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30th November 2022 


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 148. The All-In Frequency: How Subconscious Layers In Your Energy Can Make Or Break Your Business


  • Do you work your ass off to get or keep your business running … but somewhere, somehow it doesn't run the way you want it to?


  • And you just can't put your finger on what exactly is going on … 


  • Discover how your frequency determines your business course on a subconscious level.


  • Once you realise this, break through and transform it, you can step into the All-In frequency for ultimate and unlimited success!


(The shownotes for this episode can be found at:


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Welcome to Podcast #148!


The All-In Frequency! I thought this was such an apt name for this podcast because when you have your own business, you feel like you go all-in, don't you?


I mean, unless you're coasting a bit and you see your business more as a hobby. Then that All-In mentality does not apply to you.


So this podcast is also really aimed at the empathetic, ambitious, established entrepreneurs who have that 'heck-yes' mentality of: ‘Let's Go! It’s all or nothing.’


Do you feel that energy? Because yes, you know if you listen to my podcast more often: Everything is energy. So even through the frequency of my voice, those vibrations through the ether, you can feel whether or not this resonates with you.


And to prepare you, energetically ;-) I'm going to say something now which may be a painful eye-opener. 


Because I can tell you: when you're not yet where you want to be in your business.


It’s not due to the market. It’s not due to your clients. It’s not due to external circumstances …  No, do you know what it comes down to? 


Yes: to yourself! 


In other words: You only owe it to yourself that things are not going the way you would like.


'Yes, but hold on Lisette!' I hear you thinking now. ‘I put so many hours, time and energy into my business. I'm trying so hard. Yet I just can't get what I want out of it. I want more energy, more impact, more clients, more turnover -  so much more.’ 


Yes, I say: I understand that this can be confrontational, but I will repeat it again.


The only reason you are not where you want to be right now is: Your frequency.


Your own energy is your own internal saboteur.

Your energy ensures that your business stagnates or flourishes!


And I can tell you very honestly, for years I excelled in sabotaging myself energetically on a business level. When all I really wanted was to be successful! 

But because of that energetic self-sabotage, I also kept myself falsely safe and small for years. And yes, this also included my business which ran along just fine, but secretly I made sure that I kept myself in the background, giving off an invisible energy. Thinking ‘Well people will come to me if they need to.’ Because this felt safe and meant I didn’t have to show myself to the whole world. 


Looking back, these were all internal frequencies and energies linked to my beliefs and subsequent patterns.


Only when I really dared to go inside, really dared to work on myself … to tackle and erase and shred my sabotaging energy, old beliefs and dated patterns at the root - removing them from my system for good. Well, only then did my business start to shift. It was really bizarre to feel and experience, as if new doors opened, doors within myself.


I literally started looking at the world differently. First differently at myself and then at the world.  


Suddenly I dared to show myself. I built up to it step by step and it just felt right. My All-In frequency and energy was activated for good. 


So I'm curious, if you have your own business, see if you recognise these patterns in yourself: 


Do you put off things that you know would be good to do?

Are you suddenly overwhelmed by fatigue during important tasks and matters for your business? 

Do you suddenly feel absent and less focussed? 

Do you have thoughts like: ‘What am I actually doing it all for?’ or ‘Who's waiting for me anyway?’ 

Can you no longer see the wood for the trees? 

Do you catch yourself doing a task you actually don’t like at all when really, there’s a more important job for your business which you find equally as annoying that you should be doing instead? 

Sometimes I catch myself suddenly cleaning up. While I can normally deal with a not completely tidy kitchen. I mean, good luck with 3 kids to have your house perfect all the time. I released that need. But when I'm suddenly busy tidying up and cleaning, I feel that saboteur's frequency. Haha. And now these days I'm laughing because I recognise it and that it’s time to transform some energy again, to go back through some layers again. In other words, I can break through a new ceiling again. 


But, is this recognisable to you? 


Yes? Then I say: Congratulations! 

Because then it is already 1-0!


Why? Because it is so important to see and recognise that it is all up to you and not to anything or anyone else! 

And that is a hugely powerful life and business changing insight!


So do you want to shift your energy and frequency for good, so that your business can  boom?

Do you also want to discover what that internal saboteur is? 

So that you can take your life and business to the Next Level with ease in the All-In frequency?


Do you feel a YES! An energetic open feeling? And a happy vibe now (without thinking)?

Does your heart, as it were, turn on and open from these insights and information?


Then that is your own inner knowing and intuition, now giving you that recognition of the truth.


And that's where the key lies. 


Dance along to the vibe and frequency of your inner knowing. Then you will be able to unfold your business for your (and everyone's) highest good with ease. All this in complete alignment with who you really are. You are really made from stardust and have infinite potential and possibilities!


So are you ready to fully embrace the All-In frequency?

And are you willing to invest in yourself? 


Then I want to invite you for a Soul connection call. 

There I look at your energy and frequency and together we can make a high-frequency plan of action for you and your business for the coming year. 


Again, this is really only for those who want All-In but have not (completely) owned this frequency yet, because there are old beliefs in their energy that sabotages things.


And maybe you’ve already realised it or felt it, but tackling and transforming these blocks together with you is my expertise and high-frequency passion. For I want it that you too can become the best version of yourself and then propagate and share it with the world …  with ease!


The world needs you and your liberated All-In energy and frequency so, so much!


I would therefore like to end by saying: Go for it! 

And I look forward to speaking and seeing you very soon. Claim that energy of this momentum - it's here for you!


Take action immediately if this resonates deeply: book your call via the link in the shownotes. Because I can already tell you if you wait, the energy of your internal saboteur will definitely sabotage you out and push you away. 

Haha …  watch out and be ahead of that part! Learn to recognise your energy and start acknowledging it! Enough is enough! Your time is NOW!


Yes! It’s great that you listened! See you soon! 

Love x Lisette 


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Podcast 148. The All-In Frequency

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