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16th june 2021 


Lisette Lucas


Podcast 72. Mediumship Is Just Ordinary: Discover The 6 Simple And Proven Steps To Activate Your Inner-Medium.


  • Maybe energy work and mediumship isn’t normal for you. But does it fascinate you? Do you feel a pull, an attraction to it?


  • Then you are at the right place to discover, learn, activate and master it. 


  • So that you can get the most out of your super intelligent human energy body and frequency.


  • And then can live and perceive beyond the limits of the standard ordinary earthly awareness. 


(Shownotes at


Welcome to Podcast #72!


Yes, that title … let’s dive right in: Mediumship is commonplace, at least for me. It has become the most natural thing in the world that I can communicate beyond the limits of earthly existence. That I can connect with Soul essences of people who no longer have a physical body. That I can pick up information previously unknown to me, that someone not developed in mediumship cannot perceive. 


Now you may be wondering: 'Lisette, haven't you always been this way?'. No, absolutely not! And if you listen to my podcast more often, you know that it definitely didn't develop by itself.


What I find immensely important to make clear right away: on the one hand, mediumship is normal - if you are used to it. But on the other hand, mediumship is something magical, every time you connect with it it’s both a small and huge miracle, a party, a beautiful form of healing and a gift for everyone who is allowed to experience it. 


So yes, to sum it up: it's magical and ordinary at the same time! And I can say that the feeling of getting to know someone, who according to earthly standards is simply dead, is sometimes difficult to comprehend.


I remember when I was doing my mediumship training and realised that I could just feel how a dead person felt. Have you ever thought about that? Whatever’s on their minds, how they experienced life and even what their last moments on Earth were like. And no, it’s not something made up, but rather as if you really become that person yourself. Not scary but just beautiful, loving, soft, subtle, humble and grateful at the same time. And yes, of course there are emotional moments, but the greatest gift is the healing, and also the peace it brings to those here on earth, as well as to those in the spiritual world.


Simply: ‘Wow’ … the absolute ‘Wow’ effect created by working with energy. I can’t describe it in any other way.  


For years I have known that it is my task and mission to convey the message of working with energy, in many forms and facets. And so I have now created 3 online, digital programmes. 


I will never forget how in 2015, in England, during the graduation certificate ceremony, my mentor Mavis Pittilla asked me (on behalf of her own mentor Gordon Higginson); 'Lisette, how can you spread the word (of mediumship) on a platform that is larger than you can imagine.' (You can watch the video of this private and super precious moment in the shownotes of podcast #41).


Over the years I have developed a very nice, easy and proven, step-by-step plan to transfer the teachings of mediumship in a simple yet powerful and high-quality way.


If you start to develop energetically from scratch, without any experience in psychic and mediumistic work, it is absolutely vital that you master the foundation. You must absolutely master it. Just think of a house that you build on an unstable foundation. If you’ve not got solid foundations, then like the house, you will gradually experience problems. Simply because you’ve not got the skills required to drive the ‘energetic vehicle’ well. 


So if you feel a need to develop energetically, spiritually, as a psychic and medium as well - do you also want to experience mediumship as normal too? Then I will gladly help you with that. 


Perhaps surprisingly this journey is not just learning something, and developing personally and spiritually. No, it's also clearing out your own old pieces that no longer serve you. Then from there you can develop more deeply and powerfully to start serving, helping and guiding others. And of course by doing so you help the spiritual world and that is beautiful.


To give you an idea of how you can develop yourself, I will take you through the setup of my Master Your Inner-Medium Academy which will be launched at the end of this month. Because this programme is intended to help you master mediumship, it’s only suitable for people with some experience. 

If you're excited at the thought of starting on this journey it's best to first go through my Master Your Intuition Academy, which takes 7 weeks. This will give you that vital foundation I’ve been talking about. After that you can continue to the 6-month Inner-Medium Academy programme.


The Master Your Inner-Medium Academy consists of 6 modules, which I’ll talk you through now. 


Module 1. Master Your Foundation

In Module 1 you will strengthen your energetic foundation and learn to shift & clear instantly. And you’ll do this with powerful energy tools. 

