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7th july 2021


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 75. Miracles & Forgiveness, How Practising Magic And The Power Of Forgiveness Come Together, To Shift Your Frequency + Exercise & Meditation Tip


Have you been here: you want to move forward but pieces from the past keep your vibe low?


  • Discover in this podcast how you can change that through miracles from practice and the forgiveness techniques.


  • So that you can recognise when your energy drops … 


  • … and then can instantly transform it into neutral energy and even EnergyJoy with a smile! For a high vibe outcome! 


(Shownotes can be found at:


Welcome to Podcast #75!


And it’s all about forgiveness, the power of forgiveness … 


So much has happened in the past few days. Both privately and in my EnergyJoy practice. I’ve experienced a lot of emotions and so many beautiful, special, precious and vulnerable moments with students and clients. 


When making this podcast I really had to feel: what is it going to be about today? Partly because I have already been able to touch on so many things over the previous 75 podcasts. 


Honestly, I tried to think of what would be a nice subject but it just didn't come to me. When this happens I let it all go - let go of control, go do something else and let ideas come naturally. This lets inspiration come through me as a kind of download from outside of myself. Which is exactly how it went for this podcast topic. 


Suddenly the word 'Forgiveness' came up along with a stream of energy underneath that inspired and touched me so much that I knew: ‘This is it!’. But before I go along with the flow and frequency of Forgiveness, I want to share something with you first. Which is: that bit of wonder and magic vibe can be the extra magical ingredient. 


Because the point where I have now arrived in my EnergyJoy practice and academy is wonderful, if I do say so myself. For I can see students and clients really take visible steps. Partly thanks to applying what I have been able to offer them, either myself or through the wonders of the spiritual world. Their personal world is visibly shifting. And all for the better. So yes, I am very, very grateful!


I will share a very special story with you in a future podcast soon, together with a client and student who first visited me 5 years ago. Because she has created something beautiful that has arisen from the deepest layers of pain and sadness. But more on this later, I will say though it is obvious that the intelligence of the spiritual world has contributed to this. A really beautiful story. So keep an eye out for my next podcasts too! Very special and it touched me deeply. 


Last week was also dominated by demonstrations of mediumship. My live training groups made public (mediamic) contact with the spiritual world for the first time as students. They each connected with the soul frequency of those who had moved on from their physical bodies.  

The group had been nervous for weeks and tension was in the air. Also the fear of what exactly would happen. Haha … secretly I had to laugh a little because I recognised that feeling! 

The thought of having to stand in front of a group, many of whom were strangers, and just hope and feel if you see someone. 

In retrospect I can say that it was a beautiful day! All the students stood on a platform in front of the group and made contact with someone from the spiritual world. Many loved ones, who have just passed away or who died years ago, have made themselves heard. It was beautiful, emotional, moving, healing and yes, sometimes funny. Because in spirit their sense of humour remains. 


But one of the most beautiful things for me, was the faces of the students and the flow they stayed in after they actually made strong contact. And yes, I know that better than anyone. As a human being you are usually sober and perhaps also somewhat sceptical. So even if you take the step to develop in the energetic field, you may still think - I first have to see and then I’ll believe. That's actually how it was for me too. 

So that first moment when you really experience it yourself, feel that you blend with a Soul frequency that is not perceptible to the earthly physical eye; and then get feelings, emotions, characteristics, personality, physical symptoms and memories - that moment is indescribable. You feel things, know things that are new to you as a person. It's just suddenly there. And that is beautiful, magical and bizarre at the same time. 

Later, one of the students texted me: ‘Lisette, thought it was a really wonderful day to remember, thank you for this experience’. Another wrote: ‘Still impressed by the nice contacts’. And others shared the same feeling of: 'It was fantastic! …  beautiful!', and: 'Tired but satisfied'. 


And that's how it feels to me too! The most beautiful thing is that I know that the spiritual world feels the same way. How grateful and nice it is for Spirit to be able to make their voices heard through these mediums in training. To get their message across to the one they still love so much. Absolutely wonderful! 


And that brings me to another special moment - in addition to the live training groups, I also have my online academy training groups. 

The online group also got acquainted with a demonstration of mediumship for the first time. I used the recordings of my very first public demonstration of mediumship, which I organised for the paying public in the church of Landgoed Op Hodenpijl in Schipluiden, near The Hague. 


I used the same structure and steps of the demonstration I went through myself to set up the evening. And I went through this process with my students including the recordings I shared with the Master Your Inner-Medium Academy. And in the demonstrations I worked with dear fellow mediums in the English tradition, in the way they do in English Spiritualist churches. 


