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*Currently only available in Dutch


The Latest EnergyJoy PODCARDDECK!


These Interactive, Life-Changing EnergyJoy PodCarddeck Transition Cards (Phase 0-1) help you Energetically Awaken and Transform so you can powerfully Shift to the manifestation frequency of EnergyJoy and Beyond with ease!


Tip: Listen Podcast 141. World first: The 1st EnergyJoy Podcarddeck

English: Read the Podcast script:


Unique: 1st in the World!*

Soul & Podcast Aligned PodCarddeck

Each card resonates with the corresponding EnergyJoy Podcast by Lisette Lucas for insights, intuitive & energetic development, growth, transformation & manifestation.



You have unprecedented depth and infinite potential! This very first Podcard deck in the world activates & accelerates your inner powers, increases your vibe & frequency and therefore manifestation power!

Explore your multi-dimensional facets with the support and help of this powerful, high-frequency deck.

Use the EnergyJoy Podcarddeck for daily lessons and insights for yourself, help your loved ones and friends.

Next Level Tool: Learn and use the multi-dimensional Podcarddeck Energy Reading techniques of the Master Je Inner-Medium Academy in your own practice or business!


ThisTriple High Podcard Deckis deck #1 in a series of 3 belonging to the EnergyJoy Transition System® incl. the Podcast series.


The deck has 56 cards with intuitive lessons and insights.

  • Includes hidden interactive links to the Podcasts & the Lisette Lucas App.
  • Includes unique EnergyJoy Oracle Mindmap Symbols® for professional use with downloads.
  • Including free downloads of no less than 10 different PodCarddeck layouts, EnergyJoy color theory, EnergyJoy symbol theory and much more!
  • Discover the virtual depth behind this high-quality physical card deck.
  • +1 PodCarddeck information card with explanation & QR code.


About Lisette Lucas

Lisette is Worlds first: High End Success Medium®, High End & Frequency Business Coach/Mentor & Intuitive Transformation Hypnotherapist. This 3-part Podcarddeck Series was created by Lisette combining her own HSP & energetic experiences with the insights from her own Energyjoy Practice, Online EnergyJoy Mastery Academy & the endless downloads of Spirit & the Universe. With all the love & passion she transfers her groundbreaking knowledge to you.


'The EnergyJoy Podcarddeck Triple High Transition Trajectory: From Powerful Energetic Awakening to Living and Expressing your Ultimate Potential & Mission… all with the smile & frequency of EnergyJoy'


Lots of fun & EnergyJoy!

x Lisette


The Dutch EnergyJoy PodCarddeck for Energetic Awakening and Transformation

  • The PodCarddeck will be available asap. sent. 

    We aim to ship within 3 business days.


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