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20th october 2021

Lisette Lucas


Podcast 90. The Secret, How I Got A Recurring Confirmation Of Spirit Through My Own Students. Receiving Extraordinary Insights During The Rawest Moments.


Perhaps you’re confronted with the most fragile and vulnerable side of life? In this podcast you’ll learn: 


  • How the intelligence of the spiritual world gives insights, with examples from my own personal experience and The Secret.


  • How you can rely on repetitive insights from Spirit.


  • How you can make choices from your own free will to live, learn and develop according to the cosmic laws. 

(The shownotes for this episode can be found at:


Welcome to Podcast #90!

Great to have you here!


As you may know, I have multiple training groups in intuitive development, mediumship and personal transformation. (Both online and live.)


Last Friday was the offline class day of my live training group. They are the 2nd year students.


Because they have been training under my wings for a while, it is wonderful to see how their development and transformation unfolds. It’s always great to see for me and I am so grateful to see how easily and naturally they can work with energy. 


In the morning programme the emphasis was on transformation and psychic work. (Note: By psychic work I mean that they tuned into each other's energy field. So in this case the energy, soul energy, of the living students present. 

The great thing about this is, you can get a lot of information and insights from it. Super interesting and powerful.) 

After lunch we went to work mediumistic for the afternoon.


In other words: The students started to activate their natural mediumistic talents to make contact with the energy (the soul energy), of people who no longer have a physical body. Yes, you read that right - who no longer have a physical body. 

This is what you call mediumistic, working as a medium.


So in the afternoon each student made 1 contact with the soul energy of 1 person from the spiritual world.

In this case, as a medium, you are completely at the mercy of the intelligence of the spiritual world. Spirit is in control.

So you put your thinking mind and own self completely aside and rely on whatever information comes in. 


The students are of course intensively trained to work with their 6th sense. To perceive this and to trust this - because in the case of mediumistic working, it is essential to trust the pure incoming information and then pass it on.


If you work in a group, it is always important to find the right receiver first. So if someone comes through, it's important to know who to turn to.

Unfortunately, it does not work that the person from the spiritual world simply communicates through some kind of telephone connection who they are coming for. Like: 'Hi, I'm …  And I come for … '. No, unfortunately it is not that easy. 

The information comes in through, for example: clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance & scents. 


So as a medium you are a kind of sensitive beacon for incoming energy. Anything that feels different from your own frequency, is information from the one whose soul frequency is close to yours. 


‘Okay, interesting’, I hear you think now.

‘But how do you learn to properly manage, control, understand and translate this incoming signal?’ 


Very simply: Just by doing it. To experience firsthand and make some flying hours as I always call it.

Then you will understand the language of the spiritual world better and better and you can interpret it more and more easily.


And that is why the students of the 2nd year of the annual training can already make very nice contacts. 


So we got started. The students made beautiful contacts with the spiritual world, but it soon became clear that there was a special thread running through the contacts.


Because every student who made a contact got through someone for me from the spiritual world - it was my deceased loved ones who came through. I mean, this isn't something you can request. You cannot invoke them. You are completely at the mercy of the intelligence of the spiritual world. They are in control. 


And now is a good time to answer an interesting question:

What exactly is working with the spiritual world?

Well, besides proving that there is life after death. It’s mainly healing, the healing between 2 worlds. Mediumship is healing and that is so intensely beautiful and special. 

I was able to experience that quite literally on this day of class … and through my own students, of course! 


Because yes, maybe you already know from previous podcasts: my family is currently going through an intensely challenging phase.

A large tumour was discovered in my husband, the father of our 3 beautiful children. Which has, of course, been very intense news to process, and we are all waiting for the operation to take place shortly. 


I don't think I need to explain to you that it is a very emotional and uncertain time. And that I do my very best to be there for my husband and our children. Everything in life, of course, continues. So with all my love I train my development groups and do consultations and sessions. 

But yes, sometimes it just gets too much for me. I'm only human. 

Then I let my emotions run wild. And to be honest … that's a relief. Emotions can and must be there. Feeling them also releases and converts heavy energy which you absolutely do not want to keep within you. 


And yes, of course I also have my moments of fear and uncertainty. 

Although I know that's not a good frequency to broadcast. 

And yes, of course I immediately shift back to the EnergyJoy vibe as far as is possible. Or at least to the vibe neutral and above. To the frequency of love, peace and joy. 


I arrive there happily once my tears have dried again and can begin to feel gratitude for the pure moment, the now. 

Those little moments when there is so much to be thankful for. 

Where everything is good. Okay, is calm.

It’s also important to recognise when my survival, primal programming is playing tricks on me. Because then your thinking mind will, say, tilt towards 'the worst case scenario'. The 'yes, but what if …’ thoughts. And that's the last thing we want to send out energetically. So I'm very busy with my internal emotion regulation and applying everything I've learned so far myself. And yes, I am still learning every minute. 


And of course I shoot up and down in my emotions precisely because it is all so uncertain. And no, as a medium you do not look into your own future and you certainly do not have all the answers. (A good thing, too …) 

And the spiritual world was clearly aware of that during this class with my 2nd years. Because having said we don’t have all the answers, sometimes we actually want answers, right?! Even if it's just to know it's going to be okay. And this time the spiritual world clearly intervened. 