The next step for the online students is to practice with mediumship and master the disciplines. Which I look forward to! For mediumship works just as well online through the world of energy.  

And that brings me to another text I received yesterday from a student who also had an Energy Assessment. That is a 1 on 1 session in which I had worked both psychologically and psychically for the student in this case. 

In that session, 2 symbols had emerged from a loved one that could not be placed at that time. The student did not recognise them. But I now know that if I receive something from Spirit, it can also appear in the future. So that's what I told them too, that there's a good chance it will come. Which is the best way to let it be known that what I’m passing on isn’t made up, cold-reading nonsense - but comes from the greater intelligence. 


And so I got a text 2 weeks after that session. She said that both symbols mentioned came up after the session. One came up twice in the cemetery where the physical body of the one who came through is buried. And the other was given to her unexpectedly through 2 different people. 


I call that a ‘Wow’, magical, wonderful moment! This is far beyond our earthly awareness and common sense. And that is important to remember - to know that you are not alone, that there is so much more. May you rely on something greater and receive support from the unseen world.


And so yesterday I received a text from a client who visited me a while ago for an All-In transformation session. That is an Energy Assessment, healing and a special personal hypnotherapy session.


I will not go into detail about the content for privacy of course. But unfortunately the theme that came up was one I see very often in my therapy chair. So sadly, a deep trauma was the basis of the challenges currently faced. And this brings me to today's theme. 

The client texted me that forgiveness had taken place. They are now free, liberated! 

The message brought tears to my eyes and goosebumps. 


Because freedom, being liberated, I wish everyone that! 


Forgiveness, that's what it's all about!


For it’s clear that we all experience things in our lives. 

The question is: how do you deal with it?


If the suffering was self-inflicted, then it will be easier to continue with your life than if someone else did something to you. 

How can you forgive someone who has taken a part of you in any way? 


But in the end it's about the facts:

Do I forgive the other for their sake? 

Or do I forgive the other person because then I can carry on myself?


Because if you continue to live from that low energy of resentment, powerlessness, anger, anger and frustration towards the other person, you will also maintain that frequency and energy in your life.


But if you connect yourself with that place where your infinite self resides. And if you let the love, healing and forgiveness flow through you from there … then you really take steps forward. 


And that's the message I always receive: what you give to others, you actually give to yourself. 


Because the thoughts, the pictures and the words you say to yourself, have a direct effect on your physical body and your energy. Which then start to create your reality and your life. 


So stop! If you begin to begrudge someone something or even wish the worst on them …  even if this person has done something terrible. 

If that's the case, I always say: At least try to stay in a neutral frequency. A sort of zero to be found in this. 

Why? Because then it has no effect on your own frequency and your vibe. 


There's the key! 

The key to forgiveness and peace and love for and by yourself, but also to another.


And yes, it may seem easier said than done, but give it a try. Especially when in terrible situations and you want to shift your energy. First get your energy to a neutral frequency, to that zero point. To that point where your emotions don't really go in a direction, where you just 'are'. 

If more people are involved, then sending love and healing from a distance from the loving frequency and intention is always very beautiful.


Because yes, that also flows through you. So then your own energy receives the love and healing first, before it passes through your heart and soul frequency to the other. 


There is a very simple trick to know if it is loving energy you are sending. And that is: smile, smile softly as you send this energy through you at a distance. From the infinite source of love. There is an abundance of loving energy there.That's the core of everything. 


By the way, you may have noticed that I organise workshops together with my Pranic Healing trainer Alex. These 2 day workshops are a wonderful addition to the training sessions and sessions I give. Because they help you to understand the bigger picture and you can move a lot with it. 


From the Pranic Healing of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui there is a beautiful meditation. This meditation is great if you see forgiveness as a challenge. But besides that it is very powerful. I share through the Shownotes at  the powerful Twin Hearts meditation created by Master Co. Master Co is also often present live at the Tony Robbins events. So I have seen him there several times. And for me it was really like ‘Wow’! I had already done Pranic Healing and Tony and energy work and everything suddenly connects so nicely. As if it should be. 


So I recommend that you watch the video version of this meditation right away. Because you can see the energy flow nicely in the picture. Very educational! I wish you a lot of success and many wonderful and powerful steps! Do you have questions, do you want to develop, transform or learn it yourself? I'm here with all my love to help you!


Thank you for listening to my 75th podcast! Great, big hug and thank you for your trust!


Love from me! 

X Lisette 

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2021© 

75. Miracles and Forgiveness

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