These very powerful energetic tools directly strengthen your energetic foundation through all layers. By integrating these tools into your daily life, your energy will immediately shift and transform. Which is the essential basis for becoming and being a powerful spiritual medium. You will receive exercises in this module and you will visualise and meditate to apply it properly.


Module 2. Master Your Psychometrics

In Module 2 you will dive deeper into psychometrics with an in-depth look at colour theory. You’ll also learn to get to know your Spirit Team.

After the basics of the Master Your Intuition Academy, you will learn how to process the meaning of colours even more deeply in your psychic reading. We will refresh your base of powerful earthening. You will also learn to discover what & who your Spirit Team is and how you can work with them. You will immediately learn to apply all this theory in practice with the help of powerful exercises. 


Module 3. Master Your Inner-Medium

In Module 3 we really dive into mediumship: Mediumship & Spirit!

You gain insight into the Spiritual World and receive an explanation of how you can work and collaborate with Spirit. I’ll take you step by step to the beautiful, magical world of energy and beyond. You’ll learn to connect with the Soul essence of people who have left earthly life and continue to live in the Spiritual World. To do this you’ll receive insights based on examples of how they communicate with us, and then how to get this information to you. Next, you’ll learn to interpret and articulate these messages received through your clairsentient and mediumistic abilities. So that you can become and be a channel between the 'two worlds'. 

BONUS: Includes powerful visualisation / meditation where you will meet your guide(s) / spiritual guidance. 


Lots of information eh?! And you're only halfway there! I've put together a really huge powerful package. Your world is going to shift, I promise you! 


Module 4. Master Your Inductors

In Module 4 you will learn which tools can support you in making contact with energy and the spiritual world.

You’ll discover what inductors are and how you can work with them. You’ll learn how powerful they are and how they can help you. If you are still a bit unsure about the energetic level or if you find it exciting to work with someone, this can be a solution. And I once also developed a powerful system for this myself, so I'm going to introduce you to that too. In this module you will discover what works and/or doesn't work for you. Inductors are tools that can give you even more insight and support to make beautiful contacts and give readings. In this way you learn to work with energy in a playful way. You will train extensively with inductors in practice groups & pods, practicing and having fun with each other, with like-minded people. 


Module 5. Master Your Demonstration Mediumship

In Module 5 you will gain insight into what a demonstration mediumship is. You will learn the first steps and rules for working as a medium in public.

Well, maybe that's not your intention at all. I know when I started I was like: ‘I think this is super interesting, I feel that huge pull but I will ever be able to stand in front of a crowd’. Well, I've learned to never say never! Because one thing leads to another. So I will give this information to you, then you will automatically see what your Soul wants to do with it. 


A mediumship demonstration is the showcase for mediumship. That's how you can actually see it. It’s great for people who are a bit sceptical or perhaps fearful, as they can get acquainted with the intelligence of the Spiritual World, in a completely safe way, from the back row in an 'anonymous' way. In this Module you will learn the steps and rules for working on a platform for the Spiritual World. You will also practice making contact for the group - something we can also do online, because of course you also have an audience online.


Module 6. Master Your Readings

Module 6 is the module and stepping stone to (semi) professional work, or an extra step to boost your private techniques. 
In this module you will receive my personal and proven step-by-step plan for working with clients. I have used this method since 2011 to work with individuals/clients 1 on 1. Of course you will start by practicing with fellow students, you won’t immediately be thrown into the deep end. But at this point you can also start receiving people for readings and consultations from your home, an extra room or practice that you may already have. With this step-by-step plan you can give psychic readings safely and responsibly. You can also let the Spiritual World come closer to work with you. We will practice receiving clients and role play in the Live online training session. 



Master Your Inner-Medium Academy Assignment: 


At the end of the academy you have the opportunity to do the final assignment. You can see this as an exam where with good results & effort you can obtain the: Master Your Inner-Medium Academy Certificate. This is not mandatory. So no worries, please don’t stress. I noticed with some students that this exam created a certain pressure. Don’t worry - this is an extra part. I know that for myself, I love to receive certificates. Like a sort of: Bravo Lisette! Well done! You've gone 'All-In'! You have given yourself completely. You have gone beyond certain limits to develop and transform yourself. And the certificate is the proof. So really this certificate is only for you, that’s how you can see it.  

