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19th october 2022


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 142. How Contributing Will Shift You To Satisfaction - And True Satisfaction Is The Magic Ingredient For Ultimate Happiness + Discover the 2 (Little Known) Levels Beyond Our Basic Human Needs That Will Help You Find This Satisfaction 

A question for you: Do you know that feeling of being stuck and not really feeling happy when you're apparently doing pretty well? 


  • Discover what you can do to shift and break that for good


  • So that you understand what that feeling is all about … 


  • … and from these powerful insights you can immediately tackle the issue and break through to find the ultimate happiness is up for grabs!  


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 Welcome to Podcast #142!


If we look around us, we see that actually everyone puts themselves in the limelight in a certain way. Whether that’s on a small platform, such as in your trusted circle, or a big platform like the internet, TV or social media. 

People can become visible and known by: being successful in their life or business; being a good parent, partner, boyfriend or girlfriend; being fit and super sporty or by taking on extreme challenges; by being a healthy example or by being inventive and enterprising; by being extroverted, by earning a lot of money, working hard, buying expensive clothes, stuff, houses, cars or, for example, by taking trips to beautiful locations. 


All these reasons are wonderful and to sum it up very simply: all these examples belong to 4 of the 6 Human Needs, as Tony Robbins puts this so powerfully. 

And these 4 human needs are:


  1. Certainty 

  2. Uncertainty

  3. Significance

  4. Connection


But now a question for you, wherever you are in your life:

What do you think makes you really happy? 

Perhaps you recognised something, someone or yourself in the examples I mentioned earlier. If this is so then you know that those things give you a moment of happiness, create a moment of security, excitement or adventure; or give that connection and love. But after you’ve done the thing, you notice that the happiness it brought quickly disappears again, weakens, things return to normal and you return to the order of the day. 


So now my question to you: What can you do to really experience that satisfaction and that feeling of ultimate happiness in life, that long-term happiness from within? 


I'm going to help you out:

There are 2 other Human Needs, 2 needs that you can pursue as a human (with an emphasis on the can). For a selection of the 1st 4 Human Needs is a must for everyone, of course to varying degrees and in different orders of importance. But these 2 other Human Needs are not basic needs, they’re possibilities and hold potential.  


These 2 other Human Needs are the ones I’m committed to for achieving the full 100% in my life and business. This is especially so now I understand the importance of them in touching essential human needs. 


These 2 Next Level Human Needs are:

  1. Growth

  2. Contribution


And these are Human Needs for a very good reason … 


… by now I know, feel, experience and live that you have to first grow, learn and develop as a person in order to be happy. 

Why? Because you are just like nature. 

If you don't grow, you go …  very simple … it’s growth or death!


So that's why I help anyone who is open to grow, learn, develop and transform. Because it helps them to literally live doing what makes them happy plus, it helps me to experience that happiness and satisfaction as well. 


And that automatically brings me to the 6th Human Need and that is: Contribution. Contributing to the happiness and life of another - that is the ingredient needed to experience the ultimate satisfaction in life. 


When you embrace, understand and apply this in your life, it will shift forever. And you will finally experience the happiness and satisfaction you have been looking for all along!


I myself am in the blessed position of being able to contribute to the lives of many people - with the opportunity to support them in their growth and development. 


For me it is definitely a gift because it sets in motion a beautiful energy exchange that nourishes each soul to the very depths of his or her being. 


This week, for example, I had a conversation with a wonderful student who has been training and growing under my wings for years. This student is ready to fly out and start contributing independently.  

In the conversation, the transformation, growth and development over the years came to the fore and the words of gratitude touched me deeply. The student stated that the programme trajectory is 'soul-fulfilling' … 


Can you imagine that after 3 years of working together someone says to you: ‘What you have given me is soul fulfilling’. 


My eyes filled with tears of gratitude and yes …  fulfilment. 

Being able to contribute to the life of another, is definitely the key ingredient to ultimate happiness! But the greatest possible gift in this lifetime: through your contribution to another you allow them to step into their authentic power and birthright so they can experience soul fulfilment. 


And this is what really matters: making contributions from a place of connection, love and growth, so you can experience satisfaction with each other - the magic ingredient for a truly happy life!


How beautiful and above all: How powerful is that?!?


And I share this because you too can lift yourself beyond those 4 basic Human Needs - these universal needs of varying orders of importance to each of us. 

But you can choose to go to the Next Level yourself! 

You can make the powerful choice to step into Huge Growth, so then you can contribute to the happiness of someone else from your own growth. By making that choice, you and the person you choose to help, support and assist you, can also experience the ultimate happiness and soul-fulfilling satisfaction. 


Do you feel called?

Do you feel: ‘Yes, it's time to shift!’

Do you feel: ‘Yes! I want this too!’ 


Then take action right away! Break through old dated patterns and vicious cycles: 

Enough is enough! 


Yes, doing this will trigger your need for certainty and the uncertainty can make you tremble. But action will deeply nourish that need for significance and will warm your heart as you satiate that need for connection; both needs will be fed. 


But above all: It is your growth and ability to contribute that will be hugely accelerated, so you’ll experience more satisfaction than ever before!


Stop wasting time: Book your Soul Connection Call immediately to discover the possibilities for your soul, for your potential. For I’m certain of one thing: it’s no coincidence that you're listening to this! So your time is: NOW!


Thank you for listening! 

Time for huge breakthroughs!


I look forward to meeting or seeing you again!

Love and big hug 

X Lisette

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2022© 

Podcast 142. Contributing For Satisfaction

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