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What is an EnergyJoy Private sitting? video (English subtitles available)

What is a private sitting?

In a private sitting, the psychic medium connects to your energyfield (aura) and Souls-energy. Your energy will be 'read' with a 'helicopter-view'. In this way you get insight into your life and start to understand what's happening in your life and the possible reasons why. A private sitting provides most often clarity, support and insights. 


A private sitting is possible in person in our practice in Holland but also perfectly possible through Skype.(see Skype reading for more info) 

The psychic medium explains how she works and what is and isn't possible during a reading. After that the psychic medium connects to your energy and will start to interpret: feelings, visions etc. 


In a private sitting the psychic medium doesn't plan to connect to deceased loved in the Spirit World. But never say never. It is possible someone close to you has a message. If your open to it we will let them come forward with your permission of course.


Every sitting is different and at forehand is hard to say how it will work out. It has to do with the energy between the client and psychic medium as well. 

If the energy-connection and link is flowing, the sitting will flow as well.



During the end of the sitting there is room for questions. You can also bring an photo or object. 


According to privacy reasons. If you bring a photo of a third, living, person, they need to approve. Otherwise the psychic won't read the image. 

Purity and integrety are very important and highly respected. 








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Sensing, feeling, sympathizing, empathizing. Experiencing love at the purest and clearest levels. The essence of being.

The Soul to Soul connection is intense. Respect for a persons point of view is essential.

- Lisette Lucas



Lisette Lucas

Psychic Medium, Intuitive Coach & Tutor

What is a Psychic?

A psychic, in Dutch paragnost, is a person who can help and guide you. They can provide clarity in situations and circumstances happening in your life. Someone who supports you according to what they read in your aura and Souls energy. 

Life questions like: Where am I in this life? What are my talents? Why are relationships difficult for me? Just some examples of questions. 


A psychic isn't a therapist and won't make decisions for you. You have Free Will in this life. Decisions have to be made by you. But some support and guidance can provide insights. With these insights and guidance you get into your own power and from that place you are able to move forward.

According to free will a psychic won't do any predictions. 

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