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EnergyJoy typewriter script with High End Succes Medium & High End Frequency Business Coach Lisette Lucas

10th august 2022


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 132. Make the most of your Life Credit, Discover the Limitless Cheque and the Levels that you can Unlock with Time Savings. 


Do you feel that you are floating through life, sometimes wondering: ‘What’s the point of all this …?’ 


  • Discover in this podcast, through powerful insights, where you really stand.


  • So that you can see what you can shift, break through and let go of.


  • Leaving you in a place where you can live your mission confidently and with time savings.


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Welcome to Podcast #132!


It’s great that you are listening! Why? Because this could be a life-changing podcast for you.


I always say: I don't believe in coincidence. So for some reason, which may not be completely clear yet, you are listening to this right now.


And also realise that while I've been speaking, this moment in time, right now, will never come back. So straightaway I’d like to say thank you for choosing to spend your precious time with me. 


For even though there are so many differences in the world, there is one thing that we all have the same amount of: time!


And of course you can sit and say: ‘Yes, but one person may live to 100 and another only to 53 … so some people have more time than others.’ That’s certainly one approach, but I start counting from the start - the moment you are born. 


Because basically everyone is born with, as I like to call it: A 'Life credit'. And it's up to you how you're going to spend that ‘Life Credit’ over your lifetime.


Think of that credit as a cheque on which you can fill in the figure yourself. 


So immediately ask yourself: What would you write on it, right now?

And important to remember: Everything is possible, you can write as much as you want down because there is enough for everyone! 

So from that standpoint:

What would you write on your life credit cheque right now?


Then look at your life now:

Are you getting the most out of your cheque now? Out of your credit? What's in it and what's on it?


Or are you working at 10%-15% of the value of your cheque?


Look around you, can you think of someone who probably gets 99% of their life credit, 

(someone who gets a lot out of life)? It doesn't even have to be someone you know. Thought of someone? Great, keep that person in mind. This is important. 


These are the people where everything apparently works, goes well and who get everything out of life! Personally, I call that making the most of your life credit.


But you can also probably think of someone who gets less than 10% from his credit for life, right? And it’s so sad to see, don’t you think? 


If I look at myself now, personally I do my very best to get the most out of my life credit. 


Even so, sometimes you discover that there are areas in your life credit that you want to get but can't reach yet. 

You can see it as unlocking a next level.


You probably know it: that irritating feeling that you keep ending up in the same situations and circumstances, stuck in a vicious cycle. 

You want to advance to the next level of your life credit, you want to cash that cheque to reach those levels of income, impact, success … 


But still, somehow you just can't get to that next level.

Have you been here, stuck and wondering how you often get caught at a certain level? 


I have found out why this happens by trial and error. 

Gradually I discovered that I could only move on to the next level in my life, when I started to let go of old parts and break through blocks to transform.


As soon as I did that, as soon as I worked on myself, I kept getting one step further. And new pieces of my life credit and cheque became available.


And don't get me wrong, a cheque sounds very earthy and seems to be tied to money (which, after all, is energy). 

But what I mean by unlocking new parts of your cheque of life is:

Receiving insights you couldn't reach before.


A simple, but super powerful and for me, life-changing example from my own life is: 

When I started on the path of energetic, intuitive and spiritual development, I started to feel different at a certain point. Not only to myself but also to other people.


I started to experience the connection with everything and everyone. I started to feel the love for everything and everyone from the pure base, core and essence.


And that has only continued to unfold. Even before I open my eyes in the morning I feel so much gratitude and love pulsing through me …  It fills my eyes with tears of gratitude, humility and awe … 


I mean, when we talk about a cheque and value: In my view, this is the most valuable and rich feeling you can and should experience … 


And of course I am regularly brought back to the here and now to deal with new challenges in life. Which allows me to unlock new areas of life credit and to get more from that cheque again. But also remember: That cheque is limitless, and that’s wonderful for you to decide for yourself how much value you will give it! That's completely up to you!


So if you look at challenges in your life from now on from the ‘wealth mindset’ it will definitely help you a lot. (Challenges being a nice collective word for problems and struggles.) 


For it is always about: The meaning you give to what you experience. Yes, it's always about the meaning you give it.


That is why 1 person who experiences something terrible, can no longer function for the rest of their life and ends up on alcohol, drugs or anti-depressants.

While another person, who has gone through the exact same thing, looks at it as an experience that helps them further along the path of their life credit. In fact, they see it as a valuable life lesson that helps them further in unlocking new credit on the infinite, limitless cheque of life.


