 

In my view there are two options:

Option 1 - you remove some items so that it is light enough for you to lift. 

Option 2 - you ask someone to help you lift the heavy load.

Those are the two options, provided you actually want to move the heavy load and therefore transform it, of course. Otherwise, the heavy bag or the heavy load will simply remain. 


To sum it up: gravity is not negative, it can transform you in many ways, you can move, illuminate, transform and remove it from your life forever. 


Conversely, how can you turn negative into something positive? How do you turn black into white? So from now on pay attention to your words, both out loud and in your thoughts. It is an essential, giga-transforming difference. 


And now we go back to feeling.


Think again of the most wonderful, precious memory that is now emerging in your mind.

A moment that warms your heart with joy, warmth, love and ultimate happiness. Just feel it flowing through you, filling your body with the energy of that happiness. Picture it, experience it again as if it were happening right now. Feel the smile on your face, the warmth in your heart, the love, the joy.


How does that feel? Do you feel it flowing through your body, filling your whole body and mind with gratitude and happiness? 


Very good, how was that? 


Isn’t it interesting that by following my words, you could go from a happy feeling to a heaviness and then back again in a matter of seconds? 


I asked and you immediately shifted your emotions and feelings. With the corresponding mood, and then shifted and changed this again within seconds.


That is good news, because if you can do it now, simply, at a very basic level and easily while listening to this podcast, you can always do it! You just proved that!


Why am I telling you this?


Very simply, when we live and experience life to the fullest, there will always be  situations and circumstances that can turn our energy, our state of mind, our emotions, our feelings directly upside down. In a fraction of a second.


Now you have had this affirmed, you can work on training yourself in preparation for these inevitable moments. You can train yourself and your mind (condition yourself really), so that when something comes to knock you over you can put your energy, your mindset in the frequency you want to experience. Regardless of what life offers you. 


Then you reach a state of consciousness where you take control of your energetic, emotional and mental vehicle and thus body instead of the other way around. Sounds good right? 


Instead of suffering in grief, you choose to lead from your powerful mindset in combination with learned and trained tools and techniques - which are easy to acquire. 


If you listen to my podcast more often, you now know that everything is energy. Also that the energetic frequency that you radiate and transmit, you also attract. This has been scientifically proven. 


Not surprisingly everyone prefers to be in a state of general well-being, joy, gratitude, connectedness, love and happiness.


But what do you do if that is not the case? If you don't feel like that?


I will give you a special exercise. Part of this practice has taught me to work with the spiritual world. It is a way to change your energy, to shift so that you step out of your current state of being and step into the infinite power of ultimate consciousness, into the power of the source of creation, in connection with all that is.


I call it: Stepping into the Power.


Stepping into the Power stems from my years of training in English mediumship.


One moment in this training I will never forget. I was in Ashford in Kent (England), for intuitive and mediumistic study and training. It was early 2014 and my mentor, the internationally renowned medium Mavis Pittilla was going to show us how to get into the Power.


I knew how it worked energetically but somehow I found it difficult in practice. 


But then Mavis demonstrated it. 


What she did then I'm going to do with you now. So if you have the opportunity, I would like to ask you to stand for this exercise. This is the best way, and it’s how Mavis presented it. 


Doing it this way also creates a new neurological pathway in your mind and brain so that your energetic body builds a memory of it. Then, the feeling, the emotion and the physical movement are linked and that's what we want. For it means you have immediately made a new connection that you can train and now have a new neurological path; a new path of nerve cells, and with training and practice you turn it into a super fast and powerful, high speed highway: a neurological highway. 


Add in repetition and regular practice and it will become automatic, then you can step into your power in a fraction of a second, bam, and experience your ultimate strength, inspiration and connection. Free from heaviness and full in your field of infinite possibilities.


Meaning that you can more easily carry on, no matter what life offers you. The advantage: you can regain yourself faster, bringing yourself more quickly into that state of being where your energy shifts to trust, strength, love, connection, hope and gratitude.


And that is the purpose of this exercise.


I ask you now: what is the antidote to fear and anger? Do you know the answer? 


Tony Robbins answers this so beautifully: the antidote to fear and anger is gratitude. For when you step into that state of gratitude and power it is impossible to feel fear and anger. 


Just give it a try. Think of that exercise we did a moment ago, that moment when you felt so good and happy, and now feel gratitude for it. Be grateful for that experience: that you were able to experience it, that you can breathe and are alive, for your body, for the moments of sharing and being together; now try to feel anger and fear at the same time. Go ahead, feel grateful and angry at the same time … it doesn't work, right? If you really step into gratitude, it is impossible! That's why gratitude is the antidote. Make a note of this! Gratitude is more than just a word, it's the best anti-stress recipe available! Make sure to take your daily dose and make it a morning ritual. It’s simply essential! 


The best thing about combining Gratitude with the ‘In the Power’ steps is that you can shift your state of being and regain yourself in no time. You literally step out of the frequency that you do not want to receive: that of fear and anger and all emotions attached to it; and you step into the energy that you do wish to receive in your life.


Okay, so join me now. If you are in the car do this exercise later. Because it is important that you are standing up. 


That's how Mavis Pittilla taught it to me and don't underestimate this, the value of this  information - coming from those who are at the highest level in their field. They are among the absolute best in the world, so consider this a gift! Feel what it is like to receive the most beautiful gift, take it in your mind, I am going to give it to you, all for you, and the value of this, in my view, is priceless!


First feel the gratitude flow, do you remember what that does with your energy and frequency? It just shifts it up a gear! This immediately lifts your state of mind and your state of being and your general well-being. Experience it for yourself. 


Okay, make sure you have some space and time for yourself and follow my voice.


We are going to do this exercise upright and standing, preferably with your eyes closed. 

If you want, you can grab a support somewhere so you are sure that you are stable.


Very well, let’s begin.


Okay, stand up. Well upright, both feet flat on the floor, shoulders back, chest out, head straight, chin forward as if you know where you want to go, and breathe in and out gently. Breathe in and out again. Consciously feel your feet on the ground, and feel your body, experience all sensations in your body, acknowledge it and let it be: this is you now. If you feel something pinching, pressing or hurting, acknowledge it and pay no further attention to it. Let it be.


And wh