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25th august 2021 


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 82. Growth & Transformation Shift Meditation Series Part 4: Activate The Natural Ingredients You Have Within For Ultimate Satisfaction And Happiness Incl. Binaural Beats 528 Hz For Powerful Shifting. 


  • Is this recognisable: Although you seem to have everything, you feel stuck and unable to move forward, leaving a feeling of emptiness? 

  • Discover in this podcast the natural ingredients you have within to instantly shift this feeling

  • Leaving you feeling fully in-tune with your unique soul plan and blueprint 

  • So that you can experience ultimate satisfaction on all levels! 

(Shownotes can be found at:

Welcome to Podcast #82!


Great to have you here! 


This podcast is the 4th and final part of this specific series of powerful, transformative, shift meditations. 


In this meditation series we tackle the 4 sub-areas of the Life Triangle. (I go into more depth on this in podcast #79.) If you want to know more about the Life Triangle and download it for free, you can do so at And because it is the last of this series. If you enjoy these meditations with me, I have a special message for you at the end of this podcast. 


Today we go to the highest and last level of the Triangle. For ultimate happiness and satisfaction, this last level is the icing on the cake, so to speak.


You can have great health, wonderful relationships and abundance and wealth …  but without this last level you will not experience ultimate happiness and satisfaction. 

It may sound strange but it has been proven that this last level contributes to the quality of life both for yourself and for everyone around you. 


And all this actually comes down to a very simple concept and principle that I have already mentioned many times in previous podcasts.


Because if I ask you to take a look around and see what is continuously going on in nature?



Just think of trees and plants? 

There is only 1option available: a tree or plant grows. If it doesn't grow, then what happens?

Then it dies! 

Yes, very straightforward, but that is simply what it comes down to.

Without growth it will die. 

And yes, you and I are part of this natural world as well. Of this natural rhythm of the universe. 


So yes, do you think you can be happy if you don't grow?

Well, simple answer right?

Why do you think that many people who stand still and stuck in a rut, don't change anything, don't learn, do, contribute or do anything anymore - are not happy?


Right, because that makes them feel like they're dead inside … 


Harsh but true. They also have that kind of empty look in their eyes. Just keep an eye out. There are many people who are more dead than alive here on Earth. And most of the people from the spiritual world that I get through are more alive than they are dead. Amazing, but think about it. 


But if I look at myself and my own development. I still remember that even though I apparently had everything at home: good health, family, children, a house and everything from those previous levels I covered in the earlier podcast series. Yet, I also felt an emptiness, a need to change something. And that's why I got on a plane to England, left everything behind me. And I was like, I have to follow a certain feeling. And I didn't do that once. No, I've done that dozens of times. Flown up and down. Why? Very simple. For my growth: my personal growth, my transformation and spiritual development. 


I remember very well when a dear fellow student in England asked me: ‘Lisette, why are you here anyway?’ 

Then I actually said without thinking: ‘Because it makes me feel alive!’ 


I feel I'm alive when I'm here. When I'm busy, developing and growing. 


Discovering myself, discovering the world, pushing boundaries, learning, studying, bringing out latent, dormant talents and strengths, boosting my spiritual development. And a deep longing, soul longing, to be able to contribute something to the greater whole. And I'm talking about soul desire now, but I didn't even realise that was it then. To activate something in myself that allows me to touch the world in my own unique way. Something that ensures that my earthly life is not in vain. That I leave a soul imprint when I check out again at the end of life. Leaving a kind of legacy. 


But most of all, to enjoy doing what really makes me happy inside. Enjoy, develop and grow in a way that nourishes my soul. And then contribute wisdom from this place of joy. 


Actually exactly what I'm doing now. I hand this over to you completely selflessly. And I hope it may touch and activate something in you so that you will do the same in your own and unique way. From a deep longing which resides in you. Sometimes known and often unknown. 

And if you listen to this now, you understand that this has to do with your natural desire to grow and develop. And from there to contribute to the bigger picture. 


Very pure and natural and so, so beautiful! The magical and often missing ingredient for ultimate happiness!


This in combination with the other levels from the previous 3 shift meditations gives the ultimate satisfaction.


