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12th february 2020


Lisette Lucas


Welcome to the Podcast # 2 Script of "Shift to EnergyJoy and Beyond!" with Lisette Lucas

Welcome to my second podcast and thank you for listening.


My name is Lisette Lucas and I am an intuitive transformation therapist, medium, energetic healer and teacher.


My first podcast was about intuition. In it I explained what intuition is along with three tips to train, strengthen and develop it. Not forgetting my special 3 second rule. If you have not yet listened to it, I recommend that you do. The link can be found in the shownotes:


Today in podcast # 2 we are going to talk about energy. So what will you learn? 

  • To recognize what energy is based on.

  • The Energy-Tracker exercise and how you can get the free Energy-Tracker download at the end of the podcast. 

  • The law of energy.

  • What an “energetic residue” is. 

  • The effect of energy through a personal example, as I tell you how I drained energetically after treatments.

  • What having high sensitivity (HSP), sensitivity and empathy does to your energy. 

  • My key to change.


First, everything is energy. 


When asked what I do I often say: I work with energy. Everything is energy and I have learned to feel, read and see energy. As a result, I receive information that is invisible to most people. People’s reactions vary. Some are fascinated and immediately question me, others distance themselves for fear of me reading their mind (and yet ironically I can pick up on this). Now, I often feel how best to approach someone, which usually avoids uncomfortable situations. Intuition immediately comes into play again. As you learned in podcast #1, everyone has intuition and anyone can develop it. 


In my intuitive development course I often use the example of "the two dogs." I would now like to share it with you. Picture yourself walking in the forest on a beautiful, sunny day. You are walking a very long straight forest path. A sweet, happy dog ​​walks next to you, this could be your own dog or someone else’s, it doesn’t matter. The dog walks ahead, wagging his tail and happy with life. Suddenly your dog stops. You look around for the reason, when you notice far away in the distance another dog is approaching on the path. Your dog's wagging tail immediately disappears between its hind legs and the dog turns and walks the other way. All of this happens within seconds. 


What is the reason for this sudden change in behaviour? 


The sweet, happy dog has picked up on the energetic frequency of the other dog, even while you have not yet. It has reacted according to a combination of energy, intuition and instinct. The strange dog’s frequency was not an energetic match, making your dog uncomfortable causing it to turn around. This energetic mismatch (as I call it) could have been because your happy dog felt the other dog was aggressive. Happiness is a beautiful high, authentic frequency whereas anger / aggression is a very low energetic frequency. So the happy dog ​​immediately felt this and avoided the emotional, negative circumstances.


That was the example of the dogs, but now think about your own life. Specifically a situation where you saw someone in the distance walking towards you and their presence immediately made you feel bad. You really wanted to avoid this person, you don't know why, it’s just how you felt. However, you have good manners and were taught to shake someone's hand, so you did, but with resistance in your body. This example is typically how we feel energy, frequencies and vibrations. 


A perfect exercise that you can do is my Energy-Tracker exercise (in the Shownotes you will find the link to it and then download for free), which I absolutely recommend you do, because insight gives freedom. And if you understand how energy works, it will give you complete freedom to transform your life.


Go to the shownotes at


I’ll just explain what the Energy-Tracker exercise is a little more: in the exercise you will learn to track your energy, or trace and map it throughout the day. You will note how often you feel resistance in a day. How often do you experience what I call an energetic mismatch? Note this down and ask yourself: is it good for my emotions; or my mental / physical / energetic body to expose me to these (energetic) conditions? What is the effect on my overall well-being? What can I change so that the energy fits more with my authentic frequency? That being the frequency of joy, happiness, love, gratitude, appreciation and happiness, among other things. Doing so you learn what your energetic mis-match is and you will recognize your authentic frequency so that you can shift more easily. 


Let’s look further at how everything is energy. My voice, for example, is now entering you through an energetic frequency, through energetic waves. These are invisible to the physical eye, yet still present. No matter how you are listening to this, whether on your mobile, tablet, laptop, in the car or via your computer. All of these technologies have super, fast vibrating energetic connections (frequencies and vibrational waves.) 

And when we talk about connections, that is immediately the all-encompassing. 


Everything is energy and energy cannot be created or destroyed according to the natural law: “The Law of Conservation of Energy”. It can only be converted from one form to another. In other words, it can change shape. 

If you want to know more about this and go into more detail, I advise you to research the law of conservation of energy on Google. In my show notes I will place a good link to begin with.


