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18th may 2022


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 120. The 5 Love Languages ​​& Your Potential: How To Unfold Your Potential Through A Full Love Tank + Free PDF of The 5 Love Languages ​​& Your Potential 


A question for you: Do you want to live your full potential but also feel stuck? 


  • In this podcast you will discover why you feel this way … 


  • … and how you can immediately shift that!


  • So that you can step powerfully into your loving potential. 

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Welcome to Podcast #120!


Years ago I came into contact with the book: The 5 Love Languages, ​​by Gary Chapman. 

I bought the audiobook, started listening but had never actually finished it. However, I had become familiar with the 5 Love Languages ​​or the 5 different love languages  because I read and heard a lot about it. 


(By the way, I will put a link in the shownotes to both the book and to my favourite audiobook app. Because it works ideally for me to put on an audiobook and multitask as I listen. And I will also put in the shownotes the link to my '5 Love Languages ​​& Your Potential' PDF that I made especially for you. You can then download it directly and have a clear idea of the 5 love languages combined with your potential.)


To sum it up briefly: we all have, or rather, we all speak a certain love language. A language that we propagate and preferably also receive back. 


You can literally see it as a language. Just as someone who only speaks Chinese will not be able to understand Dutch or Flemish and vice versa. 

Without a shared language communication will be almost impossible and so the exchange of words, wishes and love will stagnate. And even if someone speaks the same language, a dialect can still cause confusion and noise.


So it is with the language of love. Do you not understand and speak each other's Love Language? Then eventually a relationship will fail. Purely because after the infatuation phase, the chemistry, energy and dynamics change. 


If it turns out that after that infatuation phase, you speak different love languages ​​and love dialects and you don't understand each other; then love will turn into irritation, annoyance and quarrels. Leading to you being out of sync with all the consequences that entails. 


I will now share with you the 5 Love Languages ​​and, more importantly, the reason why I am linking this to your potential. 


Love Language #1: Words of Affirmation, Words of Confirmation.

Love Language #2: Quality Time

Love Language#3: Receiving Gifts

Love Language #4: Acts of Service, Being Helpful

Love Language #5: Physical Touch


I was recently triggered by something and therefore drawn back to the book. 

This time I read it in 1 breath and took the Love Language Test (which you also get with the book). 


And yes, I can tell you: Suddenly everything fell into place. 


This was due to a statement in the book that immediately gave me a powerful insight. 


The test showed that my main Love Language is: Words of Affirmation. These are, for example, words of affirmation, recognition, loving expressions of affection. Insight and depth by exchanging words at my level of need. 


If you share this same Love Language and receive this from your partner, then your Love Tank will always be full!


Yet I actually realised something painful myself with this discovery. Because at that moment it became clear to me that I had been missing this in my marriage for years. A certain depth in that communication, an understanding of each other on a deep level. 


So yes, I now admit that my Love Tank was definitely not completely filled in that area. There I felt an emptiness and even loneliness. 


Although I did receive it in other areas of Love Languages, such as Acts of Service. This means, among other things, being helpful and being of service to others. A love language that also scores highly with me. Honestly, otherwise I could never have lasted 30 years. That Love Tank had to be filled somewhere, of course. Otherwise, the energy and driving force is literally gone. And yes, a relationship without energy comes to a standstill. 


But then I read a very remarkable statement in Gary Chapman's book that took a hold on me. 

An insight that I think is super important to share with you, for this insight can change your life! 

This has to do with your potential and the reason whether you live it or not! Whether or not you have the energy to live it. After all, you need a well-filled tank for that. 

So yes, super powerful if I do say so myself.


Thinking back I realise, because a certain tank was not properly filled within me. I have unconsciously filled it myself. I have intuitively listened to the unknown internal desire. (I had no idea about the Love Languages ​​at the time.)

So I found a replacement for it. 

What if I hadn’t found this?

Then you wouldn't have been able to listen to this podcast right now. 

Then I could never have started my EnergyJoy Mastery Academy, at all. 

Then I would never have been able to unfold and propagate my potential as a success medium, intuitive transformation therapist and High-Frequency Business coach and mentor.


Why is that? I hear you thinking now.

Well very simple and explained wonderfully in the book:

When your emotional love tank is full. 

When you feel safe and loved. 

Then your whole world looks light and radiant, and you will reach out to the world to meet your highest potential in life.


‘Wow’ …  I thought when I read it.


I know I'm living my infinitely unfolding highest potential. 

I know I'm reaching out to the world.

That's why you can listen to this now.


But then I thought: ‘I just found out that my partner doesn't speak my most essential Love Language. And that insight has shown my Love Tank is not full. So according to this statement I can’t actually live my potential …  how can this be?’ 


And then I started laughing and everything fell into place for me.


The answer to this riddle: My trajectory of spiritual, energetic, mediumistic and soul development!


My energetic and mediumistic skills, that I use in my mediumship and energy work, fill my main Love Language! So my tank is full! 


It’s from this that I receive my love, my insights, my appreciation and my need to be seen and recognised on an energetic level. From the infinite source of inspiration and love.


I found this insight so beautiful and powerful!


And actually a very important addition to the 5 Love Languages!


Because this also means when you don’t fully experience the happiness in earthly love as you want it most. (Perhaps because you don't have a partner or because your partner is not at the level of development and evolution that you are.) 

Well, then you can receive that love beyond the limit of the physically visible. 


As a result, even though your earthly Love Tank is not completely full, it can be supplemented with multidimensional love from an energetic level. Meaning you are apparently able to live your potential! 


And that's why I think it's so important to share this with you.

Because in this way everyone can live their potential. 

Everyone can feel safe, loved and seen.

Everyone can be radiant and grateful with a full Love Tank and can powerfully share that love and its potential with the world!


And this is exactly what I do in my EnergyJoy Mastery Academy! From the 1st steps of spiritual, intuitive and energetic growth and development, to powerfully starting your own business from your potential and letting it unfold from your purpose and potential. 


I think this is so beautiful and I am also so grateful for this insight. This indicates the value and the power of developing, transforming and growing yourself. 

Because through that self-love that you reactivate, you can let the infinite cosmic, universal love flow through you. The depth, the power, the recognition of being, the intelligence, the connection with like-minded people both on a 3-D, earthly level and on a 5-D multidimensional level. It is literally a gift. 

Whatever your Love Language at the universal level, all Love tanks are refilled. 


I hope this is clear to you because I wanted to pass this insight on. And that taking the step towards awakening is a great step towards filling your Love Tank abundantly!

The love that flows on an energetic level is infinitely available to you. And from that Love frequency you can achieve anything you want!


Are you ready to let your energetic and spiritual Love Language flow abundantly through your life? 


And are you ready to finally live your infinitely unfolding potential from that love and that light?


One more question (and perhaps the most important): Do you want to know how this can be done in the best way for you? 


If you feel a: ‘Yes!’, then book a 15 minute Soul Connection Call via the link in the show notes or send me a DM. Then I can observe your energy and frequency, directly or remotely, and feel energetically how you can best tap into that love. We can then chat further about the possibilities and yes, the next step for you!

Lots of love from me, cheers to Full Love Tanks and living from that infinite love and potential!


Yes?! Are you going for that?!


Hope to see and speak to you soon!


Big hug and love from me 

x Lisette

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2022© 

Podcast 120. The 5 Love Languages & Your Potential

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