But let’s be fair, we've all been through something that leads us to the point of saying:  ‘Okay, now I give up. I'm done with this …  I'm now going to run on 10% of my life credit and the rest can be stolen from me.’


But you can also turn it around and say: ‘Okay, this happened to me. I confront myself for my highest good. So that I can transform, break through and turn this into something with which I can help, support, direct and guide other people, for example. Purely from my own experiences and life stories and challenging lessons.’


And that's exactly what I do! 

Yes, I made the choice not to sulk in a corner. Although our brains prefer to do that to keep us seemingly safe. It’s a place we can easily find. But when I understood that, I chose to use that life credit powerfully. And cash that cheque to unlock as many hidden exciting, scary, new, groundbreaking areas as possible! 


Because imagine it’s the end of your life and you are transitioning from your physical life to the energetic life. During this process someone is ready with a tablet or computer and says: ‘So, Lisette. You received a credit when you were born, a great gift. Let's see how you have used it …’ Yes, do you see it? 


Oefff …  then as you watch images of your life flash by, you see that you have only used 5% of the potential of your credit. And then you get to see what you could have done with the other 95%, with all that potential, those strengths and unique talents of yours … 


‘Shoot’, you think to yourself …  ‘I have disappointed and let down so many people’. This realisation brings you a pain that is so intense it goes through the marrow and bone …  on an energetic level, let's say. It carves into your soul … 


‘Too bad dude’, you hear: ‘Game Over … Now it's too late’. You had your chance just like everyone else. You could have done so much with all your talents, with all your powers, with all your life lessons. You could have accomplished so much by just being yourself. All you had to do was face your fears, let go of the old and take action on a daily basis. Step by step.


And? Can you see yourself standing there at the end of your life? 

If you carry on as you are, what percent of your cheque and credit would you actually have used? Can you look back with pride? Or do you still have some work to do here on earth? 


Well? I'm curious!


At least I know that when I think about this, especially when I feel it deep inside, I feel it stir the fire of my heart and soul! That feeling of: ‘Come on! Go for it!’


And that's why I made this podcast! To wake you up! Shake you up even more!

Because honestly: We are all champions in procrastinating, thinking ‘Later, it will come’, ‘There’s enough time’ …  No! There’s not enough time! Every minute that passes never comes back! 


I am very aware that as well as enjoying what is 'NOW' at the moment and being  conscious as a person and soul. It is also super valuable to gain time wherever possible.  

For example, I read audiobooks at a minimum speed of 1.5. Why? Because then I read more in less time! 


You can also save time with info videos, training sessions, podcasts … 

This way you can also get a lot of benefits from people who already use life credit at a high level and are super good at cashing and unlocking their cheque.

They have walked and mapped out paths that you can simply model, at a predetermined price and energy exchange of course. So no, you are not going to imitate them no, remember the Law of Karma. Rather you get the chance to model them, so you can use their framework, their blueprint to shift faster to the next level!


How great is that! I myself invest many thousands of euros to be able to use frameworks from other beautiful souls. Pure and simple time saving! I mean, you earn that money back twice over! But that lost time by 'doing it yourself' with a lot of muddling through things, that is time lost forever.


So now it's up to you!

How do you want to look back on your life at the end?

What percentage do you want to get out of it?


Good news: The choice is always yours! Free will is the common thread through life. 

My advice is to join the leaders, those people and authorities in your area of ​​interest and passion. Make sure you surround yourself with high-vibe people who also have that mindset of 100 out of 100! 

Instead of 10 out of 100 is fine …  you want to stay away from that. Because that mindset, that low vibe attitude, costs you mountains of energy and time. So keep your eyes and ears open and monitor your energy in them. 


So again, I don't believe in coincidence! My mission is to help people like you awaken, and to empower them. Then from that position of power to let them live their mission in their own authentic and unique way. Allowing them to contribute, only as they can.

So they can proudly look back at the end of their life credit and say: ‘Yes! I got out of life everything I could! I have not let myself be kept small. I have broken through those old parts, worked on myself and I have been able to leave a valuable legacy for my loved ones and the world!’


I can tell you: I signed up for that!


Are you also signing up for it? Does it appeal to you? 

Does your heart and soul also make a jump and happy dance of recognition and joy?!


Then I'm looking for you!

So take action immediately: email me or send me a DM via Instagram or Facebook. I would like to speak and see you soon. Then I can show you with which frameworks I can help you take to the Next Level! And it doesn't matter what stage and level you are at now! I have also gone through and broken everything, so I always have a suitable solution for you! 


See you soon! I look forward to it! 

Big hug and love 

x Lisette 

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2022© 

Podcast 132. Make The Most Of Your Life Credit

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