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18 march 2020


Lisette Lucas



In this episode, podcast #7, I'm going to talk about the energy field, or your aura.


As you've already heard in podcast #2, everything is energy.

And everything has an aura or a subtle energy field.


What you will learn in this podcast:


  • What an aura is

  • What you can perceive with the help of your aura

  • The effect your aura has on you

  • What information your aura contains

  • The pros and cons of an open aura

  • To feel your own energy and aura

  • And the effect of gratitude on your frequency and your aura


As an added bonus, in this episode you will learn a special exercise with which you can clean and shield your aura.


What is an aura: whether it is an object, plant, animal or human, everything is surrounded by a field invisible to the physical eye. You can think of it as a kind of big egg, a balloon or a big bubble all around you. It is in front of you, behind you, next to you, above and below you. It runs all the way under your feet, even a bit into the earth.


The energy field can be close to your body and it can also stretch very wide. Your aura is constantly in motion and is different to everyone. Completely dependent on your thoughts, emotions and physical state.


What we as humans always do, subconsciously, is to sense: sense and assess each other. You always have a first, intuitive feeling and then comes the thinking mind that responds to the impulses; the energetic impressions that it receives from the aura of the other.


Is this something you recognise: You are talking to someone and suddenly you are overcome by emotions such as fear, sadness or fatigue. Something you didn't feel before. How is that possible?It is probably because your energy fields (your auras) blend. In other words yours has mixed with the energy field of the other.


Then there is an energy exchange that you experience. It can often seem like your own emotions or feelings, and it can be difficult to distinguish. But, if you gain more insight into this energy, train yourself in feeling and becoming aware of it; then you can understand more easily what is your own and what is of the other.


Before I started to develop consciously on the intuitive level, I myself was very sensitive to influences from others. This was especially true for fatigue, moods and pain all of which I took in like a sponge.


There I was, suddenly overcome by fatigue, with a spontaneous pain in my head, knee or ear. Naturally I  assumed there was something wrong with my own health. Sometimes this was the case, but as I developed I discovered that the headache, knee pain, or earache was usually not mine at all, but someone else's.


In fact, it got so strong that I started to feel physical pain; pain that someone else could not yet feel but which I already sensed in my own body and energy field. How did I discover this? The pain I felt was usually discovered in the other person a few hours or days later, and then I knew I was not experiencing my own physical ailments. It didn’t matter whether the person was standing in front of me, was over the phone or was simply just someone I was thinking about. The pain would just materialise. 


I remember sitting on the phone with someone chatting about anything and everything. Suddenly I was overcome by a pain in my foot and ankle. I just had to change how I was sitting. I spoke to the person on the other end of the line and they said, ‘Well, that's exactly what is bothering me’!


What a coincidence... but no: coincidence does not exist. The moment I recognized that the pain or ailment belonged to someone else, I could immediately transform and let go. And then I no longer felt it. 


But what happens at such a moment?


Well actually it’s very simple. The auras or the energies blend when you make contact with the other. Energy overlaps and you literally end up feeling how the other does. If you are sensitive, or a HSP (a highly sensitive person), then you feel what the other feels, experiences and sometimes even thinks. This can be nice, but often also very difficult. Most especially if you have no control over it. You will find a perfect exercise for this later in this podcast.


When do you have a strong aura?


Your aura is a force field that envelops your body. It has a range of about one metre around us, depending on the circumstances. With the power of intention (the energetic power of conscious thoughts), you can extend it further or make it smaller. The better your physical, mental and spiritual condition, the stronger and more powerful your aura. So when you feel good, your aura has a high vibrational frequency. This is when we speak of a powerful, strong, healthy aura.


And when do you have a weakened aura?


Well, that speaks for itself a bit. If you feel weak, your energy field (your aura) will automatically be weak. Now consider that an aura is a kind of energetic shield that can keep external influences at bay. Then it becomes clear that when your mental and physical state is weak, it is related to the state of your aura.


The vibration frequency of a weak aura is therefore much lower than that of a strong aura.


Your aura is a kind of database in which everything about you is stored. For example, you will find information about:


  • Your personality and character

  • Your physical health and any physical conditions, even if they are not yet tangible on a physical level

  • Your emotional state and your emotions in general

  • Your psychological or mental state, you can also perceive any blockages

  • Your talents, potential, dreams, wishes and possible pitfalls


But your past, even past lives, the present and the incoming energy of the future are also visible.


So you can get a lot of information from the aura of a person. Everyone can develop on an intuitive level, meaning everyone can learn to read auras. I say reading, but you start with feeling the energy. You learn the language of feeling, and I have to admit: that's not easy. It takes training (as with all other disciplines), but practice makes perfect.


The great thing is: every aura is unique. Every colour, nuance and frequency that you perceive, will have a different meaning for everyone. Therefore, it makes no sense to simply memorise the meaning of colours. The best way to learn to read aura is to do.


In a later podcast I will talk about colours, their global meaning and the effect on the energy field and therefore, on yourself.


But first, let’s talk further about your aura.


You hear a lot about shielding your aura; or you sometimes hear people say, ‘you are in my space’ or ‘my personal space’.


But why shield your aura?


Many sensitive people have a kind of 'open' aura that is receptive to all kinds of (invisible) energies.


Advantage: You can easily feel someone else's. You often have great empathy because you can empathise so easily.


Disadvantage: You are quickly saddled with the emotions, physical pains, complaints and problems of other people.


