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30th june 2021 


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 74. Manifesting - 3 Powerful Steps Which Will Make The Law Of Attraction Work For You And Will Leave Old Parts Behind! + Free Download


Is this you: You want to manifest something but it just doesn't work … ?


  • In this Podcast you will discover how you can make the Law Of Attraction work for you.


  • In 3 steps you break through old pieces and activate your manifestation power.


  • So that your subconscious mind & energy shift and you can make your deepest wishes become reality. 




Welcome to Podcast #74!


It’s great that you are listening! Are you here for the first time today? Welcome and to those returning - welcome back!


Perhaps you know that feeling of: you want to get something done, you want to manifest something but you don't know how?  


There is a doubt, an uncertainty or it just simply doesn't work … 


If that feeling sounds familiar to you, you're in the right place at the right time. Law of attraction in full action shall we say haha ​​;-)


Because I know one thing for sure: I know that you too have managed to manifest things in your life without noticing that you were manifesting them. It was just suddenly there.

If it's something fun, it's a shame that you didn't get the user manual afterwards and the correct step-by-step plan of how you manifested it. And even if it's something less fun, it's also nice to know what you've done to receive it. Basically so that you can do it differently next time.


As a Success Medium and Intuitive Transformation Therapist, I have learned to view manifesting from an energetic and psychological point of view. So really successful manifesting can be split into 2 areas.  


But first: what exactly is manifesting?


You hear so much about the Law Of Attraction. I've talked about it before and made podcasts about it. And The Law Of Attraction and manifesting are inextricably linked. 


But if you look up the meaning of manifesting, you will discover that it stands for: making known, becoming visible, revealing.


The form of manifesting that I am talking about here is: your inner thoughts and wishes becoming visible in the outside world.


But if you look at it objectively, you actually manifest all your inner thoughts. Both on a conscious and (even more) on a subconscious level. Whether it's a wish or not. Because there are plenty of things you don't wish for and yet manifest! Recognisable?


A simple and good example of this can be demonstrated with something that I always found when travelling to England. I used to fly back and forth to England quite often while studying and training in mediumship, intuitive and energetic development.  

I had successfully manifested the fact that I was going there. I had it crystal clear in my mind too! That's what I wanted, not a hair on my head doubted that and also on the internal Soul level I was completely in tune. So each part of me was in agreement - on a mind level, on a deep internal level. That was all right. So indeed, that became my manifested reality. 


So it was natural to be at Schiphol.

But then something started happening, and happening frequently - I became incredibly anxious about missing my flight … 

This often started at home while packing for my week or long weekend trip. A tension would come over me. Usually I’d be travelling all alone, from The Hague to Amsterdam by car …  which wouldn’t cause issues if there were no traffic jams. Then check in, which again, usually went smoothly. But next comes security and passport control gates and rows.

Which is where the problems started as I always felt like I picked the wrong row. 

Have you ever been here? You stand in a line that you think will be the fastest. As you wait you’ll choose someone from another queue as a marker. But as you remain standing in line, because something causes delays in your queue, your marker person disappears through the gates. 

Well, that’s what happened every time I went through security! Whenever I was in a hurry to catch my flight. Even if I tried to intuitively sense which row I should choose …  

‘Was I standing in front of a crashed passport gate again?’ or ‘Will my bag be searched again?’.


Now looking back at all those airport moments I realise that I manifested it all myself!

How? Well, very simple: with the power of my thoughts and my own low vibe energetic fear frequency. 


The pictures I made in my head and the words I said to myself made sure that my vibe immediately shifted to fear; to a low vibe state in which I automatically started attracting the same circumstances. Clouding my intuition with fear filters. And that's what happens: the moment you get into that low vibe, your intuition no longer works, or is no longer clear and sharp. And yes, so then once again I was faced with an automatic passport control machine, the gates of which did not open. No matter how many times and no matter how hard I pressed my passport on that screen, stared into that camera with a totally straight face - no smiling to avoid confusing the machine - the light stayed on red. And then I’d have to back up and go join the queue for the manual passport control. Leaving me running to the gate to arrive just in time. 

And then while waiting at the gate, with just 1 minute until it closed, having rushed around in a panic - the plane was delayed. Completely out of sync with my intuition, full of my fear programming which had completely taken over. 


Well, you get the picture, right?

Is this recognisable?


