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What is a medium?

A medium is someone who can connect to the Spirit World and prove that this world exists.

A medium uses his/her inner senses in a way that deceased, passed, loved ones can provide information like: stories, memories and factual information from the World of Spirit.  Stories and facts from the past and/or the presence.


This communicating between 2 worlds, with other frequencies, is something anyone can learn. 

Anyone has an inner- vision, knowing, hearing, sensing and even smelling and tasting. It needs a lot of practice to understand the language of Spirit. Like everything, practice makes perfect. And it's like in normal life, anyone can learn to play the piano... but not everyone will end up in the concert hall.  


If you die your physical body remains behind, but your Soul, the essence of who you are, continues to live on in another dimension.

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How does a Spiritual Consultation work?

The medium and client both sit in a chair in the practice. Or with a Skype sitting, chair behind the computer or with a tablet or mobile. 

The medium explains how he/she works and will start to connect to the World of the Spirit. It's important to know. The Spirit World is in charge during a sitting. 

So a medium can't place orders on the other side. Aka , no guaranties about who will step forward from the World of Spirit. 

It's important to have an open mind. 

Not only granddad, nan, father or mother can connect but also that childhood neighbour or old friend from 30+ years ago. Time doesn't exist in the Spirit World. 

So expect the unexpected, that keeps the energy high and gives the beste result. 

At the end of the sitting there's time for questions.  

Our loved ones are always by our side and know what's good and important for us. We need to trust in the intelligence of the Spirit World.

At the end your loved ones almost always have a message for you. 

A sitting can be emotional but it almost always provides comfort, healing and peace of mind.

Most often your loved ones are waiting in line to connect with you again and to let you know how they are doing. 






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