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25th january 2023


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 156. Above the Golden Line®


  • After ten years of working energetically with thousands of clients, I cracked the golden code, the code which determines what you manifest. You can learn more about this method with my free ‘Above the Golden Line® Method’ pdf which I created to accompany this podcast. 

  • So, what is this code? It’s the code that determines whether or not you live in a frequency above the Golden Line®. It therefore ensures whether or not you manifest what you want and desire in your life. In this podcast I’m going to tell you how a client’s energy field finally cracked this code for me. 


  • First, we always manifest, you are always ‘on’. But do you primarily manifest more of what you don't want? Or what you do want? This is the difference in manifesting and from your answer you can then ask yourself: ‘Ok, where am I in terms of frequency? Where am I in terms of energy?’ For whatever you manifest shows whether your energy is below that Golden Line® or above it. 


(The shownotes for this episode can be found at: I’ll also post the link to the free ‘Above the Golden Line® Method’ pdf here.) 


To start, I’ll tell you this: the ‘Above the Golden Line® Method’ is so powerful. It has become my own personal trusted manifestation method, because I fully support it. I’ve experienced it firsthand, lived through it and tested it with students and clients, so I’ve seen the impact every time they start applying this, start shifting. As they start moving their energy upwards to that Golden Line® and above it, so much changes. Will the same happen for you? Absolutely, you’ll manifest so many wonderful things. But only if you do the work after you’ve received my free download. For nothing moves by itself. So if you don’t feel like working or you’re thinking you’ll just see how it goes: don’t download the pdf, because it will be a waste of your time. I’d rather give the information to someone who wants to do the work, because I like working with people who feel that passion and that fire. Who truly want to shift and break through, let go and transform.

Yes, just to reiterate: this method doesn’t work just by itself, nothing works passively. So are you looking for change and transformation, to experience shifts and to manifest what you want? Then you have to do something for it. And my method is super simple: immediately by e-mail you’ll receive a pdf document including a hypnotation that you can listen to and the 3 steps you need to follow. You don’t have to do a lot of work, but you do need to do it. I’m very interested to see how the process works for you. I know it works, therefore I also know that when it doesn’t work for you, you didn’t follow the steps. That’s why all I ask of you is actually a commitment to yourself, it’s not even to me. Just make a commitment that you will consistently apply the method. It's like going to the gym. Can you see an effect after going to the gym for one or two weeks? After you’ve gone a few times you might already feel it internally, but still, there’s no-one who would say: ‘Have you been working out?’. No, we anticipate it will take time to see results from the gym. 


It’s the same with my method. You need to give it at least 6-8 weeks. ​Yes, that's the time I ask for you to commit. I will give you this Golden Line® pdf as a gift, but there needs to be an energy exchange in return: the commitment with yourself to take those steps, to listen and to apply it in the frequency I indicate to you through the pdf. 


Well, that said, how did I actually crack the code? Very simple, (well, I can say that now in hindsight): but I started working with people. When you work with a lot of people, you start to recognise patterns. Which is exactly how it happened for me. 

The advantage of working with lots of different people over years, is that you get to see a lot of beautiful energy. But also you see a lot of beautiful energy which is at a very low frequency. Then you start to notice: ‘Oh wow, things have to shift before they can take steps forward’. That's how it came about with me, at some point I saw ‘Ok, that person wants that change in his or her life’. But then I would perceive heavier energy and with heavy energy, (often referred to as ‘negative’ energy, but I prefer ‘heavy’ because it is ultimately heaviness), you get weighed down, you are pulled down heavily. Think of this energy as a grey cloud. You can also see past experiences as grey clouds. But just like with the grey clouds in the sky, you can let this grey cloud of energy dissolve, transform, clear away. How can you do that? By shining light on it. By letting the sun shine on it, by shining golden light on it.

If you watch my podcast on YouTube you’ll see that at this point in the podcast, I have my PodCarddeck in my hand. This is to show the gold line that’s at the bottom of the PodCarddeck and which represents the Golden Line® which is the energetic frequency of neutrality. Underneath the Golden Line® are those heavier frequencies. 

A heavy frequency always has an emotion linked to it, a feeling associated with it: fear, anger, shame, guilt, being apathetic. All heavy frequencies that put you below the golden line. I can tell you when you are in those frequencies. 


There are more emotions attached to these frequencies and I made an acronym for them. The illustration of this can be found in the ‘Above The Golden Line® Method’ pdf, so you can see them all clearly. It’s super important you see this because insight is strength. So when you understand how it works in terms of energy, then you will be able to shift that too and you can transform it. 


If you have no idea what kind of energetic soup you are swimming in you will not be able to make changes. For me, when I didn’t have this knowledge and had no clue how this Golden Line® worked, I was at a loss as to why I wanted something so badly, but it didn’t happen. Or even instead I got the opposite of what I wanted. Later I saw it was because I was so energetically trapped by fear and worrying that my energy was heavy. Of course meaning I was only going to attract more of that heaviness. My dominant energy was below that Golden Line®. So how did I change that? By shifting my energy upwards above the Golden Line®. (Well, now I call it The Golden Line® but it wasn’t called that at all in the beginning.) But at some point I perceived that in people who did succeed at manifesting, they had a golden energy around them. They had a golden touch, golden sparkles around them. It showed differently around everyone, some people had it on one side of their energy field. Then with others I saw a really beautiful rainbow around them. 