Looking back I can see the energetic frequency and vibe I was projecting - all those stressful thoughts and ‘anxiety wishes’. Because that's what they are. Fears are also wishes that you project into the universe in this way.

Whoops … in a fraction of a second you flash it into the ether. You shazam it into the cosmos. You feel it and shazam …  it's disappeared to be boomeranged again. (Nice word but that's how it works: Like a boomerang, just like the karmic laws.) 


But the best thing is: The law of attraction always works! 

So whatever you project and shoot out into the universe, consciously or unconsciously, will be manifested. 


So I immediately unravelled my own pattern here in two parts. 

Because that's what it was - a pattern. And a pattern can serve you and create and manifest much good for you, or it can cause a lot of extra stress. Just like my fear pattern of missing my flight and therefore my training in England did. All this stress manifested from my fear programming and pattern. 


Of course, something like this doesn't come out of nowhere. I mean, I wasn't born with that fear of missing a flight. Something happened to create it. 


And as I think back now, whilst speaking of this, an event has suddenly come up. A moment has returned to my consciousness which before this podcast, I hadn’t realised was the core, the reason and the root of my fear. It’s a memory of a time when I missed a flight and I will share it openly and honestly with you now. 


The memory which returned is from childhood and I am around 12 years old. I was travelling alone with my 2 sisters and little niece to Mallorca, where our grandparents had a beautiful house in the Mediterranean. We were going there on holiday. And it’s this moment which is the core of my anxiety behaviour and programming. It came up so suddenly that I thought ‘Oh, wow!?!’ 

Because what happened next? 

As young ladies travelling alone, we missed our flight. My parents weren't there and we were transferred multiple times. We flew from Schiphol to England and then transferred again. Being so young and making multiple transfers was kind of exciting, but my niece lost her jewellery and after our many detours, we arrived to find our suitcases were missing - they were with the first flight. All in all, a lot of hassle. 


Ahh …  so there is the pattern under my anxiety behaviour with which I manifest the same low vibe situations … 


Wow … I have now unravelled my 'negative fear wish' on the spot.

That fear belongs to that young girl … that's not me anymore. And the best part is, I will never be that girl again. Why not? Because I am mature and no longer dependent on others. At that time I was, which is what created the fear. That fear that is stored in my subconscious layers. And now I can let that go for good.


So for me this has become a very special example. As always, when creating a podcast, I let myself be guided. I was shown the passport gate as an example and I had no idea where it would go. 


So from there I let it unfold without thinking. And I just discovered and broke a block! 

And the best thing is: You can do this too!


In order to manifest it is important that your thoughts and energy on a subconscious level are 'in tune', 'in sync' with what you wish to manifest in your life.


In my practice I use simple hypnosis techniques for this. To discover precisely where the core lies of a challenge or blockage on a subconscious level. As I just found out, here it had to do with my missed plane to Mallorca when I was so young. 


Because if you don't know where something originated, if you don't understand it, you can't heal and transform it.


So I healed something for myself today.

How special and I hope that my example will also help you browse through your internal database.


Go look at fears. Pieces, moments, situations, circumstances where you so badly want to manifest something, but there is that underlying, often inexplicable fear that blocks, sabotages or even prevents you from taking steps.


That moment your mind understands where it originated, you’ll gain insight and then can let it go for good.


Letting go is the key here.


By doing so you give your mind and your energy the space to open up to everything you wish to manifest in your life.


So I'll give you 3 steps that will help you unravel and transform, so that you can manifest easily and simply.


Here they come. Please feel free to write notes.


Step 1. Know what you want!

Speak or write what you wish. 

See it clearly. Make a picture for yourself. Put into words what you want and say it to yourself, exactly how you want it down to the last detail. Step into the energy and feel as if you have already manifested it. As if your wish has already come true. Like you're there, like you're living in it, right now.

So before I ever went to England, I could see myself walking there. I felt what it would be like to walk there. How fantastic, how magical, how special, how exciting. I felt all those emotions through my system. And BAM! not much later I was there. So step 1: Know what you want. 