In addition, there are also many people who do not use their own strength. They have learned to unconsciously hitch a ride on the energy of others. That is not done on purpose, most are not even aware of it, but you lose your own energy to this without realising it. You 'leak' energy, as it were. I myself was a prime example of this. As I mentioned in a previous podcast, I was “one big open hole” according to a well-known, international medium. With a lot of practice and discipline I managed to transform that. But I always watch out for it and pay close attention to my limits. In podcast # 3 I tell you how I do so, if you see yourself in this too.


And what are the consequences of an open aura? You will have to deal with: fatigue, physical ailments, mood swings, reduced resistance and so on.


It is therefore very important to protect yourself well. To learn how energy works, how you can control your energy and how to regain control instead of having the energy taking hold of you.


For my students, I often compare it to learning to drive a car. Your body is your physical vehicle and your aura is your energetic vehicle. When you learn to walk you learn to control your physical vehicle. But who will teach you to control your energetic vehicle?


If you naturally have a high sensitivity (are open to stimuli), you often do not know what to do with it. When children are young and overstimulated they will either: distance themselves, withdraw from what they are picking up energetically; or they do not realize that all those stimuli come from outside and they become super busy, because they think that all those influences are their own. They also really experience it within themselves. While in truth they are a sponge, soaking up accumulated energies. This energy could come from: parents who are stressed; brothers or sisters who demand attention; teachers who are facing a burnout; or even other students who project everything onto the child.


So what do we do in today's society, where the kids are kept so busy? Usually the symptom is treated, not the root cause. So is the problem really being addressed? 


What you learn when you start to pilot your energetic vehicle is how to define your own space, create this space and honour it. It is your right to protect your space because it is yours and no one else’s. You determine who you allow in energetically and who you do not.


You regain control of your energetic vehicle instead of letting yourself be carried adrift in directions that do not serve you.


We are now going to do an exercise so that you can consciously feel your energy field.


Make sure you take a moment for yourself. If you are driving a car or other vehicle or machine I recommend that you do this exercise later, without distractions. In the Shownotes of this episode on my website: you will find the notes and times of this exercise indicated. So that you can return to this exercise if you need to. 


You can do this standing, lying or sitting. Whatever is most comfortable for you at the moment. One great thing about this exercise is that it can be done anywhere. 


First, become aware of your body and slowly, breathe in and out.


Take another deep breath in and out. With every exhalation, release any tension, stress or anything else going on for you at the moment. Visualise this stress as a cloud and watch it drift away. Keep doing so for as long as it feels right, so that you can start the exercise nice and relaxed.


When you are ready, focus your attention on the center of your being. This can be your heart, your stomach or your chest. You will intuitively know where the center of your being is. It is the place where your infinite energy resides, your infinite light, that piece of you that has always been and always will be. Now, enlarge this beautiful point of light with the power of your thoughts, with your intention. Very quietly, very simply on an inhale and exhale, your light will become bigger and bigger. Your whole body is filled with this beautiful, infinite light. As you continue breathing deeply, imagine this beautiful light spreading through your arms, your legs, your neck and head.


And while you are completely filled with light, you experience the infinite power that resides within you, the power with which you can achieve anything you want. Focussing on this light, this power you can very easily and simply push the light through your skin, through your pores. On an inhale and exhale let the light fill your aura, your energy field which surrounds you; from the front, behind, above and below you, also travelling slightly into the earth supporting you. Feel this support: your energy field is connecting you to the earth, grounding you to it. And breathe in and out slowly. Depending on what your day looks like, you can choose how far you want your aura to reach. If you are still busy, you will want to keep it fairly close to your body. If you have time to relax, you can expand your energy field with the power of intention.


And notice how it feels, experience what it does, your own space, your own energetic vehicle. When you are ready you can put a beautiful golden border around the outside. As if you have placed yourself in a golden egg. A golden egg that repels everything that does not serve you: your energetic shield. And envision in your mind how your entire physical body is enveloped in your beautiful light; it shrouds the front and back of you, covering your head and feet and reaching into the earth, grounding you to it. You stand firm with two feet in the here and now.


And when you are ready, you can breathe in and out slowly, feeling grateful for the beautiful energy and frequency that you are now feeling and experiencing. And wiggle your toes, take a deep breath in and out, move your hands, put a smile on your face and calmly come back to the here and now.


And ... how was that? How does it feel having completed this exercise: maybe still a bit uncomfortable, or not. My advice: repeat this exercise several times a day. At some point you can do it all by yourself without my guidance. Wherever you are: whether you are on the bike, at work, in the shower, on a plane, or at home on the couch or in bed. You can do this exercise anywhere.


Remember, the pictures you take in your head and the words you say to yourself have a direct effect on your physical and therefore energetic body. This then determines your reality.


You have the power, with your free will, to decide what pictures you make in your head and which words you choose to tell yourself. I must say that feeling gratitude for the simplest, smallest, most mundane things, has a huge effect on your aura; and therefore, also on you and everyone around you. Even in the hardest of times, times of crisis and everything that we as a world are dealing with at the moment. Despite all of this, there is always something to be grateful for.


What am I grateful for? I am deeply grateful that you took the time and effort to listen to my podcast. I am also grateful that I can pass on what I love so much and what enriches me so much day in, day out; and that I can pass it on in this way. I therefore sincerely hope that you have taken some good tips and insights from this podcast which you can start using straight away.


I would love to hear your experiences and what you think of the podcast. Get started with clearing your aura: making it lighter, raising your frequency and letting go of what you no longer need, so that you can be fully empowered. Thanks again for listening and see you in the next episode!

xxx Lisette Lucas

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