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11th august 2021

Lisette Lucas


Welcome to the Podcast #80 Shownotes of "Shift to EnergyJoy and Beyond!" with Lisette Lucas 


Podcast 80. Love & Relationship Shift Meditation Series Part 2: Increase Your Love & Connection Frequency With This Powerful 528 Hz Binaural Beats Meditation


  • Do you struggle with finding love, good relationships and/or good connections with others? 

  • In this podcast you shift this limiting belief from your core

  • You’ll learn and discover why this belief formed … 

  • … so that you can lovingly raise your frequency from your inner knowing and become magnetic for beautiful connections

(Shownotes for this episode can be found at:


Welcome to Podcast #80!


It’s great that you are listening!


This podcast is part 2 of a series of 4 beautiful, powerful, transformative, shift meditations.


In this meditation series we tackle the 4 sub-areas of the Life Triangle. In podcast #79 I explain how. 

Today we go to the next step: The Love & Relationship Shift Meditation. 


Because after working on your Body & Mindset with the help of the powerful meditation from podcast #79, it is now time for the next step. If the foundation, the basis is good, you can start to radiate the love that has lived in you from the moment you were created.  

At least that is the intention. That you radiate it from your pure, real, true core and beautiful essence. But along the way, you may have started to doubt whether you are worthy to receive love. Whether you are good enough to make certain connections and relationships. 

And it is so, so sad. I see it very often in my practice and around me. Fear of rejection, fear and an often deep subconscious conviction of not being good enough, not being worth it. 

This conviction is almost always the basis of not being able to connect and not being able and/or daring to enter into loving connections and relationships. 


Because if I take you all the way back to the beginning of your origin. From that stardust from which everything is possible and present. That's how you come to Earth. 

Babies are born with the belief that they are worthy, that they are good enough, that they are loved. A baby who is hungry in the middle of the night or has a dirty diaper can easily wake up the whole house. Purely because a baby knows that he or she is loved and worth it. A baby doesn't think: Phew …  let me be quiet for a moment because my father has a stressful job and my mother has to go back to work early in the morning. No, a baby responds knowing that everything is available and that it is loved and so, so worth it. 

And even if a baby smiles fully with at most 2 teeth in its mouth, it doesn't think: ‘Oops, don't let me show my toothless mouth, because they won't love me right away. They won't think I'm good enough, not attractive enough’. 

No, none of that! 

So basically, even before we were born, we knew everything was available. And so what was also available: Knowing that you are worthy, loved, lovable regardless of any flaws like little hair or no teeth. It's integrated into your system at the deepest level and it's still there. And we're going to re-activate that today with this powerful meditation. We're going to bring it up again and turn it on. 


Funny story but with such a powerful message: I used to have a cat who was the last of the litter. Nobody wanted him. I really wanted that cat and I exchanged it with a friend for a rabbit. Mickey was my cat. I really loved Mickey so much! Was Mickey perfect? No, absolutely not. He had a very short tail that was broken in 3 places and always a cloudy eye. But did I love him less because of that? No, I loved him just the way he was. With flaws and all. It made him the perfect, most beloved cat in the whole world in my eyes. 


And what I learned from that as a young girl: You don't have to be perfect to be loved. People who really and sincerely love you take you just as you are. With flaws and shortcomings and all. That's what makes you unique and beautiful!

Nobody is perfect and luckily. Imagine that you have to comply with that … 


And yes, another important thing when we talk about love. I also often hear people say: I'm looking for my better half. Yes: My better half!

As if you are only half now. 

Let me give you this right away: You are not half, you are whole! Completely whole! Everything is present in you! 

At most, there are some old beliefs and outdated patterns that you have learned from others. 

So it's high time to shift, delete and transform that. Because everything is present in the core! You are whole, you are made of stardust! You learned that in podcast 79, among other things. And from that beautiful, loving frequency and energy you can create and attract anything you wish and want to receive in your life. 


That is the basis of everything, and therefore also with manifesting love, relationships and connections in your life. The basis is knowing that you are worthy, that you are enough, and that you are lovable just the way you are right now. You don't have to exercise indefinitely, lose weight, remodel your face, have the perfect job or the ideal home, or change in any way to be loved and lovable. No, you are just right the way you are. Now right now!

No one is perfect and that is perfect! Because then you can just be your pure, unique, natural and authentic self and the other person can too. And that gives peace and space and, above all, the freedom to feel happy, happy and dignified. And that's what matters. 

You are worthy, you are lovable and you are absolutely enough right now. When you feel this, experience this and radiate this, you become a love & connection magnet and you attract situations and circumstances that you want and wish to receive in your life. Freed from fears from old connections, connections in which you still believed or lived in the frequency in which you felt you were not worthy, or weren’t good enough. 

This meditation will help you to shift to the new belief or better yet. It is already present in you. At most it's a bit hidden under some old pieces and layers that you don't need anymore. So you're going to let it go, blow it away and leave it behind for good. 


My tip: Listen to this meditation at least once a day for the next week. Via my app page, if you register for free as an EnergyJoy member, you have access to the app environment and you have all meditations in one place. 

I will put the links in the show notes at:


The meditation series is supported by special binaural beats brainwave music that allows the meditation to descend directly into the deeper layers of you thanks to the special relaxing frequencies and vibes. So that your subconscious takes it in and then fully embraces and integrates it. And that's what we want. So does this feel good? Then this is definitely the meditation series for you. 


All you need to do is take a moment for yourself and relax. 

Make sure you won't be disturbed for a while and above all: Enjoy! 

Just to be sure, I want to mention this. For its relaxing effect, do not listen to this meditation if you are driving a vehicle or working with heavy machinery. 

Very good, make yourself comfortable, phone on silent or whatever it takes. 

Lie or sit comfortably with your hands and legs not crossed. 

So that you can take everything openly and freely.


Listen to the meditation via the podcast, YouTube or app page


And how did the meditation feel, could you feel the energy, that pink and gold light pulsating through you? I am very curious which positive shifts you experience and will experience. Start paying attention to small changes, how you feel, how people react to you, what it does to you. If necessary, write it down for yourself every day. Anyway, tangible or visible or not, you are shifting, trust that! 


Do you need extra support? Let me know.  

I would love to help you become the best version of yourself! 

Thank you so much for listening. And good to know: You can repeat this meditation as often as you want out of that pure love for yourself and because you are so, so worth it.


Until part 3 of the Shift Meditation series. I'd love to hear about your experiences. Please share this series and podcast with friends, acquaintances, relatives, colleagues or just people who you feel can use it too. Spread the vibe of EnergyJoy so everyone can shift!

Thank you and good luck with your daily listening!

Take that moment for yourself! Creating that love and space for yourself, that alone is enormously healing and transforming! 


I wish you fantastic connections, relationships, love and above all lots of self love, passion and happiness! Because you know and feel and resonate now that you are so, so worth it! 


Big hug from me and until the next podcast and the next part of this meditation series! Part 3 is Money & Career Shift Meditation and I'm posting it from the beautiful island of Aruba! I'm really looking forward to it! 

Love Lisette


EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2021© 

80. Love & Relationship Shift Meditation

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