Obtaining the certificate requires full commitment and attendance at as many Online Live Q&As and Online Live training courses as possible. Which is only fair as I was trained by the best in the world and I personally have a name to uphold. I can't just say Mavis's name if I can't live up to her same standard.

I associate my name with the programme. So it is important that you master the teaching material well and that you have made the necessary flying hours (training hours) in order for me to sign you off. 

Because yes, even if you only know me a little, you’ll know: I go for the absolutely highest standard. I don’t go for the ‘Good’ level, I go for the ‘Outstanding’ level. So I also demand a good, positive effort from my students. 

Not so much for my benefit, but because we represent the spiritual world. And we have to be able to do that in a responsible way. Just imagine we ourselves are on the other side, and have left our physical body behind. Perhaps your grieving loved ones go to see a medium, but one who has given themselves that title after attending one workshop. This “medium” then passes information on your behalf to loved ones that is not accurate. Well, I would be raging, even in the spirit world! That's why quality is so important and is very high on the agenda.

If all this resonates then this is the academy including any certification for you!


So to summarise: you’ll receive access to one module per month. This gives you time to follow the online 'bite-size' video lessons at your own pace, do the exercises and apply them.

Each module is constructed in such a way that you can develop step-by-step in the best, most powerful, safe and simple way. 

In this way you cannot be overloaded with information and you can become the best version of yourself in a clear and relaxed way and activate your Inner-Medium!


BONUS 1: 6 Months: 6 x Live Online Zoom Q&A Sessions with Lisette Lucas.

BONUS 2: 6 Months: 6 x Live Online Training Sessions with Lisette Lucas.

BONUS 3: Boost Your Confidence

What you get:

* Boost Your Confidence Method© in the Ultimate Gamechanger environment.

BONUS 4: Access to the EnergyJoy Vibe-Tribe

BONUS 5: EnergyJoy Pods


All in all, this is a super powerful and functional programme which allows you to take steady steps towards developing and activating your Inner-Medium. And all from your own safe environment.


I am very proud of this programme: it has evolved over the years and I have made improvements through my own experiences and trial and error. As my experience with live training and annual courses has grown over the years, so has this programme. If you want to continue after this academy, that is of course possible! I will guide you with love to an outstanding, professional level. If that's what you aspire to, of course. Because you can also just develop for you. Either way, it's a wonderful investment in yourself. Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do and will truly benefit you for a lifetime. Do you hear that: lifelong. This development goes with you on a Soul level. Because in the long run you can help, support and guide not only yourself, but also others with it. That is the most powerful form of satisfaction you can experience in life. And it all starts with you. 


I will put the link to the Master Your Inner-Medium Academy in the show notes. Then you can view it at your leisure. 


If you are completely new, have not yet done anything in the energetic field and want to start on this journey having listened to this podcast, then the Master Your Intuition Academy is the right choice for you.


Maybe you feel that the Master Your Intuition Academy is a step too far. Do you feel like you need to transform old parts first? Then I also have a special programme for that. (Purely from my own experience of course, because along the way I have run into old parts which I needed to face). The Ultimate Gamechanger programme is the solution to free yourself from everything that no longer serves you. 


So what does The Ultimate Gamechanger programme do? 

It puts you in your pure, natural, authentic power. Which you naturally received when you came to this world. Honestly, I really experienced this programme as a gift to myself. What a difference it made to transform all those old parts. And I see the powerful results with my students and clients. Really fantastic! Anyway, all information can be found in the show notes at:


I hope you understand that ordinary mediumship is a wonderful process that enriches you in a way that you could not have imagined before. You look back afterwards. And then it seems like you always lived with blinkers on. (Well, the ones you got from society, so to speak). And those blinkers, they disappear for good! Your perceptions will transcend your biggest dreams, I promise you! 


I want to thank you deeply for listening but above all for listening to yourself. Not the fear voice of your mind, but the true voice of your heart & Soul. They know the way! And I believe that's why our paths have crossed in this way. How powerful and beautiful is that! 

You can be proud of yourself! I am anyway! A big hug and see you soon! 


Love Lisette 


EnergyJoy by Lisette Lucas | All rights reserved 2021© 

72. Mediumship Is Just Ordinary 

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