I remember, this was really at the beginning of my career, in 2013, there was a particular person who came into my practice. Back then I had a very small practice, a small room in our old house. I’d just done a beautiful reading for this lady and at the end I asked: ‘Do you have any other questions?’. And she said: ‘Yes, I do have a question … Uhm, I don't know if you can answer it though.’ With this I started to feel something coming and I thought ‘Oh, what will it be?’. Then she asked: ‘Am I going to get pregnant? Am I going to have a baby? It is my greatest wish’. Well, if you are trained as a success medium, as a medium with energy work, then you know that because of the energy of free will, we won’t make predictions like this. Even if it’s felt, even if I saw four kids hopping around energetically. It’s not something I would ever say because nothing is 100% certain, even when you interpret it energetically. These four kids might be four miscarriages, they might only be children in the spiritual world, for everything is energy. So if a child has died you will still perceive it with that person in the energy field. Therefore, it goes without saying that no matter what training you’ve had, please don’t go predicting children. For I’ve seen so many people who were incredibly sad and disappointed after such a prediction and who say that: ‘So and so predicted I’d have X number of children.’ 


If someone comes to you with such a question please make that person aware of their own responsibility. Tell them to follow their own inner knowing and do the work on themselves. Rather than answering, make sure their focus is on shifting their energy above that Golden Line®. And now, I've completely deviated from the theme! But to refocus I’ve grabbed my card deck and coincidentally in the business podcast I just recorded, beautiful cards also came up.

Right now, I’ve got the 'Unwanted Visit' card, which has a lot to do with perceiving other energies, entities around you. And that's what I'm talking about right now because I was talking about those children, so we’re back on track again and the synchronicity is very nice. So please make sure you don't predict. When you already work as a coach or when you notice ‘Oh, I can see things energetically’, remember everyone has free will and respect that. 


Anyway, back to the question from that lady of whether she was going to have a baby. Knowing this was her question I was like ‘Phew’, for from my training I knew this wasn’t something I should predict. But after she asked that question she got a beautiful golden rainbow around her, a golden arc. Her energy field literally lit up gold and it was so beautiful, so powerful. I had never seen that so powerfully, not even during my training. 

So while I told her that I couldn’t answer that, I did tell her I noticed a beautiful golden energy emerging from her as she asked that question. During this reading I was allowed to trust what I was observing through my own Spirit team and through my clairvoyant and clairsentient perceptions. I was shocked at how beautiful, how wonderful and powerful that golden energy felt. But with guidance and advice from Spirit I saw that I was allowed to share the following with her: that this golden energy is the highest frequency of manifesting. When you perceive gold, it literally manifests itself in physical form. 


​By the way, I hadn't expanded this theory yet because I didn't even know how it worked exactly at the time. I only saw that gold and said to her ‘The gold feels so good. Gold is safe, high energy, so take that with you.’ And I never really spoke to her after that. But we did become Facebook friends meaning I could follow her timeline. And sure enough, nine, ten months later I suddenly saw pictures passing by of her holding a baby. The baby was born and then I was like wow, wow, wow - the intelligence of energy! I felt it’s such a shame that more people can't do this, or learn how to read this and then start applying it in a good responsible way. (Because so much work is done in ways that have done more harm than good.)

For sadly people, including my students, have come to share with me negative experiences of this field. With mediums some have inherited the skill naturally so don’t undertake any training. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of good mediums where this is not the case, for we are all natural mediums at the core. So anyone can learn and develop the skills, just like training a muscle in the body. But there are mediums who don’t do any training in ethics, so aren’t aware of what you can and can’t say, which is when things can go wrong. 


But is it resonating with you to develop these skills, to train that energetic, intuitive muscle? I have a lot of programmes which include processes in which I can help you develop it further. But what matters for now is that you start working on yourself, taking those steps yourself to shift to the frequency Above the Golden Line®. For it is in this place where you will find the gold. The manifestation frequency of what you want and desire in your life. Below the Golden Line® there is also manifestation energy, but there you only attract more of what you do not wish to receive. 


I want to leave it at this for now. I hope you can get some good insights from it. So shift from grey-ish energy to golden energy. The hypnotation in the ‘Above The Golden Line®’ pdf method is going to help you with that when you do the work. Again, it goes without saying: you have to take daily steps towards your ultimate dreams and wishes and then they will appear in your life by themselves. 


Thank you for listening, it’s great that you joined. 


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Once again, good luck with shifts to Above The Golden Line®. Do you have any questions about this? You can always send me an email or just a DM via Insta. And I hope to meet or see you again very soon.


Yes! A big hug and bye for now, 


x Lisette

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Podcast 156.
Above The Golden Line®

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