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Excited! Live, Learn, Evolve!


Getting ready for our 7th Mavis Pittilla Advanced Mentorship weekend in Manchester, United Kingdom✈️🇬🇧💞.

So honoured and privileged to be trained and mentored by world renowned medium Mavis Pittilla. Her knowledge, wisdom and Spiritual gifts are so profound. She touches me, every time, at the deepest levels of my being. That intense strong soul-pull brought me to her years ago. No shadow of a doubt, I had to be there with Mavis....And oh my....what a journey sofar.

And this is only just the beginning. The unfoldment and development is a lifelong proces. I must admit, it's not an easy path and it can be a pretty lonely road at times... But I know this brings me to my true destiny, the path that's meant to be.

Like Mavis says "the Architects plan", the predestined path of the Soul.

All I have to do is follow my Heart & Soul, my inner compass........

The path to True Happiness, Love, Joy, Peace, Harmony and Growth.

The path to serve Spirit.....I am grateful🙏🏻❤️

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