Because last Friday every contact made by the students was for me!

And no, the students didn't know the people who came through. So they had to rely on the powers of their 6th sense and the intelligence of the spiritual world.


And so it happened that after a contact from a deceased great-uncle, suddenly a deceased friend of mine came through.


She was in her 40s when she passed away, cancer took her far too young.  

Over the years she sometimes passes by, which she did during class this day.

And then something happened that made my mouth fall open.


This deceased friend first came through 13 years ago when I did a consultation with a renowned medium. 

I was then completely amazed, honoured and almost in shock that she took the time and effort to come by. I mean, we often expect grandpas and grandmas but I remember being totally surprised and humbled at the moment she just passed by. 

There was 1 sentence said by my deceased girlfriend through the medium, which touched me intensely. Through that medium 13 years ago she said: ‘You were right!’.


It seems simple, but for me that was a goosebumps moment all-over, because I knew immediately, exactly what she was talking about. Now, these words were said over 13 years ago.  


And yes, last Friday during the class a student also had contact with my deceased friend. And then he suddenly said out of the blue: ‘She says: “You were right!”.’


Wow! My jaw dropped in surprise and I was kind of in shock again that the same sentence was said and repeated after 13 years. 


Once again I understood exactly what she was talking about. Namely: The Secret! 


When my girlfriend got very sick I gave her a book I’d been given called 'The Secret'. At the time the book had just come out and my mother had bought me a copy. (By the way, I made an earlier podcast about this: Podcast 16. The Law of Attraction.)

It was a book intensely dear to me, but I gave it to my sick friend at the time without thinking. All I knew was the book contained a deluge of knowledge and insights as I believed and understood it then. It fascinated me and when I read The Secret I was like: ‘Yes! You see! I knew it!’. That's how it felt inside too. Its contents resonated so, so deeply, which is why I gave it to my friend. I wanted to tell her absolutely everything that could make her better. 

I was sure she could shift her reality with the law of attraction. 

Unfortunately, the book and therefore the knowledge and insights came too late for her in this earthly life. 

Suddenly I received a card notifying me of her death and I was never able to speak to her about the book again. At least, until the moment came with that medium, now more than 13 years ago. Where she let me know: Lisette, you were right!


I knew right away that it was about the book. In other words, the law of attraction. And that you can shift your life if you live according to the insights from the book. 


I remember bouncing out the door after the reading with that medium at Landgoed Op Hodenpijl in Schipluiden. Incidentally, I would start working and teaching there as a medium 8 years later. How special, speaking of the law of attraction. 


But you’ll understand now, that when I heard the same words from my deceased girlfriend, through my own student last Friday: ‘You were right!’, I almost fell backwards. 


Wow, partly in view of the situation that now plays at home with my husband's health. 

This is what I mean by the intelligence of the spiritual world. All contacts were for me but indirectly also for my husband. His own father came through, as well as the bank manager who was also one of my father-in-law's best friends. Along with my uncle and my girlfriend.


Of course I immediately shared it at home. 


Then my husband said: ‘Were my father and his friend (the bank manager) there again?’

And I confirmed they had come once again. For they had also come through to me right after the bolt from the blue diagnosis. Through my sea of ​​tears I observed Dad and his friend in my bedroom. 


Very special. That they came through together again. 


What’s important is to realise that everyone has free will. So everyone has the right to accept or not accept these insights and wisdom. As much as we sometimes want to help someone, ultimately it’s their choice to take steps and act on the information received or not.


I also think and believe that this is one of the greatest lessons of life. 


That's why I thought it was so important today to share this with you.

Again a huge eye-opener for me that the cosmic laws are so essential to integrate into your life.


If spirit passes on something twice then it is indeed correct. Then I have to act on it.

So yes, I have fully dived into the teachings of The Secret again.


What struck me is that I am already doing and living so much compared to 15 years ago, when the book came out. 


The most important thing is and remains that your thoughts and feelings are in tune, that they are in agreement. Also that you can rely on something bigger than yourself.


This day of class has allowed me to experience this again.

I'm going to watch The Secret movie with my husband. Whether he likes it or not haha …  'Spirit says' hahaha … So I can always try to pass it on. Then it is up to his free will and personal responsibility to act upon it. 

From the 'law of attraction teachings' I look forward to the moment when we will be on holiday with the children next year and my husband will be healthy, vital and fit. And then says to me: ‘Lisette, you were right!’. And that I then give an energetic wink to my girlfriend in Spirit. For I now know and believe: She was right! 


I hope you can get some great insights from this!


I will put the links to the book The Secret in the show notes at . Because when Spirit so clearly passes something on multiple times - I trust it. 


I wish you lots of happiness, love and health! Enjoy every small and big moment. I feel them so intensely now while experiencing the fragility of life with my family, which feels intensely raw and grounding. But it also contains the most beautiful pearls of happiness, gratitude, purity, connection and love. Let's get those pearls out together!


Big hug from me!

Love Lisette

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2021© 

Podcast 90. The Secret

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