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29th september 2021


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 87. Experimenting with Energy: Fun, Dangerous or Life-Changing? + Real Life Case: The Energetic Consequences Of A Psilocybin Experience. 


What happens if an event or experiment triggers extreme energy shifting in yourself or others? 


  • Today I share a real life case: the shocking life-changing energetic shift of a young student after a psilocybin retreat. 


  • In this podcast you will discover what an energy shift is, how it can happen and what you can do about it.


  • So that you or your loved ones do not end up left in energetic soup.


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Welcome to Podcast #87!


To get straight to the point: I received an email today with a cry for help from a young student.


She had gone on a psilocybin retreat a few weeks ago where 'Magic Mushrooms' are used as a healing tool. A ritual from time immemorial. 

Her intention was to work through old trauma. 


She wrote that the retreat was a very spiritual experience where she went through different spiritual layers.  


But now she was at home with a very strange side effect, which is why she emailed me. 


She has always been sensitive and sensitive to the energy of other people. But before doing the retreat, she only picked up some negative energy from other people or from certain places. 


Now after the retreat she finds out that she suddenly picks up an awful lot more than before. And she admits it's really overwhelming. 


Suddenly she’ll pick up feelings and emotions from those around her. Both positive and negative, whether they’re strangers or acquaintances. 

This is especially so with several people or in a larger group of people, where it is so overwhelming that she now prefers to avoid such situations. 


As she described it, it feels like she is constantly being bombarded with energy and that she is energetically drained as a result.  


She can really only be happy and at ease when she is home alone. Without anyone around her. And even then, she is increasingly and regularly attacked by very strong emotions that don't even seem like hers. She can feel that it belongs to people who are close to her heart.


All in all, something she has never experienced before. 


She wondered if it had to do with a temporary heightened consciousness that still has to come back down after the retreat. (As it had only been a few weeks since she’d attended). She had contacted the organisation to ask. They responded with the answer: it’s quite normal that you experience an increased sensitivity for a while after the retreat. And that she had to ground, something she’d have to do herself. In addition, she informed me that nothing could be found on their entire website about these energetic side effects. 


She told me how overwhelming this energy influx and sensations are and that they make her feel slightly crazy. So she asked me what she could do, what I could recommend? 


Okay, you can honestly know. When I read this email, my insides started to boil.


I call this a typical example of: getting on a plane and flying yourself. 

Without being told how to land!




This is why I created the Master Your Intuition Academy! Because I see and hear too much ignorance on this subject around me. 

It’s why I teach how to work powerfully with energy and higher frequencies. But definitely not before I've taught you how to deal with that energy when it's going to rise. In other words: how to master that energy. 


Such a mushroom or truffle healing retreat seems fantastic. And it definitely will be for some. But this example is definitely the flip side. 


So what's going on here? 

Simply put: As human beings with a physical and energetic body we have filters. Protective filters which sift incoming energy so it doesn’t hit us raw. 


If you are an HSP or a sensitive person, you are empathetic, so you have thin filters. Which already let a lot through. 


So on such a retreat, with the psychedelic substance you blow through your protective filters as it were. Sometimes these filters are consequently damaged and left with cracks and fissures. And these cracks and fissures ( ... don't freak out ...): can't be healed. 

This is why people go into psychosis. Purely because they cannot tolerate the flood of incoming energy into their system. They literally go crazy. Pure overload of energy. Your fuses keep popping as if your fuse box is overloaded. That's how you can see it. 


And this is why I emphatically teach people to land, before I teach them to fly! Then you can deal with the incoming energy to which you indeed become more sensitive. 

Then you can learn how to get rid of excess, superfluous energy. And also how to recognise it, transform it and let it go.


I will of course help and guide this young student to settle the energy and learn to live with her new, heightened sensitivity. 

One thing I know for sure, no matter how bad it is to say: her life will never be the same again. 


Of course I asked her permission to share this, partly because it can help a lot of people.


She agreed to this because she also wants to make people aware of the dangers, which she now experiences personally. Dangers which were not clear beforehand, despite her thorough research online. 


It’s important to know that there are different ways through which your energy can be triggered. In this case it was with 'Magic Mushrooms' but Ayahuasca is a well-known example of this as well. Also severe trauma or a near-death experience can trigger it too. 


In my podcast #57 I tell my personal story about my spontaneous kundalini awakening and how intense that was. And sometimes still is. I also speak about a young person who threw themselves a little too enthusiastically and unknowingly into kundalini yoga, resulting in psychosis.


So there are different ways and circumstances that can trigger the energy. Which can increase energy. 


Honestly, don't get me wrong! 

Working with energy is fantastic: I don't call it EnergyJoy for nothing!


But it's only fun if you know how to control it. Otherwise you are a loose cannon. And you can become a danger to yourself and those around you.


Now this is all rather heavy but please, I hope my message is clear. Be sensible with your energy body. Try not to take the fast lane, no matter how tempting. But work on a strong, stable foundation first. Just like building a house, where you don’t start building the roof because laying the foundation seems boring and unnecessary. 


The energetic foundation is necessary so that your nervous system and everything around it can act and drain the energy afterwards. So that the stops don't break. 

So that you are the driver of your energetic vehicle with full confidence and from your pure, authentic power. Instead of being rudderless, hopeless and overloaded, where you have to shut yourself off from the impulses of the world.


I hope this podcast provides insights that you can use yourself or with which you can help, support and protect others.


Working with energy is super fun. It is special and enriching if you lay the foundation properly, then apply and integrate it into your daily life. 

After that you can learn how to fly energetically, as you already know how to land safely again.


So yes, an interesting and intense lesson for this young lady. But I'm thankful that her lesson can help others again. 

In the show notes at: I will share the podcasts I also recommended to her. 


And again the Master Your Intuition Academy is a safe way to learn to work with your energy and intuition. Where you can lay the powerful foundation to a beautiful trajectory of intuitive and energetic development. Because it can be so beautiful!


Thank you for listening. Maybe not even for yourself, but who knows, it might be so that you can help someone else with it. Don't hesitate to forward it. If you feel that something is going on somewhere or that you pick up symptoms in someone. Please share it! It can be life changing!


Big hug and love from me!

Love Lisette xxx 

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2021© 

87. Experimenting with Energy

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