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1st december 2021


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 96. The Sixth Sense, How To Lift Yourself To A Higher Level In 6 Steps. 


  • Perhaps you feel a curiosity to strengthen your 6th sense, but you don't know where to start?


  • Everyone has a 6th sense, sometimes latent, dormant and sometimes as a beacon of light for everyone


  • In this podcast discover 6 steps that can lift you towards the 'ripple effect'


  • So that you too can shift energetic levels from your free will.



(The shownotes for this episode can be found at:

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Welcome to Podcast #96!


It's great that you make time for yourself, for that should be a priority! Especially on this subject.


Today I'm going to talk about The Sixth Sense or even better: Your Sixth Sense.


Because if you're listening to this, I assume you have an interest, curiosity or maybe a deep desire to activate your 6th sense more powerfully, or to discover more in this area. 


I know all about that myself, because years ago I reached that same point too. I felt a curiosity and a deep internal kind of longing, a craving for that hazy, exciting, scary area. That something that cannot really be captured in words. Yet deep down you know it's there. Recognisable?


In the meantime, after years of training and developing my own 6th sense under the watchful 6th sense of the greatest of the earth in this area, I am a medium myself. But to encompass more (and to show my expertise as a person) I call myself a: Success Medium & Intuitive Transformation Therapist. 


But if you go straight to the core then mediumship and intuition are central to what I do. And this itself encompasses the 6th sense.


Back to Earth base for a moment. 

Why do we even call it the 6th sense? 

It’s very simple in my view, namely someone has figured out that there are 5 other senses that take precedence.

Can you name those 5 senses?

Yes, they are: 







But if I'm honest I personally think the 6th sense is actually your 1st sense. Simply because everything is energy and the 1st thing you sense are energetic frequencies. They resonate directly with the sense that communicates on an energetic level: namely your 6th sense. 

For when you listen to my podcast you hear my voice. But even before you hear the words, you are energetically already in tune with the wavelength of the vibration of my energetic essence. Because yes, everything is connected. So on an intuitive, energetic, soul level there is already a connection before your brain has processed the words you hear.


Bizarre when you think about it, don't you think? 


But that's also what makes it so bizarrely fascinating! 

I can now say that I am a pioneer in this field. I always say that to my students and course participants: ‘You are pioneers’. And actually, you're listening to this, you're taking this in so you are also a pioneer. And your help along with that of my students and course participants is so much needed. 

Because it is an area about which not much has been scientifically recorded and recognised. Purely because we don't yet have the ability to capture such fields and dimensions. 

And that's why it's so important that that energy literally keeps moving. So that the 5-dimensional and beyond can be scientifically recorded over many centuries. Including the existence of so much more beyond the limits of earthly existence. 


The fact that you also feel this somewhere deep inside makes me super happy. Because together we are increasing, raising and shifting awareness in this way. The more that is discovered, the better.


And now I’ll ask you: What do you think? Which step is the most powerful in that?


Correct: Developing and strengthening your 6th or actually 1st sense! Learning to recognise and understand the voice of your Soul-Self.


It was this voice that gave me the title for this podcast. When I asked during a meditation on the energetic level: ‘What is important for the podcast today?’. I received twice (through my 6th sense), with my clairaudience abilities: ‘Lift yourself to a higher level’. 


‘Wow’, I thought then! ‘How beautiful’. That was my first response after I let this simple yet powerful sentence sink in. Well, because I am always amazed and deeply grateful when information comes to me in a magical way. It's 'dropped' in like that, it's suddenly there. 


And I also liked the beauty of this sentence, it's so powerful in its simplicity. 

Because it starts with you. We all have free will. So you really have to do it yourself - no-one else is going to do it for you. 


And then the word ‘lift’. I got through the word 'til' but felt 'lift'. Yes, in the energy world a lot is happening at the same time in different layers. You will recognise that through practice. 


So at the word lift I literally felt: Elevate, elevation. And that again stands for raising yourself, raising to a higher level, which immediately gives it more depth. Because in your spiritual and energetic development you literally go through layers, levels. 

So therein lies the challenge and actually the invitation. So in this case the invitation is for you. 