Step 2. Discover and Acknowledge Resistance

Start feeling where the energy builds up from the moment you think about that wish, what it is you really want. Energy is subtle. We can easily think of things, but now it's really about feeling. So feel in and around your body, notice if you feel resistance rising somewhere. Or maybe fear. An internal thing that says: ‘No … this isn’t for you’, ‘Better not’, ‘Don't act’, or ‘What nonsense’. Important: Feel where the energy is building right now. Acknowledge and recognise it. It may feel astringent, or pressing, squeezing, oppressive, cold, warm, tingling. Take in the sensation.


Very well. And now dive into this energy as if you are a detective. You are curious where, when, how and why you feel and experience this; and above all you pay attention to which memory pops up. Who, what or when you suddenly think about. 

And even if you don't get anything, no problem. Watch and acknowledge the feeling. It has been there for a while, it has protected you for a while but now you can choose to let it go. To transform. You are an adult so you choose to make space to manifest, create and make your wishes come true. You can now let go of this low vibe energy that keeps you out of the field of infinite possibilities and manifestation, in order to keep you safe. See it as a dark cloud inside you, around you, in front of you, next to you, above or below you, look at that cloud and send beautiful loving light to it. White, gold, pink, green - intuitively feel what will make that outdated cloud, with the outdated pattern and belief dissolve. Just like the fog that disappears when the sun shines on it. Let the infinitely beautiful light that pulses through you illuminate that cloud and dissolve, evaporate, pulverise, disappear and then it is gone. Fill the space that has been created with beautiful light and infinite love. The love that resides in you on a Soul level. It's there. It is a knowing. Yes! This is you! This feels wonderful! This feels free, this gives space to manifest your real wishes and dreams! Breathe in and out and put a smile on your face and come back to the here and now. This gives room to manifest your real wishes and dreams! Breathe in and out and put a smile on your face and come back to the here and now. 

Very well. You can also repeat this as often as you want. If other memories and moments come to the fore, great! You will then clear and transform through layers. The resistance disappears from your system and you can move forward! 


Step 3. If you believe it you can achieve it!

I myself have manifested 3 new online training programs and my podcast in a short time. My 'Lisette Lucas app' will also soon be launched in the app store and my own book will soon be available in bookstores. 

Why can I suddenly manifest this, when I struggled for years? 

Very simple! 

I have broken old patterns and beliefs and learned new ones. 


So instead of dreaming about all that I wanted to create, I found an absolute and powerful knowing that I could do it! An inner knowing in every fibre and cell of my being. I know I can put it down and I do it. I believe it so I achieve it.

And therein lies the key. 

And if I run into a block or a self-sabotaging part? Then I tackle it directly with self-hypnosis, go straight to the core and remove it root and all. Whoops, I'm not that anymore and I never will be again! It's that simple. It doesn't have to be complicated. You choose that too. That is also manifesting.


So I'm going to give you my Manifest with your Vibe mantras. Which you can repeat aloud or in your mind. I will make a special download pdf for you, that you can print from my Lisette Lucas App page. And hang it up where it feels right or just use it as a screensaver or wallpaper.


I will put the link in the show notes at


Download it right away! 


So everything has really changed for me since I started clearing subconscious blockages. And yes, as you just noticed there is still plenty to clear up. And that is very simple and easy. That is, if you make the choice to decide to unravel and transform it. 


With these steps you can set powerful manifestations in motion. Via my app page you can sign up for free for all my free meditations and visualisations with which you can powerfully break through blockages. Results are really great. I regularly receive beautiful emails and heartwarming and moving messages. 

So sign up for free so that you have all free podcast downloads in one place. 


The Manifest with Your Vibe download can also be found there.


Soon a new group of the Master Your Intuition Academy will start! Each time I give 1 scholarship with a value of more than € 2000,-. 

So 1 person per group will receive absolutely free access to the academy from me! 


Do you want to take a chance on this? Share my podcast on social media, spread the EnergyJoy Vibe. And if you listen a lot, you will automatically get into it and people will notice you. Just let me know that you want to be considered for the scholarship and why you would like to become a master of your energy and intuition. It could also be that you really want to give this opportunity to someone else, or know someone who could really use it. Share the story and send it to me with the subject ‘Scholarship’ to:


It helps others and me immensely if you write a review in the Apple Podcasts app. At least if the podcast helps you to shift, of course. Anyway, it's great to support and help each other like this. 


Thank you so much for listening and I wish you every success in applying the 3 steps! And download the sheets right away!

Lots of love and see you soon! 

X Lisette 

EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2021© 

74. Manifesting with The Law of Attraction

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