What matters to me is that you understand that everything is energy. Whether you have considered it before or not, it’s a scientific fact.


When we talk about energy in the form of energy work, energy healing and energy reading then we are talking of tuning in to the energy of objects, people or animals. The best part is, energy has no limits. Just think of the WiFi that goes through walls, doors and windows. It is therefore possible to feel, read and experience energy from objects, persons or animals that are on the other side of the world. Or even beyond the boundaries of earthly existence. Just think of the law of conservation of energy. 


Have you ever realised that when you sit in a chair somewhere in public, you can feel / read and / or experience the energetic blueprint of the person who sat in the chair before you? This is known as energetic residue. In other words, the remnant of the energy that the person has left behind. In the course we usually do an exercise, a kind of musical chairs, but so you don't see who was last sitting in the chair. The students' mouths usually open in surprise when they can simply tell the character traits of the person who last sat in the chair. Often when you’ve experienced it yourself you know that it is real. 


But it could also be that you suddenly get knee pain or headaches after sitting in that chair. Have you ever considered that you have absorbed the energy of the other person into your own energy field? 


Have you ever gone somewhere feeling full of energy and then immediately felt the energy flow out of you upon arriving? Then you return home feeling shattered (energetically empty). What is going on here? An energetic exchange has taken place. You have acted like a sponge absorbing the energy unconsciously.


I myself have worked 1:1 with people for years without understanding what was happening on an energetic level. When I was in my early 20's I practiced skin and beauty care for many years. I had many customers and I loved giving the best treatments with the most beautiful products. Unknowingly I gave away all my own energy in the treatments and massages. So that when the client left the house, fully revitalized and recharged, I was so drained I was ready to sleep after just three treatments. I was completely empty, completely exhausted, wiped out and yet I didn’t know how. Something had to change and that is why I started to delve into the world of energy, intuition and energy work. My sensitivity was once my weakest point, but now it is my greatest strength. I can and do help many people with it and I do so with all my heart and soul, just like in the days of my skin care practice. Now though there is a very big and essential difference. I consciously monitor my energetic boundaries, I now understand how it works and I apply it day and night. I have learned how to control my energetic vehicle and I do so with love and appreciation. 


If you are sensitive, you are quite often the helper: the person who is always there for others, lets others go ahead, the person who has trouble saying "No". Recognisable? Well believe me, as I said, I've been there, done that! You are empathetic, you have great empathy and you can cry along with any pathetic story or heartbreaking film, yes even a cartoon. It’s as if you were experiencing it yourself. If you recognise yourself in this description, chances are that your energy field (your aura), the energetic field that envelops your physical body is completely open like a kind of balloon. I remember well that years ago I was trained by a very good, international medium. He said: "Lisette, you're one big open hole". In other words, Lisette, your energy is completely open, a big hole where everything can enter. I was shocked when he said it and immediately went to work on it. Now when I tell my students about it, I can laugh about it. 


Ask yourself: do you leave the front door of your hope open day and night or do you close it? Can everyone come in continuously when it suits them or do you decide who enters and when? It makes sense for your home, but have you considered that your energetic home might be open 24/7?


I now see myself, my energetic body as my temple. I am careful with it and handle it very meticulously and with a lot of respect and love. I know that when my energetic temple is in good shape, it has a direct effect on my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state. 


I started my journey of discovery because I wanted to understand what energy is and what effect it has on myself and my environment. I recommend that you do this too. Seeing as you are now listening to this podcast you are on the right track. I have specially developed the Energy-Tracker and you can use it to help you on this journey. It gives you insight, shows you what is happening with your energy throughout the day. Again, insight gives freedom. Many (especially sensitive people) feel trapped and limited by their sensitivity and do not know how to change it. However, I have now given you the key to change.The key is: ACTION! Take action, get moving, set the energy in motion and discover, learn and transform. With the action mindset you set the energy of positive change in motion. You've been listening to this podcast and you should be absolutely proud of yourself! It is proof that you are ready to transform, explore and get to know the beautiful, magical, fascinating world beyond the visible, 3- dimensional reality. I can guarantee you one thing, the best is yet to come. Expect miracles and they will manifest! Believe they are on the way because there is so much more!


Everything is connected, everything is energy. Take ACTION and you will transform! 


This was podcast # 2 about energy. In the show notes link you will find all the information I have talked about. All you need to do now is download the Energy-Tracker so that you can shift energy.


Good luck and EnergyJoy!

All Rights Reserved © EnergyJoy 2020

Script: Energy

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