Sometimes someone asks me: ‘What about the spiritual world or heaven? Does everyone get together?’. And often I feel the fear that is underneath the question because of course nobody wants to end up with murderers or something, right?


From the insights that I gradually received, I know that there are sort of levels, layers. 

You can almost think of it as going through levels in a computer game. Haha …  yes, I have teenagers who game way too much. They go through levels continuously and they just want to level up. 


But you can actually see it that simply. I like to keep it simple because we will never get all the answers, but this way it just becomes a bit clearer.


There are levels and how you behaved this earth life determines your destination. So there's a nice karmic lesson in that, don't you think? 

I mean everyone usually wants to level up right? Well, that’s why you have to do your best in life. And I don’t mean what you've accomplished in life. But it is mainly about what you have done for someone else, what you have contributed in life. For that partly determines your level.


So, 'Take Yourself to a Higher Level' is a wonderful invitation for growth, development, discovery, evolution and expansion. All for the highest good. Because like I said: On an energetic level we are all connected. So if you raise your frequency by developing your 6th sense, then everything around you will hitch a ride and shift on that beautiful higher frequency. And yes, that is going to set a wave in motion with a beautiful ripple effect. Just like the wave motion created when you throw a stone into water. This is what you will create and which won’t only help yourself, but also those around you. How beautiful and powerful is that!


That is why I am so in favour of personal growth, intuitive development and transformation! For in the end everyone benefits, but it always starts with you, with your choice to take responsibility from your free will. 


Now it’s nice to know, in this instance, choosing for yourself is not selfish or self-righteous (as many people think). In this case, working on yourself is contributing to the bigger picture. 

And to put it bluntly, I call it: Earning Karma Points. If you can help even just one person with your insights from your 6th sense and higher frequency, you yourself will benefit too. Believe me that when in many tens of wonderful long earthly years, it is your time to pass over to the spiritual world - those karma points are very nice to have in your pocket.  


Haha …  that always makes me laugh. And I regularly tell my kids we are all saving karma points. But emotionally it really works that way. So go and feel with yourself whether this resonates, because it’s important you find your own truth in this.

Last week I had a conversation with my children and then I said: ‘Always treat others the way you want to be treated yourself. Because you get it back tenfold at the most unexpected moment. Purely the law of karma’. I'm also going to do a podcast about this. 


And that thought and philosophy brings me to the 6 tips to take your 6th sense to the next level. You can also find the tips in the show notes at: . And of course also in my free downloadable 'Lisette Lucas App'.


Yes?! Are you ready for them? Please take notes if necessary. 

Here they come:


  1. Trust – You are not alone. You will gradually find that on the energetic path. 

  2. Be Natural – Your 6th sense is the most natural thing there is. From that thought you can develop very easily. 

  3. Relax – The calmer you are internally, the easier you can pick up on the subtle signals of your 6th sense. Energy is very subtle. 

  4. Discover – Go on an energetic journey of discovery. Really see it that way because it is a wonderful adventure. I'm not saying it's always easy, but it's absolutely beautiful. Find like-minded people to exchange experiences with because that will help you immensely. 

  5. Creative Stimulation – Play with your 6th sense. Learn creative ways to stimulate and (re)activate it in a playful way.  

  6. Master – And in the end you can choose to master your 6th sense. Just as I have done and still do. It is a lifelong journey of beautiful, awe-inspiring development. Of course if this resonates then I would be happy to guide you during your journey of discovery to mastering your 6th sense. 

And yes, I could carry on for much longer because there is so much powerful information. But the most important thing is that you make the choice yourself and that you do it in a way that suits you. You can do it yourself, look up information yourself or under the guidance of someone. Also listen to your inner knowing. Which is immediately a nice test and exercise for your 6th sense. It is also the most important!  

I hope you can get some great insights from this podcast and possibly some questions have been raised - which is great! Curiosity is the gasoline that propels you. Step into that childish curiosity and a world will open up to you.


Thank you for listening! 

Good luck with your adventure in developing and activating (I must say re-activating) your 6th sense! Lots of love and a big hug from me.


X Lisette

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Podcast 96. The Sixth Sense

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