And that's what we're going to work on today. I just received a sad message from someone who told me how difficult it was for her in several areas of life right now, so  she would have to stop the course she is following with me. Simply because of the financial burden. 

I didn't have to think for a moment and offered it to her completely selflessly. In this way she can continue to take wonderful steps. 

I know that she has enormous potential and can contribute wonderfully to others from her own development. So this simple gesture of mine will have a wonderful ripple effect and thus help many others. And yes, that gives me the ultimate form of satisfaction. Being able to do something and be able to mean something to someone else. 

Giving something as a gift can also bring challenges because often its value is not recognised. So there is an energy exchange. Because that is very important. So I do expect full commitment and discipline from her side. But I know and feel from her Soul that that is all right. 


And so it is wonderful to be able to contribute to the growth, transformation and development of others. And that is exactly what today is about. 

It starts with yourself and then you and others can reap the benefits. 

The fact that you are listening to this indicates that you are listening to the wisdom of your internal compass. That you are guided by the voice of your Soul. That's what we're talking about at this level. This is beyond earthly wisdom. This is definitely going to bring you a lot. 


And that's what today's meditation is about. 



To stimulate and trigger you at Soul level so that you can shift to ultimate Growth & Transformation. For yourself and for everyone. 


The ultimate satisfaction that offers you happiness and wealth in the broadest sense of the word beyond the earthly realisation. 


So yes, also now I take you all the way back to the beginning of your origin. To that Soul level. That moment of blending from that golden, beautiful, powerful, abundant amount of stardust from which everything is possible and the place where everything is present. With that, with all those ultimate satisfaction and happiness ingredients already present in you, you come to Earth. And so you are born with it - we're not going to invoke anything new, we're just going to re-activate it. It's there already, we're just going to bring this back up. 

As you know by now, the key lies in breaking old beliefs and patterns and re-installing the basic programming of abundance, happiness, satisfaction, growth, spiritual powers, talents and infinite possibilities. 

It's that simple. So I am now going to take you into this 4th meditation of this powerful shift series. 


My tip: Listen to this meditation at least once a day for the next week. 

If you sign up for free as an EnergyJoy member, you have access to the app where all my meditations are in one place, super easy! 

I will put the links in the show notes at:


The meditation series is supported by special binaural beats brainwave music that allows the meditation to descend directly into your deepest layers thanks to the special relaxing frequencies and vibes. So that your subconscious takes it in and then fully embraces and integrates it. That's what we want. And by repeating the message, your brain masters it so that it becomes one with your system. So does this feel good? Then this is definitely the meditation series for you. 


All you need to do is take a moment for yourself and relax. 

Make sure you can't be disturbed for a while and above all: Enjoy! 

Just to be sure, I need to mention this: due to its relaxing effect, do not listen to this meditation if you are driving a vehicle or working with heavy machinery. 

Listen to the meditation via the podcast:


And how did this Energy shift meditation feel, could you feel and experience the connection with your Soul? I am very curious which positive shifts you experience and will experience. Small or large, visible or not visible or tangible. Either way, know: You're shifting, trust that! 


And if you like these Energy Shift meditations and you think it would be nice to meditate once a month under my personal guidance, then that is possible!


For only a small energy exchange per month you can participate in the online Zoom meditations. 

Then you will of course receive the meditation completely attuned to the group energy, including its healing and transformative effect. We will shift together. 

In the show notes at:  I put the link to this special Meditate with Lisette membership. Then you can register and participate directly live. 


So does this feel good and do you need more?

Then this is a very nice and low-threshold way to take steps and shift. 


And do you need to discover and reactivate your energetic talents and qualities? Let me know.  

I am happy to help you so that you can develop and grow in a safe way! 


Thank you so much for listening. And good to know: You can repeat this meditation as often as you want out of that pure love for yourself and because you are so, so worth it.


Please share this series and podcast with friends, acquaintances, relatives, colleagues or just people who you feel could use it too. Spread the vibe of EnergyJoy so everyone can shift!


Much love and success! Big hug and see you next podcast, my free masterclass, meditation membership or via my training sessions, online or on location. 

X Lisette

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2021© 

82. Growth & Transformation Shift Meditation

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